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Sweet Innocent Rose | Tom Holland

Summary: After being diagnosed with a chronic lung disease, the second baby’s parents can only hope and pray their little baby makes it through…

Warning: infant health complications, angst, violence, mentions of religion and faith, break-your-heart kind of material

Pairing: Tom Holland x reader

Type: Baby Holland Series


The hospital corridor was stuffy, and the air smelled like an undertone of bleach. The walls were magnolia, and they were scrapped in places from the hundreds of trolleys that had bumped into them. The pictures on the walls were cheap benign prints of uplifting scenes. In the common area, there was a television and uncomfortable chairs. The people sitting in the common area seemed anxious and paranoid, knees bouncing frantically.

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Why politics in this country is so polarizing

I just read an entire comments stream on a Facebook friend’s post that made me want to kill. Let me explain: this person is a republican, but not in the new crazy way, but the standard “I like guns and small government way for reasons I can put into coherent words” way. However, he has friends who are super right, so I get to read these.

Secondary explanation: the post was a meme that has the headline “priorities in this country are askew” and has a man with a gun on one side that says “right” and on the other a dying person on a stretcher being treated by a doctor that says “privilege”.

The entire comments stream was full of debate over my friend’s initial remarks, but it read with the sort of logic you’d expect. One statement was made over and over: “Well if healthcare (abortion) is a right, where does it end? If healthcare is a right then the government has to buy it for me, and if my gun is a right then it has to buy that for me too, and where does it end? Is food a right? Is housing a right? Does the government have to buy that for me too?”

So let me answer that and simultaneously explain to you why politics in this country is so polarizing.

Economists figured out in the 1800’s that a “public good” is something defined as non-exclusive, like national defense (meaning no one can be excluded from it, because national defense descends the entire country) or combats moral egregiousness.

So let me give you an example from my own life, to make this real. An unmarried woman gives birth to a premature infant (she is single because the man she thought she could trust up and vanished when the baby became a reality). She cannot get a job because the infant requires constant specialized care. She cannot live with her family because she doesn’t have one. So…should we as a country allow this woman and her baby to end up starving to death on the street? Some historical countries did, but there’s a reason they no longer exist. When we decided to exist as a nation we, over the many decades of existence, decided to do things in a sustainable way. So do we let her starve? No. Of course we don’t. We give her food and shelter, and we give her and her daughter healthcare. And do you know what? She lives and produces a contributing member of society.

The point is, we chose to be better than our past. We chose, as a nation, to embrace public good as something for which our federal system was devised to organize and uphold. OUR GOVERNMENT EXISTS TO ORGANIZE AND PROVIDE ASSISTANCE. It is non-exclusionary and a public work.

It won’t create an “entitlement culture” because firstly, a system like that would collapse if fat lazy assholes increase in number while the supporting members decrease. There won’t be a problem to debate then! But secondly, THAT HAS NEVER FUCKING HAPPENED. In every country on this planet that has provisions for its citizens like healthcare, stipends, and free education…people have literally never turned into those space cadets from WALL-E. NEVER.

So why is politics in this country so polarizing?

Because one side is pure fucking evil straight from hell or too stupid to realize it is pure fucking evil straight from hell.


TheGiddyOwl/AstridMyrna Star Wars Fic Masterpost

WIP Multi-chapter

Just A Bunch of Hocus Pocus (Reylo, Stormpilot 2/6 chapters)

Rated: T

Summary: Seventeen-year-old Ben Solo has moved from the sunny shores of Los Angeles to Salem, Massachusetts just in time for Halloween, but he’s just not in the holiday spirit. Expecting a night of watching “Tales from the Crypt” and binge eating candy he’s supposed to be passing out, he’s surprised when his classmates Rey, Poe, Finn, and Rose invite him to check out the old Sanderson sisters’ cottage. They rummage through the sisters’ items and come across the black flame candle, which will revive the long dead witches if lit by a virgin on Halloween night. Ben lights the candle, and drags himself and his classmates into a fight for their lives and for the children of Salem!

