In case you need a reminder today:

-You are strong
-You are SO attractive
-You are worthy of respect
-You should not feel ashamed to ask for help
-Someone cares about you
-Give or receive a hug today. You need it.

If you didn’t do anything but look at tumblr today, that’s okay. You’ve seen some entertaining posts, maybe you reached out to someone, or you saw something healing or warming. That is more than enough for one day. Remember, your mental well-being comes first.💗

Right hand... queen?

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Or the right hand woman and Simon and a few other men were out on scouting or whatever and a random group attacked them. Simon and her got beat up pretty badly but they managed to get the other group on it’s knees and take them back to Negan (or call him there,I dunno really it’s up to you). And of course a protective Negan we see,angrily addressing the enemy group (and may or may not using Lucille on them) for hurting his man and his precious right hand woman <3
I believe it was your request @wafflii ?! ^^“ I’ve finally caught up a little bit and I got a bit carried away *cough* so I hope you like it!

Warning: violence, blood, cursing, well pretty normal for TWD, I guess. Also Simon being a cute ass and Negan being protective.

It was supposed to be a completely normal run. A scout had found this abandoned gas station a couple of days ago and since the windows and everything were still intact, you felt like some lucky devils.
You were sitting next to Simon who was driving the truck. There was one big pick-up following you and in total you were six men and you, so a normal amount of people for a short trip.
“I hope we’ll be back by sunset“, Simon exclaimed.
You chuckled. “What, is there something waiting for you?“ You didn’t know if Simon had a crush on anyone, or if he even had a girl, yet most of them seemed to gravitate towards Negan.
Simon laughed out loud. “The lights of our little ride tend to stop working“, he corrected you. “But…“ He turned to look at you. “… why would you think about that? Would you be jealous?“ A huge grin appeared below his heavy mustache.
You quickly grabbed the wheel as the truck slowly lost its way on the road. “Gosh, eyes on the street!“
He laughed again, only this time he kept his eyes on you. “Damn you would!“
You glared daggers at him. “I said something not someone!“
He eyed you up and down and turned to look on the empty road again. “Pretty late for that explanation.“ The grin didn’t leave his face.
You knew he wouldn’t stop making fun of you for quite some time. This joke would last at least a week. But was it a joke? You shook your head.
The gas station appeared behind the next turn and just in the right time so you didn’t have to think about this anymore. You sighed. “Finally.“
Simon stopped the truck and hopped out. You followed him and fetched your gun. Three men stayed at the cars, just like Simon told them to in this prep talk earlier.
The gas station was small, but it seemed completely untouched. Simon was the first to look inside, you were completely concentrated on him and on the possible danger inside, that you didn’t realize the other people sneaking from behind you.
A scream made you turn around. Two of the men who watched the cars were lying on the floor, the other one was busy fighting off a stranger.
“What the…“, Simon started, but fell over holding his shoulder.
He got shot, what the fuck was going on? You wasted to time to guide him into the small building, he was wincing but crawled over anyway. You didn’t know how many people there were, but they surely outnumbered you. And they had guns. If it was one of the groups that provided you with supplies, they would be in a hell of a trouble then.
Your men were more or less reacting quickly but your gunfire wouldn’t last for long. More and more people were lying on the floor, dead or alive, you didn’t know. So you sorted out a plan and just ran for it.
One of the strangers seemed smaller than the others, presumably a woman, and she had her back turned towards you. She just fought off one of your men by the truck, when your grabbed her from behind and pressed your gun against her temple. “Drop it!“, you commanded and she let her knife fall to the ground, raising her hands.
You dragged her away from the cars so everybody could see her. “Now tell them to shut it!“
“STOP!“, she screamed and the noise stopped.
You were quite content with the outcome and took a moment to look at the other people. You didn’t know them, they looked like strays, badly equipped and dirty.
“Whe…“, you just started, but the girl smacked you hard with her elbow. Your wrist was going numb and you fell over. The gunfire started again and you saw her bending over to grab the gun, she just made you drop. You pulled out your knife with your bad hand, when she turned around to face you. Suddenly she stopped and looked at you in shock. Blood was dripping out of a small wound in her stomach.
You could see Simon coming towards you. He had ripped his shirt in two and one half of it was tightly knotted over his shoulder. He had shot her and you needed to get out of there but all you could see was his abs. Damn he was well built.
He smirked down at you before he turned around to take control of the situation. There was no way he had noticed you were checking him out,…. right?
Minutes later you drew the balance. Everyone of you was pretty wounded but in the end you got the remaining five of the other group on their knees. They lost four, you two.
A savior just tied the last mans hands together, when the guy jumped up and ran towards you. You noticed it too late, as you were busy checking the newly found supplies, and he rammed his head right into yours. Simon shot him mid action and again you were lying on the floor with a ringing in your ears. “What a stupid fucking day!“, you complained and pressed your palm on your pulsing eye.
“Get them into the back of the truck!“, Simon commanded and came running towards you. He knelt down and pulled your hand away.
He scrunched his face and hissed loudly through his teeth. “Uhh, that’s gonna be a black eye.“
You looked at him in disbelieve. He reached out to your cheek and stroke it surprisingly gentle. “You’re still beautiful, darling“, he said and only took you more aback.

