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The Mick is an American sitcom television series broadcast on Fox. Created by Dave Chernin and John Chernin, the series stars Kaitlin Olson who also serves as executive producer. The series premiered on January 1, 2017, and resumed in its regular Tuesday night slot on January 3, 2017. On January 11, 2017, Fox picked up the series for a full season of 17 episodes.


With the premier of Tangled the Series closing in fast on March 10th all the power of the Disney Marketing Machine is set to help get the word out!  I thought it would be fun to share the final poster I designed as well as some of my early concepts that got us there.  Mad love to Alan Bodner, Chris Tsirgiotis, Laura Price, and Holly Almaguer for their skills with the color, clean up and background design!

Things The Sherlock Fandom Can Agree on Right Now

[spoilers for s4 obviously]

- John was chained to the floor?? but he got out?? with a fucking rope?? how??

- The “five years ago” played with our hearts™

- ghost mary is the best mary

- mrs. hudson is literally a fuckboy but the best kind

- TFP left us all emotionally drained whether you liked the ending or not

- molly deserved better

- mycroft and greg had a conversation so mystrade is canon™ get the fucking wedding cake ready

- the parentlock scene is the best scene

- 3 garridebs could’ve been soooooo much better

- it doesn’t matter if it was eurus john is still a little bitch for flirting

- glass reflects?? @ sherlock ur a consulting detective m8 cmon get ur shit together

- sending death threats to the writers is not cool regardless of what you thought of the finale

- mycroft being attacked by clowns and little manequinn girls was the most terrifying 7 minutes of the whole fuckin episode

- we all laughed a bit at john’s guttural noise when mary died but immediately started crying admit it

- there is no WAY IN HEAVEN OR HELL mary jumped in front of that bullet in .00000001 seconds

- the hug™ has magical healing powers

- we all need 5 mins of unsupervised conversation with Moriarty ;):):;):):)

- we need season 5

this is just based off topics i’ve seen being commonly discussed throughout the last 3 weeks, but obviously i could be missing some or be wrong. feel free to add more to my list or let me know if one doesn’t sound right!

Pour some drinks, enjoy a nice candlelit dinner with someone special, and toast to the apocalypse… The Walking Dead returns TONIGHT! 🍷🕯️

Season 3 News
  • ‘The premium cabler in June announced a two-season pickup for the series from developer/executive producer Ronald D. Moore and Sony Pictures TV. The third season will consist of 13 episodes based on Voyager, the third of eight books in Diana Gabaldon’s best-selling Outlander series. In March, production and filming on the current season moves from its home base in Scotland to Cape Town, South Africa, to shoot sea voyage scenes on the former sets of Starz’s original series Black Sails. Production on Season 3 began in September and will wrap in June.’ -
  • ‘The third season of Outlander—which will include 13 episodes based upon Voyager, the third of eight books in Diana Gabaldon’s best-selling series—will premiere in September. Fans eager to get an early taste can also catch the Outlander panel at San Diego Comic Con this summer.’ - Vanity
  • “With the scope of the production and all of the intricate details that go into the Emmy-nominated sets and costumes, we had to make sure everything is kept to the high standard of the previous seasons and [author] Diana Gabaldon’s beautiful story,” stated Exec VP Steve Kent of Sony Pictures TV, which produces the drama for Starz. “We’re so proud of the incredible work that Ron [Moore] and the Outlander team have done.” Filming is expected to wrap in June, just in time for the cast to attend San Diego Comic-Con. - Entertainment
  • The 13-episode third season will feature episodes shot in Scotland and South Africa; the latter will stand in for Caribbean locales that show up in Diana Gabaldon’s third Outlander novel, Voyager. All told, the final five episodes of the third season will be shot in South Africa. -