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The Rest Of The Best (of my acquired toys) of 2013

This is my rest of the best list for 2013. Not all of the toys above were necessarily released in 2013, I just happened to acquire them this year. This was decided when I realized my last bunch of purchases would not arrive stateside until I was already more than likely going to be asia bound. These were purchases that could potentially be on my toys of 2013 or my disappointments list for 2013. I won’t know til I get them. So I decided to make it fair, and only include what I have already had hands on with and not limit the toys I got by their release date.

These are the toys I cut out of my top 5…that is now top 6. These are not in any particular order, although there are 3 on this list that I wanted ever so badly to add to my top 6 that just had to be cut to refrain from having a top 20 (and only having 5 from that list be numbered). That said, I do have one toy I hold above the rest for 2013. My top 6 will be posted individually with a write up and then I will have a collective post of the 6 linking to those write ups. I am having fun talking about all the latest toys and releases so I can’t really curb my enthusiasm. Forgive me for the long post. Thanks everyone!

The Rest Of The Best:

Assault Kingdom Unicorn Gundam – This one was barely cut out of my top 6. I almost made a top 7 to fit him in until I actually sat down to really think about my top of list. UC has a really odd spot with me. My personal pick for toy of the year is still readily available unlike Unicorn (along with Sinanju-who I do not own yet) are considered the best of the line and are only as available as well as your wallet happens to be lined. My personal pick for toy of the year is a toy I can’t recommend to everyone but on the other hand this candy toy that didn’t even reach my top 6 is one I can’t help but tell everyone who loves little toys, robots, and gundams that they must own Unicorn Gundam from the Assault Kingdom line. Assault Kingdom is a Candy Toy line. Meaning these are 3-5 dollar toys that you find at convenient stores (in Japan) packed with gum. These are not blind boxed static figures, but rather well engineered and well thought out lines of gundam goodness. I cannot stress how much I love this line. I do plan on collecting this line to completion which is a long ways off because every fan in Japan already knows how good this line is. Below is a picture of my current collection that I was keeping up with while in Kyoto.

External image

Assault Action Q Eva-08 – Another Candy Toy line from Bandai that I fell in love with. I do have a couple from the original Assault Action line (which is the Assault line for Eva’s) but Assault Action Q took it to another level. This candy toy line tied into 3.33 which released on blu ray and dvd a few months prior. I attended a special release event at a department store while in Japan and saw plenty of merchandise but nothing that I didn’t already expect and nothing that absolutely made me empty my wallet right there. In fact I walked out with nothing and was surprised to not see an update to the Assault Action line. My Japanese is beyond terrible so I couldn’t tell you why this release was so off kilter with the rest of the merchandise but better late than never, and I am certainly glad these did come out before I left to come back home for the Holidays. This line cost a bit more than the Assault Kingdom line for less plastic, but it still got a good chunk of my last paycheck in Kyoto. I think these lines are so affordable that the entire set deserves your attention but if I had to choose one that was a standout and a must buy – it would be Mari Illustrious’ Eva-08. Beautiful colors, awesome weapons, and has an incredibly unique look among her line mate’s. This was also a very hard toy to move down my top of list along with the rest of the Q line.

External image

The Black Series Boba Fett – This was the toy that actually held up my best of and definitely changed the structure of the list. I was initially going to have this done by the 25th but my parent’s surprised me with Boba Fett who has long been sold out online and will never be seen at retail in my area due to scalpers. I was looking everywhere to buy a copy for my dad and I, but it ended in futility and was doubly not needed since my dad was one of the few who was able to order from Amazon before they sold out. I already had a long conversation with orion-neos about the figure and my unfortunate first impression of Boba was utter disappointment and disgust. The whole thing can be viewed here, but to make a long story short my copy was broken right out of the box. Had I not been home for the holidays when I got this toy I would have just put it aside and named it my biggest disappointment of 2013, but I was home and my father had the patience and the steady hands to fix Fett. After all of that I still found him to be incredibly solid - obviously not in QC but build and sculpt wise - he is the absolute definitive version of Boba Fett. But when I let the dust settle (for the 4 days I have had him) in and kept messing around with him, I was a bit disappointed. The belt was a nuisance and while not in any way a deal breaker – it was an issue the stormtrooper didn’t have. Movie accurate or not I wish it had been dealt with better. My list is a top of the year toy’s list. While I don’t necessarily sit at my desk and bump toys together, I buy them to pose them and to look cool – just that alone makes me happy with a toy. But when it came down to it, my toys on the best of list didn’t have that issue. While some on that list are not as pose-able, it is due to (armature) design and not by (detail) oversight.

Transformers AM-32 Wildrider – This was my second transformers purchase while in Japan. My first purchase was Dreadwing who I still have a bit of favoritism for because he happens to be a seeker. I am not a fan of Wheeljack’s aesthetics. I found him to be a great character in the show and very likeable but I always found his head to be a bit goofy and his arms to be a bit goofier. Aesthetically he just doesn’t resonate with me in robot mode – but I do love the Lancia Stratos. Wildrider comes with a different headsculpt, an awesome paint scheme and really pulled me (aesthetically) in favor of this sculpt. While I am missing PRiD Deadend I have box fondled that version enough to know which one I prefer over the two.

