prep meals in advance

Cooking in advance is a very satisfying thing 👍

Each weekend I cook one or two (sometimes more) main dishes in fairly large quantities and freeze most of them in single portion sizes which I can take out for us to enjoy during the week. I also make a ‘store’ of sides by cooking ahead whole grains, potatoes 🥔 , sweet potatoes 🍠 and so forth so they are ready in the fridge for me to select from during the week. Veggies take just minutes to steam or stir-fry so I can easily do them at the last minute.

As I do this every weekend, I store up quite a supply of a variety of portions of different dishes, so we can choose from a nice selection of 'homemade ready meals’ at any one time. Delicious and practical!

As a college student, I know how difficult it can be to eat healthy, and it’s very easy for me to get tempted into buying soda and other junk food. I do it way more often than I should. However, temptation isn’t the only issue college students face when they try to eat healthy food. Many students feel like they can’t afford to eat healthy foods. The point of this post isn’t to be preachy and claim if you can’t find the money to eat healthy you’re just not trying enough because that’s not true. Eating healthy on a budget can be difficult especially when you’re bombarded by fad diets with expensive food. I hope you can all use this post to afford to eat healthier.


1. Don’t buy into fad diets. I can’t stand the idea of “trendy food.” The first time I heard someone talk about food as a trend I wanted to punch them in the face. Food is not trendy; it shouldn’t be a fad. It is sustenance! Moreover, these fad diets like paleo or primal or gluten-free when you don’t actually need gluten-free food make the price of these foods skyrocket.

2. Don’t buy organic. Organic food is usually 3 times the cost of non-organic and has very few documented health benefits. If we only ate organic food, even more children would go starving than already do. You don’t need it, especially if you can’t afford it.

3. Don’t eat out very often. Eating out can be terrible for your budget because even if you eat out at the most inexpensive places, McDonald’s for example, those costs really add up. Personally, I’m terrible about how often I eat out because I have a really busy schedule. Typically I eat out at these places because I feel like I don’t have time to prepare my food. Lately, I try to eat out only once a week at an inexpensive place that I really enjoy, as opposed to McDonald’s which is very inexpensive but I don’t really enjoy.

4. Don’t eat on campus very often. Eating on campus is almost as expensive, if not more, than eating out. If you have special discounts or your campus has inexpensive food then don’t worry about it. But I know that my campus has really expensive food with really low quality yet some people eat there every single day.

5. Don’t buy too much. I also have a really big problem with this one. Sometimes I buy more food than I can reasonably eat. I end up throwing food away when it goes bad which makes me feel terrible about all the money and food I wasted.

6. Don’t buy very many drinks. I’m not just talking about alcohol either. People may argue that soda is way cheaper than organic, all-natural smoothies, but you know what’s better for you and free in most places? Tap water. Alcohol is really expensive and really bad for you. You should really restrict your alcohol intake and really try to restrict how many other drinks you buy. Even most juices and smoothies aren’t actually good for you. Odwalla drinks and an average glass of orange juice have about as much sugar as a can of Coke.


1. Buy as many fruits and vegetables as you can eat. Fruits and vegetables are relatively cheap, as long as you’re buying the cheaper, non-organic fruits and vegetables. Buy whatever is cheapest that week. If you love asparagus but it costs 5 dollars that day maybe you should skip it, but if the price goes down to 2 dollars get as much as you can eat.

2. Try to prep your meals in advance. I have saved so much time and money by prepping my meals a week in advance. I’ve learned that if you have some decent tupperware and a running fridge meals will last an entire week or more. By setting aside one day a week to make all of my meals, I have avoided eating out a lot, and my meals are always delicious because I give myself enough time to properly prepare them.

3. Figure out the right portion sizes for you. I don’t mean that you should try to restrict calories. I am a huge believer in the idea that you should eat what feels good for your body, in other words, portion size is not a one size fits all kind of thing. However, once you know just how much you can eat you won’t have to throw any food away.

