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Rising Sign/Ascendant Describtions

In this post, I will try my best to be as precise & informative as possible. This actually works if at least ¾ of the description fits a person. Try this out! 


Behaviour: activity, initiative, striving forward; a confident, dynamic even aggressive look, but sometimes a quite naive one

Physical Characteristics: diamond shaped face; rather wavy, chestnut brown hair; big eyes with bushy arched brows; usually a straight but droopy nose; thin or medium lips; small chin; very athletic; men often have granular skin on their face; blush; scars or marks on the head. 

Celebrities with Aries Rising: Rihanna, Shakira, John Lennon, Heath Ledger, Che Guevara, Penélope Cruz, Kendall Jenner, Morgan Freeman, Bill Cosby

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Behaviour: serenity, good manners, charm; a soft, friendly look

Physical Characteristics: square shaped face; thick, straight, rather dark hair; natural, gradual eyebrows, big beautiful eyes with long lashes; full lips; often an upturned button nose; a short and thick neck, hunched shoulders; tendency to corpulence; women usually have large breasts and hips. 

Celebrities with Taurus Rising: Martin Luther King, Lana Del Rey, Mariah Carey, Halle Berry, David Beckham, Dave Gahan, Taylor Lautner, Zinedine Zidane, Snoop Dogg, Michael Schumacher, Cate Blanchett, Serena Williams

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Behaviour: restlessness, multitasking; fast and permanent movements; countless contact with people, enthusiastic, charming, sociable with strangers,

Physical Characteristics: Oval face; thinning, sparse hair; rather small, close-set, squinty eyes, thin eyebrows; a direct, open, interested look; a straight middle long nose; slim & thin, rather short; usually look younger than they actually are

Celebrities with Gemini Rising: Lady GaGa, Amy Winehouse, Kristen Stewart, Sandra Bullock, Mick Jagger, Ashton Kutcher, Michelle Pfeiffer, Charlie Sheen, Matthew McConaughey, Ricky Martin, Tim Burton, LeBron James, Julianne Moore, Jackie Chan, Ben Stiller, Amy Adams

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Behaviour: quite talkative when it comes to someone’s problems, moodiness, somnolence, stubbornness, sensitivity, compassion; slow moves

Physical Characteristics: round face but cheekbones, quite pale; big, watery eyes, a naive, confused look; a small, upturned or even snub nose; a quite weak chin; full lips; often plump, small hands and feet, for women: rather big, well-formed breasts

Celebrities with Cancer Rising: Angelina Jolie, Cameron Diaz, Julia Roberts, Bill Gates, Kanye West, Juliette Binoche, Robert Pattinson, Ben Affleck, Robert De Niro, Mel Gibson, Tyra Banks, Mila Jovovich, Cindy Crawford, Romy Schneider, Michael Jordan, John Travolta, William Shakespeare, George Michael, Liv Tyler, Gary Oldman, Michael Phelps, Amy Lee

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Behaviour:  brightness, cheerfulness, confidence; high self-esteem; expressive manners

Physical Characteristics: mane of hair, usually ginger, auburn copper, if dark: premature greying, for men: premature alopecia; big, a little slanting, beautiful eyes, a friendly, playful look; Roman or Grecian Nose; massive upper body, muscular, broad shoulders but thin legs, large bones; confident, proud port

Celebrities with Leo Rising: Marilyn Monroe, Johnny Depp, Justin Timberlake, Selena Gomez, Al Pacino, Freddie Mercury, Celine Dion, Chris Brown, Robbie Williams, Jessica Alba, Meryl Streep, Drake, Pablo Picasso, Jack Nicholson, Will Smith, Marilyn Manson, George W. Bush, Katie Holmes, Kylie Minogue, Heidi Klum, Tina Turner, Jake Gyllenhaal, Robery Downey Jr, Adam Levine, Kate Moss, Muhammad Ali, Emma Stone, Sting, Eva Green

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Behaviour: measured moves; a soft, melodic voice; cleanliness, discipline; classic dressing style

Physical Characteristics: large oval face, pale skin, especially unremarkable lineament, since all the features are proportional; rather hooded eyes; full lips; often small birthmarks around the nose/lips

Celebrities with Virgo Rising: Madonna, Nicolas Sarkozy, Keanu Reeves, Kurt Cobain, Sharon Stone, Uma Thurman, Steve Jobs, Emma Watson, Jay-Z, Bruce Willis, Charlize Theron, Tom Hanks, Nicole Scherzinger, Audrey Tautou, Roger Federer, Ryan Reynolds, Woody Allen, Chris Martin, Hugh Grant, Winston Churchill, Patrick Swayze, Kevin Costner, Leonard Cohen, Tiger Woods

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Behaviour: grace and beauty, dislike fraternising, prefer to stay distant,  diplomatic flair and perfectly able to engage the public; tact and delicacy, softness; elegance, dressed neatly

Physical Characteristics: a heart-shaped face, beautiful almond eyes but a cold and distant look; a smile that might seem forced, usually ash/honey brown hair; a slim button nose, dimples; a weak chest, narrow shoulders.

Celebrities with Libra Rising: Leonardo DiCaprio, Beyoncé, Jennifer Aniston, John F. Kennedy, Catherine - Duchess of Cambridge, Bill Clinton, Alain Delon, Jared Leto, Kate Winslet, Benedict Cumberbatch, George Harrison, Harrison Ford, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Frank Sinatra, Yoko Ono

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Behaviour: personal magnetism, attractiveness, excessive seriousness, deep, raucous voice; unemotional, cold

Physical Characteristics: diamond shaped face, usually a dark, curly hair; close thick brows; rather small, squinty eyes, sneak-like, icy, piercing look; long, hooked nose; thin lips; big chin; men usually have a beard and longer hair; athletic body

Celebrities with Scorpio Rising: Nicole Kidman, Hillary Clinton, Katy Perry, Natalie Portman, Vladimir Putin, Justin Bieber, Tom Cruise, Napoleon I, Prince, Vanessa Paradis,  Charlie Chaplin, Robin Williams, Bjork, Jim Carrey, Sigmund Freud, Clint Eastwood, Edward Norton, Rafael Nadal, James Franco, Ludwig van Beethoven, Enrique Iglesias, Eva Longoria, Mike Tyson, Rachel McAdams, Michael Douglas, Margaret Thatcher, Claudia Schiffer, Vin Diesel, Lewis Hamilton, Jimmy Page

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Behaviour: Optimism, sense of humour, kindness, enjoy their authority

Physical Characteristics : long, square-shaped face, high forehead (early alopecia for men); thick, bushy eyebrows; a confident, almost arrogant look; very tall, often plump; large, bony hands

