[DEN] After meeting with Shaden Den teleported away without looking the direction… He appeared in a garden full of flowers, and looked around - noticed nobody, he angrily stamped his foot, leaned against the fence and lit another cigarette

[PREMIDIO] Smelling the cigarette Premidio took a look around him. He first saw no one but was still intrigued, he then decided to follow the smell and ended next to taller ender

-He-hello…May I ask you what you doing in my garden?

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To clear up a few things

(Since occasionally I still get a few asks about stuff like this)


So no Endi’s name and or colors were not influenced in any way shape or form by them

Still with me?

I only knew about a few other people like michio, and sid. (witch as I mentioned before are my favorite Enders )

I only really jumped from blog to blog through people they got asks from

As of Endi’s design

If any of you guys know me I have an obsession and the strange nack at managing to fit the color blue into one or two places in my characters (even Titan was orrigionaly blue )

Her bangs came from 2 things ONE she’s partially blind in one eye TWO i have bangs and I enjoy adding them to my female characters

I also have even reserved a few questions stating why I don’t like arly that much?

Because when my blog was smaller (at like 30-50) she apparently stated I was copying her characters?

Imagine a small blog logging on to into your inbox witch is ALWAYS EMPTY and instead of having awesome sweet questions about your characters you poured your heart and soul into your blasted in the face by followers of a much popular artist, now see I’m not even sure if it was her who “called a raid on my characters” but afterwards this blog was almost deleted

Now then any other questions on the matter will probably be disregarded and deleted I never talked about the arly incident because I didn’t want drama and I’m not holding a big grudge on them

I DO NOT, and I mean DO NOT want to find out you guys when to pester arly on the matter (cause I know I have a hella amount of defensive followers, and I know she does to so yeah that wouldn’t end well if I find out you do Ill block you, simple as that ) this is not supposed to be offensive in anyway

——————————-Off topic—————————————-

Now then about other blue haired Enders popping up and things like characters with bangs

Please stop pestering me with messages about how OH NO THEY MUST BE COPYING ENDI CAUSE BLUE BANGS! evaluate the character the characteristics the art the personalities the gender pretty much the whole Character before you start with that bs in my inbox

Everyone I the fandoms just trying to have fun, can we stop with accusations? I mean it’s a blog about one of minecrafts most beloved mobs

Chill for a second