Summer Research & Clinical Programs for Pre-Medical Students

Participating in a summer program is an excellent opportunity to learn more about the field of medicine and shape the early experiences of your future in medicine. These different programs focus on providing students with clinical experience, MCAT preparation, community medicine, health care and policy, scientific and clinical research, and more.

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Weekend aesthetic.

Organizing the bullet journal in preparation for March, listening to some music, and enjoying the freedom from MCAT.

Happened to wake up early this morning and I got to send off some emails and apply for a research job (fingers crossed!) After, I comfortably made it to 8am yoga. Today’s sequence was perfect for all of the sitting I’ve been doing lately — lots of spine lengthening and hip opening.

Enjoyed my hot shower (few and far between in my overpopulated home).

Had lunch with family.

Took a delicious nap.

Feeling good and grateful for it :)

A relative of mine was diagnosed with colon cancer. His wife took this photo; one of many denoting the amount of IV lines and bags he must tote around with him in chemotherapy/the hospital. I don’t know him very well, but he is still a part of the family. He had lot a lot of weight in the past couple months. It’s weird to see him go from such a burly guy to bony. If you are religious, please include Frank in your prayers. If you are not religious, please keep him in your thoughts. He has a wonderful family with young children, and he is in his early thirties.

A while ago, various medblrs were sharing low grades they’d gotten to help show that it’s not the end of the world if you have a C on your transcript. Now that I’ve been accepted to med school, too, I wanted to show you my grades, because I am the poster girl for “a C won’t keep you from going to medical school.” 

It’s worth noting that I’m a post-bacc student, so I have a lot more grades in general than your average undergrad. It’s also true that my Cs (and that one D) weren’t in my post-bacc classes. But it seems to me that many pre-med students find it hard to believe that someone with these grades in any class could be accepted, and unnecessarily beat up on themselves if they have even one or two low grades. (And I included those B minuses above precisely because even a B- can feel like the end of the world to a pre-med sometimes.)

Do your best. Work hard. Shoot for the stars. But remember: as an applicant, you are more than just your grades and scores. Keep your eyes on the prize, and use those low grades as learning experiences to springboard yourself to greater heights.