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i was watching this documentary on tv about trans kids and their families. it was interesting when this transgirl was talking about how he can't wait to be a woman and wear make-up and date boys, her mum then tells him that being a woman isn't just about that or that simple, its not easy, it's hard to be woman because of for example mental labour like being expected to be the nurturer. and her kid just goes silent and looks so confused. interesting, isn't it?

That’s what happens when you conflate womanhood with prepackaged fun sounding gender roles.


  • They are utterly helpless and in desperate need of a true hero!
  • Sugar, spice, and everything nice. Who would have guessed that’s what little girls are actually made of?
  • Note to self–good parents don’t leave their kids home alone.
  • They’re really special. I mean really special and I just want to make sure they’ll be okay so what do you think? Do you think they’ll be okay?
  • What’s the point of this game anyway?
  • Oh, no! I’ve been infected!
  • I’m gonna tag you guys now!
  • What are you doing? We’re in a serious pickle!
  • The game is over and it’s your bedtime.
  • Unfortunately, people often get scared or angry when they don’t understand something special or unique.
  • People here are nice. Things will be fine!
  • And a broken refrigerator means snack time is out.
  • He’s in cahoots with the evil pickle cob killers!
  • He hates us. He totally hates us!
  • Should the manufacturing of super powered children be illegal?
  • I was reaching down between my legs to ease the seat back when this atomic bug buzzed in, with no fair warning!
  • They are little freaks, aren’t they?
  • Well, it’s official. I have no idea where we are.
  • Maybe there’s a box we can get in around back!
  • Go away. Please. Do not look at me.
  • You’re no monster, mister. You’re just really dirty.
  • How could you know what it’s like for people to fear and despise you for the very things that make you special?
  • This brain is full of brilliant ideas, but will anyone listen? No.
  • Jump in, take this device and build it into the volcano. We need to harness the energy of the earth’s core for power!
  • Your powers are great! You just gotta believe in yourself!
  • You did very good. Very good indeed.
  • Well, there is one last, teeny tiny, itsy bitsy thing we still need.
  • I thought the zoo kept all the animals in cages.
  • I’m a terrible, terrible parent!
  • But jail? Lawsuits? Angry mobs? What’s next?
  • I’d like to take this moment to thank the little people who helped make this day a smashing success.
  • This isn’t making the town a better place!
  • Do not continue with the ramblings, for my ramblings are the ramblings to be obeyed!
  • That big fat dumb jerk! He duped us! He planned it all along and we fell for it!
  • What does it look like I’m doing? I’m building a house ‘cause now we have to live here!
  • I don’t wanna sleep on a rock!
  • Well maybe if someone hadn’t insisted on walking home from school so we could run into the biggest liar in the universe!
  • Ugh, never mind! I’m not fighting with you and I’m not talking to you, EVER!
  • I didn’t mean it! It was an accident! And he wouldn’t let go! And then the dog! That stupid dog! And then the monkeys!
  • Come on, let’s put an end to this gorilla warfare!
  • We’ve got one last monkey to get off our backs!
  • It’s good you little freaks know when you’re beaten.
  • I have to seize control of an area and force its inhabitants to follow my way of thinking.
  • Now let’s get out of this town and find a new, safe place to live!
  • You said to give everyone a little time to understand our specialness. Well, now it’s time for everyone to understand.
  • Oh, my! You’re actual trying to stop me? That’s so cute!
  • Who are you calling cute?
  • None of them will ever understand you as I can.
  • Maybe everyone would like us more if we were just normal little girls.
  • I was wondering if maybe sometime we could like call you to save the day or…whatever.
Grand Prix Finalists:

Katsuki Yuuri: looks like cinnamon roll, is cinnamon roll

Phichit Chulanont: looks like cinnamon roll, is cinnamon roll

Yuri Plisetsky: looks like cinnamon roll, could actually kill you

Obatek Altin: looks like could kill you, is actually cinnamon roll 

Chris Giacometti: sinnamon roll

Jean-Jacques Leroy: prepackaged gas station “cinnamon roll”

what about Zelda Link and Ganondorf deciding to start living together? like the triforce bros they never got to be!

