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did you design the girls dad from from the clarence episode that was aired a few days ago? i cant remember the girls name but her dad looked exactly like your art style

I actually did the first pass design for Lauren! 

(unfortunately I don’t have the final sketch I did for her but these are the roughs I could find. My design idea for her was as a nod to Mara Wilson in Matilda)

But Vitaly Strokus, who directed this ep, designed her dad!

(I don’t have his original sketch on me either, but heres a drawing form the board!)

Fun Fact: Lauren’s dad was written and designed as an homage to Marshall Rosenburg, who is famous for developing courses and writing books on Non-Violent Communication. Sam Kremers-Nedell (writer) put in the puppet aspects as a direct reference.

(I ended up watching one of his 2 hours lectures to prep for boarding the scenes with him. I was totally engrossed. )

and there you have it!

Winter Shadow - chapter 8

Steve and Natasha stared at each other, startled, then Steve quickly turned to the Warden, who was poised to intervene.

“It’s OK, we’re good here. Thank you for your help Sir,” he said, gently backing the man out of the room and shutting the door.

She was still standing, gripping the edge of the table tight enough to turn her knuckles white.  Steve turned back towards her.

“OK, let’s sit down, sounds like we need to talk.”

She righted her chair and they all sat at the table, but there was no talk for a moment.  Nobody quite knew where to start. Then Steve drew in a breath and took control.

“So. You knew James. Just to be clear, that is James Bucha…”

She jerked, as if shocked, and shouted before she could stop herself.

“Yes, please, don’t… say his name.  James, that James. Your friend. From before the war. Bucky. Yes, I know him. I knew him.”

Natasha leant forward in her chair, eyeing her.  “I have a lot of questions. First off, why can’t we say his name. Second, where did you know him, and third, why is this the first I’ve heard of it?”

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No Way Out [Part 1]

||| This work is a collaboration with @kpop–fics, expect the 2nd part from her sometime soon|||

A/N 1: Okay, so for some reason Tumblr really hates this post, so I had to reupload again.

Choi Youngjae x Reader

Genre: Haunted Hotel AU

Summary: He knew he shouldn’t have gone inside in the first place but who would have thought that the building holds so many secrets.

Word Count: 1,269

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Youngjae’s POV

I shouldn’t have taken that stupid bet but how was I supposed to know that Yugyeom is actually a very skillful liar. I zipped up the jacket I was wearing. Even though it was summer it was pretty chilly and it started to rain on top of that.

“Why are we here at 5 am in the morning?” I asked them.

“Are you stupid or something?” Jinyoung retorted. “Do you want to be caught by security?”

“Early mornings are the best time to enter this place, there is barely anyone nearby,” Jackson explained.

Even though I was all in for this idea a few hours ago, somehow now, I really didn’t want to go in. I looked at Jaebum.

“Are you sure you don’t want to go with me?” he laughed and patted me on the back.

“Not today.”

I sighed and put my hood on. I pushed one loose board off the fence and slipped in. I looked at my friends for the last time before going around in attempt to find a way in. The first floor had bars everywhere and after searching for half an hour, I was beginning to think that this was pointless. I stopped at the front and looked up. Man this building already looked scary. I didn’t know much about it’s history, only that it was supposed to be a hotel and it’s construction began more than twenty years ago. What creeped me out the most was the fact that it was never finished and never demolished due to unforeseen circumstances even though it stood almost in the city centre. I counted the floors. Eleven of them but according to the bet I had to climb to the roof and take a photo as an evidence, so twelve in total. I saw one hole in the wall where I would be able to fit through but there was a camera pointed at it, so the hotel still belonged to someone. I went around it and was about to step on the entrance platform when something stopped me. Maybe it was a hunch or something but I looked up and noticed that there was a motion detector on the ceiling. Thank God! I almost went there. I unwrapped some wires that guarded another entrance. I thought I was finally able to get in but after walking on the inside for a while, I realized there is no way up except the elevators which were of course run down. I guess I have no choice but get through that hole I saw, the one with the camera. If it’s still working the security won’t reach this place so quickly right? I kept my back to it the whole time and somehow, just barely crawled in, ripping my jeans in the process. Great. It was a similar place like the one I was in before, I looked inside some of the rooms hoping to find a set of stairs or something but there was none. Is there any way to go inside this building? I was starting to get annoyed when I heard some noises coming from one of the walls. I put my ear near it and listened. A voice? No. Something more similar to music. I looked around and noticed there’s an opening in the wall but it was pretty high up. I jumped up and tried to pull myself in but my arms quickly gave up. I saw a board prepped up on one of the walls. I set it up, hoping it won’t fall and climbed to the opening. I took the little flashlight I had and turned it on. It was pitch black inside but I didn’t know any other way in but if I jump inside I’m not sure I will be able to get out later on. I pondered for a few minutes thinking of maybe taking some lose boards with me when I hear the same noise again.

