prep school boys

The cool thing about The Raven Cycle is that the aesthetic posts can have like. Psychic and tarot stuff. Prep schools boys in prep school uniform. Magic forests and caves. Explosions. Molotov cocktails. Cars. Bloody knuckles and bloody knees. Guns. Boats. Church. Cows. Barns. Ravens. Nightmare monsters. Medieval kings. Fruit yoghurt. Miniature towns. Market carts. Pink switchblades. Ghosts. Grease-stained hands and clothes. Freaking coca-cola. And all those are like “yes this is 100% raven cycle whoa”

I was a little surprised that my note that Chowder went to a prep school in my “SMH boys’ families” got as much attention as it did in the reblogs. That was actually one of the things I pulled straight from the comic. Dex says it the first time we meet Chowder in 1.17.

Also, the tweet about the frogs’ siblings states “And Dex has an older brother… Chowder a sister. Nursey has an older sister.” It was all part of the replies to the siblings question asked before.
So it looks like those are their ONLY siblings. Which is still messing with my head because I thought for sure Nursey was an only child and Dex had a load of siblings lol. I guess the brother Dex mentions during #hausgiving is his only sibling after all! Either way, I want to meet them all!

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6x10 reaction fic: Kurt and Blaine both know that in order to make their new super choir work, they’ll have to patch things up between Jane and the Warblers. (PG with one instance of swearing) 
word count: 1,456

“All of you come with me!” Blaine said, clapping his hands to get the Warblers’ attention. Kurt was not going to think about how hot it was to see Blaine commanding a room like that – they had a job to do.

“What’s up, Mr. Anderson?” one of the boys at the back of the group said.

“That’s not,” Blaine faltered with a small smile at Kurt. Perhaps it was because their honeymoon had been cut short, but they were both still sort of stuck in the “I can’t believe we’re actually married” phase. “Just call me Blaine from now on, okay?”

Kurt stifled a laugh at the identical looks of inner turmoil on the faces of twenty prep school boys who had just been told to call a teacher by their first name.

“But anyway, come on. And I promise this won’t take long – I know how awful the drive from Lima to Westerville is.” He reached for Kurt’s hand as they left the auditorium, but Kurt pulled back.

“I almost forgot.”

“What?” Kurt shifted his gaze to his left where Jane was sitting in the middle of the audience, glancing down at her phone the way people did when they weren’t looking at anything at all. “Oh, right,” Blaine said, following his eyes. “We’ll meet you in the choir room, then?”

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