Celebrities with Sagittarius Rising: Brad Pitt, Jodie Foster, Scarlett Johansson,  Diana - Princess of Wales, Elvis Presley, Kim Kardashian, Eminem, Brigitte Bardot, Leonardo DaVinci, Oprah Winfrey, Paris Hilton, Jennifer Lawrence, Bruce Lee, Marlon Brando, Elizabeth Taylor, Jimi Hendrix, Jude Law, Bob Marley, Mila Kunis, Nelson Mandela, Sylvester Stallone, Ellen DeGeneres, Alicia Keys, Angela Merkel, Bob Dylan, Bradley Cooper, Nicolas Cage, Winona Ryder, Coco Chanel, Michael Fassbender, Elton John

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Behaviour: grouchiness, seriousness, overconcern; usually look older while they’re young and extremely young at older age; calm and restrained

Physical Characteristics: very sharp-cut features, many wrinkles; short stature; big, dark, deep-set eyes, thick but short eyebrows; high forehead, a long nose, a sharp chin; the look is direct and stubborn; earth colours: tanned skin tone, dark hair; thick bones

Celebrities with Capricorn Rising: Monica Belucci, Taylor Swift, Megan Fox, Cristiano Ronaldo, Ariana Grande, Giselle Bundchen, Gwen Stefani, Sean Connery,  Prince Harry of Wales, Bono, Zac Efron, Naomi Campbell, Kylie Jenner, Sophie Loren, Zooey Deschanel, Novak Djokovic, Anthony Hopkins, Lenny Kravitz,  Lorde, Carrie Fisher, Chuck Norris

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Behaviour: friendly, open to new ideas, but intolerant of other people’s shortcomings and overly sarcastic; look & dress very unusually, like to play the clown; eccentricity and freedom in every movement; ever-young; provocative, but confused & innocent at the same time

Physical Characteristics: excessive growth, very thin; squinty, upturned, darting, blurred eyes; long fingers; thin lips

Celebrities with Aquarius Rising: Barack Obama, Cristina Aquilera, David Bowie, Jim Morrison, Russell Crowe, Nicki Minaj, Orlando Bloom, Audrey Hepburn, Adele, Matt Damon, J.K. Rowling, Abraham Lincoln, Lionel Messi, Ian Somerhalder,  Janis Joplin, Ayrton Senna, Oscar Pistorius, Yves Saint-Laurant, Whoopi Goldberg

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Behaviour: daydreaming, shows good towards others; mystic, self-oriented and tired look, kind but a little shy

Physical Characteristics : a round face; thick, shiny, dark hair; long straight nose; bright almond, extremely beautiful eyes; pale and with eye circles; small hands and feet

Celebrities with Pisces Rising: Michael Jackson, Demi Moore, George Clooney, Ryan Gosling, Whitney Houston, Paul McCartney, Zayn Malik, Gwyneth Paltrow, Adriana Lima, Demi Lovato, Antonio Banderas, Vanessa Hudgens, Johnny Cash, Kaley Cuoco, Andrew Garfield, Ellen Pompeo

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Today is my 30th birthday. I thought at one point I was going to stay on trend and draw another symbol of my depression, but changed my mind and thought that perhaps I might like to give myself something positive instead.

Here’s to life being an adventure I guess…. anyway here’s some gay pirates. A couple of salty dogs (and yes Grantaire is getting a premature grey streak.) Few more pirates here.

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Hello, first I must say I'm very fond of your writing! Second, I have a prompt for you ^^ : Qui Gon didn't take Obi Wan as his padawan (the reason is up to you). Instead Dooku or Yoda (I can't choose which I want to hear the most about...) takes him. If it's Dooku the reaction of Qui Gon to a very much younger brother padawan would be very fun and the same goes for Dooku with Yoda. I hope it's ok and understanddable ^^" Thank you for all you do <3

Hey, it’s been a while since you sent this and I’m sorry I didn’t get to it earlier - it seemed like a prompt that needed a 300,000 word fic to go along with it, and not just a oneshot, so I focused on my other fics instead. Sorry. :P I’ve figured out a way around it, though - this is Qui-Gon meeting Obi-Wan, in a supposed AU where Dooku took Obi-Wan as his padawan.

A note to my regular readers: Dooku is not nearly as much of a bat without compassion as he is in canon or TSS, here. He’s almost…nice. And Xanatos stayed with the Order; everything is fluffy clouds and unicorns.

A Much Younger Brother

“Qui-Gon,” a familiar, smooth voice says, over Qui-Gon’s shoulder. “I see you have returned.”

Biting back a retort that a sudden appearance over one’s shoulder in the nearly-dark Archives after a year-long mission qualifies more as a jump-scare than anything, Qui-Gon turns in place, murmuring respectfully, “Master, I trust you are-”

He stops. Stares.

There is a pair of bright blue yes peeking out from behind Dooku’s expansive, dark cloak.

Qui-Gon looks up at his former master, one arm still slung over the back of his chair in the act of standing up.

“Qui-Gon,” his former master says, inconsequentially - “My new apprentice, Obi-Wan Kenobi. Obi-Wan - my former apprentice, Qui-Gon Jinn.”

Dooku moves aside slightly as he says this, and the blue eyes are revealed to be set in a little elfin face, below untamed, russet locks and above what looks like a horrendously cute pair of dimples.

“Greetings, Master Jinn,” a flute-like voice says, as the little padawan bows.

Qui-Gon notes that Obi-Wan’s new padawan braid is so short that it does not swing with the movement - it sticks straight out behind his ear, instead.

Inexplicably, the image almost makes Qui-Gon let loose a chortle. As it is, he has to hide a cough as he stands.

Obi-Wan straightens, and takes in Qui-Gon gargantuan height and well-grown beard. His eyes widen, and he looks suddenly back at his master, and at his lineage-brother again, and then back at his master-

“I think your new padawan’s re-evaluating your possible age,” Qui-Gon says, dryly.

“Nonsense,” Dooku says. “If anything, your beard appears to have gone prematurely grey.”

“Says the man with the silver-edged hair.”

“I’m only a decade your senior,” Dooku counters.

Obi-Wan visibly perks up, interested.

Qui-Gon leans down and whispers in his ear. “I’m forty-five standard.”

Obi-Wan grins, widely. “Got it,” he whispers back. “I’m eleven standard.”

“Qui-Gon,” Dooku says, with a longsuffering sigh. “What did you tell him?”

“I said nothing of your age, Master,” Qui-Gon deadpans as he straightens. “Dinner?”

Obi-Wan perks up even more at that, if it were possible; he almost seems to bounce.

Dooku glances down at him. “It would seem wise.”

They leave the archives for the refectory together, Qui-Gon striding beside Dooku, and Obi-Wan a half-step to the side and one step behind Dooku’s right shoulder.

Until, of course, the two masters separate slightly, leaving a space between them, and a little beckoning of Qui-Gon’s hand is all the prompting Obi-Wan needs to dart forward and walk with his master on one side and his lineage-brother on the other.

“Obi-Wan, remind me to introduce you to Feemor and Xanatos.”

“You will most certainly not, Qui-Gon-”

“They’ll be good influences!”

“Do exactly the opposite of what they tell you to, padawan,” Dooku advises.

