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Stanno arrivando… preparativi in atto… pazientate

They are coming…work in progress…Be patience

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An ombre jellyfish inspired by the depths of the ocean. :) Completely handmade out of polymer clay and available here on my Etsy store:


Ecco pronto questo cameo a tema kingdom heart con inglobato all'interno un piccolo Sora. Io lo trovo dolcissimo😄😍 #lepassionidimari #instagram #instalike #fimo #polymerclay #clay #premo #art #clayartist #handmade #resin #resinart #resina #molds #stampi #uv

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OK so I went and got myself a fishtank and you can totally use polymer clay for fishtank decorations*. So I made some cute little axolotls, but it turns out they’re too big for the tank. Now I dunno what to do with them but dang, they sure are cute!

The purple one and the pink one have holes drilled out so that they could be stuck on some clear acrylic rods I have (to give the appearance of floating). The black one has weights in the bottom so that he sits upright all the time. GOOOOSHHH I want to make more of these! Axolittles for everyonnnee!

Glass beads and Premo polymer clay.

*= the clay must be 100% cured, unpainted and unsealed. And if you use alcohol inks to color your clay, I wouldn’t do it this time.

A surprise gift for KellsterKitten on FurAffinity. I made her a Beetlejuice head!

He’s built with foam on a balaclava with dyed antron fleece. The eyes and teeth are sculpey light and premo clay. The teeth are sewn and glued in. Vision is limited for the sake of accuracy, but ventilation is great. His hair is a rare local find. I went in expecting to having to settle on something, but this fur was perfect!

Kellster made a journal months ago saying she wanted a Beetlejuice head and a bunch of people told her it would look bad or that nobody could make it or human fursuits are creepy. PSHHH.

I’m so pleased with this! It’s one of those rare times where I make something for someone and then badly want to keep it for myself, haha. My middle school self would kick me in the shins if she found out I didn’t make this for me! But if ANYONE deserves a costume of cartoon Beetlejuice, it’s definitely Kellster. And I’m so SO happy she loves it. :)

Her un-boxing video:

Some Small Pendants I made from Premo modeling clay. I have very quickly come to absolutely love Premo; Its super easy to use, mixes into neat colors well and bakes nicely (though that didn’t keep me from almost completely burning my first piece, Ooops). I was able to pick up a a collection of Copper, Silver and Antique Gold colors at Michaels when they were on sale for about half price.

If you live anywhere neat a Michael’s Craft store I highly suggest you get a membership- they’re free and they’ll send you some pretty good coupons over email.

An extra note, the backgroud for this picture is a full Cow Hide I bought at a garage sale over the weekend. 5 bucks?!!!!! Some of my friends think its grose but I think it’s beautiful! The previous owner said it was from a white Charlait cow, I think its wonderful that it wasn’t wasted. It weighs about 3 pounds on top of that.