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Feigning The Connection

Prompt: You seem so invincible. But just touch you and you’ll wince. You have secrets and trust no one. You’re the perfect example of betrayal. Because anyone you’ve ever trusted broke you. Thrust into a new world, will you be able to stay alone, or will Bellamy work his way in?



A/N: So here we are! The season finale of season three, and I just wanna say I absolutely loved writing this season. It was so much fun and I can’t thank you all enough for the amazing support you’ve all given me, every chapter! It warms my heart and i’m so glad you all requested to start this series because I feel it’s really helped me branch out, my tumblr blog to get out there more and for my writing to grow :) I can’t wait to get started on season four!

THIS IS IMPORTANT FOR STORYLINE: There is a lot of italics used in this story so I want to explain. When reader is being forced to take the chip, italics means ALIE is speaking but of course reader doesn’t hear or see ALIE, so I put it in italics.

When the battle thing is going on and reader is choking Bellamy all the little stories italics are flashbacks to previous chapters. Except this time they are in Bellamy’s POV which you never read, you only read those exact same scenes in *your* POV. So I wanted it to be like Bellamy is reminiscing on his past with reader so he is thinking back on pivotal moments of their relationship.

Thank you!

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Pairing: Bellamy x Reader

Based off of: The 100 03x15 and 03X16

Warnings: torturing, force and spoilers.

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“Rover’s almost charged. We need to pack up. We’ll be home soon.”

“Then what, run away?” Clarke asked, finally stopping her pacing. Sighing, you placed your hand against the front of the rover, looking over at Clarke. Bellamy came around the side, shaking his head at Clarke. “We’re not running away, Clarke. We need to regroup with the others, find another way to defeat–”

“There is no other way,” Clarke interrupted, raising her voice. “We need to find a night-blood. We need to unlock the flame. It’s the only way to stop ALIE.” Taking a deep breath, you jumped off the front of the rover, knowing Clarke wasn’t going to quit anytime soon. You understood her point of view, but at this moment in time you had no night-blood, you had no other solution, you had nothing.

“What do you expect us to do, Clarke?” Jasper asked incredulously. “Walk into random villages asking for their night-bloods?”

“If that’s what it takes.”

Shaking your head, you turned to Clarke. “No, Clarke. We have no night-blood. We have no other solution other than what Bellamy suggested.” You pressed, snarling your lip in confusion. “That’s not how it works.”

“If ALIE can find us on Luna’s rig, then she can find us anywhere.” Octavia added, “I won’t help you destroy another innocent grounder village.” 

Clarke took a step forward; “if we don’t find another night-blood, there won’t be any grounder villages. Or a home for us to go back to.” Taking a deep breath, you took a step backwards in frustration.

“That’s all the more reason we need to go there and make sure our friends are okay.” Bellamy snapped. When she looked back at you, you only shook your head, making it clear you didn’t agree with her. She did the same with the rest, receiving the same answer. Taking a breath, she put on a facade of calm, nodding before walking past you four.

“She’ll be fine. Just let her cool off.”

Jumping out the back of the rover, you sighed, happy to be back in Arkadia and to see your friends were okay. Stepping out before Clarke, you walked around the rover, finding Raven limping over to you all. “We were getting worried.” She smiled, but as the rest filed out of the rover, her smile fell. “Where’s Luna?”

“Luna said no,” Octavia explained. Taking a deep breath, you offered Raven a shrug when she looked over at you. 

“Who the hell is this?” Harper asked and you turned to find Roan, the man Clarke and Bellamy had captured walking up behind you. His presence had been unexpected, but you hadn’t said anything as it seemed Clarke had a plan in mind. She also seemed to know him a bit more than any of you did, and despite everything, you did trust her judgement.

“He’s Ice Nation,” Bryan spat.

“King of Ice Nation actually,” Clarke corrected. “And he’s our way into Polis.”

“Let’s go, your highness.” Bellamy instructed, pushing Roan forward slightly. Turning to Bryan and Miller, he ordered them to come along before turning to you. “Y/N, you coming?”

“Yup,” you smiled. You offered Raven a small smile on your way across and she let her hand fall on your shoulder shortly before you continued walking. 

“We’ll take him to lock-up.”

Walking up behind Clarke and Bellamy, you stopped near the door. You didn’t really have much to say to the King of Ice Nation but you weren’t willing to leave him alone, even if Clarke was there, with Bellamy, especially since he was the one who shot him. You also would like to know exactly what the plan was that Clarke had. Kane was in Polis, and you didn’t know if he was okay or not. You needed to find out.

“Sorry about your arm,” Bellamy offered when Clarke and Roan looked at him expectantly. You let a smile slip, shaking your head. 

“Makes us even.” Roan nonchalantly shrugged.

“Like it or not, we need each other,” Clarke informed Roan.

“Cut to the chase, Clarke. You said we both wanted the same thing,” Roan sighed, shifting in impatience. “I want an Ice Nation Commander.”

“And i can give you one.” It made sense. You had no other option for the new Commander and Clarke could use Roan’s help to destroy the chip and ALIE while he got what he wanted. “With this.” Clarke gestured to the chip she’d been carrying this entire time.

“And why would you do that when you know she’s vowed to wipe you out?” Roan asked suspiciously.

“We don’t have a choice,” Clarke cut it short. “This isn’t just our war. The enemy we’re up against is after everyone, including the Ice Nation. The only way to stop her is to get the information off the flame, and the only way to do that is to put it in Ontari’s head.”

“The Ice Nation isn’t afraid,” Roan dismissed.

