premonition maybe

I realized recently that Emmeryn’s suicide was completely pointless, since her death would have no impact on the war. Yllise would have won regardless. We know this because in order for Lucina’s timeline to come, the timeline would have to progress exactly as it did in Awakening, from chapter 6, where Emmeryn is assassinated to the premonition of chapter 23. Maybe I’m wrong, and they Validar took the Fire Emblem, and the went right to chapter 23 in Lucina’s timeline. That’s impossible too. Because, they still needed to go to Valm, to get the stones for the Fire Emblem, and for Bassilio to get killed. The only way they could have don this, is to get ships from Plegia, as mentioned in the story. If Chrom lost the war, it seems unlikely that this would happen. Also, they would have needed a period of time for Lucina to be born in the first place.

TL;DR, If Emmeryn was killed in chapter 6, as in Lucina’s timeline, the outcome must have been the same as the Awakening timeline to get to the premonition scene

Imagine that Person A has had a secret crush on Person B for a long time.

Imagine that one day Person A has a dream. In the dream, Person C confronts them and tells them that they need to tell Person B how they feel. Person A says that that’s probably a bad idea and that nothing good can come from it. Person A says that they think they’ll get over their feelings for Person B. Person C shakes their head. Person C says that Person B’s life may depend on whether or not Person A confesses. Person A asks how, but they wake up before Person C can answer.

That morning Person A sees Person B. They nervously approach Person B and Person B asks what’s wrong. Person A pauses, hesitates, but finally tells Person B how they feel. Person B starts laughing, and Person A feels humiliated, but then Person B explains that they feel the same way about Person A and were never going to say anything. The pair decides to hang out at Person A’s house, on the other side of town from Person B’s house, that night.

That night, Person B’s home was burned down by an arsonist. Person A sees this on the news and immediately thinks of their dream. Person B notices that Person A acted a little strangely when they heard that the house burned down, but they never ask about it.

Fools gold - Harry/Luke

For some reason, a song had been on his mind a lot in the past 24 hours.  It was easily one of their most underrated, but one of their best.  Yes, I let you use me from the day that we first met, but I’m not done yet…  Maybe it was a premonition, or maybe not.  Luke hadn’t sounded happy to hear from him, and he had done something.  Two and two didn’t add up to eight.  He understood what it meant. 

He tried to decide what to say, running over scripts in his head that never quite finished.  He couldn’t do it.  Just this morning he was talking to his mum, excited about everything.  She told him that he sounded happy, and that was only a few hours ago, and now, not so much.  What the hell changed?  He was pretty sure that every single wish for them would come to an abrupt end, and for what? 

We need to talk, and I’m pretty sure we shouldn’t do this over text.  If that wasn’t writing on the wall, what was?  Harry wasn’t stupid and oblivious.  He approached the door and knocked, stuffing his hands back into his pockets, trying to get that perfect smile out of his head, and the way he looked so peaceful when he slept, and prepare for the inevitable end.