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#Choicescreates Prompt 5 : Mirror

« When I look at you I swear I can see myself »

Chris and Zig are very alike. They went through similar rough patches, they’re both clumsy because they both think they do not deserve what they have (Zig a bit more than Chris). Sebastian compared them both to “muscular apes” because they’re ripped, and they both want to shape a better future for themselves. They both had to man up because their dads bailed on them thus making them taking care of their moms and their siblings. We can say they does share a thing or two, it’s not like looking into a mirror but to me there is a thin line between their differences! I don’t know if I interpreted the prompt correctly but that’s what came to my mind!

They should definitely work on the motion forward on! I truly hope Zig will show up,

For this picture here is what I wanted, they are about to give the presentation for the second motion proposal. Chris lost hope of Zig showing up but he actually does, a cigarette in his mouth to ease himself and ready to even give Chris a prep talk about not stuttering too much. Aaah man I love this piece a lot, special thanks to @kittenmusicals for helping out during my “crisis” !

I swear I can draw Chris and Zig without models now, I may be a creep haha!

@hollyashton & @cartoonfanforlife this is my entry for this week I hope I’m not too beside the point !

Chris powell and Zig belongs to @playchoices the art belongs to me!

That is it for me ! 😊 

Please can these guys start a bromance? 😂

Some little Tina Goldstein things in FBAWTFT

I know I already made a post (and then some) about why I love Tina (x) but I wanted to make another one now that I’ve seen the film nine times.

  • The fact her full first name is “Porpentina” is reason alone to love her
  • I know a lot of people say this, but…she’s eating a hot-dog whilst spying on people, like, she’s so adorable!
  • She’s interrupted TWICE whilst trying to eat her hot-dog, like let her eat in peace!
  • Tina basically walked around with mustard on her upper lip for the entire bank sequence
  • “Why in the name of Deliverance Dane did you let that thing loose?”/“Mercy Lewis, what is that?!” - she says such adorable things though??
  • She wears a silver tracking/identity bracelet from MACUSA so that they can keep an eye on her (it’s in several FBAWTFT Making Of books, and you can see it in several scenes)
  • Tina hiding under her desk when Abernathy comes looking for her
  • That bit where she jumps/hops on the spot to try and find Newt in the crowd
  • Tina hurriedly grabbing her undergarments/slips from the clothes-horse by the fire so that the men don’t see them (someone else pointed this out as well)
  • When Queenie is prepping dinner and they talk, she dips her finger in one of the pots and proceeds to lick/try whatever it was - like I think that’s really cute?
  • She makes these two men - who she barely knows - hot cocoa and then proceeds to awkwardly stand in the doorway with the mugs as she says “I…uh…thought you might like a hot drink…?”
  • I still think it’s funny how forcefully she puts Newt’s mug down on the table, like she’s so pissed off.
  • She wears her pyjama top under her jacket whilst tracking down Newt and Jacob, then proceeds to walk into a big meeting still in her pyjama shirt
  • Tina sobbing when she and Newt were sentenced to death, like, SHE DIDN’T DO ANYTHING TO DESERVE THIS (neither did Newt, but still)
  • In the death potion we see her gently comforting Credence, hesitantly touching his arm and telling him it will be okay.
  • “What is that thing?” “Swooping Evil.” “Well I love it!” (OTP right there!)
  • Tina looking like she’s about to cry when she’s telling Newt about how Mary Lou Barebone abuses Credence and the other children in her care - I think that’s the moment Newt looks at her and thinks “I understand exactly, this is how I feel about my creatures”. He would totally break laws and stop people who hurt magical creatures (or any creatures, for that matter)
  • Tina smiling in awe when she sees Dougal feeding the Occamy a sweet is honestly so beautiful.
  • Her bad-ass jumping skills during the Occamy scene - enough said
  • Her looking around in awe when she’s first in the case honestly makes me emotional because she’s having a revelation - and because this is her future when she marries Newt. Seeing her look at the creatures in tender wonderment is so touching.
  • Before she found out Grindelwald was disguised as Graves, she duelled him - first of all, she probably thought she was duelling her mentor, her boss, someone who she once looked up to; secondly, the two of them were locked in a stalemate before he threw a car at her
  • Let that sink in - Tina Goldstein held her own against Gellert Grindelwald, one of the most dangerous and proficient wizards/duellists of the time. She held her own against him until he levitated a car to hit her - she did better than the rest of the Auror team put together.
  • Tina doing a tuck-and-roll under a semi-cast Protego shield like a boss
  • “Keep talking, Tina. Keep talking, he’s listening to you!” (Newt about Credence)
  • Tina looking heartbroken when Credence is “killed”, like she feels like she failed to protect him
  • Newt and Tina were both crying as Jacob and Queenie said goodbye - Tina’s heart was definitely breaking for her little sister
  • Tina looks so sad when she asks about Leta - she probably thinks Leta is Newt’s girlfriend/fiancée/wife back home.
  • The hope in her eyes when Newt says “I don’t know what Leta likes these days” and, "People change…I’ve changed" is so beautiful.
  • She’s trying not to cry - and failing at that - as Newt leaves.
  • Her teary smile when he says “how would you feel if I gave you your copy in person?”
  • Her little gleeful skip as she leaves the docs after saying goodbye to Newt is adorable :3

choromeki  asked:

104th kids and how they deal with crushes! (Sorry if that has been done before!)

OOooooooo! I honestly don’t know if I’ve done this before, but I’m gonna do it again if I have cause this is a fun prompt. Thank you! (This also got long, so I’m going to add a keep reading!) 