“You should be,” you cut in, standing up from the wall as Roan’s attention briefly fell on you. “This thing doesn’t care what clan you’re from. It controls people, and it will take over Ice Nation just like it took us over. One person at a time until there is no one left.”

Roan’s eyes narrowed, his eyes falling across the room before they fell back on Clarke.

“It already has Ontari.” Clarke added.

“I’m listening.” Taking a deep breath, you positioned yourself back against the wall. There was nothing more you needed to say.

“We need to disconnect her before she get’s the flame, or we’ll be giving ALIE exactly what she wants. To do that, we have to abduct her from the center of a city filled with thousands of people who’s minds are linked. All of them thinking as one. Whatever one sees, they all see. Whatever one hears, they all hear-”

“I get it,” Roan nodded slowly. He stood as Clarke and Bellamy took a tentative step back, looking at them, he asked; “when do we leave?”

“You don’t have to do this.”

You laughed, turning around to face Bellamy. Shaking your head, you raised an eyebrow; “when have I ever backed down from a fight?”

He shook his head, and you saw the worry flood through his eyes. You hadn’t seen that look in a while and part of you remembered that while this all felt very familiar, it also felt very odd. Pushing back your thoughts, you walked up to him, hesitantly grabbing ahold of his hand. “Besides, you said you needed me by your side, remember?”

Bellamy sighed, “I know-”

“My dad’s in Polis, Bellamy. I won’t sit around knowing he’s in danger or something’s already happened.” Bellamy smiled lightly, nodding. You returned the smile, jumping when Octavia walked through.

“What are we waiting for?”

Pulling your hand away from Bellamy’s grasp, you turned to the rest, steeling yourself for whatever was going to come. “Let’s go,” Bellamy ordered.

Walking up to Monty, you gave him a hug, wishing him luck, just as you did with Jasper and the rest. Stopping before Raven, you paused. You needed to just say it, incase you didn’t make it out of this alive. “I am sorry that I wasn’t there-”

“It’s fine, Y/N.” Raven smiled down at you, and you hesitantly smiled back. Leaning up, you gave her a hug. She squeezed you tight and you relished in it, it might be a while before you see her again. “Good luck,” she whispered to your ear and you nodded, stepping back from the embrace.

Stepping into the rover, you shut the door behind you, smiling at your friends as you pulled away.

“Let’s get ready.”

Nodding to Bellamy’s command, prepping your gun before pressing it against the opened window. Taking a deep breath, you steeled yourself. This was it, this was your one chance and everything was riding on it.

“Are we ever going to be done fighting?” You heard Bryan ask to no doubt Miller. Pausing, you leaned back on your feet, curious as to what they had to say.

“Hell yes,” Miller laughed. “We’re gonna build a house on the lake, and you’re gonna plant corn.” Leaning down onto the heels of your feet, your gaze fell on Octavia as her expression fell. You already knew what she was thinking, it wasn’t hard to tell. Your heart dropped when you looked over at Bellamy.

“Raise chickens,” Bryan laughed. 

Biting your lip, you pushed your gun up again, looking through the view-finder.

“Yeah,” Miller breathed. “And grow old.”

There was silence, and you didn’t dare to stare around you to see what Octavia was feeling or if Bellamy was okay. Instead you focused on looking outside for Clarke and Roan. “Eleven’o’clock,” Bellamy announced and looking you saw Clarke and Roan step into view. “Roan will signal when he sees Ontari. We wait until she’s standing in front of them, and then we launch the gas.”

“They’re gonna be holding their breath, so we gotta move fast.” Bryan explained, tossing the gas to Miller. 

“Anyone who gets in our way, we use nonlethal force,” you stated, looking back at everyone. They nodded in response. “These people are not the enemy. They’re being controlled.”

“The only thing we’re here to kill,” Bellamy spoke, following your order. “Is ALIE. Is that clear?”

A chorus of clears followed, and nodding to Bellamy, you turned back to your gun. “Good.”

You watched Roan and Clarke step forward, reaching the door that Ontari would step through. Roan turned to Clarke, nodding at her as she silently agreed to move forward with the plan. Taking a tentative step forward, Roan raised his hand. “I am Roan, King of Azgeda… and i have what the Commander seeks.” He held up the flame.

With wide eyes you watched as all the people that had been previously kneeling, opened their eyes, standing up before Roan and Clarke. A man stepped towards the two. You don’t know what Roan said to make them all responsive, but you guessed it had something to do with the flame.

“I don’t like what i’m sense, so if she wants it, she can come to me.” Roan informed the man. 

“It’s Jaha.” Bellamy announced and you watched Jaha step up to the two, stopping just before them. Your heart tightened, knowing that this wasn’t exactly how the plan was suppose to go. And something within you told you this wasn’t going to end well. 

“What the hell is he doing here?”

“You see Ontari?” Miller asked.

“No,” you shook your head.

“Hold,” Bellamy ordered Miller and Bryan.

“Hello Clarke,” Jaha greeted, though you couldn’t hear. “Your mother will be so pleased to see you.”

“Who are you?” Roan asked, “where’s Ontari?”

“Not coming out,” your breath quickened. Something wasn’t right. “But you can give the flame to me. I’ll be sure she gets it.” Roan’s hands tightened around the flame and Clarke’s somewhat panicked expression fell over to where you all were.

“Something’s wrong,” Bellamy explained. 

“Your friends in the tunnel can’t help you,” Jaha informed Clarke. Though you couldn’t hear what he was saying, you saw Clarke’s attention snap back over to Jaha and her eyes widen. “Now give me the flame.” The group stepped closer to Roan and Clarke, threateningly.