A New Star (Rebelcaptain, 4/? chapters)

Rated: M

Content Warning: Postpartum depression and anxiety

Summary: Jyn learns too little, too late that she was six months pregnant with Cassian’s child when she gives birth on Echo Base. Both she and Cassian struggle with the daunting responsibilities ahead of them and the possibility that the premature infant might not survive long at the rebel headquarters.

WIP Series

Amare et Odite (Reylo, 2/3 parts):

From the Pinnacle to the Pit

Rating: T

Summary: Kylo Ren has become bitter and depressed since Rey defeated him at Starkiller Base. Captain Phasma advises him to kill what he loves in order to gain true strength, and Ren is off on a personal quest to destroy Rey and his feelings for her that burden his soul.

The Scars Inside You

Rating: T

Summary: After Rey and Luke evacuate Ach'to due to Kylo Ren’s betrayal, Luke trains Rey as one of the last Jedi before he ends the order. For her final test of Jedi training several years later, Rey must travel to the kyber crystal caves of the ice planet Ilum and gather her kyber crystal to power her very own lightsaber. Unfortunately, Kylo Ren has also come to Ilum to capture Rey and bring her to the First Order! A twist of fate, however, brings the two to the mysterious caves and brings out their rawest emotions.

Complete Multi-chapter

Three Stars Out of Five (Reylo, 5 chapters)

Rating: T

Summary: Ben Solo is the owner of The Little Ren, a five-star restaurant that just received its first three-star review from a food blogger only known as Rey. When Rey returns to his restaurant to write a follow-up review, he’s determined to get an answer for the average score he received in the first place.

Complete One-Shots

The Thistle (Reylo)

Rating: G

Summary: Kylo Ren and Rey are on the run, but Kylo Ren still finds time to pick flowers.

Cold Revival (Reylo)

Rating: T

Summary: When Kylo Ren is thrown off his own ship and falls into the frigid waters of Ahch-To, it’s up to Rey to save him.

So like most of these are Reylo BUT WHO KNOWS WHAT PAIRINGS THE FUTURE WILL BRING. But if you liked any of these please reblog so others can see them too, thank you!

fic idea???

so guysss… even if i’m obsessed with riverdale, i really really love grey’s anatomy and bones (medical/mystery shows are an obsession of mine) so i want to see if i can write a fic that combines the two/three! if i continue it, i’m going to call it blossom memorial hospital. would anyone read this??

jughead jones, despite his age, is one of the best cardiologists that riverdale and its surrounding towns have ever seen. after a tragic breakup because he wasn’t living to his full potential, he threw himself into his career, eventually earning himself a scholarship to NYU, and consequently NYU School of Medicine. though he had a successful career in new york he came back to riverdale to aid his sister JB in being a single mother.

betty cooper is a neonatologist (a doctor that specializes in premature and critically ill infants who require immediate treatment at the risk of fatal consequences). when her sister polly’s twins were born prematurely, she took a special interest in their health. little did she know, it would develop into a lifelong passion.

veronica lodge is a second year resident, trying to win the approval of her mentor, cheryl blossom. the question is, how far will she go, and will it turn into something more? what will be the consequences??

josie mccoy is the nurse-in-training that, even though she’s not an official part of the team yet, is probably the most determined, motivated, and organized person at the hospital. she knows how to do her job, and to do it well. plus, with her twelve hour shifts, she only has to work three days per week, leaving time for her music career.

cheryl blossom is the neurosurgeon of the team. though outside of the operating room, she may make her patient’s nervous with her biting commentary, inside, she makes them feel comfortable with the knowledge that she definitely knows what she’s doing.

kevin keller is the charismatic receptionist that makes every patient comfortable in the hospital before surgery, or even something as simple as a checkup. behind the scenes, he knows all of the hospital’s hottest gossip, and is sure to inform his best friend, betty.

archie andrews is a pediatric surgeon. sometimes, after sharing some tough news, he gets out his guitar like the good ol’ days. despite his sometimes oblivious tendencies, he has impressively steady hands during surgery, making him the best (and only) pediatric surgeon at the hospital.