“Hello?” I shouted. “Is someone out there? Can you show me the way in?”

Great. I was already starting to imagine things. Was I seriously trying to ask the room for help? When all of a sudden  something fell from another opening across the room. Is that a sign? I decided to just fuck it and jumped inside. I flashed the light on the floor, hoping to find what fell down.  There was a red glass bead laying there. I picked it up. It seemed relatively new. Certainly someone’s. A shiver went down my spine as I remembered BamBam joking that this place is haunted to the core. Nothing but darkness loomed over me. I had to get out, at least out of this room. I pushed something that looked like an old refrigerator to the opening I saw before. I almost fell while going up. The opening looked like a window and I had enough space to sit up. There was light coming from somewhere far away. Outside perhaps? I was somehow relieved I won’t need to stay in the darkness for much longer. I slowly lowered myself down. As soon as I touched the ground I went straight where the light was coming from. I quickly turned the corner and bumped into someone head on. I screamed and fell on my back, I lay there too scared to open my eyes when I heard someone laughing.

“You scream like a little girl,” a woman’s voice spoke to me. “Let me help you.”

I looked at her and slowly took her hand.

“I’m Y/N, what’s your name?” she asked, shaking the hand she was holding. Now that my eyes adjusted to the lighting of the room I could see her clearly. I didn’t want to seem rude by staring but I couldn’t help it. She was so beautiful, almost unreal.

“Hey! Cat’s got your tongue or something,” she waved her hand in front of my face. Embarrassed I quickly let go of her hand.


“So Youngjae what are you doing here?”

“I could ask the same for you?”

“I was just here with my friend, exploring, we heard there is some interesting stuff hidden here-“ she turned around and I looked behind her as well. There was nothing there. She looked back at me confused. “Where did she go?”


“My friend.”

“You should try calling her,” I said and she took out her phone.

“No signal.”

“I meant to call her out. By name.”

“Ooh…” but she didn’t say anything else. Why won’t she call her name? She turned around and started walking in the same direction I came from.

“Where are you going?” I caught up with her.

“Maybe she went out, she always likes to scare me like that. Leaving me behind. She could even be hiding behind one of these corners,” she abruptly stopped and I almost bumped into her again.

“Y-Youngjae,” she stuttered. “The window I climbed through… It’s gone.”

“What do you mean it’s gone?” I got in front of her and couldn’t believe my eyes. What the hell. I ran to the wall that once had an opening.

“Maybe we’re not looking close enough,” I laughed nervously, frantically searching for something that would indicate that I’m not imagining things.

“Youngjae. It’s gone,” she slumped down on the ground.

I looked at her, how can she give up so quickly. I can’t get stuck here. This is not how it was supposed to go. I was starting to panic.

“Come with me,” I said picking her up. “I refuse to believe the entrance just vanished. There must be a way out.”

A/N 2: At least my part of the story is based on a building that was actually in my city and I had the opportunity to sneak around in it. It was quite creepy but so exciting!!

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how would you suggest someone start storyboarding? :0 I love your work by the way!!

Step 1: STUDY!  Pick a scene from several films that match the feel for what you’re boarding (action, drama, comedy).  Whenever it switches to a new camera angle, pause the film and sketch what you see. Get a good feel for where people are placed in a scene, and how different angles evoke different emotions (the youtube series Every Frame a Painting is a great way to study several different directors and how their camera/editing work tells their stories)

Here’s some Voltron studies I did a few weeks back to prep boarding a scene from The Way of Kings

Step 2: Script!  It could be a page from a book, a broadway song, or a scene you wrote yourself.  Make sure you know the scene from start to finish.  I took a scene from Way of Kings and wrote a 3 page script (teeeaser!)