You winced when Roan suddenly pulled out a knife and pressed Clarke against his chest, the knife now against her throat. “Back up, or she dies.”

You looked away from your gun, turning to Bellamy with wide eyes. Turning to Miller and Bryan, he nodded. “Do it. Do it now.” He rushed. Miller and Bryan went to follow orders before grounders stepped up behind them, pushing them to the ground.

“On your knees, now!” A hand grabbed your shoulder, the other wrapping around your neck as your gun was ripped from your hands. Your were suddenly shoved forward, your chest smacked against the wall as your eyes were able to peer out the window. The grounders behind you kept you pressed against the wall and you could feel a gun press against your back in warning. “You two, against the wall.” Soon enough, both the Blake siblings fell beside you, their bodies pressed against the wall.

With panicked eyes, you looked over at Bellamy. Groaning in pain when you were shoved harder. Something had gone wrong. How had they known about your plan?

“Take this one.” Your heart beat quickened when you realized they were talking about you. You let out a groan, kicking at the man behind you. You weren’t going to let them just take you, especially since you weren’t even sure why they wanted you. Though your struggles were useless as more came through the door, grabbing your arms aggressively. 

“Hey,” you heard Bellamy yell. “Get off of her!”

“Y/N!” MIller called.


With wide, panicked eyes you felt the men and women wrap their arms around your body, pulling you against them as they began dragging you out of the room. Your attention turned to the rest, trying to get back to your friends. You didn’t understand why they were taking just you. You offered nothing and it wasn’t like you knew how to set up the flame. You struggled, kicking your feet out desperately but one of the grounders just back-handed you across the face.

“Bellamy!” You bellowed, trying to reach him. “Let me go, no!”

“Y/N!” Bellamy bellowed and looking back at him through wet eyes, you tried to calm down. But your heart beat was rapidly beating and no matter how hard you struggled, nothing worked. “Where are you taking me?” You asked, but the grounders holding you only ignored you.

You watched Bellamy try to break the grip of the man holding him, only to be shoved harder against the wall. His head smacked against the concrete, and you thought he would’ve stopped. But instead he continued struggling, his eyes falling on you the best they could as you felt fear run through you.

“Let her go! Y/N!”

The last thing you heard before being dragged out of the room was your friends grunting in indignation and Bellamy calling your name.

“You guys missed the part where it’s time to go?”

Looking up from his sister to Murphy, Bellamy shook his head. “We’re not leaving.”

Murphy laughed, shaking his head. “We just saved your lives, why do I think i’m gonna regret that?” 

Taking a step forward, Bellamy walked towards Murphy, worry etching his features. “Clarke’s in trouble-”

“Clarke’s always in trouble.” Murphy interjected.

“Y/N,” Bellamy mumbled, finally catching Murphy’s attention. Pausing Murphy’s smile fell, he hadn’t heard your name or seen you in a long time, just as he hadn’t seen Bellamy. The last time he saw you was before he’d gone off to the City of Light. “Y/N’s in danger. They took her, I don’t know where.”

Miller stepped up, followed by Bryan. “I’m not leaving Y/N behind.”

“None of us are.” Bellamy shook his head, turning back to Murphy. “They took Clarke and the flame to the tower. It’s a safe bet Ontari’s there too. Everything we need to stop ALIE is in the same place. I’m betting Y/N will be there too.” Bellamy swallowed the lump in his throat, all he could in-vision was your fearful face and hear you plea and call his name. He needed to find you.

“If we go up that tower, we won’t be able to fight our way out again.” Octavia warned. 

“If we stop ALIE, we won’t have to.”

Turning to around to Pike, Murphy stared at him questioningly. Sighing, Pike handed Bellamy a hand gun who accepted it without hesitation. Murphy turned back to Bellamy, an unimpressed look on his face. “Up the tower, great.”

“I won’t take the chip.” 

“You will,” Jaha dismissed. You tried to ignore the way your heart beat rapidly increased, tried to ignore the vulnerability you felt with having your wrists restrained. After they dragged you through a few hallways, they’d brought you into a room, tied your wrists up so they were hanging from the ceiling. Your feet were barely able to touch the ground, an increasingly vulnerable position for victims. You could only imagine what was about to happen to you, and none of it you liked.

The minute they’d finished tying your restraints, Jaha had walked in. He’d said nothing but stared at you for a few minutes, watching as you desperately tried to break the ties that kept your wrists up. Nothing worked. No matter how hard you tried. 

Your thoughts flew back to Bellamy and the rest. Were they okay? Had they managed to escape? Was Clarke okay? Your dad? You knew that you’d either die here or take the chip, and you were willing to die yourself if it meant that no one else would suffer and you wouldn’t betray your own people. But something told you that things would go differently. They had something up their sleeve, if Jaha’s confident expression was anything to go by.

“You’ve suffered through a lot, haven’t you, Y/N?”

Biting your lip, you refused to respond to Jaha, knowing he was only trying to trick you. “You’ve also managed to be the cause of a lot of peoples sufferings too.” Clenching your teeth, you glared at Jaha. You’ve never felt such hatred towards him before this point, but you had to remind yourself that he was chipped and clearly wasn’t thinking straight.

“Why not take the chip? Erase the thoughts that plague your mind constantly.” Jaha offered, taking steps towards you. He brought one of his many chips up your eyesight, taunting you with it. Snarling, you shook your head.

“Where’s Clarke?”

“She’s safe,” Jaha shortly answered. 

“She won’t take the chip willingly.”