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Lisa Marie Montgomery, (born February 27, 1968) is an American woman from Melvern, Kansas, who was convicted of the 2004 murder of Bobbie Jo Stinnett. Montgomery killed the pregnant Stinnett before cutting Stinnett’s unborn baby out from the womb and kidnapping her.

Montgomery met Stinnett online in a rat terrier chatroom called “Ratter Chatter.” Posing as “Darlene Fischer,” Montgomery told Stinnett that she, too, was pregnant. The two women chatted online and exchanged e-mails about their pregnancies. Montgomery then arranged a meeting at Stinnett’s home under the pretext of wanting to buy a rat terrier. On December 16, 2004, Montgomery strangled the pregnant woman with a pink neon rope in her home in Skidmore, Missouri, and cut the premature infant from her womb. She later attempted to pass the infant girl off as her own child.

Stinnett was discovered by her mother, Becky Harper, in a pool of blood about an hour after the assault. Harper immediately called 911, describing the wounds inflicted upon her daughter as appearing as if her “stomach had exploded”. Attempts by paramedics to revive Stinnett were unsuccessful, and she was pronounced dead at St. Francis Hospital in Maryville, Missouri.

The next day, December 17, 2004, Montgomery was at her farmhouse when she was arrested. After Montgomery’s capture by police, the day-old baby was recovered. Victoria Jo Stinnett was returned to the care of her father, Zeb Stinnett.

Midoriya Izuku Special 1 !

Happy Birthday my beloved, you deserve the world and beyond.
Keep smiling and never lose sight of what you want to become QvQ 

In the middle of month april, Midoriya Izuku had found himself in the most terrible position ever. All of his muscles were tense, he jumped up and down, ran back and forth, his nervous hands trying to grasp his green hair in frustration and anxiety. Constant screaming caught his ears, his heart was racing as sweat had gathered on his palms. It felt like it’d burst out of his chest any second, breathing rigidly. He couldnt calm down. EVER.

Because his love was currently giving birth to their child.
Yes, they were carrying his child for 8 months now – so it was way to early to be delivered but here he was standing while they were suffering from pain that he himself could never imagine inside this doomed room.
Even his mother told him via phone that he should calm down for their sake but- How was he supposed to do that?!

Not even remembering how things went their path when the greenhaired male got an emergency phone call at work.. It was the worst case scenario for the both of them. Who would’ve actually expected that it would come so early?    

Quiet. It was suddenly so quiet. Why was it quiet?!
His head shot up when the door slowly opened up. „It’s a boy.“, the doctor’s voice was serious, causing his heart to drop. He knew what consequences this might have when a child has been delivered too early… But this was no time to break because his s/o needed his presence the most right now.
As soon as the doctor told him he may enter, for god’s sake, he bit his lip.

He froze in place, his breath hitched as he stared wide-eyed in awe at the yet beautiful sight playing in front of him.
His dearest was covered in sweat, hair sticking to their forehead, looking pale and just really exhausted, but to him. To him they looked astonishing nevertheless. And… They held… their child, their newborn child in their arms. „(Name)“, he whispered as his feet carried his figure towards their side in a swift, carefully seating himself beside them.

„Izuku…“, they sent their man a warm smile: „You’re here.“
Relief was in their weak and hoarse voice from all the sounds they had made. Midoriya gulped.. „Look at him.“
There was a thick lump forming in his throat as he held back tears that were about to spill, already lingering at the corner of his eyes. His mouth quivered.

„Of… Of course I’m here.“, he ran his hand gently through his partner’s hair and placed a kiss at their temple. „Oh-… My god.“, leaning his’ against theirs, his voice was becoming unsteady. They giggled and watched their husband’s gaze how it was wandering towards the small premature infant. Theirs.