Assault Kingdom Black Tri Stars Zaku II – I have already said all that needed to be said about the Assault Kingdom line so I won’t go over that again. What I will say is that even though my original impression of the Zaku IImold was lack luster from the original line, this Special release of the Black Tri Star team really did it for me. The accessories, the package and the value you are getting as a whole was phenomenal. I actually have two due to a sale I stumbled across while in Kyoto and it was totally worth it. I don’t usually double dip but the Black Tri Star team definitely deserved my yen.

White ★ Rock Shooter (Black ★ Rock Shooter The Game White Premium Box) – I usually collect PSP limited editions when they are reasonably priced. My personal favorites are the Y’s series (XSEED releases) and Project Diva box sets. I had my eye on this game when it first came out but I was never going to shell out 120-140 dollars for a game I wouldn’t play (and quite frankly was the digital equivalent to crap). But when I walked into my favorite store in Kyoto to pick up a newly released figure that came out that morning I found the White Premium Edition brand new and on clearance for $40. I picked it up without hesitation or a second thought. Easily the best PSP purchases I have made, and one of the most beautiful Figma’s I have acquired. Definitely a stand out. As with the other Black Rock Shooter toys, you can’t be hamhanded with this one. A lot of thin and sharp delicate pieces. I had no breaks but I also had a hell of a time messing with this figure while trying to keep everything together. This is one of the best Figma’s I have, but I can see people having a rough time handling her. She is not worth the retail price of admission. It’s a shame she didn’t get a release with the normal line.

D-arts Rockman X Ultimate Armor– As I said before I already had this guy on my list to get thanks to D-amazing​’s post. I’ve had him in hand for a couple days and I can’t get over how absolutely gorgeous this figure is. Everything on this toy is spectacular. I wish I had taken more pictures of him to show off his jetpack but the detail is everywhere. My only issue with him is the way it feels. Again D-arts manages to have this weird-slick feeling-metled plasticizer oiliness on their figures. All of my Rockman D-arts have felt that way. And this now makes  5/5 of them having this issue. I digress - the rest of the line are basically molded from the same shape and have the same hindrances so you wouldn’t go wrong with any of them. But the more I look at this figure and fiddle around with him, the more I consider him to be a personal favorite of mine and a must buy above everyone else in the Rockman line.

The Black Series Sandtrooper – This was the first figure I was able to handle from this line and he was a great first impression. He does have some hindrances and some bulkiness that can get in the way of posing, but it is not as egregious as Boba’s. This line has proven incredibly solid as a whole, all having plenty of joints with only the mold itself getting in the way (which in some cases can be worked around - like the sandtrooper) and my only real issue with the series is the QC. After getting this one out of his paint stuck joints and some nerve racking twisting and turning (to get past the armor that usually hinders this figure) he is able to pull off some sweet maneuvers. I recommend him above Boba Fett just due to him being easier to find and also because he is (along with Boba Fett) the definitive “Stormtrooper” mold. I will definitely be buying a few when hasbro actually decides to release a Stormtrooper.

External image

D-Arts Lizardon (Charizard)– I will be the first to admit that Mewtwo makes for the better Pokemon to toy transition. I already said before that his humanoid form already lends himself better to a figure. This whole line was awesome but the standout for me was Charizard. I couldn’t believe how emotive he could be. Charizard is absolutely golden, if you don’t expect too much from the legs. If you just look at Charizard or are aware of his shape – you should already know he is not a runner. If you buy knowing what you’re getting into - this toy is still awesome and surprised me quite a bit with what was possible. I say that even with it’s already obvious hindrances. I was lucky enough to attend all of the release day events in Kyoto for this line and I would do it all again, so all of these hold a special place for me but if I had to only choose one it would have to be Charizard.

External image

Generations Megatron – This is an odd one for me. I had Sharkticon Megs up on this list since before I even started my worst of list. But then when I was going through my transformers and putting them into a box for storage I found Generations Megatron. When I got him originally - I took the pictures and put him away. I was too busy to really do anything at that time other than take pictures, post them, and put the figures aside to be stored. Generations Megatron is super slick. He is Stealth Bomber, and rocks his purple and black color scheme. Sharkticon Megs wears his colors well also, I dig the cybertronian flyer thing he has going on, and I love that he was a voyager release. But this deluxe can kick his own sharkticon ass on any day of the week. Again - the colors are awesome, he is a stealth bomber, the mold is spectacular and while the transformation itself is nothing to write home about, both modes are incredibly solid unlike the PRiD Voyager releases. He definitely deserves this spot and more of my attention in the future.

Thanks for reading! I will be rolling out my top 6 shortly 

Top Toys of 2013