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Why I love Anna Kendrick
  • pitch perfect 1: *comes out*
  • universal studios: Beca and Jesse are mEanT to BE togeTh e r 'aca-babies'soon YEAH
  • bechloe fandom: hey maybe Beca and Chloe are more than friends? there are really distinctive signs we're sensing here...
  • universal studios: NO. they are F-R-I-E-N-D-S. To the cast: we shouldn't confuse fans.
  • Anna Kendrick: I love Bechloe. I love the fanfics. Send me the smut, bitches!
  • Pitch Perfect 2: *comes out*
  • Pitch Perfect 3: *trailer premieres*
  • Universal Studios: They are SO straight it's nuts. They're the straightest girls in the world.
  • Anna Kendrick: Anyways my favourite thing in the whole world is Bechloe. Hopefully they'll include their scenes in the new movie. Will they won't they? ;)

This is the famous epic fight scene from the anime “Ha! It’s Not True”,
Produced by “It’s Just a Commission” studio,
premiering soon - in your dreams 2017!!

Fenris, the son of Wolf King Fenrir, teams up with Shiro the demon hunter against a horde of demons!
The two badasses even took their shirt off for fan service purpose and stuff! You bet this anime is gonna be a top hit!!

Thanks @fenris-the-badwolf for commissioning me :)


House of Vans Chicago  | Jamila Woods “LSD” Video Premiere Party

Last night was one for the books as we honored aspiring film-maker and winner of Jamila Woods and Chance the Rapper’s Chicago Public School contest, Ashley Huicochea of Prosser Career Academy. We had a blast watching the premiere of Jamila Woods new video for “LSD” by lead directors Vincent Martell and Sam Bailey from VAM Studio, alongside student director Ashley Huicochea. The night wouldn’t have been complete without performances by Jamila Woods, Kaina, oddCouple, Chante, and DJ RTC to cap off the perfect night.

Photography: Daniel Boczarski

The Killers’ ‘The Man’ to Premiere on Annie Mac’s Radio 1 Show Wednesday Evening in the UK

It appears that Annie Mac will premiere The Killers’ ‘The Man’ as the Hottest Record in the World during her show on BBC Radio 1 Wednesday evening in the UK.

Victims around the world should be able to listen in live assuming the track does not debut earlier in the United States at some point throughout the day.

Since the only thing I can move is literally my fingers for my touchpad mouse due to my Spinal Muscular Atrophy, I hate how I can’t make Cow Chop fan art… The amount of love my last two original posts (video clip and shitty gif set) have gotten have given me hope. You guys are so freaking wonderful and kind so I hope I can continue getting better at my editing skills since it’s the only thing I can physically do and give back to this community one way or another. <3