A wave of so many emotions ran through him, almost feeling like he was hit by a train – which was a way too negative thing to refer to in the current situation. But all those feelings were so overwhelming - In such a good way that he couldnt help but to cry a ((little)) bit, damn it.

No words would be able to sum up what was going inside of him.
This was probably the most terrifying yet best spring that he ever had and will never forget. It could beat the moment where he got to meet Almight…
„You did so well… I love you so much.“, Midoriya cracked. „Both of you…“

Discovering that the baby needed to deal with treatment was a hit in the guts but chances were very likely that it will grow completely healthy like any other would with time, the couple exhaled thankfully.

Got three things for this boy that I will just spam post. 

Im not sure if premature babies are instantly sent to the Neonatology or if their parents at least are allowed to hold them for a little bit of time before.
So I apologize if it’s a convinient mistake of mine to make this a bit fluffy and not sadly devastating what it would be normally if you give birth to a child which isnt healthy at the beginning.

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A video about premature infant care and advances in fertility treatment…

Cunningly disguised as a man vs. machine SMACKDOWN!

Junior or the Matrix: which is THE FUTURE????

Place your bets.

Calcite canopic jar; lid in the form of a human head; three columns of
incised Hieroglyphic text on the body including the cartouche of Queen

She was the Great Royal Wife of Horemheb, the last Pharaoh of the 18th Dynasty, and is thought by some to have been the sister of Nefertiti. She died in her mid 40s, and was buried in her husband’s unused tomb near Memphis.

With her was the mummy of a stillborn, premature infant, meaning it’s highly likely she died in childbirth. Analysis of her mummy showed she’d supposedly given birth several times, but Horemheb had no children at the time of his death.

He was succeeded by his vizier, who would be known as Ramesses I.


Music has also been shown as an effective, drug-free way to relieve pain, which is crucial in special patient populations like children who don’t have the benefit of prescription strength pain killers especially designed and tested for them. A randomized, controlled trial conducted among post-operative pediatric patients showed that listening to their favorite music had significant reduction in pain as compared to the control group: those who simply put on noise-cancelling headphones. A group of scientists in Germany also found that listening to live harp music lowered stress hormones in premature infants living in a neonatal intensive-care unit.

foxmunandjacks  asked:

Jack was walking through the snow, when she heard the crying and turned to see NS armor, and crying come from it, she cautiously walked over and saw baby NS. "what the hell happened." she picked him up.

The infant Nightshade cried and kicked his legs, red and purple tears streaming down his small cheekbones. He looked to be a premature infant as he was smaller than a normal baby.

gabriel is tornados tearing apart lands and waves turning great big boulders to sand and dangerously bright fires licking at the night sky. he has a volcano in his heart and lava in his veins, and his eyes burn brilliant with the stardust of the galaxies he once cupped in the palms of his hands like premature infants barely strong enough to draw breath into their own lungs. he’s a thousand-dimensional being beyond comprehension, and sam can’t believe he ever forgot that. 

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"Just a Nurse"

I didn’t catch the Miss America competition this weekend, as it was my weekend to work. Not that I would’ve watched anyway, I’ve never been much of a “girly girl”. I suppose that’s why Emergency nursing attracted me. I knew I could do things in the Emergency Department that I would never do anywhere else. Not to mention the autonomy I have there. We are respected by our physicians as the best of the best. So, while the Miss America pageant was broadcasting, I was starting my second 12 hour night shift. I was running a Level 1 Trauma center Emergency Department, as the charge nurse. I was assessing patients coming in by squad with my nifty “doctors stethoscope” and being gatekeeper to the unending lines of squads and patients checking in.

After my 36 hours in the Emergency Department this weekend (what did you do with your weekend?), I slept most of the day Monday. My sleep was broken by the myriad of daytime noises… kids playing, lawn mowers, cars coming and going from the neighbor’s, and our two cats meowing, wanting my attention. When my boyfriend finally called and woke me at 4pm, I felt like I had wasted the entire day, yet only gotten a couple hours of broken sleep. I stumbled to the shower, hoping I could at least salvage the evening.

