Finally in the flesh? [Closed RP with Preoscillation.]

The excitement which was flowing through him was almost abnormal. His fingers twitching, palms sweating and throat raw, the blond had to refrain from practically jumping up and down on the spot. With skittish steps he takes his place on the plane. If his heart wasn’t acting up before then it certainly was now, and he had to silently tell himself that everything was going to be okay and not to over react because in result he could have a heart attack, leading everyone to panicking on the plane and then it may possibly even crash, and he certainly didn’t want have guilt on his mind that he killed over 30 people an-

Woah, calm down now, Roxas, no need to act up. He was just fidgety, was all. The blond wasn’t use to sitting in a compacted space for a few hours – especially when he was crowded by strangers. But he was going to suck this up and get over it. Why?

Because he was meeting him.

Yeah, you heard that right. He was meeting Vanitas and the excitement that bundled in his stomach kept fluttering at the thought. Bare in mind he wasn’t usually one to show his emotions so this was a pretty big deal! Been over a year now, maybe even two? All he had seen of the raven haired male were his looks and voice over skype, and he certainly needed more than that.

So here he was, kicking back in his seat and refusing to look out of the window as the plane heated up. Only a few hours… he could bare that. 


So I decided to draw three of my friends and alter their appearence to suit what  they like. Hannah’s the one on top and of course she likes Sloths, followed by Nathalie liking cats and lastly with Beth liking MLP. Each drawing is drawn and coloured slightly different because I’m trying to find my ‘own style’. I’m still new to drawing with a tablet, so please forgive me, they aren’t  that good. ;-;

For the applejack stamps I used UP1TER’s template 

and for Beth’s pose I used Erin’s face because she takes  the best pictures and please follow her as well <3

Destiny in doubt. [RP starter for Preoscillation.]

A vacation. A simply vacation. It was needed after a lot of work, right? Axel once said a vacation was a place to relax, one where you would go after a lot of stress. He called it a holiday once, whatever that was. It was a nice place, or, what he heard of. All vacations are different, all revolve around your personal taste. Roxas wasn’t too sure what his would be like, that is, if he has one. Do you own a vacation or is it something mentally? Axel mentioned how he would sleep on his but Roxas didn’t like that: Sleep wasted time, it made you feel drowsy afterwards. That’s why he would stay up at night, write down what happened that day and what he accomplished. At this very moment he had just finished another mission. The same as always, take out the heartless threat, release the hearts and return to the clock tower.

But Axel and Xion were no where to be seen.

Either they bailed on him or they had yet to finish their own. Nonetheless, the smaller Nobody felt adventurous, he wanted to seek out and discover what his ‘vacation’ was like. Stepping onto the edge of the clock tower, a quick glance down below revealed that the streets were empty and that none of the citizens in the town would see his little transport. Hand stretched outwards, he thought. He thought of what his vacation would be like, would it be that like that island he had dreamt of many of times, or, would it be his bed, like Axel’s?

Black portal summoned, it had yet to reveal what his destination was to be and without a moment of hesitance, he stepped through. Dust and sand and wind was the first thing to blind him and the blond had to cover his mouth in order to breathe. His eyes watered but that was most likely due to the little grains which were caught in them. This place seemed different, yet so familiar. The 'feeling’, one of many he had yet to discover was odd. It tugged at something inside his chest and caused his stomach to churn. He felt sick all of a sudden, something which only occurred to him when those 'memories’ formed. And wait, what’s that thing over there?

Cerulean eyes with mild bloodshot to them scanned the environment and it landed on a distant figure. Black.. red.. that was all he could make out. His mind told him to continue further, to see what or who that person was, but his 'chest’ told him otherwise.

Should he go?

Vanitas Calling - [Closed RP w/ Inanimentum.]

Timezones were going to be the death of him.

He never knew when to call, he didn’t want to seem like a burden. What would Roxas be doing? Would he be sleeping, eating, watching TV with his parents? Shamefully, he should have known by now exactly what the difference in their GMT was. But at the same time, he was still too shy to ask when exactly he could call him.

May as well take the risk because Roxas always made time for their videos anyway. So grabbing his laptop, Vanitas flipped open the screen and logged into Skype whilst adjusting the position of it atop his desk. Trying to appear laid back and not on a nervous edge, he cleared his throat.

He’d sent the request, now he just had to wait for acceptance or rejection.