have a bunch of idiotic headcanons! (I could consider drawing some of them if you ask me to lol)

  • Zelda runs on alcohol. Both Link and Ganondorf think it’s super scary;
  • Ganondorf is the one who spends hours in the bathroom to fix his hair;
  • Link is the shorter and younger than the other two. Also the most spoiled;
  • Link likes to eat. Too bad Zelda and Ganondorf are both bad at cooking. He had to learn doing it by himself in order not to eat prepackaged food for the rest of his life. Zelda and Ganny are really proud of their personal chef;When Ganondorf or Zelda have to works long hours Link stops by to bring them homemade dinner. Both are really grateful (especially Ganondorf since his job requires a lot of physical effort. Zelda is happy to eat something warm too of course); 
  • Ganondorf is Link’s pillow;
  • Link is very ticklish;
  • Ganondorf is a pro in houseworks;
  • Zelda is a genius of domestic economy. The Triforce of Wisdom provides her the power to save enough money to pay all of the bills and also rent. Link isn’t allowed to go shopping by himself because he’s too much of a spendthrift;
  • Link is a pizza delivery boy;
  • Zelda is employed in a famous business company (major degree in statistics and economy? idk);
  • Ganondorf is a construction worker;
  • They go jogging together on their free days;
  • Link is a cat-magnet. He feeds a stray cat whom he had named Gan. Ganondorf is not amused;
  • Zelda and Ganondorf both have a driving licence but Ganny prefers to travel by bicycle. Link rides a motorbike (wich he mostly uses for deliveries). When they’re travelling together Ganondorf is usually the one who drives because Zelda is busy revising her work presentations. Link gets to sit on the front passenger seat and spends the time being annoying to Ganondorf;
  • Link plays guitar and Zelda plays cello. Ganny has a fine singing voice and they sometimes play something together;
  • they’re so happy together, even if Link and Ganondorf sometimes bicker on silly stuff. The real problems are quarrels between Zelda and Ganondorf. It’s just scary and Link always goes taking a walk, buys an ice cream tub and comes back home so they can eat together and make peace. Link still hasn’t got that Zelda and Ganny calm down more because of Link’s puppy eyes than because of ice cream but whatever;
  • When Zelda is out on business trips Link and Ganondorf order chinese takeaway and play video games lazying around in their underwear;
  • Sometimes Ganny has big works and has to spend the night out of town. Link and Zelda watch old photos together and play board games (Zelda always loses);
  • When Link goes out with his friends Zelda and Ganondorf just feel lonely and melancholic and just start drinking together till they fall asleep on the kitchen table. Link always finds them like this and brings them blankets;
  • Link can’t hold his alcohol and dislikes coffee. His favourite drink is “LON LON strawberry milkshake”;
  • Ganondorf loves red wine;
  • Zelda is a whiskey person;
  • Link once got drunk while at home alone with Ganny. Zelda was so angry at them;i wrote too many things ok. I just love this idea lol

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Number 6 their vices with Obi Wan please

Obi-Wan’s vices…

Obi-Wan Kenobi will tell you that he has vices just like everyone else in the GAR.


Good food.

Properly brewed tea. Not this prepackaged nonsense that tastes like chemicals.



A comfortable meditation cushion.


Dry boots.

A week without visiting the healers or needing any kind of bacta.

Did he mention sleep because he really enjoys sleeping?

What Obi-Wan will not tell you is that his vices are more intimate and emotional than physical.

He craves danger, craves the momentary release of the straight jacket he’s tied himself into. He craves the blessed mental stillness of the battlefield, where the hum of his lightsaber and the rushing white-hot river of the Force combine into the purest and sweetest symphony that only he can hear.

He craves the hit of adrenaline when things go sideways, when all of his mental faculties are called into service of the Problem and the search for a Solution. He is smart, clever and so quick with a quip, an answer, a theory and a hypothesis and he loves to be presented with a challenge, something that will give him pause. Something to examine and ponder over because there is so much boring noise and mental clutter in his day-to-day world.