I spent that evening having dinner with a colleague, an advanced practice nurse with two masters degrees, and my wonderful boyfriend, who listened to us bitch endlessly about the bullshit we put up with just to do our job properly. He has the patience of a saint, not to mention he respects my work. Doesn’t hurt that he’s in love with me either. 😉

Tuesday, I woke up bright and early, ready to accomplish something with my only full day off. But, a morning doctors appt quickly turned into a specialists visit and minor surgery for my boyfriend. He picked me up and I went with him so that I could drive him home afterward and decifer any home going instructions he received. Plus, I’m also in love with him, and wouldn’t have wanted to be anywhere else. I was sent to the waiting area while he had the procedure where I sat and stewed… I don’t make a good patient, and I make an even worse patients significant other. I mentally checked off all the things I should be on the look out for… fevers, increased swelling, drainage, bleeding, cellulitis, MRSA, etc. Once we were done, I dropped off his prescriptions at the pharmacy and took him home to rest. But, by the time we made the 30 minute trip, the area in question was already significantly swollen and didn’t look right to me. We called the doctors office, but had to leave a voicemail. Then, I waited. And I got him lunch, and picked up his prescriptions, and watched the area like a hawk, while I waited for the office to return the call. I got him a cold pack to put on it, in hopes the swelling would slow, and worried. We watched movies and I stayed with him all afternoon and evening, because again, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

You see, this girl who is “just a nurse”, doesn’t ever stop being a nurse. Even on my days off, my boyfriend will attest to the fact that I am frequently stewing over a work situation, or a sick patient I took care of, or working on items for one of the many committees I belong to in the hospital. When I’m not doing those things, I’m a mother, a daughter, a sister, a girlfriend and I’m still a nurse. And I take care of the people I love. Even if it’s just to answer a phone call and reassure them they’re not going to die from taking motrin 5 hours apart instead of 6. Yes, this actually happens to us all the time.

My point being, that by Tuesday night, I was finally relaxed enough to scroll through my Facebook feed and catch up on the offensive and appalling comments Joy Behar made on The View about Miss Colorado. You can Google it if you haven’t already heard, but she questioned why she was wearing a “doctors stethoscope” and basically mocked her, calling her “just a nurse.”

Now, I don’t watch much television, I’m too busy for that. So, I’m sure that The View will never miss my patronage, since they never had it to begin with. But let me just say, of all professions to mock, nursing is not the one. With over 3 million nurses in the US alone, not to mention the family, friends and colleagues that love and respect us, you just pissed off the wrong crowd.

Think about this, the very first stethoscope laid on an infants chest after delivery is held in the hands of a nurse. The very last person to hold your hand, or wash your worn out body after you pass from this life to the next, is a nurse. The last person to catch a medication error before it kills you, is a nurse. The person that decides who is seen immediately and who waits in the Emergency Department, is a nurse. The person that watches over your premature infant all night long, and can detect the slightest change in their status, and is responsible for calling in a team to rapidly assess and care for them, is a nurse. When you are critically ill or injured and need flown from a scene or to a hospital with a higher level of care, you are taken by helicopter with a nurse. When you can no longer care for your aging parents, or disabled child, and they are placed in long term care, you rely on nurses. So, when you insult such a large and varied group of professionals, you should know that we will defend ourselves tirelessly for the respect we deserve. Luckily for Joy Behar and her table of witless, intellectually challenged cohorts, the nurses of the world are still bound by law and by profession to provide you with the same care they would their own family member. Unlike Kim Davis, the clerk in Tennessee who is hiding behind her religion as a reason not to do her job, we are professionals, and we will never walk away from someone who needs us, just because we don’t share the same religion, ethics, education, ethnicity, sexual orientation or political beliefs. We are nurses, and we are damn proud of it.

