premiere part of me

ce baiser a le goût du premier.
c'est ce qu'elle me glissa l'autre soir, avant qu'elle parte.

et je me suis demandé, si les derniers baisers avaient toujours le goût des premiers.

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A Coffin For All That I Love: Part 1 We’ll Relive Your Story Again

Part 2  

 Part 3

 Part 4

Words:4342 in this part

Characters: Thranduil, Legolas, Guriel ( Original Character),Elrond

Based on: Imagine being an archer from Rivendell, a young Legolas sees you in the annual archery contest and becomes your fan; his father asks that you become his tutor. The years go by and you’ve become a mother figure as Legolas grows up, and you’ve fallen in love with his father, having no idea he feels the same about you - Imaginexhobbit

An: So I was going to wait a while and edit this a bit more but I couldn’t wait anymore to post this series. The finish product is 12,000 + words so i split it up into 4 (?) parts. here is le premier. thanks to @theimaginesyouneveraskedfor for helping me edit this ( though I may have jumped the gun and edited the last part myself out of excitement) You’re the best!.

The cheers and wails of the normally tranquil elves in the crowd ricocheted and echoed rambunctiously through the grounds as arrow after arrow was shot. Rivendell’s annual archery competition brought large crowds and contestants from across all the elvendoms. The festivity brought even the great king of Mirkwood to spectate. Thranduil sat high in the stands with Lord Elrond upon his left, watching silently as the targets were struck. He was reclining and watching the competition with mild interest. He applauded Elrond’s twins as they appeared to sweep the competition in an arguably unfair manner,,but his enjoyment was minuscule compared to that of the bouncing prince seated to his right. Legolas cheered, jumped,and all but refused to sit as the excitement erupted from him like an angry volcano. Thranduil couldn’t help but smile at his son, his joy almost seemed contagious. He wished he could feel the excitement and joy his son felt, but he could not find any true interest in the competition. With the archery games illuminating his son in a way he had not seen before, he could not dampen Legolas’ spirits with his own dismal state.

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