premades remade


Favourite makeovers from the past year in bodyshop. There are 212 sims in my backup folder which means that’s how many of the premades i’ve done some facial structure adjustments on. As a rule I’ve tried to stick to the spirit of the original face and character, and just worked on softening any extreme texture distorting features. Except most face 1 and 2s, took more liberties there for variety’s sake.

I want to make a new police officer uniform default because imo Tank is way beefier than that (like almost lbb bodyshape beefy) but ughh, first hunting down suitable mesh parts, then putting them together and then textures? Not today.


Posting the ongoing project Haus of Gorey because seeing it in pictures might help me spot what’s missing. I’m not feeling the lot currently. It’s one of the Belladonna Cove’s residentials (245 Main Street) with walls in new places. Upstairs is supposed to be living space, downstairs is dedicated mostly for Allegra’s PI business, and while the second floor might just as well do as it is, the ground floor is a problem. I probably should find custom pinboards, I’m recycling the EA ones on basically every lot.

Outside is dedicated to poseboxes.


Another one of my favorite characters, Wanda Tinker. I always did a bit more than make up change with her in TS2, so I tried to stay within reason., yet capture her essence. I think she came out alright, but I got tired of the constant tweaking. I’m going to make the whole family and put them in Willow Creek too.  As per the wiki I made her a family sim asp = Successful lineage traits=/ loner/neat/family orientated.