So, Joy Behar, I would like to know what you did with your weekend. When was the last time you saved a life? Have you ever carried a 4 year old to the morgue after they died at the hands of their own parent? Have you ever held brain tissue in your hands after a 16 year old shoots himself in the head? Have you ever picked grass and dirt out of severed limb so that it can reattached to the 8 year old that fell under a riding lawn mower? Have you ever been attacked by a family member of a dead child, after you did everything in your power to save their life? Have you ever left the bedside of your own dying family member to go to work to care for someone else’s sick child? Have you missed out on countless holidays, birthdays and school plays to be cussed at and berated by the people you are bound to care for? Do you lay awake at night wondering if you did enough, worked hard enough or advocated to the best of your ability for the sick and dying? Have you ever done CPR on a coworker? Because I have… and when I get dressed for work tonight and put on my scrubs and hang that “doctors stethoscope” around my neck, please know that will spend all 12 hours working my ass off to save lives, and honor my profession to the best of my ability. And I won’t be losing any sleep over the comments you so carelessly made about me and my colleagues. You sit behind a desk and talk shit about something you obviously know nothing about. Until you’ve walked the proverbial mile in my shoes, you should refrain from ever opening those flapping jowls of yours again with criticism of my profession. You will never have even an ounce of the dignity, courage and professionalism displayed by nurses across the country. You are a disgrace, and I sincerely hope you never speak in public again, unless it’s to offer a sincere and heartfelt apology to nurses everywhere.


“Just a Nurse”

Just 2 kilograms (4.4 pounds) when he was born in Somaliland at the Edna Adan University Hospital, Khalid was severely hypothermic and in danger of the same fate that afflicts more than 1 million infants every year when they die on their first day. However, due to a low-cost infant warmer created by the nonprofit organization Embrace — which costs less than 1 percent of the price of an incubator — and the excellent care provided by the staff, Khalid survived and thrived.

Learn more about Embrace, which has reached more than 50,000 low birth weight and premature infants so far, and plans to reach 150,000 by the end of 2014 via the Half the Sky Movement blog.


Distillation of a slightly decomposed perfluoroalkyl iodide.

Upon standing alkyl halides, especially iodides could decompose to give elemental iodine and a lot unwanted stuff. From time to time these decomposition products could be removed with fractional distillation if we are enough lucky. In this case a little iodine was left in distillate (as seen on the pictures).  

Did you know that Perflubron (perfluorooctyl bromide) has been used in liquid breathing in premature infants with respiratory distress since oxygen dissolves pretty well in these perfluorinated compounds. 


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Thea’s eye flashed down the hall towards the green eyed man with the premature infant before finding Dr. Avery’s eyes. They were blazing, and for the first time since she was an intern, Thea Grace really regretted deciding to become a doctor. But the feeling was only there for a millisecond before it vanished. Thea Grace was born to save lives. It was all in her name, really. Althea: with healing powers. She was born to heal. If she was a Greek god, she was pretty sure she’d be like Apollo, or at the very least, a child of Apollo. At least, that was what her mother always told her growing up.

chapter one; coming today, 6pm CST

madfuckingwitch  asked:

As an anti-choicer, do you believe that the health of a zygote/embryo/foetus is more important than that of the pregnant person? If you believe that the pregnant person's health I more important, where do you draw the line to save the preeeeeecious?

I believe both lives are equally important, actually. Both the fetus and the mother are people, and neither is more or less valuable than the other. I believe all people have inherent and equal value, and that why we have inherent and equal rights.

When it comes to a mother experiencing a life-threatening condition while pregnant, we shouldn’t be debating whose life is more important. The doctor’s job is to heal, not to kill, and thus he or she should make every attempt to save both lives.

When doctors are faced with multiple patients at once, they triage to decide who gets care in which order. Triage is not a determination of the value of the person, but of how the doctor can save as many lives as possible. Sometimes that means allowing a patient who cannot be saved to die in order to spend time saving another patient who has a chance to live. However, when a doctor determines that a patient cannot be saved and therefore decides not to treat that patient, the doctor does not kill the patient.