Step 3: Script breakdown!  Imagine the movie in your head–where the characters are going to go, what moments you want to STAND OUT, initial camera moves. I’ll act things out, sketch things,  I then go through my script and make a bullet list of every new camera setup and what’s going to happen in that shot.  

It’s a shorthand for me to follow that would be pretty confusing for anyone else–here’s another teaser!

Step 4: Designs! Make sure you have sketches for each character. Make em look different enough that even stick figure versions can be told apart. (I like to do this with hair esp.)  

Step 5: Thumbnails! Haven’t got to that point with this sequence yet, but they are small rough sketches like the voltron studies you see above.

They are pretty scribbly. They’re only meant to remind me what I planned to do. If I was working on a project under a story lead or art director, I’d take a bit more time to make sure they read clearly so they could approval on the scene before I move into finished boards.

Step 6: After that, just draw draw draw the storyboards!  Don’t be afraid to throw out or redraw.  Have someone look through your boards and make sure they can follow what’s happening!

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Surfer Luke

This is the first thing I’ve ever written so sorry if it sucks. I’d love to hear what you think of it or if you have any tips for me. English is not my first language so I apologize for any spelling/grammar mistakes. If you like it please reblog so more people can see it :) Okay here goes nothing:

You had met Luke a few months ago while you were on the beach with some friends. It was a beautiful, hot day and you really needed to cool off from laying in the sun all day. Sadly your friends didn’t really like to go surfing or even get in the water for that matter. That’s why you decided you would just grab your board and head in to the water alone.

You walked up to your car and started prepping your board. As you were putting on your wetsuit you saw a boy walk up to you, surfboard under his arm and wetsuit up to his hips showing off his toned chest. “Are you heading out there on your own?” he asked while he nervously put his hand through his messy blonde hair. “Yes, my friends aren’t really in to surfing so I don’t have a choice”, you laughed quietly looking up at him. You noticed his eyes were the most beautiful shade of blue you had ever seen. 

You didn’t realize you were kind of staring until he spoke up “Would you mind if I join you? You know, just to keep you company”. “Eh, sure why not…” you replied and then you realized you didn’t even know the boys name. “Oh right sorry I forgot to introduce myself, my name is Luke” he said holding his hand for you to shake. “Nice to meet you Luke i’m Y/N” you answered while shaking his hand. After telling each other your names you started heading to the water together.

The rest of your day was spent with Luke, you surfed, talked and just had a lot of fun together. At the end of the day Luke told you that he had an amazing time and he would really like to take you on a date sometime. Of course you said yes, if you had to be honest you did develop a little crush on Luke even though you just met him that day.

This day was 5 months ago now and Luke had asked you to be his girlfriend after a few dates. He had introduced you to his friends and you all got along great. You usually hang out with the entire group but today it was just going to be you and Luke.

He had called you last night asking if you were free today and wanted to go on a little trip with him. You were curious as to what this trip was going to be but he refused to say anything claiming it was a surprise. He told you to be ready by 9am with your surf gear and some extra clothes.

So here you were, in Luke’s pick up truck singing along to all your favorite songs at the top of your lungs. “Are we almost there Luke? Where are you taking me, we’ve been driving for 2 hours already” you said to him losing your patience and just wanting to know what he had planned. “Stop asking babe, we’ll be there soon I promise” he chuckled.

After another 10 minutes Luke pulled over and this beautiful, secluded beach came in to view. There was no one on it and the waves seemed to be perfect for surfing, it was breathtaking. “Luke this is so awesome!” you said while jumping out of the car, running to him to wrap your arms around his neck. “You like it?” Luke asked looking down at you. “I love it” you breathed out giving Luke a quick kiss on his lips. “Come on let’s go catch some waves” Luke said and pulled you along towards the water.