Eren does not realize he has a crush until it is too late. He doesn’t feel himself falling for someone until oh no, he really likes them. Appreciation turns to adoration in .2 seconds, and suddenly, Eren breaks down. He gets super nervous around his crush, stuttering and trying to be funny. He thinks about everything they’ve ever done together, and chastises himself for all the times he’s done something stupid in front of them. He tries really hard to come as someone worthy of their love, (when they often never needed him to ‘prove himself’ in the first place. That’s just Eren’s brain sabotaging itself.) In summary, Eren panics. 

Mikasa is a piner. Once she recognizes she likes someone, she finds it very hard to actually talk to them. So she spends a lot of her time studying them; listening to them, remembering their likes and dislikes and other key information, spending as much time with them as she can. She really tries her best to become their friend, and hopes that from there, something more will happen. She’ll make up scenarios in her head a lot, but those rarely pan out. She is also a very caring person, though, so her natural instincts to care for others will often kick in a lot when her crush needs a helping hand or a smile. 

Armin has two sides when it comes to crushes: the super smooth charmer or the adorably awkward child. Depending on the day, he can either be a master at witty banter and generally chivalrous, romantic behavior, or he’ll be a stammering mess that gets flustered by even a smile from his crush. It depends on how mentally prepared he is. If it’s a hang out that was planned, he’ll be fine, his charming, witty self. But if it’s unplanned happenstance, he’ll be a wreck and will probably yell at himself later as he’s trying to sleep but can’t cause all he can think about are the stupid things he said to them that day. (Good thing the crush thinks he’s pretty cute when he’s helpless!)

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We’ve all been there. You walk into your class and…everybody else is frantically reviewing their notes and textbooks? There’s a test today? NOOOO!

I got caught in a nerve-wracking situation when the ACT totally slipped my mind. But miraculously, I still got a 35–perfect score is 36, so hey, not shabby! Here are the tips that helped me do my best.

  1. Don’t freak out. I cannot emphasize the importance of this. I once spent months studying for a super-important test, but the day of the exam, I drank tons of coffee, which made me super jittery. That, on top of nerves, made me crazy-anxious and I made lots of silly mistakes. No test is worth compromising your mental health for. If you find yourself getting really nervous, just take a moment to breathe in and count to ten. Then exhale. If you’re prone to testing anxiety, you might find it helpful to rub lavender essential oils on your hands, and to take calming whiffs throughout the exam.
  2. Don’t read everything. Seriously, don’t. The ACT is all about time management, and you almost certainly won’t have time to read all of the passages, especially in the science section. The good news is, you don’t have to read everything; just skim the passage to get a good sense of what it’s about, and focus on the specific parts that the questions ask about.
  3. Play it by ear. The English section will ask you to suss out sentence errors. It’s often helpful to listen to the phrases in your head and figure out which part sounds funky. Watch out for awkward sentence structure or pronoun ambiguity.
  4. Chug and plug. Your math teacher probably frowned upon “guessing and checking” but hey, in a multiple-choice exam, nobody’s going to know. If you’re really stuck on a math problem, it can be helpful to substitute variables with numbers, or to insert answer choices into equations.
  5. Be fearless with your pencil. Your exam booklet is going to be recycled afterwards, so might as well mark it up, right? Circle and underline important sections, draw diagrams that help you visualize the questions.

I hope these tips help, but do keep in mind that standardized test scores are just a number and do not define you! Good luck :)


Prep talk from Kilowog in Green Lanterns #23

If anybody thought Guy Gardner being Jessica’s personal Drill Sergeant Nasty would be comedy gold, guess what, they would be…right. I have a striking suspicion he is trying to push her to punch him in the face since he keeps coming up with weirder training exercises and being a colossal jerk only Guy Gardner could be.

Simon doesn’t have it good either - Kyle Rayner is trying to test his creativity and make him think outside the box. And since he is an artist, he has a seemingly endless pool of ideas how to mess with him.

We also get some nice additions to Green Lantern mythos as a whole.As we already knew, when Volthoom, the First Lantern, turned mad, Guardians created first seven Green Lantern Rings and called original seven Green Lanterns to stop him. As we now learn, one of them was Alitha of Galactica - a black girl from the race of gods from the Third World. Gods who had perished in a war, giving the way to New Gods. This character is a bridge connecting Gren Lantern and New Gods mythos so I’m excited by the possibility she’s still alive and Simon and Jess may meet her.

Little Helper(Namjoon Smut)

{Hi, could I please make a request? [I joined tumblr not too long ago and I’m actually nervous putting forward a request since this is my first. I’ve ready your work and it’s amazing] A smut where there is an British exchange student and Namjoon helps her out around school because her Korean isn’t perfect and she’s very awkward and shy around everyone besides him. He likes speaking to her in English and after a while she opens up to him and wants to thank him by giving herself to him. He’s hesitant to have sex with her though, but she says it’s okay and they do the deed. She seems innocent but has a very kinky and rough side which she shows to Namjoon one day after school. After a while she discovers his daddy kink and yeah something like that. Sorry if it’s weird. Thank you in advance :) }

Your name: submit What is this?

Here you go!<3 @kxxkiemonsterx I hope you enjoy!

 Namjoon’s POV:

Sitting there I watched as the multitude of the student body glided across the campus. Everyone in their little clicks and gangs or the cute little nerds that decided to stay alone. It always made me feel a bit saddened to see some people walk alone but then I remembered that some people prefer to be alone and that I, myself have sometimes experienced the joys of a quiet walk by myself. Just to focus on an important test or performance that I may have to deal with that day. But lately I haven’t been able to have me time. It’s not that I dislike it, in fact I think it’s the complete opposite. Chuckling to myself I lifted a hand up to comb through my freshly dyed purple hair blue contacted eyes looking around the main campus for her.

