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Prediction on who will survive to season 5 in the 100

Raven Reyes- she HAS to be there I will riot if she’s not
Bellamy Blake - aka the key and one of the two leads, he’s not going anywhere.
Murphy- he’s a survivor, he’ll make it.
Octavia Blake- I’m not 100% sure but I’m pretty confident she’s gonna make it to season 5
Emori- let that girl live please
Jaha- even though he may not deserve it, he came down on a spaceship when there was almost no hope up on the ark. He’s gonna survive.
Luna- We’ve only just got to know this character, she’s not done.
Monty- He’s got to survive
Miller- yep
Harper - I’m 50/50 on this but I hope she survives.
Indra- 50/50
Clarke griffin- yes but it will be left on a cliffhanger
Ilian- he’s new so he won’t go.
Indras daughter I can’t remember the name of: she’s okay.

Who is going to bite the dust this season:
Abby Griffin- she’s overdue
Kane- I’m pretty sure him and Abby are gone this season.
Jasper- heartbreakingly I don’t think he’s gonna survive
Brian- He’s gonna die
Indra- Again 50/50
Harper- As I said I’m 50/50 on this one.

The line Kane says in the premiere leads me to suspect that the older characters will die except for jaha.
“The youth inherits the earth” as Bellamy and Clarke walk off into the distance seems like a strong message in this show. And it being a line in the premiere leads me to believe it will come full circle. And be an overall arc for the season and the show as a whole. Basically handing over the earth to these ‘delinquents’ so that they may not make the same mistakes. I can especially see Kane, Abby and Indra sacrificing themselves so that the next generation can live and make 'the new world’. The promo poster with jasper, raven, monty, Clarke, Bellamy and Murphy looking into the radiation wave is a powerful image. Also if it’s anything to go by Octavia is nit in the poster so maybe she does die? Also Jasper is in the poster so he could survive. And Raven is the only one turning away? So I have no idea what that means?

Anyway it’s just my theory.

Any thoughts?

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D&M could get married on the red carpet tonight and it doesn't change that it's the 1 year anniversary of him saying he was gay on a livestream. I'm sure they were hoping we'd forget about that one. Did they go to the LLL premiere? It'd be suspect as hell but on brand for Team Beard to only give a shit once they see the likelihood if getting their picture taken.

Cannot reblogged this video enough.  His own words.  Not mine.  

And no to married on the red carpet. But that can’t happen as that would make him a polygamist:).  

Blindspot Mid-Season Premiere: January 12

NBC announced Blindspot will have its mid-season return on January 12 (followed at 9pm by the season 2 premiere of Taken).

I suspect it will be on a mini holiday hiatus on December 29 and January 5, possibly also December 22 as The Futon Critic currently lists only up to December 15 (episode 307).

It’s possible there is a new episode on December 22, though it wouldn’t be the worst thing for the show if there wasn’t as the last Friday before Christmas is likely a low-viewing night so the ratings would probably take a bit of a dip.

Here are the confirmed and likely pre-emptions:

November 24 (Thanksgiving)

(December 22 - possibly)

December 29

January 5

February 9 (Olympics)

February 16 (Olympics)

February 23 (Olympics)

While we always hate pre-emptions and hiatuses, at least this year they are for a reason and not all willy-nilly like last year!

hi, “Here is the Fire” was meant to be and should have been the series premiere of Suspect Behavior, you can still tell it was written that way despite the edits, and pushing it so far back just to replace it with a character-driven story for characters we didn’t even know well instead of an episode that introduces the new face as well as the rest of the team was a big factor in the show getting such a small audience and ultimately being cancelled,

and I am bitter
See It First: Hollywood Undead Premieres ‘Usual Suspects’
Hollywood Undead has been rocking crowds (behind their signature masks) since 2008, and hit a high point in March of this year with the release of their highly anticipated fourth studio album,Day of the Dead. Yahoo Music is excited to premiere the video for “Usual Suspects” from the album, which takes a tongue-in-cheek glance at the life of a Hollywood Undead fan and features live footage from the band’s most recent stop at the Troubadour in Los Angeles. The band is currently overseas but will be back in the States for select dates through fall. If you’d like to keep up with Hollywood Undead’s schedule and see when they are coming through your neck of the woods, checkhere .

That awkward moment when your stunt is not exactly going according to plan….

This is Danielle’s IMDB starmeter.  The Starmeter is similar to google analytics in the sense that it measures how often people are looking into you, but it’s primarily designed to be used by industry professionals. It doesn’t mean *much* in the grand scheme of things, but it is something agents, managers, and producers do actually take a look at and consider when deciding to take on new clients or when hiring for new projects.    

For reference, the the first peak all the way to the left is from the week after the season premiere of The Originals.  Makes sense people would look into her then, right?  The second peak was the week of Dec 6-13 which was when the milkshake date happened.  The biggest peak was the week of Dec 20-27th aka Chicago.  After that, however….it seems like people within the industry are D.O.N.E.  Her ranking is actually lower now than it was before the season premiere.  

I originally suspected she was doing this to raise her profile get herself a better manager, but that’s certainly not happening now.  Whoever is advising her has no clue what they’re doing (girl.  what made you think smiling at the camera like that was a good idea!?  You should have been trained better than that).  

For the sake of her own career, she better hope this ends soon.  

( @tellmethisisnotlove this was what I was talking about.) 

Quand deux élèves viennent s'accuser mutuellement pour une même bêtise et qu'il faut deviner lequel des deux ment.

Réaction du premier suspect :

Réaction du second suspect :

Délibération objective de l'enseignant :

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IM SO MAD we didnt even get any form of reaction from rick/michonne when they saw each other captured by the saviours like we got for glenn and maggie...why cant the writers be consistent?!?!:(

I never expected Rick and Michonne to show any extreme emotion (either obvious relief or extreme anguish) towards each other in front of Negan. It wouldn’t have been smart at all. I believe it actually would have put Michonne in even more danger had Negan known the extent of her relationship and importance to Rick.

Anon, just as the Governor was the dialed up version of Rick, Negan is the dialed up version of the Governor. He’s the extreme end of the maladjustment behavioral dial in the ZA. I feel like the Lucille scene was supposed to be like the prison standoff dialed all the way up. Accordingly, Rick, Michonne, and Carl’s personal reactions in the S6 finale were similar, but on a more extreme end, to how they reacted to the Governor during the final prison standoff. Then, Rick was obviously shaken at the prison but still tried to negotiate. Now, Rick was…I don’t even know how to describe it because I’ve never seen Rick like that before. Then, Carl (foolishly? naively?) wasn’t scared and wanted to take action at the prison. Now, he was (metaphorically) standing toe-to-toe in his stare down with Negan. Then, Michonne was defiant  while being held in the RV (what is it about bad guys and RVs on TWD) with Hershel and showed no outward distress while on her knees beside Hershel in front of the prison. Michonne only broke emotionally (briefly) once the Governor hit Hershel in the neck with her katana. Now, Michonne was openly defiant and looked as if she wanted to take Negan’s bat and use it on him. I think we will see a more extreme emotional break from Michonne in the S7 premiere if, as I suspect, Abe (who is right beside Michonne) is the one who gets Lucilled.

I believe we will get a dialed up emotional reunion scene of sorts with Rick, Michonne, and Carl (perhaps the extreme version of what we didn’t get to see in After) once Negan and his men leave our group behind to deal with their fallen family member.