Suddenly Jaha’s expression changed, and he turned away from you, instead to the doors. “Come in.” Confused, you turned your gaze over to the door, scared to see who would walk through. Your heart leapt through your throat as your father walked through. You wanted to smile at the sight of him, you almost did, but by the way he walked you knew something was wrong. “Dad…?” You called hesitantly.

Kane continued to step through, stopping so he was beside Jaha. He stiffly turned towards you, his expression blank. You felt your heart drop and tears well within your eyes. You knew that expression. He was chipped. 

“Hello, Y/N.” Your father greeted, but there was something different. You said nothing in response, your breath frantic. Turning to Jaha, he nodded and Kane followed whatever order he’d been given, walking toward you. He stopped just in front of you and you swallowed the lump in your throat, your determination falling as your eyes welled up. “Take the chip.” 

“Please,” you whispered, moving your head away from the chip he’d brought to your lips. “Dad, please. This isn’t you.” Kane said nothing, only shoved the chip closer to your lips. Your aggressively moved your head away, taking the chance to bring your knee forward, hitting your father in the stomach. You winced, hating to hurt him, but you had no other choice.

He stumbled back, grunting as he nearly fell but Jaha helped him up.

“I won’t take your damn chip,” you spat.

“We don’t have time for this.”

Getting up, Kane straightened his back. Your eyes widened as his hand moved towards the gun that hung by his hip. 

“Got to plan B.”

“Dad,” you mumbled. “Dad, don’t do this please.” You heard how ALIE got Abby to take the chip, and what they did to Raven. You felt your breath stuck in your throat as Kane pulled out his gun. You weren’t worried about him pointing it at you, ALIE knew what would crack you.

Breathing heavily, you pulled on your wrists, trying to break free. “Dad, listen to me. This isn’t you, this isn’t you.”

“Press it against your throat.”

Your eyes crinkled in fear as your father pressed the gun against his own throat, and his finger fell on the trigger. Your struggles increased, your wrists burning in pain as you pulled harshly on them. “Please,” you bellowed, tears falling. “Please!” Turning to Jaha, you saw him just as stoic before. Shaking your head desperately, you pleaded with him; “don’t make him do this! Don’t-”

“No one but you is making me doing this, Y/N.” Kane interrupted. Tearful eyes fell on your father, as he pressed the the gun harder against his throat. Your head fumbled with coherent thoughts, desperate to stop your father from killing himself. You couldn’t lose him. Not him. Not your father too. “Take the chip, and all of this will end.”

Shaking your head head, you tried to think of a solution. Nothing came to mind, and you knew that if you didn’t do what ALIE wanted, that your father would shoot a bullet through the back of his skull. Part of you remembered why you hadn’t taken the chip when first offered, and that had been before you’d known what it could do. This was now. With every single piece of knowledge of what it’d do to you. Make you fight against your own people, betray your own people.

You couldn’t. You couldn’t take the chip. You’d just gotten them back. You’d just gotten Bellamy back. But you’d just gotten your dad back too… Tears fell down our cheeks with no care who was watching, your panic stricken eyes fell on Kane. “Please don’t kill him! ALIE, don’t kill him!”

“She’ll crack.”

“ALIE’s not killing me.” Kane replied calmly. “You are.” Everything froze as his words sunk in. Your eyes focused on the way his finger begun to press down on the trigger. You couldn’t- you can’t loose him too.

“Stop!” Kane froze, his finger coming off the trigger. “I’ll take the chip! Just don’t- i’ll do it!” Your head fell in shame, “i’ll take the chip…”


“You didn’t see Y/N anywhere?” 

Taking a deep breath, Clarke shook her head apologetically. Bellamy swallowed the lump in his throat, the possibility of what could’ve happened to you flooding through his mind. Part of him knew, it wasn’t hard to figure out. Especially since they had Kane chipped, and if they did anything like they tried to do with Abby and Clarke… “Bellamy,” Clarke offered. “We’ll get her back.”

He nodded, dismissing her pity. 

“We’re all set,” Abby informed. Nodding at her, Bellamy took the steps up so he was standing next to Clarke. “Okay, you ready?”

Nodding hesitantly, Clarke shifted to prepare herself. Turning the valve, Clarke let her head fall against the back of the chair. Bellamy’s eyes watched as Clarke’s blood travelled up the tube, going into Ontari before her own blackened blood began travelling. With watchful eyes, Bellamy watched Ontari’s blood flow into Clarke’s. 

“Try doing that hanging upside down,” Bellamy teased. 

Clarke smiled reluctantly, nodding to herself more than for anyone else. “This will work.”

“And if it doesn’t?” Abby asked. 

“If it doesn’t work, she dies. If she doesn’t try, then she dies with the rest of us.-” Murphy bluntly explained, walking towards Bellamy and Clarke. Murphy stepped up grabbing the flame as Abby, in a panic tried to stop him. “-When the climbers get here. If we’re going to do this, I need the flame.”

“Mom, please.” Clarke pleaded. “He knows what he’s doing. You have to let me go.”

Letting go of his arm, Abby backed off. Grabbing the flame, Murphy turned to Clarke. Walking around Bellamy, he stopped beside Clarke; “lean forward.” He ordered and taking a deep shaky breath, Clarke complied. “You ready?”

“Yeah, do it.”

“Ascende Superious.” Murphy whispered, and the flame reacted. Slowly but surely, he brought it closer to Clarke’s neck before it attached itself, digging it’s way into her skin. Jumping, Clarke snapped her head up, letting out screams of pain and grunts. Suddenly her screams stopped and her eyes fell shut, the back of her head hitting the chair behind her. 