In the case of pregnancy, in many situations the doctor is able to save both lives. New treatments, better care for prematurely born infants, and even things like new ways of fighting cancer in the mother without harming the baby are all making it easier for the doctor to save as many lives as possible. Unfortunately, rather than doing their job, many doctors decide the fetus is not worth the effort and expense of using a more specialized treatment and recommends abortion, telling the woman she needs it or she might die.

Usually the way it works is that the doctor focuses on keeping the mother stable until the baby reaches at least 21-22 weeks, when many babies are able to survive outside the womb, and then delivers the baby prematurely. In this way, both mom and baby have a chance at survival (the mom’s chances are usually higher).

However, sometimes it doesn’t work out so nicely, and the doctor has no choice but to deliver before that 21-week mark. That, or the mother miscarries from all the stress caused by her illness and the craziness that comes with it. Even then, even though there’s practically no chance of survival for the baby, that baby is given as much time to live as possible. As our medical care improves, younger babies will live longer and longer outside the womb. In order for that to start happening, though, we need to be giving them the chance to survive.

Basically, any time abortion would be considered a “treatment” for a medical condition in the mother, the problem could be solved by simply delivering early. Same result for the mother’s treatment except without the extra step of killing the baby.

And thank you, but I don’t need the sarcastic Gollum impression.

Little Asskicker
External image

Title: Little Asskicker

Author: livelaughloveboo (that’s me)

Word Count: 1117 words

Warnings: Premature infant, swearing

Summary: Imagine Dean calling his newborn daughter a little asskicker because she was born prematurely and had a 50/50 chance of living.(Requested by ‘fucking-austincarlile’ on tumblr)

Link to Fic: here or on

AN: First off, the title isn’t very original, but I just couldn’t find anything else that fit this story.  I had to dig a little for the imagine off of the teamfreewillimaginepage, but I found it {Here it is!} It was a little hard to write this one, just saying, but I really do hope that you like this one, hon!

Disclaimer: I don’t own Supernatural


Little Asskicker

Dean looked into the incubator, watching his daughter fight for her life. The mother of this little infant was asleep in her hospital room after the hard labor.

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The current holocaust

In order to justify killing a human, one must first work to dehumanize who is to be killed. As soon as we look at another human being and say that they aren’t really human at all, we enter perilious ground. The German nazi government did this with Jews and anyone else they found to be unwanted. And 11 million people died, because they weren’t believed to be people. Others sat by and turned away, did nothing about the unspeakable horrors that happened. The United States government made abortion legal in 1973. Since then over 54 million humans in the beginning stages of life have been killed. And this has been justified by our government with the view that they aren’t human. We begin dehumanizing them by calling them “fetuses” and “tissue” instead of baby or infant. Whatever your moral beliefs are, you can’t dispute facts. Species can only reproduce the same species. Another way they have been dehumanized is by saying they aren’t really alive until birth. However, an organism is a living thing that can be anywhere from one cell to trillions of cells. In the womb, the “clump of cells” needs nourishment and grows at an alarming rate. The baby develops organs that function before birth. Even a single bacteria cell is considered a life form. So why aren’t children in their beginning stages? Premature infants are born all the time that would, under normal circumstances, still be fetuses. Are they not human because they aren’t a certain weight or size? Birth does not magically change one species to another. A human is a human in the womb. A dog is still a dog in the womb. A cat is still a cat in the womb. Birth also doesn’t start the heart or brain or cell activity of a human. Life scientifically begins at conception. We need to stop dehumanizing. History has repeated itself. And how many of us have asked, “how could they have just done nothing about what was happening?” We are living through our own holocaust where women are being told lies, dehumanizing their babies. They walk into these death camps with fear for their future, and instead of being given hope and positive options, they are told that the only answer is to take the life from the child growing within them. They aren’t told that their child can feel pain. They aren’t told about the pain, phycially, emotionally, and spiritually, that they will endure. And this is all under the guise of choice and power. Take a stand, for women, for children, for life. Stand up against this holocaust– the Holocaust of our Generation. (1/3 of which has become the victim)