“Yes, Master.” A pause. “Even if they tell me to follow you and Master Jinn’s orders?”

Qui-Gon throws back his head and laughs out loud, even as his former master’s faint smile shows itself a pace to his right.


I might feel inclined to add to this AU sometimes, so I’ve tagged this little brother AU. All future add-ons to this AU will be in that tag.

Thanks for waiting for this, anon! And thank you <3

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waking up sober

one: the beginning 

Savannah Harper, 22.

Self assured psych student.

She’s nonchalant, sarcastic, and her biggest achievement to date is being able to down five jagerbombs in less than 30 seconds.


Harry Styles, 23.

Overachieving law student.

He’s never faced a problem that couldn’t be fixed with a little help from his Russian friend - vodka.

a story of late nights, unorthodox household plants, and a trip to Vegas that changes everything

UNI AU co-written with @faux-styles

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Questions I need answers to in the finale
  • Where the fuck is Grundy’s gun? Is it the same one Alice was brandishing at Hal?
  • Was FP working for Clifford and did he kidnap Jason and tie him up in the basement of the Whyte Wyrm?
  • Were the drugs FP was peddling actually Cliff’s?
  • WTF did Gladys say to Juggie? (sidenote: I will never forgive her for making him cry!!)
  • Are Kevin and Joaquin reuniting? How did Kevin not know Joaquin was shady when he knew he was part of the Serpents and they were drug dealers?
  • Who the fuck pays someone to do their dirty deeds in a monogrammed bag?
  • Why the fuck could Hal not tell Polly to stop dating Jason because they were distant cousins? If that’s really such a big deal? (Sidenote: It’s not)
  • Did Cheryl and Penny off Cliff? Wtf was that synchronized hand movement pointing Keller to the warehouse? (So creepy)
  • Did Penny know all along that her husband was a drug dealer? Did she suspect he may have killed Jason? Did Cheryl ? Hint: she wasn’t surprised at all when Betty called her
  • How the fuck does Jason resemble Archie? (sidenote: it’d be great if the Andrews clan were related to the Bloopers as well, that’d kill any B/arfchie completely, seeing as this distant cousin thing is still considered incest)
  • Who the fuck filmed the murder? (FP)
  • How the fuck did Cliff Blossom know about the small window he’d have to plant the gun in FPs trailer?  
  • Why the fuck did he torture Jason?
  • How much of FPs confession is true? (I’m guessing the part about freezing the body and then throwing it in the river later is since it was corroborated by Joaquin and also all the scenes we were shown in flashback - Jason meeting him and him torching the car)
  • Wtf are the Blossoms hiding in the east wing?
  • Why the fuck did Cliff have all those wigs? (and I need a better explanation than one for every mood)
  • Who the fuck told Hiram about Fred and Hermione?
  • Who the fuck was Jason supposed to deliver the drugs to?
  • Wtf was Cliff paying Hiram perpetuity for?  
  • So was the ghost of grandpappy Blossom with his throat slit (the one that caused Cliff’s hair to turn prematurely grey) actually the ghost of Grandpappy Cooper, previously Blossom, now Blooper?
  • Does the maple syrup business not exist at all???  
  • Has Juggie been suspended from school? (Fuck you, Weatherbee!)
  • Has someone told Gladys Jones that her husband’s in jail and her son is homeless living on charity in a place where he’s not wanted? 
  • When is FP getting out of jail?

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honestly dipper in the familiar au is living my dream. magic, snarky demon lover, being shown off at a demon party by said snarky demon lover like some sort of trophy human-husband... goals

Bill would absolutely agree that this life is a dream, and Dipper should be thankful that Bill brings so much entertainment! Who wants a boring existence?

Dipper would argue that, okay, it has some upsides, but most of them are completely neutralized by the fact that hanging out with a sociopathic monstrosity (who has stupid amounts of power) means you get dragged into horrific messes and deadly situations on the regular. Some people aren’t immortal, Bill, and Dipper’s fairly certain he’s either going to have a heart attack from dealing with the horrors that come part and parcel of being around Bill, get horribly murdered because Bill got too confident, or simply pass away from sheer exhausted frustration because his idiot demon husband thinks his grumpy face is ‘cute’.

Bill doesn’t want Dipper dead, but he leaves chaos in his wake wherever he goes and Dipper gets caught up in more of it than he ever, ever wanted.

Sherlolly Week 2017 Day 2: First Date

(The rating is still G on this one. Set in S1, sometime after ASiP but before TGG.)


“Sherlock?  What are you doing here?  Do you have another case already?” Molly asked, setting her bag on the lab table.  He’d only left a few hours before.

“Nope.  John has a date and I’m not to return to the flat until two at the earliest, which, I have to say, is highly optimistic of him considering the length of his shower this morning.”  He went back to looking at whatever slide he had in the microscope.

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High School Band AU: Ch. 3

Man, I got so carried away, this is so long! Hope you have patience to read all this.

Also hope you like it, of course! ^^

“Do you have a curfew or something?”

“Not that I can recall.” You never needed one, since you don’t go out too much at night.

“Oh, so you have a few hours to kill?”

“I guess…” both yours and his voices are muffled due to your helmets. Also, yours is a little tight, guess of all the girls that hopped on his bike, you have the biggest head.

You thought he was taking you to the ice cream shop or that place with the French fries, you heard some girls that are in your class talking about these places where Zen usually takes his dates, but… of course you’re not his date, so it makes sense he’s taking you somewhere else… right?

Okay, so you’re not a date, you’re just… how did he say that time in the audition? Weird quiet girl sitting in the back? Yep, and add a big head to that! And… you don’t want to go all paranoid again, but… does he take all weird quiet big headed girls to this neighborhood? What have they done to deserve this?

Yes, it’s hard not to tilt your head, trying to find some place familiar, and not get insanely scared when you’re not able to. Where are you? Why is he taking you to this part of town?

He stops the bike side to side to a whole line of motorcycles, you’re still looking at these fancy Harley-Davidson when Zen clears his throat, his hair tickles your forearm lightly, that’s when you realize you’re still grabbing his shirt in his sides.

“O-oh… sorry.” You quickly pry your hands and take your helmet off, avoiding any glance to the rearview mirror. You can’t even imagine how awful your hair must look right now.

“If you were that scared, you could have just wrapped your arms around my waist, you know that?” he says jumping out of the bike and offering his hand to help you.

“I wasn’t scared.” You pretend you didn’t see his hand and jump out by the other side of the bike.

“Of course you weren’t.” you’re pretty sure he’s being sarcastic, though his tone doesn’t sound like that, so it’s better just ignore it.

“So, what are we doing here? Looking for trouble?”

“With you dressed like that? Maybe…”

“What’s wrong with my clothes?”

“You know, those shorts are a little… short?”

“Shorts being short? I did not see that coming…” you roll your eyes and give him a lazy smile.