You spent the entire day running around on the beach, surfing, eating the food Luke brought and the casual make out session here and there. You had such a blast and whenever you’re with Luke you lose track of time.

The sun was about to set and it was getting a bit chilly so you told Luke you were going to change in to something more warm and comfy. While you were getting changed Luke began setting up the last part of the surprise. He pulled out some blankets, pillows and the food you had left and set everything up in the back of his pick up truck.

He had just finished when you came back from the front of the car. “Luke what’s all of this? I thought we were going to head back home?” you asked him after seeing the set up. “I thought it would be romantic to snuggle up here and eat some food while watching the sunset together” he gave you a small smile. This had to be the most romantic thing anyone had ever done for you so you blushed and said “Luke it’s perfect thank you so much”. You both crawled in to the back of the truck and cuddled up to each other. You loved moments like these where it was just you and him and the beautiful view of the setting sun made it even better.

Once the sun had fully set and the stars had come out you let out a small yawn. “Are you tired baby?” Luke asked. “Yeah a little bit” you replied while putting your head on his chest. “Let’s go to sleep then love”. You both went to lay down, wrapping the blanket around you two. Luke pulled you closer to him and gave you a gentle kiss on your forehead. “Thank you for today Luke, I loved every second of it” you said while moving your head to look at him. “I’m glad you liked it” he smiled, leaning down to give you a kiss. It was so full of love and you felt the butterflies erupt in your stomach. Once you broke away from the kiss you snuggled back into his chest and let out a sigh of happiness. He gave you another kiss on your head and mumbled “I love you Y/N”. Your heart exploded once these words had finally left his lips. You were blushing and smiling like crazy when you answered “I love you too Luke”.

That night Luke and you fell asleep underneath the star illuminated sky, both incredibly happy that you finally confessed your love for each other.

I took this weekend off from board prep and honestly I’ve spent most of it drunk.

I have some of the best friends in the world here they have really been there for me.

Brian was an awful person. It took me months to realize how shitty he actually was, but I think I was really ignoring a lot of red flags because I finally felt happy in this town.

I’m moving in two months, although I might try and change where in going for rotations to be closer to some better friends.

Fuck him. But at least this happened now.

Board Stuff

Hello! This will likely be my first and last blog post, but I’ve had many people ask for board prep advice, and I figured this was the most efficient way to get it out to everyone at once! I had a ton of advice along the way, so am happy to give back in any way that I can.

I will start out by telling you guys that my MCAT was well below average. I spent so much time looking up correlations between MCAT and board scores, and was convinced that I couldn’t do well on boards. This caused me a ton of anxiety, and despite what my NBME assessments, class grades, and Qbank averages told me, I doubted myself until the day I received my scores back.

My scores
USMLE: 257

What I did

My goal going in to med school was to give 110% every single day, so that no matter what happened, I could not regret anything because I knew I had done everything I could. I maintained this mentality the entire way through, and it landed me where I am right now.

This being said, I never had a “goal score” for my boards. My goal was to max out my potential.

For the entirety of my first and second year, I put in on average 11-12 hours of work on weekdays, and 14-16 hours each day of the weekend. Obviously there were days I did less, but this was the exception and not the norm.

The absolute best advice I can give in regards to boards is to focus on class work and build a solid foundation. This is UNDERRATED. I knew many people who spread themselves thin with “board” resources, and wasted their time studying those rather than focusing on their class work. This is a huge mistake. The class work IS the “board material”. There is no point in venturing outside of your class work until you have that down solid.

1st year – 100% focused on classes. No board materials used.

Summer between first and second: DO NOTHING…except….Sketchy Micro. I watched this one time through during the summer, and the advantage it gave me is indescribable. During the fall, I would watch the videos again as we talked about them in class. Overall I went through the entire thing about 3 times. Not only was my micro class an absolute breeze, but after the fall semester, I hardly ever looked at micro again. These videos were so solid, that come board time I still remembered every detail, so there was no need to continue to study micro. I maxed out the micro score on both COMLEX and USMLE, and it was due primarily to this program. (We did also have an excellent micro class at school, so I don’t want to undercut that either).