“No, no, no.” Abby rushed, moving her fingers to feel for a pulse. 

“Is she okay?”

“Her hearts racing,” Abby informed. “Get that thing out of her head-” Murphy stayed put, “I said, get that thing out of her head!” Sighing reluctantly, Murphy moved to comply with Abby’s orders before Clarke’s head moved up, and her eyes opened. “No. I’m fine. Not yet.” 

Abby moved forward, grabbing Clarke by her cheeks. “Are you in any pain?” 

“No. I’m okay. I know how to stop ALIE… I have to take the chip.”


“I have to go into the City of Light,” Clarke explained. “And find the kill switch.”

Murphy pursed his lips together, nodding. “Yes. That sounds like a great idea.” He mumbled, walking off.

“Clarke,” Abby called, leaning down to Clarke’s eyesight. “Listen to me. ALIE wants the flame. If you take the chip, you’re giving it to her. The second someone sees you, ALIE is gonna know that you’re there. She’ll kill you. If you’re mind dies, you die.”

Narrowing her eyes, Clarke looked back at her mom with determination. “The flame will protect me.” She nodded, “I don’t know how I know… I just- know.” Bellamy took off down the steps, walking towards one of the chips. Picking it up, he examined it before turning back to Clarke. 

“I believe you.” He declared.

Abby still seemed concerned as she dismissed Bellamy’s sentence, turning back to her daughter. “Do you even know what you’re looking for?” Abby objected.

“I’ll know when I find it.”


“Bellamy come on!” Shaking his head, Bellamy continued making his way out of the room. Once he reached past the door, he let go of Pike who limped over to get something to hold onto. Turning towards the door, Bellamy caught sight of you. You smiled at the sight of him, cracking your neck as you climbed over the ledge.

Bellamy shut the door, ignoring the sinking feeling in his stomach. You’d been chipped.

“I told you, you need to get yourself under control if we’re gonna survive this.” Pike told Octavia, helping Bellamy drop the piece of furniture in front of the door as a barrier. Bellamy leaned down, with the help of the other two and lifted another piece of furniture up on top of the other. Grunting as they did so. Panting, they all leaned against their barrier.

Bellamy noticed Octavia’s frustration, and turning to her with wide eyes he called out; “O, O, listen to me. I know how you feel. I let my need for revenge put me on the wrong side. I don’t want that for you.” Bellamy advised, confiding in his sister which he hadn’t been able to do in forever.

Suddenly the door that they were holding pushed forward, meaning that the chipped army were pushing back. Grunting, Bellamy repositioned himself so he was in a stronger position. 

“You keep it closed,” Octavia ordered Bellamy. “I’ll get more for the barricade.”

Shifting closer to the middle of the barrier, Bellamy let his head fall against the the wood behind him. His suspicion was right. They had forced you to take the chip, and he couldn’t even began to think how. It was his fault. If he hadn’t allowed you to come or tried harder… If Clarke’s plan didn’t work… he would die here today, and it could be by your hand.

“You called Y/N’s name.” Pike suddenly spoke, catching Bellamy’s attention. 

Bellamy grunted, trying to think of what to say. “Yeah- Yeah, she took the chip.”

Pike nodded, leaning down to tie something over his wounded thigh. “Wasn’t the wrong side,” he grunted, pushing back on the barricade. “If the grounder army was still there when Lexa died, they would’ve attacked and you know it.”

“I wanted to see things like you,” Bellamy confessed. “I needed that, to believe that they were bad and we were good… I don’t know what I believe anymore. I just know I have to live with what i’ve done.”

Bellamy felt his heart stop. He knew it was inevitable. You would walk through that door just like the rest, just like Kane and every other person who’d been chipped. Part of him just wished, willed that it wouldn’t happen. But no, in the midst of a full out war in the throne room, you stepped through the door, a smile on your face.

Bellamy felt time slow down. And he watched you, every movement you made, as your eyes turned to him and an even sicker smile grew on your face. It felt like his heart was plummeting down. The inevitable was coming and he watched you take a step towards his direction.

Grunting, Bellamy bent over as a grounder punched him in the stomach. Straightening back up, he punched the grounder in the face, making him stumble back. But nothing happened, because they felt no pain and the grounder who attacked him came back full force. Out of the corner of his eye, Bellamy watched you step closer, your hands held out at your side in preparation. Kicking at the grounder before him, he turned to you, shaking his head. “Y/N,” he called. You didn’t respond. “This isn’t you, I don’t- can’t.”

You only smiled, reaching your fist back to punch him. Bellamy did his best to dodge it, grabbing your wrist. You broke off his grip, the grounder from before coming back and smacking Bellamy in the side. Grunting in pain, Bellamy stumbled back, weakly looking back up. You only continued to step towards him, your foot coming out the kick him. Taking this chance, he grabbed your ankle, pulling you forward to shove you back.

The grounder came around, punching at Bellamy ruthlessly as he did his best to retaliate. It was impossible. It was two against one, and Bellamy couldn’t even hit one of them. Because every time he reached out to hit you, he imagined your face, smiling at him. He remembered every memory the two of you shared and what you’d been through together. Even when your fist came and hit him in the face again, and your other hand punched him in the gut, he wouldn’t hit you.

Wiping at his bloodied face, Bellamy staggered. “Y/N-” You only punched him across the face again, blood flying from his nose and his head snapped in the other direction. You didn’t stop and continued to hit him, riddling him with punches. Taking your chance you shot your foot out, kicking at his feet. Bellamy grunted as the back of his head smacked against the ground, his vision blurring. Before he had anytime to think, you straddled his waist, your hands coming out to wrap themselves around his throat.