“Seriously, just take my jacket, MC.” He takes his leather jacket off and hands to you, you were about to refuse, but his serious expression and tone made you reconsider.

“Do you have a fake ID or something?”

“Well, I wasn’t feeling like committing a crime today, so I forgot mine home.” You try to accentuate your words with your hands, but his jacket is so big on you the sleeves are covering up until your fingers… you must look so pathetic right now.

He chuckles looking at you. Yeah, not even your sarcasm can be taken seriously when you’re wearing a leather circus tent all over your body.

“Maybe I still have one… here. Let me check.” He leans closer and reaches for the inner pocket of his jacket. His fingers brush slightly in your belly, making you shiver. He’s close, really close! Is his hair really silver? Isn’t that premature grey hair? Who cares? It’s so beautiful, it looks so soft, if you could just…

“Found it! Here you go, MC!” he hands you a little rectangle made of plastic. “Or should I say, Miss… Lana Del Rey, 24 years?”

“Wait, does it really say Lana Del Rey?” yes, it does. “Oh. My. God! And the photo is Lana Del Rey too! Couldn’t you even get an asian chick, at least?”

“An asian girl named Lana Del Rey?” he has a point… wait, he doesn’t. Actually… you don’t see what would be a better option in this.

“Zen… whatever you’re thinking, nobody will believe I’m 24 and my name is Lana Del Rey.”

“Well, tell that to Marshall Bruce Matthers, 25 years old, who gets into that club every Saturday night.”

“Marshall Bruce… you mean Eminem?” he looks at you puzzled. Hum, not a big hip hop fan here, apparently. But wait… a … club?

“I… don’t think it’s a good idea, Zen…”


“Whatever. I don’t think we should go into a biker’s bar, we’re…”

“Biker’s bar?” he looks at where he parked his bike, oh yeah, in front of a well known bar where bikers get together to get drunk and angry. “Oh… no, MC. We’re not going there, we’re going… there.” He holds your shoulders to turn you to face this night club, where flamingos made of neon shine, indicating that you’re welcome to Pay It no Mind.

“A… gay bar?”

“Have you been here before?”

“No, I… just heard about it. Have you… been here before?”

“Yeah, a friend of mine own this place and I leave my guitar in the backstage there.” you blink a couple of times and you both stare at each other, in silence, then he jumps in surprise. “Oh, he’s really my friend, he’s not my… boyfriend or anything. I don’t… I don’t date guys.” He clears his throat.” So don’t worry, cutie, I’m straight.” Don’t worry? You feel like rolling your eyes so hard they’ll end up stuck in the back of your head. “So… shall we?”

“Zen… Marshall. I’m… I’m too young, I’ve never been in a place like this, what if is dangerous?”

“What kind of danger you would face in a place where all the guys don’t want anything to do with you?”

“I… I don’t know! You never know! I…”

“Are you scared? Like you were in my bike?”

“I wasn’t scared back then and I’m not scared right now!” you realize you’re actually yelling, okay, now this is really pathetic. “Why would you even bring me here?”

“To have some fun. It was probably a weird stressful day for you, you know, being kidnapped by Saeyoung, then having to breath the same air as Jumin Han for so long…”

“You don’t like Jumin?”

“I… it’s not that I don’t like him, it’s just… he does some things that I disagree with…”

“What things?”

“Uh-uh! We’re not playing this game! You won’t do this cute face and expect I just forget what we’re here for. Come on, Lana!” he grabs your hand, you would fight if you weren’t confused. What Jumin does that Zen would consider wrong? That guy doesn’t seem the type to do anything wrong… and… were you being cute? How would you even look cute with your messy hair and this jacket swallowing you?

“Good to see you again, Marshall. Have fun, Lana.” The guy that watches the entrance barely looks to your IDs, oh… so security isn’t really strict, that’s why two asian kids can pretend to be two white famous singers and walk into a club just like this.

“Zenny! You’re back!” the bartender greets him cheerfully. “Hi, honey!” then he waves for you with a big smile, you wave back, shyly.

“Hey, dude! Good to see you.” This guy approaches him, giving him that familiar jock greeting when guys bump shoulders brutally. Hum… odd scene for a gay bar… or maybe it’s just you not being able to run from gay people stereotypes… “And you must be Zen’s new girl!”

“I… I’m not…

“She´s, she’s not… she’s hum… Mystic Messenger’s new vocalist.”

“Oh… that girl who sang Barbra?” he hugs you, you widen your eyes in shock, you’re not used to this kind of affection all of a sudden. “Hyun talked a lot about you, he couldn’t keep his mouth shut, but I’m glad he’s getting what he wants, at least.” The guy brushes his fingers in your hand… that is still holding Zen’s, you immediately pull away and blush. “Awww, you were right. She’s cute.”

“Yeah, yeah, you’re making her uncomfortable. Just quit!” he sounds really annoyed. Hum… maybe he is the one uncomfortable here?

Then this guy invites you two to his table at a VIP section and Zen doesn’t look so uncomfortable anymore. And as you watch these people dancing and having fun, you realize you’re not uncomfortable either. You’re having fun, just like Zen wanted you to.  

“So… you two are neighborhood friends, for like…”

“10 years?” Zen nods. “Yeah, something like this. Can you believe? This fella here is like 4 years younger than me and yet, he saved my ass from some guys trying to beat me up for being… well, you know by now…”

“Gay.” You say bluntly, why would he be scared of saying this in a place like this?

“Exactly. Who could tell, right? Our little bad boy here likes to protect minorities, isn’t he cute?”

“Yeah… I mean, protecting minorities is… cute. Actually, it’s important, not… cute.” The guy chuckles, making you feel really good. You wouldn’t like to let him bothered in a place where he can be absolutely himself.

“You’re cute too, huh? Wearing a jacket that is twice your size, having this frizzy hair, you almost look like a little kid…” Hum… “It’s almost hard to believe you’re a vocalist of a high school band…”

“Come on, bro. Just leave her alone…”

“No, I want to hear more. Why can’t you believe?”

“I don’t know. You don’t seem… sexy enough for this.” You narrow your eyes, biting the inner part of your cheek.

“MC… let it go… he’s just teasing you.”

“I want to know! As far as I’m aware, I should be a good singer, my… sex appeal or whatever shouldn’t play a part on this. Right, Zen?”

“Well…” he looks to the side, avoiding your eyes. “B-But I disagree with him, MC. I think you’re sexy! I mean… you’re cute… I mean…”

“Dude, just shut up…” you glare at them both. “You see, cutie?”

“I’m not seeing anything. Not yet. Tell me… do you have an electric guitar here?”

“MC…?” Zen meets your gaze. “What are you thinking?”

“Do you?”

“Yeah, it’s in the back, Zen plays it here sometimes…”

“Come on, Zen.” You get out of the table and head to the little stage.

“Shit, this girl is crazy!” Zen follows you. “MC, what are you thinking?”

“I just want to have some fun, Zenny. Can you grab the guitar in the back, please?” you say smiling and reaching for some hair elastic bands in the pockets of your shorts, tying your hair in two piggy tails.

Okay, Zen is scared and excited, the fire in your eyes is… impressive, he can’t take his eyes from you under these colorful lights, you remind him… of himself, getting ready to a performance for the musical theater club… that one he never had a chance to actually talk to you?

“Fine. Grab the mic. I’ll follow you.” You smile at him, and he feels super hot, for some reason.

You go up the little stage of the club, and a great amount of eyes drop on you. You shiver, but this one is bigger than that one you felt when Zen touched you.

“H-Hi… Ladies and gentlemen and… ugh, who am I kidding? Fuck gender, am I right?” you gain some cheers and whistles. Okay… don’t screw this up, MC… think!

You run to Zen, who’s setting the guitar equipment, and whisper something quickly to him. He nods and smiles, watching you reassume your position in the mic.

Zen plays the intro. You cannot believe he actually knows the song…

“You don’t have to be beautiful to turn me on. I just need your body, babe, from dusk till dawn… You don’t need experience to turn me on. You just leave it all up to me, I’m gonna show you what it’s all about.”

The audience quickly plays along, you look behind you and Zen is smiling while looking down to the chords of the guitar.

“You got to not talk dirty, baby, if you wanna impress me. You can’t be too flirty, mama, 
And know how to undress me (Yeah) I want to be your fantasy, maybe you could be mine
You just leave it all up to me, we could have a good time”

Then he joins you in the mic for the chorus

“You don’t have to be rich to be my girl , you don’t have to be cool to rule my world
Ain’t no particular sign I’m more compatible with. I just want your extra time and your… kiss.”

You end up the little impromptu performance feeling hot, but you’re shivering at the same time, it’s amazing! And you don’t know how to describe. But the audience cheering you makes you feel like you’re in top of the world.

Then Zen hugs you, and you hug him back. You don’t mind right now, he was amazing just following you like this. He is… much more than you could imagine, huh?

You two meet his friend a little after you got off the stage, both of you smirking teasingly.

“Look at you! You know how to do sexy, huh?”

“Nah… I just know how to have fun.” Then you look at Zen and smile.


It’s Monday, and you walk these hallways triumphally, still tasting that rush from Saturday night. Ah, the audience… the stage… the guitar player… it was perfect! And nobody knows a shit about this, so this victory feels like it’s yours, just yours… and Zen’s, alright.

Or maybe this isn’t something so particular… you feel pairs of eyes checking on you, or… maybe it’s just your imagination?

You are heading to your locker when a cold hand meets your shoulder from behind. You look to find its owner and…


“I’m calling an emergency meeting. Come with me.” He uses his hand to guide you, you’re confused, but… your learned by now not to mess with him, dude is scary! And handsome… you didn’t have a chance to notice his features, but now that he’s so close… and angry…

“Something wrong, MC?” shit! He realized you’ve been staring…

“I…I… you tell me.”

“Don’t worry. I know it’s not your fault.”

“F-fault?” he walks you to this abandoned room. You know this place, it used to be the musical theater room…  but why is it so dark and… why is Jumin taking you to a dark room?

Okay, first of all, this room isn’t dark. Second, you need to get your mind out of the gutter, this is becoming very troublesome… you barely walk the room and Saeyoung runs to hug you.

“Oh, my little viral is here!”

“Your… what?” oh no… could it be?

Sure you’ve noticed a few cameras among the audience, Zen sent you the links for the videos, but… a viral? No, it couldn’t be, the video with most views just reached like, 200 views.

“Saeyoung, it’s not a viral.” You state as you see the same video from before, yep, 200 views.

“Well, it is a start, you never know what can go viral.”

“After two days? Well…” Jaehee apparently agrees with you.

“Ahh, you’re just like my brother, why don’t you let me have even small things?” he does a dramatic gesture and looks to his brother, who basically ignores him.

“Jumin, why did you call a meeting? Class will start soon.” Yoosung says, clearly annoyed and probably a little sleepy. Oh, so he’s grumpy in the morning, that’s unexpected.

“Yes, I’ll be quick, we just need Zen here and… ah, here you are.” Zens walks in, his eyes immediately meet your and he smiles.

“How was the rest of your weekend, Lana?” you just giggle and blush slightly. “What’s with this fuss, jerk? I hate coming to class in the first period and you know that!”

“I’m doing you a favor, since you’re here, you could actually, you know, go to class?”

“Don’t tell me what to do and just cut the crap, asshole! What do you want?”

“I want to scold you for taking a freshman to a nightclub and putting her up a stage for her to be filmed and watched by everyone on Youtube.” Everyone? It’s just 200 people…

“Jumin, Zen didn’t make me do anything, I…”

“MC, you’re new here, I don’t know you very much, but I know him very well. You can’t expose our new vocalist like this, Zen.”

“Dude! You’re so uptight! We were just having fun!”

“Oh, I see how much fun you were having, the way you looked at her clothes and the song you picked. Tsk… you’re so vulgar.” Excuse me?

“Jumin, I really hate this word.” You say, and all the eyes in the room go to you.


“Vulgar. It’s such an awful word! Do you think Prince is vulgar?”

“MC, I… didn’t mean it like this. I…”

“Then what did you mean, dude? Because you can’t call MC vulgar! And can we actually talk about how you’re the last person to judge what’s vulgar and what’s not?”

“Zen, I got this…” you say, your hand goes to his shoulder, which he gently pries away.

“It’s fine, MC. This jerk needs to listen! Playing the moralist on me? You, Jumin? Who are you to say anything about vulgarity and… morality and…? You’re such a hypocrite!” he steps towards Jumin, uh oh…

“Dude, calm your ass down…” Shit! Even Saeran is telling him to chill, what’s happening?

“I hate guys like you! You do the shit and then just walk away like nothing ever happened, right? But what if everybody knew who you really are, Jumin? What if V knew?” it’s quick as a bolt, you just see Jumin grabbing Zen by his collar shirt.

Saeyoung places himself in front of you, like he’s protecting you. But from what? They won’t really start a fight, will they?

“You’ll keep your mouth shut if you know what’s good for you.” That’s all you hear Jumin muttering. Saeran and Yoosung try to separate them, but Jumin is tightening the grip. Shit!

“Guys… let’s calm down. We don’t want anybody finding out we’re using this room for the band meetings, so we can’t drive attention, especially this kind of attention. Jumin… let him go.” Jaehee says as she’s talking to two kids. Jumin’s eyes quickly meet your curious and horrified ones… then he lets Zen go. Everybody is finally able to exhale.

What the fuck just happened here?

 Chapter Two | Chapter Four 

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Alright, let’s examine the physical state of old Mikey for a second:

  • Baggy, sunken eyes
  • Long greasy unkempt hair that seems to have greyed prematurely (compare Mike’s hair color to the more forest-green shade of Raphael’s beard)
  • Emaciated
  • Multiple missing teeth

Now, aside from sleep deprivation, the usual reasons for sunken eyes are:

- Dehydration
- Sun exposure
- Dramatic weight loss
- Aging

The first three certainly seem to be factors, but as for the last one Brandon says that 50 years is like 20 years in mutant turtle time. That means Mikey is more 30 than he is 60, but he looks way older than his given age, especially when compared to Raph.

On the subject of aging, let’s talk about that premature greying.
Contrary to popular belief, grey hair isn’t connected to stress. It can, however, be connected to a vitamin B12 deficiency, which has a variety of other symptoms as well, including mental problems (such as brain fog and dementia) and chronic pain (which may explain why he’s taken to carrying a cane with him wherever he goes rather than just his nunchucks, and has a tendency to hunch his shoulders when standing idle)

But a vitamin deficiency comes as no surprise, seeing as Mikey chooses to eat the black rotten leftover pizzas in the diner rather than go out and try to forage for something that wouldn’t give the average person eight different types of food poisoning.
Oddly enough, he has a means of leaving the desert and finding something else to eat. But he instead chooses to remain close to a rundown building in the middle of nowhere that… according to him… regularly leaves him exposed to acid rain and sand storms. 

It’s implied that the reason Mikey never made it to Oasis is because he lost the map he made, but I don’t think that’s the case. He rode Chompy and lead his family through the most treacherous part of the journey without so much as glancing at Mira’s arm-map, and he seemed to continuously have a good understanding of where he was and where he was going like he’d taken that path a thousand times.

He knows Oasis. He could’ve gone to paradise any time he wanted, but he chose to stay in the wasteland. Not only that, but he shows serious signs of self-neglect. Lack of decent food aside, he clearly doesn’t take any care of himself, hence the sloppy unkempt appearance and missing teeth.

So, what do we know?

  1. He was separated from his brothers around 50 years ago, and has been unsure if they were alive since then. Leonardo, for one, is someone he’s certain is long dead
  2. He took it upon himself to adopt and take care of the family pets
  3. He ended up discovering Oasis. Rather than stay put however, he made a map and ventured out to other colonies, and was soon hailed a beloved mystic
  4. Eventually, something happened that caused him to run out of steam, but rather than venture to Oasis he wandered into the desert, and eventually fell into a spiral of self-neglect

With all this in mind, I have a theory:

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Coldwestallenwave, non-power au (:

  1. No powers means no Flash means no Reverse Flash means (at least in my happy little corner of the alternate world) Nora Allen never dies and Henry is never falsely imprisoned. 
  2. This of course means Barry doesn’t grow up with Joe and Iris. Instead he and Iris spend their entire childhood and adolescence still technically joined at the hip but not living under the same roof being raised by the same man, and it helps Iris clue into her feelings about Barry waaaayy earlier.
  3. Barry and Iris start “dating” in the sixth grade, and remarkably don’t break up until their senior year of high school. They both agree they need space to grow and learn more about themselves away from each other, and it’s awkward as hell their entire senior year. Iris goes to prom with the star of the basketball team and doesn’t have a date at all, yet they both spend the whole night watching each other across the dance floor when they think the other isn’t looking. 
  4. Iris and Barry both go to CCU, Iris for journalism, Barry for nursing (he admires doctors, he really does, but he’s seen the job drive his father prematurely grey and anyway, nursing feels a lot more like treating the patient than just the disease, and all Barry’s ever wanted to do is help people)
  5. Their sophomore year of college, after an excruciatingly long time of being “just friends” – being apart – Barry and Iris finally get back together. The time apart was good for them. It let Iris figure out who she is outside of “Detective West’s Kid” and “The Girl Dating Dr. Allen’s Son” and it let Barry explore his sexuality more and come to the point where he’s finally comfortable identifying as bi/ace. But on the other hand, my God does it feel good to be with each other again. 
  6. After Barry finishes school and gets his official nursing license, he and Iris move out of their parents’ homes and get a shitty apartment together in a shitty part of town, all they can afford with loan debts and Iris still in grad school getting her masters, but it’s home and they love it. 
  7. Barry proposes over a carton of Chinese takeout with a white sapphire that puts him out $250, which is simultaneously nothing and a fucking lot. Iris says yes before he has two words of the speech he spent three weeks planning out of his mouth, which is probably for the best, because he’s crying like a baby anyway. They both are. 
  8. Iris gets an internship at CCPN, which is where she gets the incredibly stupid idea to edge out the competition and earn a full time position by getting the exclusive story on a couple of big time thieves moving on mob territory in Central, which brings us to
  9. Len and Mick, whose backstories haven’t much changed much, except they’re married and have been since they just so happened to be on a job in Massachusetts in 2004, not that Len actively planned for it to work out that way, but that’s basically canon already, right? 
  10. Iris’ investigation takes her into incredibly dangerous territory she’s definitely lying to Barry about being in. Halfway through photographing evidence, a couple of goons from the Santini catch her in the act and point guns at her, and Iris is sure she’s done for, except the gunfire that follows doesn’t come from the Santinis and, surprisingly enough, isn’t directed at her. 
  11. That’s how Len and Iris are officially introduced, with bodies cooling at their feet and Iris five seconds away from a panic attack, but keeping it together better than Len ever expected from a civilian, and damn if that doesn’t impress him even more than her deep brown eyes and they way her clothes fit her like a second skin – and who flashes that much leg trespassing on a mob warehouse, anyway? 
  12. Len takes Iris out to a greasy, hole-in-the-wall diner to get her settled and avoid her going into shock while he calls Mick in to deal with the bodies at the warehouse. Iris is shaken but matches Len’s bravado about “people go missing all the time” and “certain things have a way of happening” and Len knows there’s no way he’s going to throw the young, aspiring journalist off her story, and he really doesn’t want to kill her. Something about the set of her jaw reminds him of someone he used to care about, and the faint smells of harissa and lamb. 
  13. Which is how Len starts acting as Iris’ inside source. He’s prickly about what information he will and won’t give her, and sometimes she pokes her nose where it doesn’t belong even after Len’s thrown her a bone he thought for sure would keep her out of things. They argue something fierce when that happens, but nothing like the night Iris ends up tied to a chair staring down the barrel of a Darbinyan’s gun and she’s more sure that she’s ever been that this is how she’s going to die. 
  14. Until Len shows up with some new gun she’s never seen before – a prototype he stole from STAR Labs, the same place that launched the wildly successful particle accelerator, Iris will learn later – that freezes every mobster solid like ice. He hits them with the hilt of the weapon on his way over for good measure, then he’s untying Iris from her chair, and Iris can’t even think to be nauseous over how gruesome and brutal Len was, how close she came to dying, because Len’s grabbing her by the elbow and pulling her to her feet, pushing her up against a chain link wall and yelling at her to never be so stupid again, and then he’s kissing her and… oh!
  15. Iris doesn’t mean to kiss back, doesn’t even realize she is kissing back until her engagement ring catches on one of the clasps on Len’s leather jacket that she’s always thought he looked so good in – always though thinking as much was innocent, harmless –  and she’s shoving Len back with a horrified gasp and fingers that fly so fast to her lips there’s no way Len doesn’t see the rock on her finger, even in the low, flickering lights of the warehouse. 
  16. Iris goes home that night sick with guilt. Len dropped her off a block away from her building, citing lingering concerns for her safety, but Iris isn’t so convinced it’s not because Len hoping to find something to say over the twenty minute car ride to make things right between them. When Iris puts her hand on the handle to get out, Len finally breaks the silence festering between them by croaking out a shaky admission of “I’m married” that only makes things worse. 
  17. Barry’s cooking breakfast on their crappy stove that only has one working burner when she gets home, just back from a shift at the hospital probably. He does that, cooks Iris breakfast when he has to work nights so they can spend at least some time together, and Iris feels like shit. Barry’s brow furrows, worried and surprised to see her just getting home instead of being in bed asleep, and Iris breaks down into a fit of tears before she can even slide the deadbolt in place. She tells Barry everything, and he cries too, and the eggs burn, and it’s not a good day. 
  18. Len meets back up with Mick at the warehouse to clean up the defrosting mobster pieces and keep the CCPD off their trail. Mick knows something’s off with Len from the moment he catches sight of him. Mick knows about Iris, knows her having such a close brush with death probably rattled Len a lot more than he was expecting, thinks he’s probably trying to wall up whatever clusterfuck of emotions are swirling behind his eyes like he always does when people get too close, like they both do, part of the reason they’ve been off about as much as they’ve been on over the last twenty-some odd years. He doesn’t expect Len to say, quiet but icy as Mick’s ever heard him, “I fucked up.” Partly because Len’s never one to admit his mistakes. But also because Mick’s pretty sure he made it clear – or as clear as he can without them ever really talking about it, because Mick can’t do talking, can’t get past the lump in his throat and the unshakable fear ever time he tries that promises he’ll say something wrong and fuck everything up – that making a move on Iris West was definitely on the table. 
  19. Mick and Iris meet for the first time a week later. There’s a huge power struggle between the Santini’s and the Darbinyan’s happening that’s sure to leave both sides gutted (which he and Len had nothing to do with, if anyone asks) and Mick can see how much Len’s itching to slip Iris some insider information. Idiot’s go the file all put together and everything. He’s just too chicken shit to make a move, won’t say what exactly happened the last time he tried – if he even did try – but it can’t be half as bad a Len’s building it up to be. He just the kind of guy that deals a lot of his own lashes, so to speak. 
  20. Mick corners Iris as she’s walking home through the park. It’s after dark and Mick knows going in it’s gonna give her a hell of a scare, but he can’t see another way to get to her, and she’s the one walking alone at night in a neighborhood like this like she’s got no reason to be afraid. He barely gets his hand around Iris’ wrist before she comes up with pepper spray from her purse and she gets him good in the jaw anyway, and even before she goes still enough to get a good look at her, Mick gets every bit of what Len sees. 
  21. Mick finally gets why Len’s so prickly when he sees the rock on Iris’ finger, when his introduction is met with her stammered apology that’s both contrite and lanced with an edge of genuine terror her never wanted to make a wildfire like her feel. Mick passes the envelope off, tells her no hard feelings, and leaves as quickly as he came before her soft lips and fierce spirit manage to drag him into whatever hell they’ve got Len burning in. 
  22. Iris wars over what to do with the information for an impressive two hours before running with the story. She’s not even surprised at her own behavior, unfair as it might be to Barry. This isn’t about her feelings. It’s about her career. Somehow, the pages still smell like Len – sandalwood and wintergreen and orange blossom – and Iris tries to pretend it doesn’t make her heart skip a beat. 
  23. Mick acts as Iris’ informant from then on. She tells Barry after she publishes her first article using Len’s information delivered through Mick, and Barry understands her obligation to her career, respects it even. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t start tagging along to info drops that turn more and more into strange, almost social outings the longer the arrangement goes on. After almost six months of Len running Iris intel through Mick, Barry and Iris meet Mick at a sketchy bar downtown and order hot wings and cheap beer and Iris doesn’t even realize until she and Barry get home that no information had even been exchanged – the meeting (or was it a date?) hadn’t even been set up under the pretext of doing as much. 
  24. The first time Iris sees Len again after the kissing incident comes when she runs into Mick dragging his listless body up the stairwell in her apartment building and Iris doesn’t even ask how or when Mick found out where she lives. She knows Mick knows Barry’s a nurse, and that’s the only thought she can process, the only thought that screams at her as she rushes forward to prop Len up on his other side and help Mick haul him up the last two flights of stairs. She doesn’t think about how the pit falls out of her stomach at the thought of losing Len, or that she’s bringing the man she had an affair with – if not physically, at least emotionally, Iris is a big enough girl to admit that much – to her fiancé to beg with him if she has to to save his life, or that the man who’s helping her do it is Len’s husband who she realizes, as she notices the cut on the the side of his cheek for the fist time, she’s just as worried about. 
  25. Iris’ cry for help is so chilling, haunting, it wakes Barry up in a cold sweat. He’s still in his underwear when he stumbles into the main room of their apartment and sees her and Mick carry in a man who’s either already dead or on his way fast. It registers with Barry that this has to be Len – Leonard Snart – criminal kingpin, subject of Iris’ past indiscretion. But the desperate look in Mick and Iris’ eyes alike keeps from even breaking stride. Barry’s wide away, directing Mick to lay Len down on the couch, rivers of blood and all, and yelling at Iris to get him his first aid kit and clean set of towels. 
  26. The fact that Len’s still breathing after Barry pulls two slugs out of him and stitches up close to a dozen knife wounds is a miracle. Mick sits vigil on the floor by Len’s head waiting for him to wake up and Iris stands as far away as she can manage in an apartment their size while still keeping an eye on Len, too. Eyes that look worried, but also incredibly guilty and self-loathing, and Barry feels every ounce of hurt and uncertainty leave him in one heavy breath. He presses along Iris’ side and holds her tight and whispers a soft “okay” in her hair that he follows up with a soft, delicate kiss, and Iris sags against him, buries her head in his shoulder, and cries, but this time, it’s with relief. 
  27. Len isn’t fit to go anywhere for a few days, and it sounds like it should be a disaster, but they adapt to it quickly, almost naturally. They give Len the bed as soon as he’s mobile and Mick stays with him, unwilling to leave his side, not that Iris or Barry blame him. Iris and Barry buy a shitty air mattress to lay out in the main room that always deflates by morning, but it’s not like either of them were repeatedly shot and stabbed, so they make it work. Barry comes back from grocery shopping with Mick one afternoon to see Iris curled up against Len’s side in the bedroom, both fast asleep, and it doesn’t make jealously well up in Barry’s throat like the thought it would. Barry and Mick cook supper together and Mick’s hands trail over Barry’s finger on the knife, against the small of his back as the navigate the tight space. They eat soup together around the same rickety table Barry proposed at nearly three years ago, and it feels oddly right
Pretty Paladin Sailor Moon [FIN]

Saving the world, Allura reflected, was a lot like herding cats.

And no, she was NOT a cat!

Title: Pretty Paladin Sailor Moon
Main genre: Humour
Ft. Shiro as the Paladin of Love & Beauty, Slav as the Guardian of Space-Time, some clueless humans, some less-clueless Blades, and Allura as a cat herself.
Word count: 8k, complete


“I am Princess Allura of Altea, and I need your help.” She waited another tick, but for once, everyone was blessedly silent. Seemed like she could finish her introduction after all. “A long, long time ago, the planet you now call the Moon was known as Altea. Back then, the forests were lush with greenery, and the valleys were covered with juniberries during the summers…” her voice trailed off.

Pidge raised a hand. “Can we have the Wikipedia summary?”

If looks could kill, Pidge would probably have died a trillion times over. “The Alteans were blessed with longevity, and we were marked by our beautiful silver hair, like your friend Shiro here. It’s also why that era of prosperity and happiness was called the Silver Millennium –”

“I think that’s called premature greying,” mused Lance.

Allura ignored him. “– so Shiro, you may have Altean blood in you.”

“Uh, I don’t think so.” Shiro paused thoughtfully. “I think it’s just the stress. My hair was totally black before I went to the Moon.”

“Though you’ve still got that weird tuft in the middle of your forehead like you’re an animé character.”

“Keith… buddy… you really don’t have a leg to stand on when it comes to criticising other people’s hairstyles.”


There was a pause, which made Allura very happy. Just as she was about to continue –

“How long’s a tick?” asked Pidge.

Read it on AO3 here!

Writer: @starriewolf
Artist: @bleventeen

With great thanks to the mods of @voltrongenminibang​ 2017 for hosting!

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I always love the height difference ships where the difference is like... one/two inches and it's like not a big amount but the taller one will NEVER let the shorter one forget about it

lance is one (1) inch taller than keith (he measured. he forced keith to stand with his back to a wall and got hunk to measure him and then lance.) and lance will never, EVER let keith live it down. he is THE most obnoxious person to be around in the world, keith is greying prematurely, he just wants to sleep but NO there’s LANCE making a short joke and using keith as an armrest 

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Graves retires after the whole Grindelwald bullshit. He still passes at the MACUSA but he uses that time to finally flirt and bang all the people he had a lil crush on over the years. Tina, Abernathy, that one foreign delegate when he sees him again, etc etc.

AH I see where this came from XD It’s back - and still such a fun thought.

They all thought retirement would drive the man crazy. Graves always had been a focused man - his entire life dedicated to the pursuit of justice and the safety of the wizarding world in America. It gave him premature grey hairs and wrinkles at his frown lines. But he always seemed to be most like himself, most on top of his game, when he was knee deep in a case. When he had announced he was retiring - his eyes opened from his time in captivity - they thought it wouldn’t last. Surely he’d lose his mind from boredom. Surely he’d be back.

And he was back. He visited often as a consultant per Picquery’s request, just…not in exactly the same way as they expected.

He still wore his finely tailored suits only now he wore them far more casually - his top few buttons unbuttoned, his tie loose around his neck if even there at all. Crisp white shirt sleeves rolled up to his elbows to expose a writhing tattoo on one forearm they had never known existed. Was it new?

He’s tanner now. Healthier. Even more fit, if that were possible. He brings food he cooked first hand because, according to him, he had just acquired culinary art as a hobby and who better to test it on than his stupid team of quibbling aurors that would sooner eat hotdogs until they died than bring themselves a proper meal to work.

They don’t mention that he used to skip meals entirely.

He gains weight, but it’s all muscle. Tina feels her heart skip a beat every time he passes. His aura is if anything more dominant, more confident - unworried about responsibilities or repercussions or anything of the sort. He can’t be punished if he says something out of line, not that he does - but he does speak his mind far more freely than he ever used to. 

For instance, his comment the moment Tina managed to wrestle Abernathy down to the mat during a no-magic self defense training session. 

“Good on you, Tina,” he growls, his voice thick with pride and amusement. “About time someone spanked the man right, showed him to humble the fuck up a bit.”

Tina and Abernathy scramble away from each other and Grave’s howling laughter haunts them even as he walks away.

He’s different, is all Tina is saying.

He’s loose in a way he never used to be. Bold where he once bit his tongue in the name of professionalism. He slaps O’Brien’s butt with a hearty clap in congratulations when the man successfully conjured a rather complex spell Graves had been teaching him. O’Brien’s blush still hasn’t faded days later.

It isn’t until Queenie is at her desk sharing lunch with her that it all comes to a head. Her darling sister suddenly sits up straight in her chair with a squeak and blushes red. 

“Queenie? What’s wrong?” Tina asks, unaware that her sister is very definitely avoiding looking at Graves as the man passes by them on his way to the training arena with Abernathy in tow - his hand on the back of the man’s neck, thumb brushing the fine hairs there. Tina doesn’t notice; misses the searing, hungry gaze Graves gives her all the while.

“Oh, nothing,” she says innocently although she knows she’s blushing. “You’ll find out for yourself soon enough.”

Shiiiiiit ok, I gotta stop. I’ve got a migraine building - time to go bury myself in a dark room to die. But I will continue this @thegaypumpingthroughyourveins - cause I know you’re likely about to kill me for leaving it where I did. XD

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So at the advanced old age of 24 I discovered the other day that i have grey hairs, which is a shock cos my parents both started getting greys in their mid 30s. Klantis are all saying that she/ith made their depression worse, so I've decided to follow their logic by proclaiming that kIance made me prematurely grey. Everyone has to stop discoursing now so i can keep my chocolate tresses in tact.

Kl@nce has quite literally caused your hair to go grey

Hobbit Falls AU

Earlier this week I reblogged a meme that said:

1 - TAKE YOUR OLDEST FANDOM you know the one, that first thing you made art or wrote fic for, where you made all those really weird over the top OCs because you didn’t know any better
2 - TAKE YOUR NEWEST FANDOM yeah, that thing that you love and can’t stop thinking about right now
3- SMASH THEM TOGETHER like freakin’ conceptual play-doh
4 - MAKE SOMETHIN’ OUT OF IT make fic! art! a song! whatever!

And I remarked (in the tags): “if you think I wouldn’t do a Tolkien-Gravity Falls mashup, then you have another thing coming”.

My initial thought was more along the lines of, Ha ha, that would probably work really well with a DD&MD reference or something, Ford and Dipper as elves, etc. etc.

Then on the bus home, it hit me.  The Pines are totally hobbits.  Disreputable hobbits with a taste for adventure, of course.  But absolutely hobbits.  And after that, it wouldn’t leave me alone.

This got long, so… hit the link below for lots of thoughts, plus better views of the figures.

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