“Looking for Y/N again?” A familiar voice asked me. Turning my head back I looked at Jin smiling sheepishly.

“Don’t sneak up on me.” I avoided the question and he clapped my back before he walked off.

“I know you’re waiting for her because you avoided my question. Have fun Namjoon. Don’t drool too much.”

Rolling my eyes, I stretched out my legs hands moving down to straighten out the lines on my crisp dark black skinny jeans. It was a bit windy today so I had to dress in warm clothes but I think I overdid it at first and I had to change out of it. Ever since she came into my life, I’ve been overthinking my outfits and instead of being myself she had me as a nervous flustered fool. Playing with my black cardigan I heard her melodic voice shaking me to my core.

“I’m sure if no one has noticed you by now they never will.” Her voice shook me right down to the core. How she addressed me in English because we both knew her Korean wasn’t that great. I couldn’t keep the smile off my face hearing the accent of her native home come out of her tongue. Biting on my bottom lip I did my best to give her a full dimpled smile because it always charmed her. “Oh put it away.” She teased moving to sit beside me. I let myself drink in the beautiful sight before me. How her beautiful hair feel down her face. How the simple white shirt and black skinny jeans fit her body not too tight or too lose just perfect accompanied by her leather jacket. She was smiling at me, and fucking hell it made me weak. Her strong scent hitting my nostrils and driving me deeper into a world of bliss. I couldn’t stop taking her in everything was breathtaking and her she was before me utterly perfect.

“Are you just going to stare at me?” She asked in Korean this time, causing a soft frown to etch across my features before I responded in English.

“Ah, is it weird that I stare at you so much? I’m sorry let’s get going then.” Of course it was fucking weird to be gawking at an exchange student. I should have known better but it was just something about her that made my heart speed up a little bit even if it was only for some seconds upon a time. Standing up I grabbed at my backpack slinging it over my left shoulder pushing my right hand into the confines of my pocket walking beside her. I could see how everyone looked at her, with curiosity or hatred. They wanted to know her story, what was she about and above all if we were a thing. At first when I saw how they glanced at us I must admit I was nervous for a few seconds, but then I decided fuck them and their judgment. I’m better off without it.

“So how was homework?” I asked Y/N. She gave me a sheepish smile jumping a bit and it seems like she was out of it too. I couldn’t help but feel a bit guilty like I was the reason she was acting that way. She responded back to my question though with her own answers. I know it must have been hard on her to be so far away from home. But she had come so far and she had done so much in this short little time span of a couple of months. I was one proud teacher of her growth. I continued to smile at her as she explained the things going on with her and how she still kind of fumbles with some speech things and her homework. I had to do my best to motivate her and encourage her because we all make fumbles and falls but the most important part is that we keep going, which she did. We had always decided to talk in English for her sake but I didn’t mind the different language because it helped me make sure I kept up on my language skills as well.

“Namjoon.” Y/N addressed me as we made our way into the building close to her first class. Humming to show I was listening I looked down at her, seeing her pull out a slip of folded white paper with a deep shade of lovely red painting her features. Wordlessly I took the slip of paper from her freezing as she stood on her tip toes and kissed my right dimple. Opening her mouth, I could feel her heat on my skin causing my eyes to flutter. I was pretty sure my own face was burning at this point. “I love it when you stare at me.” Those simple words she spoke to me as she ran into her class with a nervous chuckle waving goodbye.  I stood there like an idiot for some time after until it dawned on me that I had college algebra and I knew my ass would be handed to me if I were late again. Picking up my feet I glided myself through the crowds arriving to the class at a perfect timing. The teacher looked down her nose at me and I bowed my head apologetically moving to the back of my class to my seat.

I sat in class thinking about her. The sound of her voice when she laughed or just simply talked. When she made little squealing noises or random noises of approval as she ate. How she was so full of life and all the energy around her. My perfect little bundle of happiness. I knew deep down inside of me, I would be sad when she had to leave and maybe that was part of the reasons I never tried to be overly friendly. Just then, my mind snapped and with quick fingers I was pulling the slip of paper open that she had given to me in the hallway. My eyes feeling like they were going to pop out at any moment.

Dear Namjoon,

               I will have to leave in the next month or so, and I have been really grateful of all the things you have done for me. I wanted to give you a present but not knowing what you would really like or how to ask for it in Korean I have decided to give you my body instead. If you want this offer, please come to my address stated below. I promise I will make it worth your wild. I just want to show you how thankful I am.


I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. My heart was beating out loud! I was sure the teacher would look at me. She would notice I wasn’t paying attention. Was the room hot or was it just me? I couldn’t contain all the feelings inside of me. Because yes, I wanted her too, it should’ve been obvious how bad she captivated me! It was no secret I’ve snuck glances at her body especially if she had to bend over to get something and it just so happens her ass is right there to view. I tried to be discreet. Holding my notebook over my raging hard on just so that she would be comfortable. And as soon as I would get to my dorm room, I’d almost die every day trying to get my boxers off and dick in my hand to get myself off. So many tissues had been used I was surprised the cleaning ladies didn’t tell me off for it. But Y/N was leaving! So, what could I do? I didn’t want a few moments with her. If I indulged in her I know that I would want her more. I would want to be in her every waking moment, I would want to hear my name roll of her pretty pink lips. I would want to pull her hair and make sure with every snap of my hips she was a fucking puddle under me not remembering any man but me. No other name but mine. Sighing, I slipped the paper into my pocket jotting down the notes I had so carelessly forgot to take while I was caught up in my own self turmoil.

Standing in front of her apartment I didn’t know what to do. Pacing back and forth I was hesitant, to want it and to go for it. But why deny her of something she wanted to do for me? Especially when I wasn’t the only one feeling things. At least this way I could have some kind of moment with her before she left my life for a while and hopefully not for good. Squaring my shoulders and giving myself a short macho man prep talk I walked up to the door letting my fist knock against it lightly. Standing there I shoved my hands back into my pocket keeping my eyes down on my feet. After a few minutes, I got worried that this was just some joke. She was fucking with me! But before I could get too paranoid about my own thoughts the door opened. Slowly she was revealed to me, standing there with nothing but a towel around her waist. Her hair was wet, the water droplets leaving trails on her body that I just wanted to lick up so bad. My tongue darting out to lick my lips, I had no words for her. And what she did next would probably stay in my wet dreams forever. She dropped her towel revealing her body to me, everything that I had called myself imagining was nothing compared to the real deal. My mouth went dry I was too flustered to even say something beyond ‘damn.’

“Are you just going to stand there or are you going to fuck me?” She questioned pulling me into her place with her hand on my belt. My body went forward, seeming to snap out of the trance I was in, I slammed the door with my foot picking her up and carrying her to her bedroom. Our lips pressing together it felt so good to finally feel her soft lips against mine. Biting down on the flesh I tried to mold our faces together kissing her with every ounce of passion I had. We knocked against some things before I had her in her bedroom and on her back on the small bed. My hands were roaming her flesh touching the wet skin and loving the feeling of it under my fingertips. She was already reacting to me arching upwards and sighing into my mouth. She bit harshly on my top lip and when I reacted with a gasp her tongue slid into my mouth. Battling me for dominance she was grabbing at my shirt, ripping at it a bit trying to get it off. I was so shocked, dizzy almost from the surprised pleasure coursing through my body. She broke the kiss first moving to slam me on the bed, I couldn’t believe my eyes and if my dick was to get any harder I felt I wouldn’t have one left. She undressed me and I let her not going against anything she wanted to do to me. Usually I took the lead and I took pride in it, but today I knew that I could let her have her fun. At least for the first round that was. She gripped onto my raging member, pressing her breast on either side of my shaft she let her mouth take me in. I groaned grabbing at her sheets knowing if I grabbed her hair I was going to bury my dick until she was crying. I watched her move her breast up and down along with her mouth, the tight suction and space had my head rolling back. Loud moans of her name rolled of my tongue slowly the room getting hotter by the second. My vision blurred it felt too good. The walls seemed to be listening to how my voice rose louder in volume and fuck her neighbors let them hear. My chest rising and falling I almost stayed there but then I remembered she said she was giving herself to me.

Leaning up, I grabbed at her hair pulling her off of my dick with a wet pop, spit trailing from her lips to my shaft. I crashed my lips against hers picking her up and slamming her lightly on the bed. Crawling in between her legs I let my lips trail down her neck wetly and towards her ear whispering hotly. “You’re my present remember? Mine to do with what I want. And right now, I want to fuck you.” I admitted ghosting my lips down her body to place more kisses on her skin. Cupping her breast, I couldn’t tease them too much, sucking on each I gave them attention before my mind wanted more of her. Moving to her heat I spread her legs wider, pressing them down against the bed I flicked my tongue up and down her slit before burying it in her tight pussy. She was so warm and she felt snug around my tongue. I was quick with my movements, I wanted to stretch her out for me, but I knew we could play after this. The heat in the air was too thick for us to waste any more time. But fuck she tasted so good, almost close to water with a sweet taste to it. How she grabbed at my hair and moaned my name had my tongue flicking every direction until I was finding her spot and abusing it. Pulling back after a few moments, I licked my lips aligning myself with her entrance. My hands moving to grab her hips, slowly I pushed inside of her, digging my nails into her skin her name rolling off my lips as I filled her up.

“Y/N..” My voice trembled out. My dick buried to the hilt inside of her warm pussy. She was so wet for me, it was sucking me in. How she squeezed around my shaft and wiggled her hips had me snapping mine forward just to feel more. Letting my hooded eyes meet her gaze I was slow to fuck her at first just wanting to stretch her out and really feel her. I wanted my mind to remember how snug her walls were around me. How she moaned out my name softly, her tiny hands gripping at my biceps. How I leaned over her and she gasped from feeling my hit a deeper angle. My hips circling to snap harder against hers and create pleasure that she would always remember. I was gone and so was she. I could feel some of her juices drip down onto my balls and it only made me loose myself more. Building up my speed slowly until I was pounding into her. The bed shaking under us as I gave her everything I had to give. My hard dick sliding inside of her wet walls creating the wet sloppy sounds of skin on skin contact.

“Slap me.” She moaned weakly and I opened my eyes wide growling.

“Excuse me?” I asked her switching my hips to angle away from her spot.

“Slap me.. Daddy.” That was it, any control I had left went out the window for this little vixen under me. One hand reaching up to grab at her throat I used it to pin her down. Shifting my hips once more to deeply fuck her pussy I lifted my hand up slapping her cheek lightly not wanting to hurt her.

“Harder!” She shouted out and I slapped her again just a tad bit harder. “You fucking hit like a girl.” She teased smirking up at me. I don’t know what felt more insulting the phrase itself of the fact that it was said in English with her accent.

Lifting my hand up to land another slap on her cheek to turn the skin red she gave a cry of yes and I smirked. She thought I was done with her. Pulling out of her I flipped her on her stomach entering her from behind without mercy. My hand swooped around her body to grab at her neck pulling her body back against mine. I slammed her down on my dick abusing her sweet little cunt with every thrust of my hips burying my dick forward. She was trying to moan but she could barely get it out, her eyelids dropping closed as my hand clamped down on her airways more. I waited until she was almost out to let her go, releasing her neck my hand went to grab at her hair, my free hand moving down to rub her clit fast and hard. I knew she was going to cum by the way she kept gasping for breath, her voice hitching and body trembling against mine. It was like her juices were a river overflowing and pouring out all for me. She cried my name out loud, hanging on by a thread as she gave me her orgasm, and I took it all delighted to say the least at the state I put her in. Kissing along her shoulder blade, I created a few more hickeys that I knew would be visible tomorrow, while she was here she was mine and everyone would know that I was the one fucking her from behind. Looking down I could see my dick entering in and out of her heat, her ass clapping back against my hips. It was too much for me, without warning I pulled out of her pushing her down on the bed, gripping at my dick I jerked it off quickly cumming thick ropes of cum in the dip of her lower back. Releasing all my pent up want for her (though there was still more) I kissed along her skin up to her shoulder blades and then the back of her head. I left the bed searching for a small wash cloth in the bathroom. Warming it with warm water I went back in the room to clean her off watching as she took deep breaths. She was glowing and she looked so flustered with her hands clinging onto the sheets. After I made sure I was cleaned up a bit I scooped her in my arms kissing her temple as she avoided my gaze.

“You didn’t want it?” I asked after a few moments of silence feeling my heart sink.

“No. NO! Of course I wanted it!” She slapped at my shoulders repeatedly and I winced squirming. “It’s just that.. Was I good enough for you?” You asked looking down at my hands. I couldn’t believe it, the girl I was so head over heels for was insecure about one of the best sexual experiences I’ve ever had in my life.

“It was all perfect, because it was with you. But of course, if you want to try your luck again.” I teased flipping her over on her back with a crooked smirk. “I’m sure I could give you a lesson on bondage and toys if you’re into learning that kind of stuff.”


admin K: going to make this the Manse era bc it just reminds me of it sm, hope you don’t mind

genre: fluff (like pretty pretty fluffy) 

pairing: vernon x reader

word count: 1.3k

Originally posted by amemericans

You were the girl casted to be in Seveteen’s new comeback music video. You were on set with the boys and before filming, you had greeted them very politely since they were mainly your elders.

It was awkward at first but after a few scenes filmed with a few of the boys, you became comfortable around them and they seemed to feel the same. At first, you thought they would be intimidating and hard to talk to but they were such amazing guys.

Especially Vernon…you haven’t filmed your scene with him yet were interested him. He seemed the most interesting and a little mysterious. You didn’t know to explain it but something just made you become fond of him. Was it the look in his eyes? HIs figure was nice. He seemed to be nice, talking and laughing with the others. You wondered what he’d be like when you had to film your scene together.

You didn’t think it’d be a good first impression if you had to pretend to sleep him in the first scene togethers so, making a bold move, you went up and talked to him, hoping you wouldn’t get in trouble or seem too forward.

You bowed at him before introducing yourself. Vernon was not expecting to be greeted by you but gave you a polite smile after, bowing shortly back.

“I’m Y/N, I hope we can film well together later.”

“I hope so too….how are you doing?” He asked, starting a conversation as the people he were talking to start to leave the two of you alone.

“Come sit down, you must be tired from all the filming.” He said, patting the seat beside him. You smiled again before thanking him and sitting down beside him before answering his question.

“Today feels so long but I love every minute filming with you all! It’s been fun really but…”

“Tiring, I get it. You get used to it after a while. Do you drink coffee? Want me to get you some?” He asked you, already starting to get up but you grabbed his wrist, holding him back. “No! Stay! You don’t need to.”

Noticing your instant move, you took your hand back. “Uh..sorry, I didn’t-“

“It’s fine. Don’t worry too much about it.” He cut in, not wanting you to feel embarrassed yet you still did. You nodded, avoiding eye contact as you held your own hand.

You felt stupid for touching him, you weren’t even close with him. You didn’t mean to be so forceful.

You started up another conversation, changing subjects quick which he gladly let you to ignore your little mistake.

You had a nice talk with him but he still seemed so shy throughout it all while you had gotten more comfortable around him.

Though he was a little shy, he still tried to make you laugh every once in a while. After filming your scene together, you were almost done with the day.

Vernon had another scene after with the other boys but you were finished with all your scenes. Tomorrow would be a new day where you’d have more to film.

You were about to leave but waited to see if you could say goodbye to Vernon. You looked around after you had gotten changed into your normal clothes.

You couldn’t find him with all the other people working on set.

Disappointed, you turned around to leave the place but Vernon had called you, running quickly to you. “Are you leaving?” For once, his voice was at a pretty normal range. It was still a little bit of a whisper but better than before.

He looked into your eyes, in hope that you’d stay longer for him. You smiled, seeing that you had some affect on him. You were glad he felt the same about you. “I’ll be back tomorrow, I promise.” He realized how pleading he had sound and flushed about it.

Vernon scratched the back of his head but showed off a smile. “Okay..have a good day then. I’ll see you tomorrow Y/N. Keep that promise.” He told you. “Don’t worry I will.”

You made sure to get enough sleep for the next day since you were being filmed and also wanted to be energetic around Vernon.