There was no way to describe it, the expression you gave Bellamy. It wasn’t you. Bellamy kept thinking. This wasn’t you. Because if this was, you would be helping him fight off the many grounders and such, not fighting him.

Gagging, Bellamy desperately tried to breathe. His hands coming out around your body to pathetically try to shove him off of you, of course it didn’t work. He desperately tried to help himself without actually hurting you. Because he couldn’t hurt you. Not you

You smiled. Twisted and sickly. Bellamy stared up into your E/C eyes, your hair falling around your face as your hands tightened their grip around his throat.

It was then that Bellamy realized, maybe you weren’t so bad.

“Didn’t even know you could smile and mean it.” 

“It’s only for reserved people.” Bellamy smirked, finding your reaction more than amusing. You gasped, helping him set down the log and hold a hand against your mouth, feigning a gasp. “I’m hurt.” You acted offended, laughing with him when he rolled his eyes. Bellamy felt at ease, relieved that he actually managed to have a decent conversation with you. And you were funner than he’d originally thought. Even in the midst of everything, Bellamy felt himself genuinely relax.

“Well, maybe one day you’ll be on that list sweetheart.” He teased, before turning. He knew that you’d say more, expected and only found himself correct when you uttered: “what does one girl need to do to get on Bellamy Blake’s list?” Your laugh was something he’d never quite heard. Turning around just so he could see your face again, he smirked.

“Continue, and you just may see.”

Bellamy had never seen you so vulnerable.

“Y/N look at me.”

With worry, Bellamy watched your defeated eyes meet his. “I don’t know what happened between you and your mom, but one thing I know for sure is, you’re not a murderer.” There was something in your gaze, something he’d never seen in anyone else. You almost seemed distressed but calm at the same time. Bellamy could see deep down in your eyes that you weren’t all you seemed to be. And he felt hope flutter through him at the thought that maybe you two weren’t so different. “I trust you, Y/N.”

He wasn’t sure how you’d react, but the three words he’d been dying to hear you say, instantly made him feel better; “I trust you.”

Bellamy knew his life was filled with guilt, but he never knew that you being upset with him would make him so visibly shaken.

“What the hell is your problem!” It broke his heart to hear you, hear you sound so angry at him. “I trusted you for God-sakes! Did you know?” Part Bellamy remembered that every action, every word you said could be heard by everyone around. But it was clear to him you didn’t care.“Did you know that taking that radio would kill all those people?”

Angry and insulted, Bellamy grabbed ahold your shoulders, violently shaking you. “No! How the hell was I suppose to know? Y/N, I didn’t force you, you did it on your own. Stop blaming me!” He screamed at your face, but in his mind he hated himself. Hated himself for yelling at you for his mistakes. Bellamy had done this, he was the one lashing out and you were frustrated beyond belief. Bellamy hated himself because you were the one person who could change him and he was shoving you away.

“I’m not blaming you.” You whispered, “but this? Bellamy you can’t just kill and destroy anything that becomes a threat to you! Listen, I don’t want the Ark down here and I definitely don’t want the grounders to murder us, but this is not the way!” 

Bellamy’s face fell, looking away from your gaze. “I have too…”

Bellamy’s eyes fell on the gun in your hand as you tried not to shake. 

“You don’t have to do this.” He clarified.

“I’m not gonna leave our friends, you, to die.” You stressed, and Bellamy watched with pride as determination flooded your gaze. You were more than met the eye. “I’ve got this. I’ll-I’ll be fine.”

When he saw you, his heart froze.

“Y/N!” Bellamy yelled over the screams, “go!” His hand shot out behind him, to the drop-ship, desperate for you to listen.

“I’m not leaving you!” Your words sunk in, realization flooding him that you both may die today. “Please, just go! I can’t loose you too.” Bellamy, grabbing ahold of the ground and trying to hold him back. Give you a chance to leave.

“I’m not leaving you.” 

Bellamy had been so worried.


Bellamy felt you press yourself against him, your warm embrace surrounding him. “I am just glad you’re alive.” You whispered so low that only Bellamy could hear. “I didn’t se-see- I thought you were dead.”

Deciding to lighten the mood, Bellamy grinned. “You know i’m not that easy to get rid of, Y/N.” He found himself mesmerized by such a simple act, you brushing your hair behind your ear.

“Yeah, I guess I do.”

Bellamy hadn’t seen you so broken since that night at the depot.

“I-I tried…” You whimpered, it breaking Bellamy’s hear..

He nodded, “I know.” Bellamy wasted no time in wrapping his arms around you, holding you in your time of need. He only squeezed tighter when you sobbed.

Bellamy should’ve known, you always were too stubborn.

“To me it isn’t worth the risk.” 

“Y/N-” Bellamy started once again but you held your hands up, effectively stopping him.. “I’m not gonna stop you, you wouldn’t even listen to me. But I told you, if you’re going in there so am I.” You said, raising your head and Bellamy noticed how you tried to hide the pain you felt. This wasn’t right. It was already risky with him just going in, and it didn’t settle right within him if you went.

“Y/N, it’s too dangerous. It’ll be quicker if I go by myself.”

“True, you might move quicker, but who’s gonna watch your back when you get in trouble?” You asked, smirking up at him. “I’m going with you, and that’s final.”

Something told him he’d regret this later. “Fine.”

It had taken every bit of Bellamy’s will-power to not have gone after you sooner. 