2nd year

Fall semester:
This semester I was still about 95% focused on classes and 5% focused on boards. I started Kaplan Q bank, as well as USMLErx. I ONLY did these along with class work (ex: if we were learning cardio path, I only did cardio path questions). This not only helped me get used to board style questions, but also hammered in the class material.  

I also did dabble around in COMBANK a little bit. I think I finished a little over half of it.

Spring Semester
My primary focus was still class work. I bought Uworld in February or so, but still only did questions that corresponded with my class work. However, if we were learning GI path, instead of JUST doing GI path questions, I did ALL GI questions. This re-exposed me to anatomy, Biochem, histo, and other topics from first year.

I also began to diligently watch Pathoma. If we were learning GI path, I would learn the class material well, and then watch the Pathoma videos to hammer in the info. This was crucial.

I had all of Pathoma and Uworld done x1 before I got to my dedicated time.

Towards the END of my spring semester, I started messing around with First Aid. I had not really opened it before this time. If we were learning about cardio, I would make time to review cardiac anatomy and phys (we are not systems based). Again, this not only helped for boards, but also for classes.

Spring break
Biochem was my weakest subject- I think I had literally forgotten all of it. Over spring break, I watched the entire Kaplan Biochem series (schedule below). I made very detailed, yet simple notes, and from then on only worked from those. The number of pathways I had to learn after watching was daunting, to say the least. I came up with the idea of “pathway time” (dumb, but it worked well for me). For 15 minutes a day, I would stop what I was doing and draw out a biochem pathway. I would re-draw that same pathway for several days until I knew it cold, then would move to the next. I had all of the pathways down in about 4-5 weeks, and had turned my worst subject into one of my best. By working on this during the school year, I was completely done with Biochem before dedicated even started.  Breaking Biochem down in to short quick segments made it less stressful for me, and made it easy to attack.

Here is my dedicated schedule. I will stress the importance of regularly scheduled assessments. From what I’ve read, a lot of people are scared of taking assessments, so they just continue to study blindly, take an assessment a month or two later, do poorly, and then feel like they wasted those one or two months with ineffective studying. For this reason, I chose to space my assessment exams about 1 week apart. This way I could track my progress, and quickly make adjustments to my study methods if needed. This also allowed me to identify any weak points and quickly address them.

Uworld Stuff
During dedicated I finished Uworld for a second time. Many people advise saving Uworld until dedicated. I went back and forth trying to decide when to start it, and ultimately chose to begin early (thanks to the help of a super smart radiology resident I know ;) ). This was hands down one of the best decisions I made in regards to my board prep. Yes, Uworld is unequivocally the best resource there is for Step 1; so why the heck wait until dedicated to start?! Doing this qbank twice allowed me to get the most out of it. There were SO MANY things I picked up on the second time around that I would have otherwise missed. Start this in your spring semester, and do it in tutor mode, along with class work. Your second pass during dedicated should be random timed. Uworld for me was NOT about tracking scores; it was about learning from the questions and explanations.

I also kept a Uworld Journal (I read about this on someone else’s blog, so thank you for the idea!).  A Uworld journal is a word document that I used to keep track of questions I got wrong. I would read the explanation, and then pick the ONE FACT that I needed to know to answer the question right. I would type up the one fact in question form, and then answer it below. (Ex: What type of collagen is found in bone – Type 1).  I’m a wordy person (as you can probably tell), so this ‘one fact’ thing was awesome for me because it kept things short. The goal was to review this journal frequently, which I actually did not do very well, but the night before my USMLE I read through the entire thing and can say for sure I got several questions on my test that came from this journal. Uworld is huge, and keeping this journal was the only way for me to remember everything I had missed.

Between Uworld, USMLErx, Kaplan, COMBANK, and my assessments, I did somewhere between 12-13k questions. This was the most important thing I did. They can only ask questions so many ways. By exposing myself to this number of questions, there was not much that I hadn’t seen. A huge chunk of my questions were done during second year, but as stated above, I always did them in a way that would correspond with what we were learning in class at that time. I think I good goal to set is at least 10k questions.

I finished Pathoma for a second time during dedicated. I had a strong path background, so 2x was enough for me. If you are still hazy on any of the path, I would highly recommend watching Pathoma as many time as you need to until you have it down cold.

