You know how back in the 50′s and 60′s they thought in the future all foods would be like pills or come dehydrated and you’d just add water and voila you’d have your complete meal? Well I’m not a fan of that kind of future. Nor a future like that of the Mad Max world.

I prefer the idea that our technology will get us to the point that most people could have mini-gardens (at the least) growing much of the veggies and fruits that we like to eat. And as we begin to explore space in person, we won’t just bring prepackaged meals, but grow the plants and maybe even livestock aboard the ships

Imagine like a cyberpunk/raypunk/starfleet future only instead of being just cold sterile stainless steel environments or dark gritty environments, it’s bright and full of the green of leaves and a colorful pallet of flowers. Imagine in densely populated areas having multi-story buildings covering an acre or more, with many of the floors open to the wind and large ramps between the floors to let the livestock go between the floors. Cattle, sheep, pigs, chickens, each having their own buildings but it’s not like the traditional image of factory farms, but it’s like a pasture version of a parking structure, just with a lot more head room. Tall residential buildings with rooftop community gardens being the rule instead of the exception. 

Then imagine plants designed to climb buildings without hurting the materials making up the skin of the structure. Instead of city skylines being the color of concrete, steel, and glass, it’s covered in green and speckled with the varying colors of the flowers, all framing the windows. The plants keeping the air clean and fresh while protecting the buildings from damage.

Imagine a bright future where technology and the environment don’t just exist together, but thrive together and rely on each other in symbiotic ways.

Using prepackaged spice mixes in magic

Adobo seasoning mix

containing Paprika, black pepper, onion powder ,oregano ,cumin ,hot chilies and garlic powder.
Magical uses are protection ,banishing ,hex breaking. combine a jar of adobo seasoning mix with 2 cups of an Cornflower and sprinkle around outside your home to get rid of negative energies.

Apple pie spice
A combination of cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves and Cardamom, Applespice is the perfect mix or spicing things up with your partner. just dress a red candle and the grapeseed oil or olive oil and roll it in Applespice. Burn a candle while spending time with your lover or sprinkle this next to your lover instead.

Cajun seasoning mix
A blend of paprika, salt ,black and white pepper, garlic ,onion powder, thyme and Cayenne, this is the perfect mix for protection use this mix to form circles when doing important works . Sprinkle just a pinch in the shoes of someone who needs a little watching over.

Chili powder
Made of salt ,hot chilies, onion ,oregano and garlic. chili powder is great for warding off illness.

Chinese five spice powder
A blend of star anis ,fennel seeds, cinnamon ,hot peppers ,cloves, Ginger and licorice root. this mix lends itself to several kinds of magic including love spells, passion and even spells for retaining information.

Montreal steak seasoning
Combination of pepper , papRica, black and red peppers, garlic ,salt, onion ,dill. and coriander this mix contains many of individual ingredients you need to protect yourself and your home from ghost and negative energies.

Pickling spice
This spice contains a wide variety of herbs and spices ;most makes contain mustard seed ,coriander ,Blackpepper ,dill ,fennel seed ,celery seed, and Bay leaves it’s good to use for different intentions such as protection from ghosts are lust and wish magic.

Pumpkin pie spice
A mixture of cinnamon, ground ginger, nutmeg an allspice add to any spell to speed it up. it’s also great for business ventures ,money draw and simple healing spells.

-Kris Bradley

ok tumbly, so the situation is this:

one of my friends was going to cover my top surgery, but unfortunately her situation got bad, things have fallen through, and now i’ve got a surgery date on June 10th i can’t afford to make many payments on.

i will probably cover at least part of it with a student loan, but as of right now i’ve got about $5,000 to cover.  i’m already a little over $500 deep in this thing, and it’s not refundable.

i know everyone makes begging posts asking for money for top surgery, but i may as well add my voice to the throng asking for anything to help pay it off.  even cutting another $500 off the cost would be helpful, so if anyone wants to toss a few bucks my way, you will have my eternal gratitude and if you ever wind up near me, i will cook you some amazing goddamned macaroni and cheese.  the good stuff from scratch, not prepackaged shit.

i’m already in the hole with student debt and would rather not climb in farther, but it is what it is, shit happens, and i can’t afford to cancel the surgery date.

my paypal button is at the bottom of my blog if you feel like tossing me any spare change.

Signs a Music Major Needs a Vacation
  • You can sing all parts to every piece from your ensemble.
  • You have used the A Cappella app and proved it. 
  • You can mimic their instrument professor’s every word, comment, and mannerism to a T. 
  • You’re beginning to realize that you could theoretically give yourself a lesson by doing this.
  • You genuinely do not remember when you wrote that paper you just got back, but it got an A so who cares.
  • You don’t remember the last time you had a day with NOTHING to do. You don’t know what you’d do if you had one.
  • You don’t remember the last time you had a meal that wasn’t prepackaged.
  • You know exactly where in the music building you are with your eyes closed, which is helpful when you wake up from a surprise nap.
  • You’ve perfected your performance face, not out of desire, but out of necessity to hide how unprepared you feel.
  • You’ve started discussing music theory in your sleep.
  • You’ve had a dream where you’re being haunted by a Tristan chord - the worst part is you never know where it’s going.
  • You have grown so, so tired of John Cage 4′33″ jokes that you’re giving people the 4′33″ treatment.
  • Your roommate forgets you live there because you’re always at the music building. 
  • You laughed out loud when someone complained about having seven classes.
  • You have never taken FEWER than seven classes.
  • Work is nice because for a couple hours you don’t have to focus on your classwork.
  • You have scheduled in time with your best friend and significant other because otherwise someone will have you rehearse then and you’ll never see them again.
  • You consider naming your firstborn after the one that supported you the most - your coffee pot.
  • You’ve woken up someone by swearing at your theory homework.
  • When a non-music major tells you their classes, you’re confused when they don’t list their lesson.
  • You’ve strongly considered moving to Alaska recently.
  • Your terratorialism about your favorite practice room has started to grow violent.


Virtually every major American city has a version of Seattle’s Aurora Avenue North. This isn’t the suburbs, though this old road will take you there eventually. This is where our city begins, or at least once did. A lifetime ago, this road welcomed weary motorists with opportunity to eat and rest. That was before freeways divided us into east-and-west and north-and-south sides. Remnants of roadside nostalgia remain among fringe businesses: motels, used car lots, pawn shops, strip clubs, and the inherent cast of supporting characters. Here you can fix your car, have your lawn mower blades sharpened, or buy a gun. There is plenty of gas too, and prepackaged food. Tourists don’t see this stuff. They know it exists—it must, right? But we drive this old road every day. After all, it’s still the fastest way to get from here to there.  

* * *

Steven Brooks is a photographer based in Seattle, Washington. His work focuses primarily on landscapes of the American roadside. In an effort to have the road all to himself as much as possible, he does much of his shooting during the pre-dawn hours, armed with a tripod, old boots, and gas station coffee.

More of his work can be seen on his website (, his Tumblr ( and on Flickr (

Femme is queer.
Femme does not equal feminine lesbian attracted to masculine lesbian.
Femme is autonomous and has nothing to do with who you bone.
Femme is queer.
Femme is not attached to lesbianism.
Femme is not attached to sexual expression.
Femme is it’s own queer gender expression.
Femme is a queer gender expression.
Femme is not attached to a binary.
Femme is not an accessory.
Femme does not live in the shadow or along the contingencies of someone else’s gender roles.
Femme is intentional.
Femme is not monolithic.
Femme is authentic.
Femme is queer.
Femme is queer.
Femme is does not have a prepackaged look.
Femme can be inclusive of multiple gendered identities.
Femme is not controlled by white expressions of gender OR white queer activism.
Femme is not the same as feminine.
Femme is not heteronormative. AT ALL.
Femme is queer.
Femme is radical.
Femme is political.
Femme is it’s own being.
Femme does not live in someone else’s projection.
Femme is not shaped or sculpted by someone else’s need or desire.
Femme takes up it’s own space and lives in it’s own shape.
Femme is queer.
Femme is not stagnant.
Femme moves around.
Femme can be as loud as it wants.
Femme is queer.
Femme is not some binaried gender that non-femmes have ascended out of.
Femme is not stuck in some archaic construct of gender.
When you say you grew out of femme - thats condescending as fuck.
Stop saying that shit.
Femme is not some starting place.
Femme is not arbitrary.
Femme is complex.
I can write books and books and books about femme.
All hail femme.
Some people know they are femme from the beginning.
Some people grow into their femme.
Femme is not a destination.
Femme is an existence.
Femme is growth.
Femme is healing.
Femme is reclaiming.
Femme is queering.
Femme is queer.
Femme is dynamic.
Femme is art and performance.
Femme is intrinsic.
Femme is SO FULL.
Femme is a galaxy full of diverse expressions of gendered being.
Femme is queer.
Femme is queer queering queer.
Recognize the brilliance and divinity of femme and pay respect.
You’re welcome for our magical existence.

Jezebel Delilah


For fuck sake, bacon is not counterculture. Eating and gloating about eating factory farmed pigs is like casually eating prisoners and raving about being a cannibal. I never want to hear about anyone’s ambrosial passion for pork. Spend a day in a pig factory or pig transport truck and if you still love your prepackaged pork, you’re a fucking sicko and I absolutely want nothing to do with you.

Amy's Drive Thru is changing the fast food game — one vegan mac 'n' cheese at a time.

One of the nation’s first vegetarian, organic fast food restaurants just opened and people can’t get enough of it.

Andy and Rachel Berliner, the founders of Amy’s Kitchen, originally launched their line of vegetarian frozen, canned, and prepackaged foods in grocery stores (you’ve probably seen Amy’s organic, vegetarian, and vegan food in your local grocery store) after they found themselves frustrated with the vegetarian options available at the time.

Then the Berliners decided they wanted to take their mission one step further, envisioning a fast food restaurant where employees (who were paid a living wage plus health benefits) served vegetarian meals full of fresh local veggies.

That idea became Amy’s Drive Thru, one of the first organic, vegetarian drive-thru restaurants in the country.

As of their opening in July, Amy’s Drive Thru has proven to be a ridiculous success.

In space, food is freeze-dried, prepackaged, and frankly not always very tasty. But on Monday aboard the International Space Station, astronauts got a rare treat: fresh lettuce.

The red romaine lettuce was grown by NASA’s Veggie project, which has one goal — to bring salad to space.

“It’s just one of those things that we have to learn if we’re going to step into the solar system and go to Mars,” says Trent Smith, the Veggie project manager. “How will you grow your plants?”

This Salad Is Outta This World: Astronauts Eat Greens Grown In Space

Photo credit: NASA

The media landscape of the present day is a map in search of a territory. A huge volume of sensational and often toxic imagery inundates our minds, much of it fictional in content. How do we make sense of this ceaseless flow of advertising and publicity, news and entertainment, where presidential campaigns and moon voyages are presented in terms indistinguishable from the launch of a new candy bar or deodorant? What actually happens on the level of our unconscious minds when, within minutes on the same TV screen, a prime minister is assassinated, an actress makes love, an injured child is carried from a car crash? Faced with these charged events, prepackaged emotions already in place, we can only stitch together a set of emergency scenarios, just as our sleeping minds extemporize a narrative from the unrelated memories that veer through the cortical night. In the waking dream that now constitutes everyday reality, images of a blood-spattered widow, the chromium trim of a limousine windshield, the stylised glamour of a motorcade, fuse together to provide a secondary narrative with very different meanings.
—  J.G. Ballard, The Atrocity Exhibition
I don’t want to become a star. I want to become a monster that constantly shows off something new. I mean that I don’t want to become some prepackaged merchandise. I’m going to protect my innocence. That’s what I need in order to do my work. I’m not going to get dirty. Even if I see something like that I’m going to forget it quickly.
—  TOP@Star Diary
Translation Credit - seungie

quadratic-and-problematic  asked:

"A friendly, northeastern community where the sky is blue, the snow is frequent, and mysterious lights pass overhead while we’re all pretending to sleep. / Welcome to Samwell." iM WORKING ON THE AU BUT I HAVE TO FINISH MY CPBB FIRST BUT I LOVE IT OKAY. But i decided on the format so that helped. "Also: Hot chocolate is basically sugar water. That ain’t a bad thing, but maybe give your kids something with a little more substance, when they’re done playing. I’d recommend a nice piece of pie."

(continued) “Pie. Smelt around the Dunkin Donuts. Not a smell from inside the Dunkin. Something prepackaged and plastic wrapped. We know the difference, y’all. We’ve caught on to their game by now. We understand the pie smell around Dunkin’s game./ 
Imposters claiming to be homemade./ Ladies and gentlemen, store-bought pie is out there, and it’s somewhere around the Dunkin.” Half the fun is rewriting the episodes.

aAaaaA yes this is so good & perfect, thank you!!! I can’t draw anything new atm so have some old haus ghosts I couldn’t fit into my other posts as a preemptive thanks :’)