This is just a friendly reminder that you shouldn't believe Premium for Plush♡

Ok this is just my two cents on why YOU SHOULD TRUST SELLER ROSY61987 and not believe Premium_for_plush!

Keep in mind that the real Rosy DID NOT bribe me to do this or anything of that nature. The real Rosy doesn’t have any idea I’m making this post, and won’t know about it till later on today because she lives in Hong Kong, andI’m in Texas typing this at 9am on a Saturday.

Well anyways, back to my point.

Rosy61987 is a great person that I have had the pleasure in meeting through Tumblr (more specifically, Cathy’s awesome blog). I have been buying from her shop for almost a year, and my experience with her has been amazing! All my items have came in super fast, and ALL OF THEM ARE AUTHENTIC!! I have NEVER had a problem with Rosy or the items I have bought from her. Rosy has ALWAYS answered all of my questions regarding my orders and what not.

I know for a fact that Rosy LEGITIMATELY cares for her customers, and I know she would NEVER be dishonest and trick people into buying fake Amuse Arpakassos.

Here are some pictures of items I have bought from Rosy. I’ll just let the evidence speak for itself, and let y'all be the judges~

As you can tell this is ALL AUTHENTIC  Amuse and Swimmer items.

Now since we have established that Rosy61987 is a legitimate Arpakasso seller, let’s move on to the person who really inspired me to make this post in the first place.

Premium_for_Plush, who now goes by Rosy61978 on ebay, is a CRAZY UNTRUSTWORTHY seller who is TRYING (but unsuccessful) to ruin the real Rosy’s reputation by IMPERSONATING her! She is also going around harassing Rosy and other people who bought from her while she was Premium_for_Plush. Now ladies and gentlemen, doesn’t this kind of behavior sound totally UNPROFESSIONAL to you? Do you REALLY want to support a seller who is DISHONEST about what she is selling to you? Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate knock off/fake Arpakassos, because I myself own a fake, but when sellers like Premium_for_Plush lie to potential customers about the authenticity of their product and sell them at the price of the real deal, THAT’S when I have a problem.

TL;DR, Rosy61987 is an AUTHENTIC Arpakasso seller who does not deserve the shit Premium_for_Plush is doing to her. Premium_for_Plush is a vengeful seller who is going around LYING to customers about the authenticity of her products and hiking up their prices.


Here is the REAL Rosy’s info:




Instagram: @rosy61987

**(Notice how the ending number is always 87)**


Here is Premium_for_Plush’s info for those who are skeptical or just feel like giving your money to a rude dishonest person:




Here are some references:


Before Premium_for_plush accuses me of being a “buy over”, I have NOT purchased from Premium_for_plush! AND I do not need to in order to know she sells fakes because it’s all in her stock photos!


Agumon Virus Fluffy Pouch Goes On Sale 11/13/16

January 11th, 2016. Bandai Fashion Net added the Digimon Adventure Agumon Fluffy Pouch (Virus Version) to the Premium Bandai web shop today, listing it at a price of 2160 JPY ($19 approximately at the current exchange rate). The limited edition plush toy, which was previously sold at Comiket 89 in December, will be available for purchase through Premium Bandai beginning January 13th, 2016, 11:00 AM Japanese Standard Time.

200 of these plushes were sold at Comiket, and a remaining 100 more will be sold online. Those not residing in Japan will have to go through a middleman service to obtain the plush toy, just as they would have for the Monzaemon Fluffy Pouch and D-3 Ver. 15th Digivice.

Rosy61987 fan

rosy61987sells-fake is despicable. 

Rosy is such an awesome and sweet girl and that fact that someone is trying to ruin her reputation for something she loves and has worked hard at, annoys me to no end. I only have five alpacasso currently and three of them have come from Rosy’s storenvy. But I ordered my sister the pink pirate alpacasso from Rosy’s ebay after she saw my Ace, as a birthday present. 

I’d recommend both of the sellers (rosy and plushies paradise) I’ve used to anyone and I usually don’t condone badmouthing sellers, but having spoke to another user over her issue with PFP, I think it’s really only necessary to warn other buyers. 

And, just for proof I’m a person with said genuine Rosy alpacas (its night time here shh)Ordered from Newest to oldest. My Fresh Soda paca (still needs a name), Mr Bear the Love Hat alpacasso and then Captain Yuki (Ace Wu…who looks a little scraggly now compared to that first picture ^^;;) 


The Coop Shop releases an Army of Darkness micro plush blind set.

The set is officially licensed and available from the official website. 

•Officially Licensed
•Microplush™ series figures
•Highly-detailed plush
•Premium satin stitch embroidery & silkscreened details
•Sold only as “blind box”
•Nine different figures, plus one chase
•Characters include multiple iterations of Ash, Pit Monster, Winged Deadite and Possessed Witch
•2" elastic loop for hanging
•For decorative purposes only; not a toy
•Ages 14 and up