4. Listen to whatever it is your body is telling you. I know it sounds silly, but I spent so long ignoring the signals my body was giving me. If every time you eat red meat your stomach gets a little upset maybe you should try not eating it. If you’re getting dizzy after not eating for a few hours, you probably need to eat. If you’re feeling dehydrated goddamnit drink some water (I’m still terrible about staying properly hydrated).

5. Carry a bottle of water with you everywhere. Again, I know this sounds silly, but if I don’t have a bottle of water with me I will just straight up forget to drink water. Carrying a water bottle makes it so hydration is literally always at your fingertips.

6. Try to buy food at the dollar store or the cheapest possible stores in your area. I know so many people, usually affluent people but I digress, that turn their nose up at the dollar store or other inexpensive stores. I think it’s just plain stupid to buy literally the exact same product at a higher price because you don’t like a particular store. It just seems silly to me.

7. Try some generic brands. I’m not going to lie there are certain things where the name brand just tastes better, but I aways try the generic brand. Most of the time you won’t be able to taste the difference. If you can taste the difference and don’t care for it, you can always switch back to the name brand product.


Acknowledge that health is not one size fits all. These tips have helped me eat healthier. They may not work for you because you have a different lifestyle or health needs than I do. Listen to your body to figure out what it is that YOU need, not me or anyone else. Look at your schedule or fridge space and figure out if it’s even possible for you to prep your meals in advance. Figure out if your campus’ food is cheap enough that you can eat there almost every day. Figure out how many fruits and vegetables and meat you need in your diet. Most importantly, figure out what works for you.

I hope this helps!

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Sharee! Please help. Im 300 lbs and have been trying to get it off for years but just can't keep to my diet. I work and go to school and usually just eat fast food on my way home. It's hard going out because i don't know what to order. How can i keep this motivation to stay on my diet??

Prepping your meals is going to be the biggest contributor to your success. You have to plan for success. Otherwise you will fail.

That means taking the time to prep your meals and your snacks a couple days in advanced. You KNOW you need to eat. You KNOW you’re gonna be hungry in the car. So don’t allow yourself to make poor choices by not being prepared.

Planing and success starts at the grocery store. Make a list and stick to it. When creating your list think of your personality and the types of things you enjoy. But also keep in mind “eat for the body you want, not the body you have”
For example, the old me LOVED FAST FOOD. Well fast food is not a food group found in my goal body. So here is my tough love portion, be an adult. Take care of yourself and your food choices. Fast food is not real food. It’s not. Never will. It’s processed food like product. (In need of good documentary, check out Hungry For Change, it will change your life)
So food: plan ahead, prep your food choices, and be an adult.

I could go into exercise and active living. But right now I think you honestly need to focus on your food and evaluating why you’re holding yourself back.
I know you can do this! You have the power and control to own this and take charge of your eating.

My grocery list:

Clean eating 101 ideas:

And my YouTube Chanel:

Now PLEASE keep in mind that is a journey. Not a sprint. While all of this sounds easy on screen/paper, I assure you, that it’s not. You are aiming to completely transform your relationship with food and that takes time. There will be set backs and there will be days when your overwhelmed and frustrated. But know that you can do this! Frustrating moments will happen but you can overcome them.

You owned up to your habits in your message, that’s the first step 8) no go create your success plan!


Preference 13: He meets your family for the first time
  • Ashton: He was meeting your mom and dad for the first time, and you were both nervous and excited to introduce him to your family. Your mom decided to flare up the stove, and cook him a nice meal, beginning the prep-work hours in advance. Right as the clock struck 6:00, the doorbell sounded, and you rushed to allow him into your home. He greeted you with a chaste hug, and you led him up the steps to where your parents were waiting. "Mom, dad, this is Ashton." You went about the formalities of the evening, and it wasn't long before your mom was cooing over how cute he was, leading him into the kitchen to test out the sauce. He and your dad hit it off as your dad brought up his admiration for Ash's music taste. You sat back most of the evening basking in how well he fit in, and how grateful you were for having him in your life.
  • Calum: Your grandmother requested that you come and help her take some stuff up into the attic one day, and you figured that it would be a good opportunity to meet Calum, and he could be the one to lug the boxes up through the tiny hole in the ceiling. As soon as she opened the door to face the two of you, she greeted him with a warm hug, placing a kiss on his cheek. He was immediate to reciprocate the actions, and after she called him a "cute young thing", he scored some brownie points with his flattering "and you're a stunning young lady". As Calum trudged up the rickety ladder into the attic, your grandma turned to you, "He's a catch sweetie. Not a bad caboose on him either."
  • Luke: You and Luke had the task of chauffeuring your little sister around for the day as you completed errands. Your parents were both working, and she had the day off of school, so instead of your parents paying for a babysitter, Luke offered to take her with you guys. The two of them hit it off right away, poking fun at you, and making ridiculous jokes. He was an absolute sweetheart with her, never letting her feel left out. As you guys passed the ice cream stand, he noticed her marveling at the cones being distributed, stopped, and asked her, "Hey, why don't I buy you two cuties some ice cream?" Her eyes lit up, and she nodded her head with exuberance. She turned to you, pulling you down so she could whisper in your ear, "I like him, don't ever break up, please." You couldn't help but smile and reply, "I like him too, don't worry."
  • Michael: You were bringing him over to your older sister's house, their first meeting to be taking place. You weren't too sure of what you should be expecting; your sister and Michael were both very outspoken, stubborn people, and they could very well clash. You guys knocked on the door, and you reminded Michael to be on his best behavior. Your sister opened the door, and ushered the two of you inside. You were honestly surprised at the course of the evening, the two of them chatting like normal people discussing different bands-some of which you never knew your sister to listen to. You sat in the living room, sipping your glass of wine, listening to them get on like civilized humans. At the end of the night, your sister held you back, and you told Mikey you'd meet him in the car. "Hey sis, I think he's great. He seems really down to earth, and funny, and just like a good guy." She gives you her earnest approval, and you give her a tight squeeze, thanking her for her honesty, and for giving him a shot.
Heavensward Prep IRL: The Checklist

Credit for this post is on Reddit here and since HW is coming up, I think this is important to keep in mind to get the IRL stuff out of the way/taken care of before we succumb our souls to the Early Access and the Expansion

1) Enough hard drive space to install Heavensward?

2) Responsibilities. RL comes first. Make sure your spouse/kids/housework are taken care of before you sit down. Those who still live at home, make sure your room is clean, the dishes are done, and you’ve done all the stuff you’ve been nagged to do: trust me, it’s better than being dragged away in the middle of a cutscene to take the trash out.

3) Hydration. You’re undoubtedly going to be sitting at your computer screen for hours (days?) on end, and dehydration leads to headaches which makes playing NOT FUN. :( Have a big old jug of water and your soda of choice sitting there ready to go.

4) Nourishment. You’re gonna want snacks and eventually, proper food. Prep your meals in advance so that all you have to do is zap them in the microwave or chuck them in the oven. (Rice, chili, pasta, curry, and pizza all reheat awesomely.) Make sure you have an ample supply of your favorite snacks! (Personally crock pot foods are also good and they can last a while!)

5) Comfort. Get your blankets/pajamas/heater/air conditioner/slippers/fan ready to go. You don’t need to wear pants. Pants are for losers.

6) Gear. Make sure your headset and your mouse & keyboard/gamepad is A+ and ready to go.

7) Read the patch notes, or at least skim them. Do this while the game is installing/downloading.