First Aid
Went through first aid twice. Not much else to say about this!

Between my USMLE and COMLEX
I took the USMLE 5 days before COMLEX. The idea was to study for the USMLE alone, and then in the 5 days between read the green book and do COMBANK OMT questions. This did not happen haha. I was brain dead after my USMLE. I think I read about half of the green book and worked maybe 200-300 COMBANK questions or so. I am not some OMT wizard or anything, so its safe to say the OMT on my COMLEX was easy (fortunately). Know your VSR’s and Chapman points cold. VSR’s were probably 80% of my OMT questions. I used a youtube video to learn them (

Assessments I Took 

- NBME assessments - forms 15, 17, 13, 18

- UWSA - 1, 2 

- Free 120 

- COMSAE form E 

- COMBANK assments 1 and 2

- Kaplan full length 

Thoughts on these - take as many as you can, especially the NBME assessments. My overall score on the USMLE was the exact average of my NBME assessments. They do a good job of letting you know where you stand and what you need to brush up on. Take one at the very start of your dedicated time period to get a baseline score. This will let you know where you stand and show you how much work you need to do to reach your goal. I think getting a baseline is super important. 

All of the COMLEX assessments (except COMSAE) were taken during the spring semester of school. These were all required by the school. 

Overall, the material I used in dedicated was no different than what everyone else uses. The work I did in my first two years is what laid the foundation for me to score well.

My MCAT is evidence that anyone can do this. Just takes a lot of work! Happy to answer any questions that I can!

Board Schedule

I was NOT able to stick to these time blocks. However, I DID finish everything I was supposed to finish each day by the end of that day. The time blocks were just not realistic for me. I had several days after my UWSA2 to just hit weak areas. In retrospect, I took WAY too long to study. 4 weeks would have been ideal. 

My Biochem Schedule (spring break)

Our school had us take a practice COMLEX exam today, and it really gave me the confidence boost I needed to make it through the next few weeks!

My score jumped almost 140 points, and if it is any indication on how I will do on the real deal, I think I’m going to be okay.

Now all that’s left between me and Europe is two weeks of intense board prep, and then I get to finally get a good vacation.

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Any advice for an m3 starting family medicine clerkship?

Here’s a brief little post I wrote about what to read and what to study for the shelf. 

But wait, there’s more!

Family medicine is a hard rotation, especially to have at the beginning of the year, because it covers SO much material.

  • Hi Yield stuff to know
  • Think systematically. Use mnemonics to help you expand your differential diagnosis. Keep patient demographics and co-morbid conditions in mind as you make your differential.
  • Even if you have no interest in family medicine, you will learn something relevant to your specialty of choice on your family med rotation. Depending on your attendings, you may be able to tailor your rotation a bit toward what you are interested in (more kids! Pregnant ladies! women’s health! sports medicine for you ortho folks! office procedures for the surgeonly types! more psych for you little Freuds!).
  • Embrace the variety. Don’t let it overwhelm you. You will see something new every day. Write it down and read about it when you go home. Write down the medications or diagnoses that are unfamiliar to you and read on them too.
  • The AAFP is your friend. They have tips for doing well on your rotation too. You can make a student account and access lots of practice questions for your shelf exam. Use the online board exam prep questions.
  • If you have the opportunity to do your family medicine rotation in a community or rural practice rather than an academic medical center, take it. Family medicine was designed to be a community based practice, not academic, so you will find the specialty looks very different in those two settings.

Something that this semester/board prep in general has reminded me of is that i stress eat like a mother fucker.

Y’all don’t even want to know the things I have put inside my body this last week.

Once I move and start rotations I am getting my ass back to the gym.

The plus side of not really knowing many people where I’m moving is that I’ll at least be able to devote a lot more time to getting fit. 

What high school seniors look like spring semester...

The extreme cases of senioritis: 

The jerk who got into his reach school early decision:

The kid who transformed from teacher’s pet to class clown once the rec letters went out:

The girl who missed the application deadline:

The guy who doesn’t want to leave high school:

The chick who got rejected from her safety school:

The few who haven’t heard of senioritis: