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Rising Sign/Ascendant Describtions

In this post, I will try my best to be as precise & informative as possible. This actually works if at least ¾ of the description fits a person. Try this out! 


Behaviour: activity, initiative, striving forward; a confident, dynamic even aggressive look, but sometimes a quite naive one

Physical Characteristics: diamond shaped face; rather wavy, chestnut brown hair; big eyes with bushy arched brows; usually a straight but droopy nose; thin or medium lips; small chin; very athletic; men often have granular skin on their face; blush; scars or marks on the head. 

Celebrities with Aries Rising: Rihanna, Shakira, John Lennon, Heath Ledger, Che Guevara, Penélope Cruz, Kendall Jenner, Morgan Freeman, Bill Cosby

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Behaviour: serenity, good manners, charm; a soft, friendly look

Physical Characteristics: square shaped face; thick, straight, rather dark hair; natural, gradual eyebrows, big beautiful eyes with long lashes; full lips; often an upturned button nose; a short and thick neck, hunched shoulders; tendency to corpulence; women usually have large breasts and hips. 

Celebrities with Taurus Rising: Martin Luther King, Lana Del Rey, Mariah Carey, Halle Berry, David Beckham, Dave Gahan, Taylor Lautner, Zinedine Zidane, Snoop Dogg, Michael Schumacher, Cate Blanchett, Serena Williams

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Behaviour: restlessness, multitasking; fast and permanent movements; countless contact with people, enthusiastic, charming, sociable with strangers,

Physical Characteristics: Oval face; thinning, sparse hair; rather small, close-set, squinty eyes, thin eyebrows; a direct, open, interested look; a straight middle long nose; slim & thin, rather short; usually look younger than they actually are

Celebrities with Gemini Rising: Lady GaGa, Amy Winehouse, Kristen Stewart, Sandra Bullock, Mick Jagger, Ashton Kutcher, Michelle Pfeiffer, Charlie Sheen, Matthew McConaughey, Ricky Martin, Tim Burton, LeBron James, Julianne Moore, Jackie Chan, Ben Stiller, Amy Adams

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Behaviour: quite talkative when it comes to someone’s problems, moodiness, somnolence, stubbornness, sensitivity, compassion; slow moves

Physical Characteristics: round face but cheekbones, quite pale; big, watery eyes, a naive, confused look; a small, upturned or even snub nose; a quite weak chin; full lips; often plump, small hands and feet, for women: rather big, well-formed breasts

Celebrities with Cancer Rising: Angelina Jolie, Cameron Diaz, Julia Roberts, Bill Gates, Kanye West, Juliette Binoche, Robert Pattinson, Ben Affleck, Robert De Niro, Mel Gibson, Tyra Banks, Mila Jovovich, Cindy Crawford, Romy Schneider, Michael Jordan, John Travolta, William Shakespeare, George Michael, Liv Tyler, Gary Oldman, Michael Phelps, Amy Lee

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Behaviour:  brightness, cheerfulness, confidence; high self-esteem; expressive manners

Physical Characteristics: mane of hair, usually ginger, auburn copper, if dark: premature greying, for men: premature alopecia; big, a little slanting, beautiful eyes, a friendly, playful look; Roman or Grecian Nose; massive upper body, muscular, broad shoulders but thin legs, large bones; confident, proud port

Celebrities with Leo Rising: Marilyn Monroe, Johnny Depp, Justin Timberlake, Selena Gomez, Al Pacino, Freddie Mercury, Celine Dion, Chris Brown, Robbie Williams, Jessica Alba, Meryl Streep, Drake, Pablo Picasso, Jack Nicholson, Will Smith, Marilyn Manson, George W. Bush, Katie Holmes, Kylie Minogue, Heidi Klum, Tina Turner, Jake Gyllenhaal, Robery Downey Jr, Adam Levine, Kate Moss, Muhammad Ali, Emma Stone, Sting, Eva Green

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Behaviour: measured moves; a soft, melodic voice; cleanliness, discipline; classic dressing style

Physical Characteristics: large oval face, pale skin, especially unremarkable lineament, since all the features are proportional; rather hooded eyes; full lips; often small birthmarks around the nose/lips

Celebrities with Virgo Rising: Madonna, Nicolas Sarkozy, Keanu Reeves, Kurt Cobain, Sharon Stone, Uma Thurman, Steve Jobs, Emma Watson, Jay-Z, Bruce Willis, Charlize Theron, Tom Hanks, Nicole Scherzinger, Audrey Tautou, Roger Federer, Ryan Reynolds, Woody Allen, Chris Martin, Hugh Grant, Winston Churchill, Patrick Swayze, Kevin Costner, Leonard Cohen, Tiger Woods

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Behaviour: grace and beauty, dislike fraternising, prefer to stay distant,  diplomatic flair and perfectly able to engage the public; tact and delicacy, softness; elegance, dressed neatly

Physical Characteristics: a heart-shaped face, beautiful almond eyes but a cold and distant look; a smile that might seem forced, usually ash/honey brown hair; a slim button nose, dimples; a weak chest, narrow shoulders.

Celebrities with Libra Rising: Leonardo DiCaprio, Beyoncé, Jennifer Aniston, John F. Kennedy, Catherine - Duchess of Cambridge, Bill Clinton, Alain Delon, Jared Leto, Kate Winslet, Benedict Cumberbatch, George Harrison, Harrison Ford, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Frank Sinatra, Yoko Ono

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Behaviour: personal magnetism, attractiveness, excessive seriousness, deep, raucous voice; unemotional, cold

Physical Characteristics: diamond shaped face, usually a dark, curly hair; close thick brows; rather small, squinty eyes, sneak-like, icy, piercing look; long, hooked nose; thin lips; big chin; men usually have a beard and longer hair; athletic body

Celebrities with Scorpio Rising: Nicole Kidman, Hillary Clinton, Katy Perry, Natalie Portman, Vladimir Putin, Justin Bieber, Tom Cruise, Napoleon I, Prince, Vanessa Paradis,  Charlie Chaplin, Robin Williams, Bjork, Jim Carrey, Sigmund Freud, Clint Eastwood, Edward Norton, Rafael Nadal, James Franco, Ludwig van Beethoven, Enrique Iglesias, Eva Longoria, Mike Tyson, Rachel McAdams, Michael Douglas, Margaret Thatcher, Claudia Schiffer, Vin Diesel, Lewis Hamilton, Jimmy Page

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Behaviour: Optimism, sense of humour, kindness, enjoy their authority

Physical Characteristics : long, square-shaped face, high forehead (early alopecia for men); thick, bushy eyebrows; a confident, almost arrogant look; very tall, often plump; large, bony hands

Celebrities with Sagittarius Rising: Brad Pitt, Jodie Foster, Scarlett Johansson,  Diana - Princess of Wales, Elvis Presley, Kim Kardashian, Eminem, Brigitte Bardot, Leonardo DaVinci, Oprah Winfrey, Paris Hilton, Jennifer Lawrence, Bruce Lee, Marlon Brando, Elizabeth Taylor, Jimi Hendrix, Jude Law, Bob Marley, Mila Kunis, Nelson Mandela, Sylvester Stallone, Ellen DeGeneres, Alicia Keys, Angela Merkel, Bob Dylan, Bradley Cooper, Nicolas Cage, Winona Ryder, Coco Chanel, Michael Fassbender, Elton John

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Behaviour: grouchiness, seriousness, overconcern; usually look older while they’re young and extremely young at older age; calm and restrained

Physical Characteristics: very sharp-cut features, many wrinkles; short stature; big, dark, deep-set eyes, thick but short eyebrows; high forehead, a long nose, a sharp chin; the look is direct and stubborn; earth colours: tanned skin tone, dark hair; thick bones

Celebrities with Capricorn Rising: Monica Belucci, Taylor Swift, Megan Fox, Cristiano Ronaldo, Ariana Grande, Giselle Bundchen, Gwen Stefani, Sean Connery,  Prince Harry of Wales, Bono, Zac Efron, Naomi Campbell, Kylie Jenner, Sophie Loren, Zooey Deschanel, Novak Djokovic, Anthony Hopkins, Lenny Kravitz,  Lorde, Carrie Fisher, Chuck Norris

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Behaviour: friendly, open to new ideas, but intolerant of other people’s shortcomings and overly sarcastic; look & dress very unusually, like to play the clown; eccentricity and freedom in every movement; ever-young; provocative, but confused & innocent at the same time

Physical Characteristics: excessive growth, very thin; squinty, upturned, darting, blurred eyes; long fingers; thin lips

Celebrities with Aquarius Rising: Barack Obama, Cristina Aquilera, David Bowie, Jim Morrison, Russell Crowe, Nicki Minaj, Orlando Bloom, Audrey Hepburn, Adele, Matt Damon, J.K. Rowling, Abraham Lincoln, Lionel Messi, Ian Somerhalder,  Janis Joplin, Ayrton Senna, Oscar Pistorius, Yves Saint-Laurant, Whoopi Goldberg

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Behaviour: daydreaming, shows good towards others; mystic, self-oriented and tired look, kind but a little shy

Physical Characteristics : a round face; thick, shiny, dark hair; long straight nose; bright almond, extremely beautiful eyes; pale and with eye circles; small hands and feet

Celebrities with Pisces Rising: Michael Jackson, Demi Moore, George Clooney, Ryan Gosling, Whitney Houston, Paul McCartney, Zayn Malik, Gwyneth Paltrow, Adriana Lima, Demi Lovato, Antonio Banderas, Vanessa Hudgens, Johnny Cash, Kaley Cuoco, Andrew Garfield, Ellen Pompeo

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Questions I need answers to in the finale
  • Where the fuck is Grundy’s gun? Is it the same one Alice was brandishing at Hal?
  • Was FP working for Clifford and did he kidnap Jason and tie him up in the basement of the Whyte Wyrm?
  • Were the drugs FP was peddling actually Cliff’s?
  • WTF did Gladys say to Juggie? (sidenote: I will never forgive her for making him cry!!)
  • Are Kevin and Joaquin reuniting? How did Kevin not know Joaquin was shady when he knew he was part of the Serpents and they were drug dealers?
  • Who the fuck pays someone to do their dirty deeds in a monogrammed bag?
  • Why the fuck could Hal not tell Polly to stop dating Jason because they were distant cousins? If that’s really such a big deal? (Sidenote: It’s not)
  • Did Cheryl and Penny off Cliff? Wtf was that synchronized hand movement pointing Keller to the warehouse? (So creepy)
  • Did Penny know all along that her husband was a drug dealer? Did she suspect he may have killed Jason? Did Cheryl ? Hint: she wasn’t surprised at all when Betty called her
  • How the fuck does Jason resemble Archie? (sidenote: it’d be great if the Andrews clan were related to the Bloopers as well, that’d kill any B/arfchie completely, seeing as this distant cousin thing is still considered incest)
  • Who the fuck filmed the murder? (FP)
  • How the fuck did Cliff Blossom know about the small window he’d have to plant the gun in FPs trailer?  
  • Why the fuck did he torture Jason?
  • How much of FPs confession is true? (I’m guessing the part about freezing the body and then throwing it in the river later is since it was corroborated by Joaquin and also all the scenes we were shown in flashback - Jason meeting him and him torching the car)
  • Wtf are the Blossoms hiding in the east wing?
  • Why the fuck did Cliff have all those wigs? (and I need a better explanation than one for every mood)
  • Who the fuck told Hiram about Fred and Hermione?
  • Who the fuck was Jason supposed to deliver the drugs to?
  • Wtf was Cliff paying Hiram perpetuity for?  
  • So was the ghost of grandpappy Blossom with his throat slit (the one that caused Cliff’s hair to turn prematurely grey) actually the ghost of Grandpappy Cooper, previously Blossom, now Blooper?
  • Does the maple syrup business not exist at all???  
  • Has Juggie been suspended from school? (Fuck you, Weatherbee!)
  • Has someone told Gladys Jones that her husband’s in jail and her son is homeless living on charity in a place where he’s not wanted? 
  • When is FP getting out of jail?
Sherlolly Week 2017 Day 2: First Date

(The rating is still G on this one. Set in S1, sometime after ASiP but before TGG.)


“Sherlock?  What are you doing here?  Do you have another case already?” Molly asked, setting her bag on the lab table.  He’d only left a few hours before.

“Nope.  John has a date and I’m not to return to the flat until two at the earliest, which, I have to say, is highly optimistic of him considering the length of his shower this morning.”  He went back to looking at whatever slide he had in the microscope.

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honestly dipper in the familiar au is living my dream. magic, snarky demon lover, being shown off at a demon party by said snarky demon lover like some sort of trophy human-husband... goals

Bill would absolutely agree that this life is a dream, and Dipper should be thankful that Bill brings so much entertainment! Who wants a boring existence?

Dipper would argue that, okay, it has some upsides, but most of them are completely neutralized by the fact that hanging out with a sociopathic monstrosity (who has stupid amounts of power) means you get dragged into horrific messes and deadly situations on the regular. Some people aren’t immortal, Bill, and Dipper’s fairly certain he’s either going to have a heart attack from dealing with the horrors that come part and parcel of being around Bill, get horribly murdered because Bill got too confident, or simply pass away from sheer exhausted frustration because his idiot demon husband thinks his grumpy face is ‘cute’.

Bill doesn’t want Dipper dead, but he leaves chaos in his wake wherever he goes and Dipper gets caught up in more of it than he ever, ever wanted.

ok but consider this:

*slides paper across a table to the rest of the fandom*

An Overwatch cruise ship AU.( this is one of the most self indulgent things i will ever write. i need this. I’ve had a shit year.)


>Hanzo is the aloof personal trainer for the on ship gym. 

i havent decided what mcree does but maybe he works on the engine or in the casino. he moons at hanzo in his time off using the ships gym. hanzo is ripped and mcree is ALL ABOUT THAT mysterious loner guy who never skips leg day omg. So mccree goes to the gym more because hes bored and theres mysterious eye candy. hanzo once chides him for not doing enough cardio or w/e and mccree takes his advice very seriously. 

>Tracer is a cruise director. all that energy shed be perfect! widowmaker is impressed and disgusted and just wants to pretend her heart doesent shiver when tracer winks does finger guns at her in the hall. Widowmaker is first mate or maybe a life guard. at one point she uses binoculars from the bridge to stare at tracers ass. idk i just really enjoy the idea of her periscoping on the booty. 

>76 is the captian of the ship. he and reyes are husbands and 76 gets teased for going prematurely grey. reyes might be the captian of another ship or maybe he just works as the head of security. they are cute and they argue a lot but they run a tight ship and just rly love eachother.

>pharah works for the onboard security and looks baller as hell in her all black button down and maybe a tie? she needs a tie. (why?because i say so.)mercy is of course the adorable overworked on board doctor her office is parallell to pharahs and sometimes she gets caught day dreaming about Pharah sunbathing or taking her for a ride in the helicopter. angela is a simple woman who knows what she wants. pharah thinks its illegal to be as cute as angela. she has a wayward fantasy for putting her under arrest telling her just that. #selfindulgentlevelmaxed

>theres lots more but idk if this is for anyone else. it doesn’t matter because i love it and im gonna actually write it and publish it. 

themes include lots of people who work  on the ship are “running from something or avoiding something” idk its a thought

if you have anything to add to this let me know omg come scream at me pls. 

Also i just bought Overwatch on ps4 and i would love to play with other people from tumblr?

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         A SINGLE FATHER OF TWO TWIN GIRLS, mr. goldbuckle is a bilgewater goblin & something rare amongst his people : a GENUINE SHAMAN. after an incident with his daughters at the beach, he sought to respect & honour the elements however possible. his girls, a frost mage & a tinker, have learned this from him as well.

after the escape from kezan & joining the horde, mr. goldbuckle brought his girls to a guild for ease of finances & to learn more from the shamans among the orcs, trolls & tauren. although he had great potential to become among the world’s most powerful elemental shamans, he kept to restoration & sadly could not pursue much between taking care of his girls & healing & becoming a doctor for his guild.

in the final months of the events of CATACLYSM, kalgery goldbuckle SACRIFICED HIMSELF to protect others from the forces of the TWILIGHT’S HAMMER, leaving his girls orphaned and his guild short of a healer. had he survived to see the events of LEGION, he would have surely been a FARSEER OF THE EARTHEN RING.

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Graves retires after the whole Grindelwald bullshit. He still passes at the MACUSA but he uses that time to finally flirt and bang all the people he had a lil crush on over the years. Tina, Abernathy, that one foreign delegate when he sees him again, etc etc.

AH I see where this came from XD It’s back - and still such a fun thought.

They all thought retirement would drive the man crazy. Graves always had been a focused man - his entire life dedicated to the pursuit of justice and the safety of the wizarding world in America. It gave him premature grey hairs and wrinkles at his frown lines. But he always seemed to be most like himself, most on top of his game, when he was knee deep in a case. When he had announced he was retiring - his eyes opened from his time in captivity - they thought it wouldn’t last. Surely he’d lose his mind from boredom. Surely he’d be back.

And he was back. He visited often as a consultant per Picquery’s request, just…not in exactly the same way as they expected.

He still wore his finely tailored suits only now he wore them far more casually - his top few buttons unbuttoned, his tie loose around his neck if even there at all. Crisp white shirt sleeves rolled up to his elbows to expose a writhing tattoo on one forearm they had never known existed. Was it new?

He’s tanner now. Healthier. Even more fit, if that were possible. He brings food he cooked first hand because, according to him, he had just acquired culinary art as a hobby and who better to test it on than his stupid team of quibbling aurors that would sooner eat hotdogs until they died than bring themselves a proper meal to work.

They don’t mention that he used to skip meals entirely.

He gains weight, but it’s all muscle. Tina feels her heart skip a beat every time he passes. His aura is if anything more dominant, more confident - unworried about responsibilities or repercussions or anything of the sort. He can’t be punished if he says something out of line, not that he does - but he does speak his mind far more freely than he ever used to. 

For instance, his comment the moment Tina managed to wrestle Abernathy down to the mat during a no-magic self defense training session. 

“Good on you, Tina,” he growls, his voice thick with pride and amusement. “About time someone spanked the man right, showed him to humble the fuck up a bit.”

Tina and Abernathy scramble away from each other and Grave’s howling laughter haunts them even as he walks away.

He’s different, is all Tina is saying.

He’s loose in a way he never used to be. Bold where he once bit his tongue in the name of professionalism. He slaps O’Brien’s butt with a hearty clap in congratulations when the man successfully conjured a rather complex spell Graves had been teaching him. O’Brien’s blush still hasn’t faded days later.

It isn’t until Queenie is at her desk sharing lunch with her that it all comes to a head. Her darling sister suddenly sits up straight in her chair with a squeak and blushes red. 

“Queenie? What’s wrong?” Tina asks, unaware that her sister is very definitely avoiding looking at Graves as the man passes by them on his way to the training arena with Abernathy in tow - his hand on the back of the man’s neck, thumb brushing the fine hairs there. Tina doesn’t notice; misses the searing, hungry gaze Graves gives her all the while.

“Oh, nothing,” she says innocently although she knows she’s blushing. “You’ll find out for yourself soon enough.”

Shiiiiiit ok, I gotta stop. I’ve got a migraine building - time to go bury myself in a dark room to die. But I will continue this @thegaypumpingthroughyourveins - cause I know you’re likely about to kill me for leaving it where I did. XD

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Idea: Chariox AU where they adopt Akko. Chariot/Ursula is the magical mother hen who can and will kick your ass at the next PTA meeting HELEN... and super cool science mom Croix who is an endless source of panic and exasperation for Chariot, and both her and Akko's antics have been the cause of a few premature grey hairs.

I love how the fandom has basically appointed chariot and Croix as Akko’s adoptive mothers

Eviternity (i)

Summary: Merman Warren discovers Ship Captain Y/N Y/L/N aboard The Royal Beauty. [Merman Warren au]

Rating: T

Word count: 1.4k

Warnings: none?

Tagging: @raypclmer @quiskcilver @rax-writes @kurtwxgners @phoenixejean @darth-summers @rinzlxr @emmcfrxst @jxbilationlee

A/N: those who have been waiting patiently for this, thank you ! i hope that you all enjoy! also if you haven’t read the prelude, la sirene, i linked it for you bc you gotta read that to understand what’s happening. thank you !!


There was something about his eyes. Something about the way that those deep, piercing eyes seemed to reflect something from deep within you before he sunk back beneath the waves, disappearing as though he had been nothing but a phantasm that you and your crew had collectively imagined.

Yeah, that was it. A phantasm.

Or so you had found yourself believing, after a week had gone by with no more signs of anything slightly related to a merperson at all.

Your crew had started to grow slightly irritated that you continued to have them bob in that same spot of the ocean for the past seven days with no word of a change of course – But you couldn’t leave. Not yet, not when you still believed that they were out there.

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How would the rfa, v, and saeran act when drunk?


  • downs all his drinks and gets even more drunk
  • he’s a heavyweight so something must have happened to make him get this drunk, we’re talking blackout drunk
  • the type to get into a fight (just please don’t go for the face!)
  • gets really passionate about theater all of a sudden
  • starts???? crying???? about??? theater???
  • gets rlly touchy feely and emotional with whoever he came to party with
  • he gets extra loud when drunk and he already has a booming theater voice so it’s even more intense when he’s loud because he’s drunk
  • trips every fourteen seconds and keeps thinking he needs to do his night facial routine and go to bed on the sofa of the club or bar
  • yells if people make out


  • gets the asian glow so bad even though he drinks wine regularly
  • gets philosophical about cats and tries to hold conversations with people about three piece suits but nobody knows what he’s talking about
  • what do you mean you don’t know what cuff links are you uncultured swine??????
  • is a very thoughtful drunk but it’s obvious he’s drunk because he can’t even pick up his drink right
  • the person zen is trying to fight probably
  • will write down ridiculous new business ideas in a notepad and remind himself to send to jaehee
  • but there’s so many typos it’s actually incoherent when he tries to read it the next day
  • gets extremely cranky the next day because of a hangover


  • can’t handle his fucking liquor he can’t hang he’s a lightweight
  • gets lit way too fast and not only does he yell (remember the call) he also gets pretttttty damn handsy too 
  • and he goes apeshit. LOLOL makes him think he can do things he actually can’t do.
  • once he starts hearing his own heartbeat the boy freaks the fuck out 
  • is this what death feels like wait LOLOL is releasing new armor tomorrow i can’t go yet
  • will be the first one to pass out lmao 
  • probably only wakes up to throw up and then goes back to sleep
  • the friend they can’t bring drinking anymore because once he thought he “leveled up” in real life and tried to climb a fence and run away and then tried to punch v and then missed and spun around to hit himself
  • saeyoung records this and it ends up a viral hit on youtube


  • hics thru the roof
  • keeps adjusting her fucking collar (why did u wear a collar 2 a club)
  • will 100% stick to mc like glue and needs to use the bathroom every 30 minutes so there is a lot of bathrooming
  • a very calm and cute drunk who hiccups constantly and honestly is probably only extremely drunk bc she ordered a virgin pina colada and the bartender accidentally put alcohol in it
  • a Lightweight™
  • maybe some drunk making out but hey man nobody is complaining
  • a very quiet and very red drunk who is Suffering and literally almost dies 
  • she’s not used to being trashed drunk and she does not react well to it she’s literally panicking and trying to remain rational and freaks out if she loses ny of her coordination
  • knows to ply herself with water and fatty foods the next day so she doesn’t get a hangover cus she’s a smart one
  • The Most Responsible Person In The RFA Next To V 


  • the type of dude to stand on a table and start screaming
  • he’s so Extra™ even zen is kinda like… dude.. .
  • headbangs to literally every song and honestly everyone wants to murder him because he’s hit like 5 people already headbanging
  • the type to talk really loud when drunk
  • his glasses are so fogged
  • it’s kinda funny because he’s the type of extra ass person to do dumb things sober so you bet his ass is probably gonna do some Dumb Shit drunk and it’s gonna be worse
  • probably actually incites a fight between two people and starts a fight club outside of the bar and somehow gets the offer to be the leader of a cult
  • tries to map out a blueprint for a really complicated machine so he doesn’t have to brush his own teeth anymore and writes it down on a dirty napkin with a pencil
  • probably gets bored and goes on his phone to buy like 4 crates of phd. pepper 
  • needs to be monitored like he’s an 8 year old that owns weapons of mass destruction


  • takes jumin-level pictures of everything and it’s really funny because even jumin is like “lmao what”
  • a very quiet and calm drunk who probably just falls asleep before he can enter the truly shitfaced zone
  • a peaceful man who just wanted to come have fun with his friends but then saeyoung kept going all “you deserve to relax you’ve been working so hard” 
  • a heavyweight drinker but no one knew this until he started getting shots and downed it like it was water
  • everyone stared at him because it was alarming he had so much pent up stress
  • probably let’s out a secret that he doesn’t even bleach his hair he just reached full premature grey hair status and just dyes it blue because rika stressed the fuck outta him and u know it
  • wants to be at home in bed and honestly everyone needs to carry him out because he passed out and refuses to wake up for longer than two and a half minutes on average


  • his want to kill everyone increases by tenfold drunk
  • he’s so drunk that his face is all red and he’s shouting about “u fools i’ll kill everybody” because somebody bumped into him 
  • he seems to me like an angry kind of drunk. probably tries to fight saeyoung prolly cus ya.
  • once he stops being so Angry he’s probably just really sad drunk and apologetic to everyone 
  • tries to explain to people that he just doesn’t know how to respond to affection because he’s never had it and only can respond with anger but the only thing that comes out is probably “i wanna fight all of you a little less than i did before”
  • the type to sulk in a corner and look so intimidating girls wont even approach him but they all just stare at him from a distance 
  • probably falls asleep in the bathroom tbh and just wants to go home
The One Where Things Explode

“Sooooo…you made all of this, kid?”

Hiro couldn’t help but grin at the impressed look on the older man’s face. “Yep!” he crowed, gesturing to his battlebots and a pile of things that looked suspiciously like armor. “Took me…oh, I don’t know, two days just for all of this.”

Tony Stark raised an eyebrow. “I can do this in one,” he challenged.

“So can I. These were just the leftovers.” Hiro met evenly, and a slow grin crept across Tony’s face.

“Leftovers, huh? Dare I ask what you were really doing?”

The younger boy motioned over to something in the corner, and Tony’s eyes practically lit up. Sure, it wasn’t anything he couldn’t do himself, but the fact that a kid not even half his age could come up with it without the same advantages was…astounding. Genius like this didn’t come around very often, and this kid thought along the same lines as himself…

There was only one thing to do in this situation, he thought.

Hiro saw the determined, starry-eyed expression on Tony’s face and quirked his head quizzically. “Mr. Stark?”

“No, don’t call me that,” Tony responded, moving over and clapping Hiro on the back. “Just call me dad, son.”

Hiro’s face turned bright red as he sputtered incoherently.

AKA: The AU in which Tony Stark spontaneously adopts Hiro only to find out that adoption Does Not Work That Way, the Avengers collectively freak over there being ‘Two of them’, there’s at least one or two explosions in San Fransokyo every other day because of their antics, and Tadashi continuing on in his eternal struggle to save Hiro from being corrupted by that demon Tony Stark.

Oh, also, no one dies.

Love the skin you are in

Pimples,Rashes, and the list can go on and on. Skin problems occur in almost every person once in their lifetime.

The problem with skin is that we have no or little knowledge about it and often fall into the trap of multinational companies giving us fake promises.

I knew a little about skin until i worked under one of the best dermatologist.Under her guidance i have known a lot about skin theoretically and practically.

Most common questions in relation to skin are:

1)Acne(pimples)have nothing to do with my diet: Completely Wrong. 
Foods With high glycemic index and oily foods have been known to cause acne.

Glycemic index is the tendency of a food to increase glucose levels in blood.

Tip: Try to eat brown rice instead of white ones as brown rice are rich in fiber and have a low glycemic index as compared to white.

2) I Don’t need sunscreen when it’s cloudy:

Most of you would think why should i waste my sunscreen if its not sunny. Sorry to say that you are wrong.

U.V rays of the sun can cross the clouds and penetrate your skin.So wear sunscreen everytime you go out to keep your skin healthy in the long run.

Tip: Apply sunscreen 30-45 minutes before stepping out of your house. Sunscreens give limited protection,so its important to reapply them every 2-3 hours.

3)I have been taking essential skin vitamins for much time but they don’t help :
If you are taking multivitamins subscribed from your doctor for your skin, you will have to stick with them each and everyday for atleast three months.

The thing with supplementary vitamins is that they are abosrbed slowly as compared to vitamins found naturally in food(except vitamin b12 and b7).

So you need to continue them for atleast three months.

Tip: Don’t expect your skin to glow up after taking skin supplements. They will only improve your skin’s overall health and prevent any further problems.

4) I have used many oils and shampoos for hairfall but they don’t help:
Most common causes for alopecia(hairfall) is stress and hereditary.

The most simplest way that i can explain hairfall is that it occurs either due to hormonal imbalance( in genetic cases) or reaction between body’s own cells.

Oils and shampoo can’t balance your hormonal levels. Big Companies use tag lines like anti hair fall just to sell their products. So don’t fall in their trap.

Tip: I have seen many men shaving their heads to promote hair growth. The truth is that shaving doesnt increase hair growth. So don’t waste time on it.

5) I use the best facewash but still get small acne like spots on my face:
Most of the facewash out in the market contain SLS(Sodium Laureth Sulfate). It has many different names so don’t be overjoyed when you don’t find it by this name in your facewash or other cosmetic product.

Half of the population is allergic to SLS , this causes small pimple like spots on your face.

So next time you buy yourself a facewash or makeup make sure it has no or less amount of SLS.

Ingredients with higher amount are written first in the ingredients list of almost every product.So make sure your product has either no or low conc of SLS.

6)Anti-Ageing Creams actually delay ageing:
No they don’t most of them just hydrate your skin so that it looks good temporarily.

Women who are expecting to get pregnant should never use anti ageing products because they contain retinol. Retinol is also used for treatment of severe acne but women expecting pregnancy should avoid it because retinol has been proven to increase birth defects in the child.

Tip:Keep yourself hydrated,eat loads of fibers in your diet(salads etc.). Fibers have been proven to have anti ageing property!

7)Why do i Get Dark Circles Under my Eyes?
It’s also known as periorbital hyperpigmentation.There are many different causes of dark circles.

They include:

-Hormonal diseases
-Nutritional deficiency
-Allergic reactions
-Inadequate sleep
-Eye rubbing

Ok i know some of these are not in your control but you can certainly try to sleep well,quit smoking,quit alcohol,reduce your stress and overcome any nutritional deficiency.

Tip: Try to sleep atleast 6 hours everyday.Use U.V Protective sunglasses.Topical vitamin c is also useful in curing dark circles. Best option for treatment: visit a dermatologist

8)Why do i Get Grey hair even though i am young:

Again this can have number of causes. Greying is a natural process of ageing.
Greying of hair depends upon your race and genetics.

If you are getting grey hair before 25 years(for asian) and 20 years(for whites)of age then yes your hair are prematurely getting grey !

You can try multivitamins containing hair essentials like biotin but remember that they have not been proven to work in every case.

Tip: Maintain proper diet,Try to eat one serving of fruits and one of vegetables everyday. 

Remember,skin care is like dieting, you have to invest time and effort to see the results.

Try to keep these things in mind so that you don’t have to pay a visit to a dermatologist very often.

Special thanks to Dr Mohitpreet kaur(Gold Medalist in Dermatology)for putting so much into me.

For a better version follow on

Still Here (Oikawa x Reader)

Team: Seijoh

Character: Oikawa Tooru


Fic request for oikawa getting jealous that his s/o spending alotta time with a guy friend? -Anon

Omg oikawa and captain kink like reader calls him captain for the first time when they’re in the middle of sexytimes -Anon

Warnings: Language, nsfw (not going under the cut, though. ya’ll are sinners and you must accept it)


penguin-tooru hA did you mean combining requests master

Originally posted by mamodos

“I keep telling you,” Y/N said, scribbling notes down on her clipboard. “Lay off the knee if you want to keep playing. Look what happened.”

“Well, I can’t exactly lay off the knee, Y/N,” Oikawa said, wincing as he shifted his position. “We kind of use the knees in volleyball.”

“Oh, tone down the sass, will you?” Y/N groaned. “I’m serious, Tooru. Dislocations are really serious. Keep this up, and you’ll have a prosthetic leg by the time you’re 35.“

“Jeez, the nurse side of you is kind of scary,” Oikawa teased.

Y/N huffed and stood up, fixing her pristine white uniform. She gazed down at her boyfriend, a national volleyball player brought in after a particularly strenuous match. Even so, he acted as if the doctors hadn’t just popped his knee joint back into place less than two hours ago.

As a nurse, Y/N was trained to stay calm and alert, especially in emergency situations. But when news of Oikawa dislocating his already injured knee reached her, she had become as tense as a coiled spring.

She grumbled as she checked his vitals. “And what about those gifts from your beloved fans? Kiyoko’s having a hard time putting them away. We need the workspace, Tooru.”

“I didn’t ask for them,” Oikawa said defensively.

“Of course you didn’t,” Y/N said, sighing. “Anyway, the doctor should be back in about ten minutes with the results.”

She reached over and handed Oikawa a small, white button.

“What’s this?” he asked.

“Call button,” Y/N said. “Press it if you need anything. I’ll be at the station outside.”

But she was about halfway through the door when she heard a faint clicking noise behind her. She turned to see Oikawa absentmindedly pressing the button like a little kid.

“Hey, stop playing with that!” she scolded.

He looked up at her with a straight face. “But you said to press it whenever I need something!”

Y/N sighed angrily. “Fine, what is it?”

“I need you here.”

It felt like an artery had popped in Y/N’s neck as she looked at Oikawa’s impish grin. As childish as he was, he was hard to resist, especially with how cute he looked although he was injured.

Oikawa cheered as Y/N relented and walked back to him, taking a seat next to his bed. I’m coming back because you asked and it’s part of my job to watch you, she thought. It’s not because you’re adorable and I feel bad for you. Not at all, not even a little bit.

She sighed as she gazed at the bandages wrapped around Oikawa’s knee. She was sure it was the end of his career, and her heart sank at the reality of it. He was fairly young, and he had a long way to go as well as more opportunities to discover. But all that had to end, just because his body had given up on it.

Y/N wondered if Oikawa knew. He must, judging by the way he let constant expressions of doubt flicker across his face. She suddenly prayed the the reality won’t hit him so hard, for if he were to completely understand the weight of the situation, it won’t even come close to the pain of dislocating a knee joint.

“Seriously,” Y/N whispered, reaching out and placing her hand on his cheek. Instinctively, Oikawa leaned into her touch, sighing slightly at the warmth. “What am I going to do with you?”

He was silent, all earlier traces of joking gone. All he could feel was her fingers skimming across his face, and his spirits lifted as they threaded into his hair.

“You really worried me,” Y/N said quietly, scooting over closer to his bed and resting her chin on his shoulder. “Do you know what would happen to me if you actually broke your leg? Or sustained a more serious injury…?”

“Yeah. I know.” Oikawa leaned forward and pressed his lips to her hair. “I’m sorry I didn’t listen to you, and I’m sorry I worried you. The last thing I want is for you to get all mushy over me.”

Y/N rolled her eyes, but took his words to heart.

A knock came on the door, and Y/N stood up to answer it. Oikawa felt rather empty as she pulled her hand away from his hair; the way she soothingly stroked it was lulling him closer to sleep every time she did it.

“Oh, hey, Doctor,” Y/N said. Oikawa craned his neck to see who it was, but judging by what Y/N said, it was probably the doctor who was supposed to give him the results. But he had to admit that he had never heard a nurse address a doctor so casually before—plus, the way she said his profession made it sound like it was an inside joke between the two of them.

Y/N poked her head out from behind the door, grinning. “Doctor’s here.”

Oikawa sat up a little straighter, hissing from the sharp pain that flared up his leg. Y/N trailed behind a doctor in a white coat over a pair of jeans and a polo shirt, looking quite young for his age. He had a kind smile that seemed to be permanently plastered to his face, and Oikawa couldn’t help but feel at ease within his presence. The doctor’s most prominent feature was his grey, almost silver hair, which again made Oikawa wonder if doctors had this thing where they go prematurely grey in the middle of their careers.

Surprisingly, a small flicker of recognition clicked in Oikawa’s brain. He’d seen this guy before, and it looked like it went the same for the doctor himself. However, the latter looked a bit more at ease, as if he’d already known.

“Oikawa, this is Dr. Sugawara Koushi,” Y/N said, gesturing to the smiling doctor. “Specializes in Sports Medicine. I think you’ve played against him before, in high school. Wasn’t it, Suga?”

“Yup,” Sugawara said, nodding in agreement. “I was on the Karasuno team, the official setter before Kageyama came along. I wore the #2 jersey.”

At the mention of his number, it all came back to Oikawa. He stared at the doctor, who was once a setter, and remembered all the trouble he had while playing against Karasuno with Sugawara on board.

Sugawara was a wild card. When they’d sent him out on the court, his mind worked in ways that dug Karasuno out of tight spots, and was able to perceive and anticipate their opponents’ move. Add that to the fact that he was quite an able setter, and he was a real mystery for the teams that went against him. Because of the fact that Sugawara had seemingly lifted his teammates out of misery whenever they were in trouble, Oikawa had given him the nickname “Mr. Refreshing”.

“Oh, Sugawara,” Oikawa said. “Wow, it’s been so long. Didn’t know you took the doctor path, how’s that lifetime studying going along?”

That was a lie. Oikawa knew that for someone freakishly perceptive like Sugawara Koushi, a doctor was one of the bests careers to take.

Sugawara laughed. “It’s going well, thanks for asking,” he answered. “Although I’d much rather be on the court, I know this is the best for me.”

He took a seat, and whipped out his clipboard and pen.

“Now, Oikawa,” he said, extremely serious now. “The operation was a success. Your knee joint is back in place, and with a few weeks’ worth of rest, you should be able to walk normally.”

Oikawa breathed a sigh of relief. “Oh, thank goodne—”

“But,” Sugawara interrupted. “Usually a dislocation is one sign that you might be taking things a bit too far, and we advise players to take leave for a few months or so. However…”

Sugawara cleared his throat, and Oikawa saw him look up at Y/N from the corner of his eye. Y/N had her arms crossed, listening intently.

“Judging from the operation, we noticed that you’ve put a lot of stress on your injured knee, and your ankles as well. And if you’re not careful, a dislocation could lead to breaking your ankle or reduce the capacity of your leg entirely. Push yourself too far, and you could shatter your knee joint. From now on, I’ll have to prescribe a knee supporter, on the court and off. And…”

Oikawa gripped the sheets as Sugawara looked up at him, grave concern in his eyes.

“I’d advise that you retire from volleyball. It’s just too much for your body—especially your knee—to handle.”

His heart stopped. His body ran cold.

He searched the doctor’s eyes for any signs of joking, but to his dismay, he found none.

“W-wait a second,” Y/N said, and Oikawa was shocked to see that she was trembling. “So this is the end? No warnings, no second chances…nothing?”

“I’m afraid you’re right, Y/N,” Sugawara said. “I’m sorry, Oikawa.”

Like apologizing would help, Oikawa wanted to say. Sorry doesn’t revive my career.

He sucked in a breath, and put on a smile. If anything, he wanted to ease Y/N’s worries and show her that he wasn’t too depressed about it. “Well, I suppose that’s that,” he said, laughing weakly. “I’d be lying if I said I didn’t see it coming, but…now that it has, there’s nothing I can do about it, I guess.”

He tried to ignore the fact that he would no longer again hear his sneakers squeaking noisily against the gym floor; that he would no longer hear the delightful sound of the ball as he dribbled it and geared up to serve; that he would no longer feel the leather, snug against his hand, and feel the power behind a service ace; the rush of adrenaline as he chose who to set the ball to and actually tossing it to them; the sweet, sweet cheers of the spectators as his team scored a point…

The fact that he was finally putting a stop to the one thing that kept him going all these years.

But, seeing Y/N turning away and pressing a hand against her mouth to keep herself from crying stung just as much as all his dilemmas. He couldn’t stand seeing her hurt, especially because of his situation.

Oikawa watched as Sugawara stood up, and promised to check up on him the next day.

Y/N trailed behind Suga as he walked away, trying to swallow the lump in her throat. The way Oikawa’s expression had dropped when Suga delivered the news was permanently burned into her mind, and made her heart lurch every time it replayed in her head.

“He looks like he’s taking it casually and calmly,” Sugawara said, once they were a good distance away from Oikawa. “But knowing Oikawa, there’s no way of guessing what’s going on in his head right now. I need you to stay here, watch him, tell him it’s going to be alright.”

“I’d do that even if you didn’t ask me to,” Y/N replied. “But, Suga…he’s still got a long way to go. As far as I’m concerned, he could qualify for international tournaments. I can’t…we can’t take that from him…”

“Believe me,” Sugawara said. “The last thing I want is to destroy his future. That’s the difficulty when it comes to doctors; we can’t judge the sentimental side of things all the time. What the body says, goes. And his clearly says that it can’t take anymore.”

Y/N bit her lip, staring at her trembling hands. “But…but…”

“Hey, hey,” Sugawara said, reaching out and taking her hands, trying to steady them. “Listen. It’s not your fault. It’s not entirely his fault, either, but these things happen. Now that it’s happened, your job right now is to steer him to a better path. Even if it’s one that doesn’t involve volleyball.”

He lifted his hand to lightly brush it against her cheek. “Okay?”

Unbeknownst to the two of them, Oikawa had shifted far enough to see what was going on. He couldn’t hear them, but he clearly saw what was happening when Sugawara took hold of Y/N’s hands.

Anger and disgust swirled inside him, but he bit his tongue and forced himself to calm down. Those feelings, along with his dismay and depression, were weighing him down and made his day a whole lot worse.

But before he knew it, Sugawara had already left, and Y/N had taken her original seat next to Oikawa. They sat there in silence, with Y/N’s only action was to reach for Oikawa’s hand. He gladly took it, trying not to think about how Sugawara had held them so tightly earlier.

“Let’s not talk about it, yeah?” he said tightly.

If Y/N was surprised, she hid it well. She nodded mutely, knowing that Oikawa always preferred to keep things until the last second or until he couldn’t take it anymore, whichever came first. She’d disagreed with his mentality more times than she could count, but she didn’t push it this time.

“So,” Oikawa said, in a painful attempt to sound casual. “Sugawara Koushi, huh?”

Y/N put on a small smile. “Yup. Kou’s a good guy, you’re in good hands.”

Oikawa’s eye twitched from the casual use of Sugawara’s first name. I’d rather be in your hands, though, he grumbled internally.

“You know him?”

Y/N nodded. “We attended the same medical school, but he was a few years higher than I was. He’s actually a pretty chill senpai, and he also helped me get into this hospital.”

She smiled to herself, staring at her hand intertwined with Oikawa’s. “I owe him a lot.”

Oikawa watched her carefully, and judging from her genuine smile, every word she said was true. He tightened his hand around hers, trying to push down the growing uneasiness in his stomach.

He’d always been the jealous type in their relationship, which stemmed from the fact that he wasn’t always there to be with her. As rational as he thought he was, he was the type to quickly jump to conclusions. Although the last thing he wanted to do was doubt Y/N, the discomfort when it came to Sugawara Koushi riled him up pretty quickly, which reminded him of the old days.

Oikawa had already plunged into a dark, inner turmoil. His dismay of having to retire from volleyball, the pain of his injured knee, and the fact that Sugawara and his Y/N were too close for his taste were slowly dragging him down into a dark abyss, from which he was having a hard time getting out of.

And damn it, his imagination went into overdrive. Panic seized his thoughts, flashing images of him down on the court, looking up at an opponent he could not defeat…the way he collapsed after landing in an awkward angle…the looks of disappointment from his teammates and coach…soft, familiar hands threading into grey hair…breathless moans and a name that wasn’t his own…

“Whoa. Tooru, you okay?” Y/N stood up to see the heart monitor beeping at a fast rate. She looked back at Oikawa to see his fists clenched and his chest heaving. He didn’t look like he was in serious pain, though—Y/N guessed he was having a panic attack.

“Hey, hey,” Y/N said soothingly, reaching over and placing both hands on his face, urging him to look at her. “Look at me. Breathe, Tooru.”

“Can you turn it off?”

His harsh tone caught Y/N by surprise. “What?”

“That monitor. Can you turn it off?”

Y/N bit her lip, a bit unhinged by the way Oikawa was looking at her. “Um, I don’t think so, we kind of need the record—”

“Turn it off, Y/N.”

Y/N closed her mouth, knowing all too well what that tone meant. She reached over and pressed a button on the monitor, effectively shutting it down.

“Better, yeah?” Oikawa said, as Y/N settled back in her seat, obviously confused.

“Tooru, what are you—”

“You should know that you in that uniform isn’t good for my health, Y/N,” Oikawa said, causing a shudder to run down her spine. “Aren’t you supposed to make sure that I feel better?”

Y/N held her breath, knowing exactly what Oikawa was suggesting. “Tooru, please, not in here,” she whispered.

“And why not?”

“I’m on duty, I can’t…” she took a deep breath. “I can’t slack off.”

“But you are doing your job,” Oikawa pointed out. “And you’re going to make me feel good, right now.”

Y/N hissed through her teeth, crossing her legs hastily. “I…”

“So,” Oikawa said, in a low tone. “Why don’t you be a good girl, and take off your uniform for me, huh?”

He was as blunt and direct about he wanted, as usual. His tone made it clear that he wasn’t going to take no for an answer, so Y/N stood up and walked around to stand in front of his bed.

Oikawa smirked and sat up, watching as Y/N began to undo the buttons on her blouse.

“You’re a real pervert, you know,” she muttered.

“Ah, but you love it, anyway,” he replied, grinning.

He watched as she shed the blouse and tossed it onto the floor, along with her skirt. She was left in nothing but a matching pair of white underwear, which made him grin once more.

“Come here, baby,” he said, reaching out for her. Y/N obliged, crawling into his arms, careful to avoid his injured knee.

He held her tightly against his chest, burying his nose in her hair and breathing in deeply. He might have been acting childishly, but Y/N was no laughing matter. He’d do damn near anything for her, especially keep her away from potential threats.

Oikawa had lost his volleyball. He wasn’t about to lose his Y/N, too.

“How long are your shifts?” he asked, running his fingers through her hair.

“About four hours, at least.”

“That’s a long time,” he commented. “How about I take up an hour of those? Do you mind?”

Y/N knew better than to deny him. Wishing nothing but to please him, especially because he was already upset, she decided to indulge him.

“I don’t mind,” she purred in his ear. “Captain.”

The way she had crooned his title caused all the warmth out of Oikawa’s head to rush downwards, and he groaned.

“Fuck, that’s hot,” he whispered. “Say that again.”

Y/N smirked. “Please do indulge yourself, Captain.”

With that, he pulled her chin up and slammed his lips onto hers, loving the feeling of the way they perfectly molded together. Oikawa wanted to believe, more than anything else, that Y/N was the only one for him, and that she was his endgame. Unbeknownst to him, she felt the same way as well.

He chuckled as he felt her hips drag slowly up and down his waist. He grabbed her hips, and the whine that elicited from her lips made him clench his jaw.

“Now, now, patience, Y/N-chan,” he said, running a thumb across her swollen lips.

“But, Tooru—”

“None of that,” Oikawa said, lifting her chin up so he could place small, aggressive kisses on her neck. “I’m your captain, aren’t I?”

“Yes. Oh, God, yes, you are,” Y/N gasped, as Oikawa lifted his hands to unclasp her bra.

“If that’s so,” Oikawa said, closing his mouth around one of her nipples and enjoying the moan that she let out. “Then your captain knows what’s best for you, right?”

“R-right,” Y/N stuttered, her hands finding themselves tangled up in Oikawa’s hair. He hummed against her nipple, and she squealed.

“Like how you like to be touched here,” he whispered, leaning down and running a finger up her clothed slit. Y/N bucked up into his touch, moaning into the crook of his neck.

“C-captain, I…”

“And no one else but your captain can make you feel this good, right?” Oikawa pushed her panties aside and pushed a finger into her soaked entrance. Y/N stuttered out his name, wrapping her arms around him tightly.

“Answer me, Y/N,” Oikawa said. “I bet no one else besides me can have you begging for release, right?”

And that was when Y/N picked up on what he was saying.

The obvious discomfort when he was talking to Sugawara. The way he clenched his jaw when Y/N talked about him. The way he was suddenly so dominant, more so than he usually was.

“Right,” Y/N said again. “Captain, please…”

“Well, because you asked so nicely…” Oikawa added another finger, picking up the pace. Y/N couldn’t help it—he worked miracles with his hands. She was a moaning mess, and Oikawa enjoyed it. He enjoyed the way she was starting to fall apart in his arms, and the fact that she was nearly there in less than ten minutes.

“Tooru…Tooru, I…”

At that moment, Oikawa took his fingers out of her. Y/N’s eyes nearly popped out of their sockets as he put them in his mouth, humming leisurely as he sucked.

“W-wait a minute, what are you—”

“I’m your captain, aren’t I?” Oikawa said, never taking his eyes off her as he licked off her arousal from his fingers. “Look at you, addressing me so casually like that.”

A flood of realization, along with a tinge of frustration, flooded Y/N’s system. “I-I’m sorry!” she said quickly. “I didn’t mean to, r-really—”

“See, I’m not like your precious Kou-chan,” Oikawa said, rolling the name on his tongue dangerously. “You better know who’s in charge, Y/N. And it’s me. But I’m sure I’ll find it in myself to forgive you, but for now, I think you know what’s to be done.”