8) TAKE BREAKS. I’m not your mother, but really, you’ll feel better if you take the occasional ten minutes to go stare at the stars/sun (not recommended) and pet your dog. GETTING UP, STRETCHING AND WALKING IS SUPER IMPORTANT last thing anyone wants to get are pinched nerves or Deep Vein Thrombosis your body is important 

See you in Eorzea!

What Happens To Your Body When You Skip A Meal
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I’m sure we have all been there before, you have an event on Saturday night and as a last minute attempt to ditch a kilo or two you skip a meal here and there. Or you woke up waaay too late and really don’t have time for breakfast, you think it will be fine right? On top of the hunger pains, being han-gry and feeling really low on energy, there are other more worrying things going on in your body. 

1. Blood Sugar Levels Plummet & Hormones Become Affected
If you skip just one meal it causes your blood sugar levels to fall, and if you are skipping breakfast they will never rise at all. Sugar is one of the things your body runs on, and if it isn’t topped up properly every organ in your body is affected. It also causes your cortisol levels to rise which causes anxiety and stress! Blood sugar levels need to be stable at all times so you don’t risk binging or feeling really off.

2. Metabolism Slows
Your body is used to working 24 hours a day. When you skip a meal your digestive system isn’t able to do its job, this essentially means your body enters starvation mode in an effort to conserve energy. When this happens your metabolism slows way down and the food you do eventually eat isn’t burned off very efficiently. So if you think you are doing yourself a favour by skipping a meal in order to eat something naughty later, you are actually making it worse! If you are going to have a ‘cheat’ meal, try to eat wholesome foods throughout the rest of the day at regular intervals to keep your metabolism going.

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3. Your Brain Doesn’t Function Properly
Without a proper supply of nutrients, your brain becomes clouded and your emotional and intellectual functions are affected. You will start to become moody and irritable, and it will be harder to concentrate as you go about your daily tasks. This can be a nightmare if you have a report due or are sitting an exam. When you do eat again the relief will only be temporary, as your metabolism doesn’t know when it will be receiving nutrients again. It stays low in order to conserve energy. What does this mean for you? Your mood isn’t going to improve, say hello to a bad day and further blood sugar drops! If you continually choose to skip meals your body may eventually turn to your muscles as a source of fuel, further draining energy. Sorry girls but a cup of coffee isn’t considered a meal, it will only make you feel more groggy and irritable as the day goes on!

4.  Overeating and Binge Eating
If you have skipped most of your meals during the day and finally sit down to have dinner you are at serious risk of overeating way too much! Your body is so starved for calories and nutrients you usually don’t know when to stop because all of a sudden you feel so hungry. In the long run this could cause stomach problems and weight gain. Another thing you have to be wary of when you skip a meal is the dreaded binge. You have been absolutely flat out at work all day and haven’t had a moment to stop, you start making your way home and suddenly you could eat everything in sight. You open the pantry and proceed to eat 3 packets of chips, a chocolate bar, wash it down with a soda and then continue snacking on some biscuits. This is all before dinner. Nobody likes to binge, we all know it leaves us feeling guilty and sick. In order to give yourself the best chance to prevent binging, you must eat regularly throughout the day to keep your metabolism running and your body feeling satisfied.

Remember girls, meal prep is everything! The old saying “fail to prepare, prepare to fail” is SO true! If you don’t want to meal prep days in advance , spend a few minutes at night getting your meals ready for the next day so you have the best chance of having a great day - with a full tummy!

Kayla xx

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You're body is phenomenal. Any tips for guys just starting to weight train?

Thank you! Advice to beginners would be to find a beginner program and really commit to it. There are a ton of really good ones you can find on that come with a daily video of a personal trainer.

Remember that nutrition is about 80% of your results so really study what you should be eating and supplementing. Most programs on are pretty thorough about nutrition.

Meal prepping saves lives. Make all your meals at least 3 days in advanced. Portion them out and make them easy to grab and go.

And most importantly you can’t make any excuses. Get to the gym. I work 2 jobs and still make it to the gym 7 days a week.