“I’m sorry it took so long.”

“Thank you.” You whispered. Relief flooded through Bellamy. He had you. He had you in his arms and you were safe. Looking down, Bellamy noticed how your eyes fell shut and you fell into a slumber. You were safe. Bellamy felt like he could breathe again.

“I got you.” He whispered, pressing a kiss against the top of your head.

Bellamy never knew he needed to hear something so bad until he heard you finally forgive him.

“I was so angry at you,” you whimpered, sniffling. Bellamy’s felt his entire being flood with guilt, watching through wet eyes as you struggled with your own emotions. “Everything you’d done, everything you said.” What you said did nothing to calm his nerves, but he knew you needed him to hear it. And for you, he stayed and listened.

“I-I don’t want to feel that way anymore.”

Bellamy took a deep breath, wiping at his tears. “I need you, Y/N. I need you by my side.”

“This isn’t you…” Bellamy gasped.

Suddenly, something within you snapped. Everything came flooding through you and it was like you could see through your own eyes again. What you saw was not what you expected. Letting go of Bellamy’s neck, you stumbled back, eyes wide. Bellamy took a deep breath in, slowly sitting up as you stared at him. 

Holding your hands out before you, you watched as they shook violently. You- You’d just been choking Bellamy? You couldn’t- you would never. And then it all came flooding back. The chip. ALIE.

“Bellamy…?” You mumbled out, your voice barely above a whisper. His eyes widened, worry flooding through them as tears welled in your eyes. What had you done? What… how? Falling back, you moved to crawl away, too ashamed to even be near Bellamy. You’d tried to kill him. You-

“Hey, hey, hey.” You heard him call, grabbing ahold of you before you could get away. Shaking your head, you stared at his reddened face, his bloodied face, all because of you. You were going to murder him. Choke the life out of the man you’d fallen in love with. It didn’t matter if you’d been being controlled, it had been your hands. “It’s okay.” You heard him whisper and then his arms wound around you, pulling you against him. It felt wrong but you fell against him, your eyes crinkling as tears fell.

“I’m sorry. I’m so sorry, Bellamy.” You repeated, desperate for him to hear. He held you close, running his fingers through your hair as you cried. What had you done? “They were going to kill him… I couldn’t- I didn’t have a choice.”

“It’s okay.” Bellamy whispered, pulling back from the hug, he grabbed ahold of your cheeks. Bellamy searched around, trying to get you to focus on him. Once his eyes found yours, he nodded at you. “You’re not a murder.” You nodded, tears running down your face as you looked completely vulnerable in that moment.

Leaning back to hug him, your eyes found your father, sobbing. Though, soon enough Abby came around and you knew he was fine. Part of you felt relieved that he had someone to support him and you could allow yourself to heal without having to worry about him. 

Staring up at Bellamy, you pushed yourself closer to him. You relished in the warmth. Relished in the way he was able to forgive you despite nearly choking him to death. You don’t know what would happen now, but you were relieved to be back in his arms.

A sudden groan caught your attention. Pulling back from the hug, you looked over to Octavia only to find her sword in Pike’s stomach. Your eyes widened, unsure of what to say as you looked over at Bellamy. Octavia pushed the sword forward, then aggressively pulled it out. Pike fell to the ground, his body thumping loudly as no one uttered a word. Taking a deep breath, Octavia walked over to the door, leaving the room.

Bellamy turned to you, shock filling his system as he gazed down at you. Nodding, you smiled, trying to give him some reassurance; “i’m okay. I’m okay.” You both got up, Bellamy helping you as you shakily stood. Following behind him, you made your way over to Clarke. She smiled at the sight of you and you offered a small, unsure smiled yourself.

“ALIE’s gone,” she nodded.

“Yeah,” you mumbled.

“I figured.” Bellamy agreed.

Though your furrowed your brows in confusion when no smile or look of relief passed over Clarke’s face. Looking over at Bellamy, you saw him look just as confused as you. “Clarke, you’re not acting like someone who just saved the world.”

She shook her head, smiling lightly; “because we didn’t. Not yet.”

Part 23?

Emerald - Eyed Beauty

“I’m home!” Yelled Mal, into the, what seemed to be vacant, household. She had just come back from the Isle, bringing along some kids to come to school here. Leaving two weeks ago, she had originally planned to come back in three weeks. But things changed, and she ended up coming back a week earlier.

She felt a fuzzy sensation by her foot, and looked down to see her 5 month old labradoodle, Rocky, jumping and barking in excitement. She stooped down to her level and started to pet her.

“Hey Rocky. I missed you,” Mal smiled at her puppy. “Now do you know where Ben and Babe are?” She asked her, only receiving a few barks before licking her cheek.

“I thought I was the only one who got to kiss you.” She heard an all to familiar voice from around the corner. She smiled and looked up to be eye to eye with the love of her life.

“Well, she’s the only one who’s welcomed me so far.” She stood up and started walking towards Ben, who pulled her in by the waist. She lazily put her arms around his neck, and pecked his lips. “How’s Babe?” She asked about her thirteen year old daughter.

“Been locked up in her room all week and she won’t talk to anyone. Only comes out to eat. I’m worried about her.” Mal ran her hand through her husband’s hair as his bright hazel eyes, suddenly grew dull. “I’ll go talk to her,” She left the embrace to get a cup of milk, and cookies, from the kitchen.

“it shouldn’t be anything bad but just to be on the safe side.” He smiled at his wife. He couldn’t be more proud of her.