The two of you had a good conversation again, he seemed bright and happier than before. It seemed to continue throughout the week of filming. You even exchanged numbers after a while of talking too much. You had such a great time to the point that you got in trouble a few times for laughing too loud or not being ready to film but you couldn’t help it. Vernon was a nice guy and you liked talking to him.

While talking off to the side of the set, you had whispered to him while he was looking around the field. It was a nice day outside.

“If I said I liked- no- if I loved you.. would you feel the same?” Vernon thought you said that since he was somewhat in daze, daydreaming about you two together, dating. You had only known each other for a short time but Vernon was crazy about you.

Even with you beside him now, he felt happier and just all dreamy about the two of you together.

In reality you had told him you liked the blue sky and if he felt the same as in, did he like the sky as well but he heard differently.

He blinked a few times at you, snapping right out of daze, wondering if what he had just heard was real or not. “Uhh…”

You laughed seeing his blank face before turning to look up at the nice sky. “Vernon!” The director called.

“You’re up.” You said as he hesitantly got up to leave. Still the question ran through his mind the whole day since you weren’t able to see each other because of the different filming schedules.

The night he spent at the dorm, he stayed awake thinking about you and your confession. Did she really say it or not? I think she did…he thought.

Tomorrow was the last day of filming the Manse mv, sadly. All night he was planning on the prefect way to ask you out. He kept thinking of different scenarios on how to ask you out, thinking of the right words to say.

He gave himself a prep talk in the washroom mirror this morning too but he was still stressing about it. He ruffled his damp hair from his shower.

Vernon groaned in frustration. “Vernon, are you good in there?” Seungkwan called.

“Yeah! I’lll be out in a second!” He said back and sighed, ready to leave even though he still wasn’t fully prepared to ask you out. Vernon was just overthinking it too much, mainly because he wanted it to be prefect, just for you.

When he got on set with the others, his eyes immediately went to you. You also saw they’re arrival but didn’t look at Vernon first since Seungcheol stole your attention.

You had greeted the others first before saying hi to Vernon.

“Last day a filming.” You breathed out with a smile. He smiled back. “Yeah…Y/N, I wondering if…you’d want to go out after filming? My schedule is short today and I don’t have anything to do after filming so I wanted to..take you out on a date. If you are okay with that.” Vernon was hesitant of asking.

You were a bit speechless, not really sure where all this was coming from though you didn’t mind it since you did like him too. He just never showed the same affection til now.

You have yet to react to this and yet Vernon’s makeup artist still calls you to get ready. “I’ll let you think about it.” He said quickly and before he leaves you, he gives you a quick peck on the cheek and a small smile before leaving.

He was scared of your answer but he was impressed with himself for being up front of this.

“Vernon!” You called quickly and he turns around. “I”d love to.” You smiled beautifully at him and he smiles back happy about your answer.

Jinjin as your boyfriend

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first meeting;

•you actually knew each other from secondary school/ high school.

• you know the time when teenagers are funking hormonal and shit… yeah

•he was chilling in the cafeteria with a black haired boy, with quite feminine features

•you happened to sit next to his table and someone had managed to have and conversation with him about your annoying maths teacher

•from then, you clicked.

realising he had feelings for you;

•it almost felt like he had been hit in the chest with a sledgehammer

he really likes you

•you were hanging out with him as usual in the dorms

•you had your legs over his lap and your head was turned towards the TV

•he felt you shift and then he turned round he saw you looking at him

•"you okay?“

•you just smiled and pinched his cheeks before getting up to go get a drink or smth

•he just blanked out, playing the thing over again.

•he had a that’s so raven moment and just went through every memory with you and was like “omg”

• he became really flustered after that

how he asked you out;

•it was around summer two years after you’ve been friends, and he was ready to tell you

•he told dongmin because they’re close and he was like “hey man, help me out”

•dongmin gave him a prep talk and he felt ready

•until he seen you in the distance and his hands started to sweat and he became nervous again.

• once you were with him he replayed the prep talk and just combusted.

“ y/n I’ve known you since the end of school and I’ve come to realise I really like you. I think you’re pretty, talented and even more please accept my confession”

things he does as a boyfriend;

/breathe in, breathe out/

• cuDdLES !!1!

•anytime anywhere, he’s gotta have some love

•he loves it when you play with his hair

•he always buys you some sort of gift at the end of the week, that could mean food or jewelery

•he likes to brag about how you are so cute

•you are his lock screen and even have your own sound notification and mushy love song when you call.

•he basically melts into a puddle when he sees you

•if he sees you looking at something that you want but don’t have enough for it, he will but it for you secretly

•you are a goddess to him

•makes sure you are well fed

•texts you cute and sarcastic things to make you happy, and to see your snarky reply


Shawn Mendes One Shot: The Ellen Show Pt. 3

A/N: HAYO. Third part. I won’t be writing anymore for this. If I did I’d probably turn it into a fanfic? If you guys maybe would like that I could do that for sure, as I have had a lot of fun with this! I’d be able to give the characters some names, which would be nice. Anyways again as always if you liked it let me know! ENJOY!

The Ellen Show Master List

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Jesus Christ stop shaking. You thought at you leant back from the hotel mirror.

Trying to apply winged liner was hard enough, doing it while your hand was shaking was impossible. Trying again you set your elbow on the counter and tried to apply a small wing along your lashes. It wasn’t your best work but it would do. Applying a little mascara and highlighter to your cheekbones you decided you were done. It was just breakfast you were going for. As you placed your makeup in your bag you saw your hands shaking again.

“It’s not even a date.” Whispering to yourself. “Its breakfast. You’re just hanging out.”

“It’s not even a date.’ You whispered again closing the bag.

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I just love that Pete said on the radio that the album isn’t even finished yet they’ve decided the name, release date, album cover, first single and how many tracks it will have….talk about prepping yourself


So let’s think again about this wonderful rollercoaster we got tonight 

at first we see yuri and he’s nervous AF like for real 

(notice victor in the background? he’s so in love

Victor then tells him to get some rest (and of course he’ll be there too because they’re in fucking love and shit) 

meanwhile the cute and innocent Guang-Hong Ji performs and looks majestic AF. like some cute lil’ fairy 

his performance is about some mafia and gangsta shit and he thinks about his backstory all the time, Georgi can be seen playing an enemy in his mind and then - tam tam tam - his character meets “old friends” and whom does he picture? g u e s s 


LEO DE LA IGLESIA, hot Mr. USA with even hotter eyebrows! that boy’s the shit and Guang-Hong fucking knows this! (they are so together) 

he finishes and is surrounded by loads of teddy bears bc he’s smol and has to be protected (i bet the one he’s holding is from LEO)

he’s kinda pissed and wants to quit social media but pls child do yourself and us a favor and keep your instagram updatet (cute pics w/Leo pls) 

Guang-Hongs performance drives yuri even more insane, he’s a fucking wrack, he can’t handle himself. and he still hasn’t got any sleep (just like me right now) 

victor HAS TO STEP in 

next one to perform is phichit and he’s glorious as ever, he shines and everyone is bewitched - the world (and myself) loves him 

after phichit we see Christophe, who - as usual - jerks off at the end of his performance, I guess he loves nothing more than himself and the attention he gets (but I guess he wouldn’t turn down victors ass) 

(here he’s releasing himself) 


Christophe’s performance gave us some major throwback to a flowercrown goddess named victor who looks a fucking lot like Lana Del Rey (or should I say: Lana Del GAY) for some reason 

During this time victor took yuri to a parking lot (??) to calm him down 

where he - for some unknown reason - can still hear the cheering of the fans

I mean it’s a parking lot, it shouldn’t be that near? 

he looks wasted. he looks like he popped too much molly the night before 

I feel sorry for him 

some prep talk down in the parking lot 

I think this looks a lot like a soon to be kiss scene 

but then we’re interrupted by Phichit and his score and the USA hottie called Leo 

because now is his fucking time to shine (you’d think) 

but no, back to the gays 

victor came up with a plan to motivate yuri but it backfires .. kinda 

he still thinks he did the right thing (maybe he did?)

no bebe pls 

he’s kinda hating himself right now 

victor’s not prepared for what’s coming

all I see is a baby that has to be protected at all costs (and needs to be comforted by his one true love and mentor victor)

but NO with all this drama going on we missed Leo’s performance (which was fucking hot obvi bc he’s super hot and his boyfriend’s cute af so what the fuck went wrong?) 

he looks so disappointed. Guang-Hong should cheer him up ASAP 

then Georgi pulls off another emo performance which is so obvi about his ex that she fucking leaves the room (me too girl, me too) and then he gets even more emo. his thoughts during that performance gave me the creeps 

the two bfs enter the scene, they look kinda down like they had a huge fight 

pls make up in a special way, pretty pleeease 

a rare yurio appears, checks his instagram and realizes that he missed the oh-so-important kür, ooooops (I guess)

a good bf is there to watch his SO

he catches his (used) tissue, in medieval times that would be considered immense flirting y’know 

oh my 

he let it fall on purpose to do the HAIR THINGY i’m dead

he looks ready to fight and to cheer for his better half 

and yuri nails it, he’s so good and he looks more gorgeous THAN EVER! Nobody expected him to be that sexy and badass and perf and victor is there like “It’s all mine” 

“Look at my hot ass boyfriend, can’t wait to get that ass into my bed tonight”

then he does some extravagant shit and some really daring turns and twists and combinations that even victor didn’t do at the end of a performance 

he surprises everyone, but victor the most 



and then there’s yurio sitting in front of the TV and is like 

“I’m kinda pissed but also impressed” 

then yuri finishes 

and he stands there and waits for a sign from victor; approval, happiness, anger 

but he just 


at first he’s confused bc his mentor fucking runs but then he gets the message and 

starts to ice skate into victors direction 

he thinks he did finde and that victor is satisfied with his performance 

but then 

victor shows him that didn’t just fine 

He did GREAT and therefore deserves a fucking kiss in front of fucking everyone because they are gay AF and they’re not afraid to show it 

everyone on the bleachers was like O_o 

this is the look of love the look of pure admiration and they just love eachother so deeply, they care for eachother so much and make eachother so happy and they need to be together. they bring out the best in eachother, they’re so pure and need to be protected 

after this glorious kiss the show had to go on and the champ was - tam tam tam - 

Phichit!!!!! and he deserved it (in my opinion)

I’d even say Yuri wasn’t disappointed because he had other things on his mind in that moment, *sigh*

there was only one person who was not fucking happy about the kiss and all the love 

smol and angry kitten yurio sat in front of the TV and promised himself to get revenge (and I’m really excited to see that tbh) 

but he’ll be met by the cloud of love that surrounds victor and yuri and will be immediately a fluffy smol kitten with no anger left 

this love should surround the world and everyone deserves to be happy and I’m fucking happy and I love them, bye