He craves… well… there’s no real way around it. He craves Anakin’s company, his easy laughter and smiles, the casual way the younger man drapes his arm around Obi-Wan. When they are together the world is brighter, funnier and sharper. Music is prettier, food smells better and Obi-Wan doesn’t feel cold and hollow. He craves Anakin’s trust and friendship much in the same way the other man craves Obi-Wan’s approval and demonstrative affection. They are a star and its favorite planet, forever dancing together through life, through battle and through time and space.

But the deepest, darkest and most secret vice that Obi-Wan craves? The one thing he could never admit to? Not even to himself?

He craves honesty. Obi-Wan wants so desperate to be honest, to tell the world how he feels, to wear his heart on his sleeve like Anakin and Ahsoka. To weep for his dead master, to have confessed his love to Satine all those years ago, to tell Anakin how proud he is of him and how much he loves him now. There are so many secrets, harmless, gentle truths kept locked in the depths of Obi-Wan’s soul because he is a Jedi and Jedi do not have attachments and so Obi-Wan lies.

To his men. He is so proud of them. They deserve so much better and he mourns the loss of each of them like he was his own brother.

To his friends. He cannot believe they stay around but he is thankful for them and will support them, even the slightly dodgy ones like Hondo and Quinlan.

To his family. He loves them, so, so much. He is so proud of Ahsoka, so very proud of her improvement and her tenacity. She is such a bright light. And Anakin. Oh how he loves Anakin. He loves and he loves Anakin and would do anything Anakin asked of him. If he were allowed to be honest.

To himself. You love them and you want to tell them how you feel.

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Listen to me. Listen to me. DO not buy prepackaged dice. You must buy dice loose in display containers. Why? Because you gotta test those dice. You gotta be sure those dice work with your energy and their energy and behave themselves. You have to do test rolls. You have to feel the weight of the dice in your hand. Each die. Each one.

Because when you’re backed into a corner and you really need that 15+ to pull tf through, do you want some rando dice? No! No, you want your dice. The dice that you have developed a relationship with. The dice that you selected by feel and by test rolls. 

Broccoli Cheese Pockets

This takes a spoon or two so it’s not for no spoons days but it’s great for low spoons days and super tasty and can be made with all pre-packaged food for extra ease! :) (also if you live alone, like me, it makes four pockets so unless you were super hungry when you made them you’ll probably have leftovers and these are good both cold and reheated.)

- prepackaged crescent rolls (choose your favorite flavor and brand. This recipe is intended for the kind that come 8 triangles to a can)
- around 1 cup of frozen broccoli, thawed and drained.
- 1 cup (or your preference) of shredded cheese mix (I used kroger brand mexican cheese blend)
- optional: Mustard.

1. Preheat the oven per your crescent roll package instructions.

2. Thaw the frozen broccoli in the microwave in a bowl. Drain the excess water and mix the cheese in with the broccoli (it shouldn’t be hot enough to melt the cheese. If it is, wait a bit). Set the bowl aside.

3. Unpackage your crescent roll dough and seperate it into four rectangles, pinching the triangles’ diagonal seam closed and stretching the dough slightly bigger with your fingers.

4. If using the mustard this is where you spread a small amount in the middle of the dough. Do not spread to the sides.

5. Put ¼ of your cheesy broccoli mixture into the center of each rectangle of dough.

6. Fold either by folding one short side over to the other or pulling all the corners up to the center, whichever works best for you. Pinch the seams closed, you can use a fork for this.

7. Place in the oven and cook to the specifications on the crescent dough package.

8. Eat your tasty pockets of joy.

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I work guest services at the red bullseye and I had man come up wanting 50 gift cards. Now what would have made everyone lives simple is if he had said okay to the prepackaged 50 gift card packs we have that requires me to scan 3 barcodes and input the price once. But no. This asshole had to tie up the line on a busy af day because he want fancy ones which meant I had to scan and enter the price for 50 individual gift cards. And I was the only one working guest services. Fuck you dude -___-


Ignore the mess on my desk. XD

This is my first venture into candle making. I have no idea how people do this without making a mess. The mind boggles.