Y/N nodded, and moved down, narrowly missing his injured knee. Pulling up the hospital gown and pulling his boxers down, she quickly took hold of his erect member.

Oikawa hissed from the contact, his hands immediately going to her hair. “Go on, baby. Make me feel good.”

“Yes, captain,” Y/N complied, before closing her mouth around his tip.

Oikawa groaned as Y/N went even lower, using her hand to make up for the length that she couldn’t reach. He bucked up into her mouth, only then just realizing that his injury was still intact.

Y/N pinned his hips down to the bed to keep him from squirming. She looked up at him, his cock still in her mouth, a clear warning in her eyes.

Oikawa threw his head back. “Fuck, that’s so hot.”

Y/N continued sucking him off until Oikawa felt a familiar burning sensation in his abdomen, bringing him as close to the edge as he wanted himself to be. He pulled Y/N up, bringing his lips to hers in a hot kiss.

Y/N had instinctively positioned herself above Oikawa, and he helped her pull down her underwear. Taking care to put her legs away from his injured knee, she rubbed her heat up and down his length. The two sighed at the contact.

“Alright,” Oikawa breathed. “Ride me, baby.”

“Yes, captain,” Y/N sighed, lifting her hips up and slowly lowering herself onto his length.

As soon as he was all the way in, Y/N moaned, raking her nails down Oikawa’s chest and squeezing her eyes shut.

“Fuck, Y/N, you’re so tight,” Oikawa groaned, reaching out to hold her in his arms tightly.

“D-don’t say that,” Y/N gasped. “Or else I won’t l-last long…”

“Let’s get this over with, then.”

Slowly, Y/N lifted her hips and ground them back down on him again, repeating the same steps over and over. Oikawa cursed his injured knee—he wanted to make Y/N feel good, too. So, he reached under her and pressed a finger against her swollen clit.

“Ah, fuck, captain!” Y/N cried out, causing her to move even more.

“You’re doing great,” Oikawa grunted. “Fuck, it’s not even two minutes and I’m already so…”

“Fuck, me too…”

And just as Oikawa thought that Y/N couldn’t think of any more surprises, he watched as she swiveled her hips around in a circle, hitting something deep within her that made her cry out his name.

Oikawa threw his head back. “Fuck! Do that again!”

Y/N obliged, throwing her hips around again, before resuming to the normal thrusts.

“Tooru…Tooru, I…”

“Alright, baby. Go on and come for me.”

Y/N quickened her pace until she came, trying to stifle her moans into the crook of his neck. Soon enough, Oikawa followed suit, whispering praises and sweet nothings in her ear.

Y/N got off after a minute or so, panting as she retrieved her clothes. She was dizzy from her moment of intense pleasure, but she managed to get back into uniform.

“Wow,” Oikawa said, breathing heavily. “I just got fucked by a nurse. This is something straight out of a porn movie.”

“Don’t get too used to it, though,” Y/N said. She crawled back into his bed, wrapping her arms around him. In return, Oikawa happily pulled her closer, pressing a kiss against her forehead.

“You really don’t need to be jealous of Suga, you know,” she continued. “He’s just a friend.”

“Well, until you stop calling him by his nickname, I still will be,” Oikawa said seriously. “I mean it, Y/N. I just lost my volleyball. I can’t…I can’t afford to lose you too.”

Y/N looked up at him, and saw nothing but brutal honesty in his eyes. Sighing quietly, she reached up and caressed his face.

“You won’t lose me,” she reassured him. “I’ll always be here. Until the end.”

Oikawa grinned as Y/N leaned in further to press her lips against his ear.

“After all, I always comply to my captain’s wishes.”

I Already Knew - A Fluffy Young!Remus Lupin Imagine

You were in the empty common room, everyone had gone home for the winter holidays and you, the Marauders and Lily Evans were six out of the eleven that decided to stay at Hogwarts for the holidays. You were reading your favourite book when Remus came in looking grim. You knew that it was because the full moon was in two days but he had no idea that you knew that. You smiled sympathetically at him as he sat down next to you and sighed heavily.

“Are you all right, Remus?” You asked concernedly.

Remus looked at you and smiled painfully, he didn’t want you to see him this way, he wanted you to see him when he was happy and healthy not when he was two days from turning into a raging monster. You and Remus had been friends since first year and Remus had slowly started developing feelings for you, he didn’t know how it happened but it did and every time you smiled or laughed or even glanced in his direction his heart would constrict and flutter in his chest. He has thought about asking you out so many times but then he remembers that he is a werewolf, and while his friends may have accepted that he knew that not everyone is as accepting as James, Sirius and Peter.

“I’m fine, Y/N” Remus said 

You paused for a moment and looked at Remus, at his brown hair that had prematurely grown several greys, at his amber eyes that always held so much warmth and kindness and at the two scars on his face that he should never have gotten, that he didn’t deserve. You suddenly leaned in and captured Remus’ lips with your own in a soft but firm kiss. Remus’ lips were soft and fitted perfectly with yours. Remus kissed you back immediately and melted into your kiss, his heart was beating heavily against his ribs and he wondered absent-mindedly if you could hear it. Remus suddenly pulled back looking slightly dazed.

“Y/N,” He said breathlessly “I need to tell you something” You ignored him and tried pulling him back by his Gryffindor tie but he pulled away “I really do need to tell you something, Y/N" 

"I don’t care” You said as he stood up and backed away a few steps 

“But- but you need to know” Remus stuttered

“Remus,” You said carefully “I already know and I don’t care now kiss me" 

Remus looked at you wide-eyed "Wh- why are you still talking to me?” He asked

“Because I don’t care” You said softly “I-I’ve liked you for such a long time and I don’t care about your condition" 

Remus stared at you dumbfounded before he closed the distance between you and pulled you in for a searing kiss and when he pulled away he rested his forehead against yours and whispered "I like you too”

texts between Bitty and Jack the evening of graduation day

make sure you eat enough protein over the summer
I’ll think of you with every cheese straw
what’s a cheese straw?
We have really got to get you down to the South one of these days


I think I just saw Natalie Portman at the airport!
who’s that
You’re pulling my leg, right??
I swear you’re gonna turn me prematurely grey with this nonsense
And then I’ll look like I’m 60 and you won’t want to kiss me anymore
yes i will

Plane’s about to take off
text me when you land?
Okay :)

Safe and sound!
say hi to your mom for me
I will

She says hello and congratulations on graduating
tell her thank you
Did you mean it about coming to the South? Would you visit me here?
i’d like that
So would I
would your parents be okay with it?
Momma would just about combust at the chance to play hostess to a Zimmermann
Just say when and we’ll make it happen
i’ll let you know when i get my summer schedule figured out

Home sweet home
My kitchen!
I have to bake something right now
what are you baking?
Not sure yet
I’m craving maple something fierce, not sure why ;)
maybe it’s because chowder was talking about pancakes on the group text yesterday
No, Jack, it’s because of you
because i’m canadian


i’m going to bed
Good night, sweetheart
Sorry, I shouldn’t have said that
It’s too early for things like that
That’s if you want me to say things like that at all, which might not be your style, which would be fine

bonne nuit, mon coeur