Mal walked up the stairs of their side of the castle, soon reaching Babe’s room. She knocked on the door, hearing a groan come from the other side. “Go away Evelyn!” Her daughter shouted. Mal furrowed her eyebrows and pushed door open slowly.

Her daughter sighed, realizing she had left the door unlocked after getting food the last time.

“You shouldn’t be yelling at your best friend like that.” The girl’s mother, placed the tray of milk and cookies on her dresser. She found Babe in a corner of her room, her head tucked into her knees. “What do you want mom?” She groaned in annoyance. She really didn’t wanna be bothered right now.

“Ok so we’re not even going to aknowledge the fact that I came home early for you.” The purple haired girl pulled her daughter into an embrace while her daughter sighed in frustration.

“You and me both know that you only came back for dad. So don’t even.” She stated bluntly. Mal looked at the girl curiously. Why would she think that. “Babe what’s wrong?” The girl looked up to face her mom, and Mal’s jaw dropped as she saw the state her daughter was in.

Bloodshot eyes, tear trails on her cheeks, and an extremely pale face.

“Mom, I’m scared. I’m really scared.” The young brown haired girl looked at her mom as she chocked out the words. Mal pulled her daughter onto her lap and looked down at her. She hated seeing her baby upset. Babe meant so much to her, and she was a very tough girl, much like her mother.

So she could only wonder what had scared her daughter so much. “What has upset my dear emerald eyed beauty?” Babe gave off a small smile at the name.

“A lot of things happened when you were gone. Things that I couldn’t talk to dad about. And it’s scary mom, I don’t know what to do.” Mal urged for her to continue.

“Mom do you think your pretty?”

The girl asked and Mal stopped to think. She couldn’t say no, Babe was a complete replica of Mal, just with Ben’s hair color. Saying no would be an insult to her daughter and they both knew it. “Well, sometimes. Your dad is very good at making me feel secure in my own skin. I thank him for that. What makes you ask?”

“I-I don’t feel like I’m pretty. I don’t feel like I’m meant to do anything. I mean I really can’t do anything. Nothing that could make me known for something. Look at you and dad. Royal parents of Auradon. Hashtag goals. Super parents. Always gorgeous, always handsome. You guys are literally everything good in the world, and then there’s me.” Mal’s heart broke now knowing that this is how Babe felt.

“Babe is this why you’ve been locked up in your room all week? Insecurity?” Babe nodded and curled up into a ball in her mother’s arms.

“Honey You have no idea of what your father and I went through to be together.” She sighed as she realized she had to spill the truth about her mother. She knew this day would come, just not today.

“Im going to tell you a story ok. About how I met your amazing father. My mom is Maleficient. The Mistress of evil. The most evil villain to ever live. When I was 16, Aunt Evie, Uncle Jay, Uncle Carlos, and I were invited to go to school at Auradon Prep. My mom, commanded us to steal Aunt Jane’s mothers wand. To take over the world. I thought I was evil, I was completely the opposite of who I am today. Anyways we went to Auradon and when we arrived, I met your father, for the first time. Currently he was dating Audrey. I spelled him a few days later with a love spell, so he could be my boyfriend and I could easily steal the wand at his coronation. After his tourney game, he sang a song dedicated to me about how much he loved me. And he asked me on a date. Our very first date at the enchayed lake. I did try my first strawberry that day.”

Mal chuckled and saw Babe playing with her fingers.

“He swam in the lake and the spell washed away. I however didn’t know that, and thought he was still on the spell. Then family day came. Our family couldn’t come but we got to video chat with them earlier. Wasn’t pleasent but it is what it is. I was introduced to your grandparents as your father’s girlfriend that same day, they didn’t really like me considering my mom was Maleficient. Later Audreys Grandma saw me, thinking I was Maleficient and things went downhill from there. Everyone hated us VK’s. We couldn’t do anything about it. Coronation comes, that’s when things got, slightly interesting. I put a spell on Aunt Jane to steal the Wand and use it to open the barrier. It was to late for her to be stopped, the barrier had a hole in it already, and Maleficient took the chance to come to the coronation. She froze your father, and almost killed me. I did shrink her into a tiny gecko so she’s not our problem anymore. I chose good.”

“Years later, I have a beautiful daughter and a handsome husband and I couldn’t be more content with my life.” Mal saved the story for her leaving to the Isle for later on. She didn’t feel it was necessary.

“Did you tell me that story to make me feel better or worse about myself?” The brunette couldn’t tell at this point.

“I told you this story to show that I have a rough past. My life is definitely not perfect. You and dad make me forget about all of those imperfections though. And I’m forever grateful. Babe you have a purpose in life.”

“Whatever it is, I’m here for you. Dad’s here for you. Evelyn, your best friend, is here for you. You don’t have to hide your feelings ever. Please, I don’t want to feel like a terrible mother because when I had you, that was my biggest doubt. I feared you would grow up with a mother that you felt neglected you. I don’t want that to be the case. I love you so much. Never forget that.” She smiled at her child.

She loved Babe to pieces and she shouldn’t have let this happen to her. She should of been here, instead of the Isle, helping other children.

“Now you up for some milk and cookies or is a nap something you feel like doing at he moment.” The emerald eyes were soon shielded as her eye lids fell. Sleep took over her teen and Mal smiled. She picked her up and took her over to her bed, before tucking her in. As soon as she did she felt content with her life. Everything was in place. Her emerald eyed beauty was happy.

And that was all that mattered.

Her emerald eyed beauty.

Guys we barely know anything clexa related about this episode.

We got one video, which contained only ONE spoken line.

We’re going into tomorrow’s promised mayhem completely blind.