What prompted me to try this out was I found where people were recycling their prepackaged Starbucks coffee into coffee scented candles. I go through a ton of the stuff so why not give it a go? I did find some Starbucks candle scents through Virginia Candle Company that I ordered. But first…

To the internet!

I found a dozen different directions on how to make coffee scented candles using ground coffee and coffee beans. I found zero directions on how not to make a mess.

I love how the beans and wax look layered, but mine isn’t so pretty. Maybe I just need more practice. Or steadier hands. Or someone else to do it for me.

I also thought that the mason jar idea was cool because I could make crochet candle covers for them.  Not 100% on this heart design for this jar. There is no adjusting the pattern to make it fit the jar right. I tried everything but making the heart smaller. Now I think of that!

Originally posted by myskinnyelephant

Hindsight is 20/20. Next time.

The coffee that I used was this peppermint bark stuff that was donated to the cause because it smelled really good and tasted like disappointment and shattered dreams. Now that it’s been added to candle wax, it smells more like chocolate than peppermint bark. 

So this experiment may be full of fail. We shall see. I need to find someone to test this thing for me…

dude one of my favorite things about 7 am shifts (there are only like 3 things about 7 am shifts that aren’t evil but anyway) is walking into the store, clocking in in the back and on my way back up to the kiosk grabbing one of those dumb prepackaged single serving cereal bowls where you peel off the top and pour in the milk and it’s j a bowl of cereal it’s stupid but it makes me really happy for some reason

“These housing ‘products’ represent a triumph of mass merchandising over regional building traditions, of salesmanship over civilization. You can be sure the same houses have been built along a highway strip outside Fresno, California, as at the edge of a swamp in Pahokee, Florida, and on the blizzard-blown fringes of St. Cloud, Minnesota. They might be anywhere. The places they stand are just different versions of nowhere, because these houses exist in no specific relation to anything except the road and the power cable. Electric lighting has reduced the windows to lame gestures. Tradition comes prepackaged as screw-on aluminium shutters, vinyl clapboards, perhaps a phony cupola on the roof ridge, or a plastic pediment over the door—tribute, in sad vestiges, to a lost past from which nearly all connections have been severed. There they sit on their one- or two- or half-acre parcels of land—the scruffy lawns littered with the jetsam of a consumerist religion (broken tricycles, junk cars, torn plastic wading pools)—these dwellings of a proud and sovereign people. If the ordinary house of our time seems like a joke, remember that it expresses the spirit of our age. The question, then, is: what kind of joke represents the spirit of our age? And the answer is: a joke on ourselves.”

— James Howard Kunstler, “The Geography of Nowhere: The Rise and Decline of America’s Man-Made Landscape”, page 166

Roleplayin’ With Greek Ground Rules.

I love Rpin’, and I will pretty much play with anyone who asks me if I have time. But I gotta lay down some ground rules for my sanity.

  • It’s okay to poke me occasionally to reply, but don’t pressure me. That’s not cool. I love hangin’ out with y’all and meeting your OCs, but you gotta give me my space. There’s just a LOT of people messaging and pinging me right now. 
  • My Rps are ‘sketches’ of a scene. They tend to have assumed endings. I don’t one-on-one long term unless I’m really into it. The biggest part of my RP Day happens in group settings. This was something I didn’t necessarily know about myself until a week or so ago. Forgive me, it’s been years since I’ve played regularly. I didn’t know what to expect.
  • My OCs come prepackaged. If you’re playing with Jacky, you’re probably going to see Gale and vice versa. It’s common for me to play multiple characters at once.
  • I don’t juggle private messages very well. There’s going to be long spells where I don’t reply. It’s nothing personal, it’s just how I am. 
  • Do. Not. Ever. Attempt to guilt trip me about anything. It will end poorly.
  • This isn’t directed at any body. If it was as simple as one person I’d just have a polite discussion with them. The problem is that I have so many people messaging me every day.