Top 3 RA Lessons

As asked for by a follower! Top 3 lessons for a new RA.

-Training is hard. and long. and hard. You won’t get much sleep, you’ll feel like you’re not going to finish, and you will have a lot of info thrown at you that you have to retain. It’s not always like that. Prepping everything you can in advance will help a lot. Do door tags in advance, prep bulletin board ideas and ask your RD to print them (if your school does that) - all before you arrive. It will really help. Also take notes during training, you won’t retain all of it but at least you know you have it.

-Time management will be an adjustment - your first semester you may feel like you are drowning in to do lists. It is such a transition to live where you work. Do not procrastinate. The one day you let a paper go until the day before it’s due is the day you will have 4 incidents, a fire alarm, and a water pipe burst. The ResLife gods are cruel that way. haha

-Always remember why you wanted the job, why you took it, and what you wanted to do with it. Right your motivations down on a paper and hang it in your room. Remember the job is, more than anything, about community development and being a role model. Never forget that. It may seem that sometimes you are spending more time on roommate conflicts or conduct issues but remember that everything you do and are charged with is to create and maintain a community on your floor Everything you do should come from that. 

You will do great! Good luck and have a great training!


1080 please!

White River is a music video commissioned to Anthony Lejeune, Léa Justum and I by the british band Scarlett Parade.

A bit more than a year ago, they contacted me saying they liked my graduation film and they’d very much like to have something around that same vibe for their song “White River” which happened to be also a fantasy tale. They had characters and a storyline already pretty much defined so we started boarding, showing the band different versions until an animatic was approved. And then followed 4 months of production madness. Lea did most of the animation all by herself (crazy talented girl she is) Anthony took care of character design, compositing and a great deal of the backgrounds. I did lots of backgrounds too, a bit of design and overall a lot of emailing, file prepping, reference-board-pinning, colorscripting and general keep-the-boat-afloat-ing ;)

Some of our friends helped us on the way so kudos to Augustin Clermont ( compositing ) Christine Shin ( various animations ) Thibaud Petitpas ( explosions FX) Guillaume Degroote ( blood & water FX) Alice Bissonnet ( archers animation ) Max Loriot ( ice FX ) and Tom Law ( magnifiscent cape animaton)

For thoses interested, i’ll try to post artworks later this week :) I hope you may like it, and of course if you do, please share !

1:12 Chocolate chip cookie prep board.

A simple prep board from a couple of days ago. I plan on making a few of these to take up with me. I also plan to make little cookie jars with cookies in them. :)

I also have a larger project which I hope to finish by this weekend. Hopefully I can pull it off since it’d be nice to take it to the show with me.