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Ta-da!!! It looks like that Kate Walsh will be in ep 300! She posted pic on twitter with a blue script saying something: prepping for work st home. During the table read of ep 300 everyone had blue script. Some fans reacted, and she deleted the pic however she started following Krista on insta. So this can be huge for us! Or kill us! Highly likely she will be there for Amelia. But what I worry is what if she takes Amelia back to LA after surgery and this will be Caterina's exit. Noooo!

Hey anon!! Yeah I haven’t seen the post itself but I heard of it! I can’t wait!!! 😍😍😍I would really love to see Addison back to support Amelia. Amelia needs her right now. She has no one else :/

I don’t know whether Addison will really bring Amelia back to LA. She might. That could pave the exit for Caterina without Amelia having to die. Hmmm… this is totally possible. I’m all for that if it means Amelia ends up happy with her friends and being surrounded by people who actually appreciate and love her. I just don’t want her to die.

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Mark paced up and down the front of the classroom, readjusting his tie. "I expected better from all of you." He held a stack of papers in his hands. "I thought that we made it clear that here, at St. Lucien's Prep Academy, we do not tolerate cheating. But here I am, with at least two students with the same answers, word for word, as both my key and each other."

Jack sat in his seat in the front corner, brushing his hair back and avoiding the eyes of the teacher. He had scribbled a few answers on his arm, but he had mainly got by on the fact that he had read over the notes so many times it had drilled into his mind. He made sure to sit quietly, fidgeting with the collar of his shirt and hoping to God that he wasn’t called out.