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yoooo if you're not too busy, can you share some domestic jason hc?? think the world needs some thanks!!!

- jason todd the single most domestic man in the entire dc universe? you had best believe this is canon
- he’s efficient with his morning showers - 5 minutes in cold water, a quarter sized dollop of shampoo, you are content with using up all the hot water because you get cold so easily
- don’t be fooled though he is a Two Faced Man, he spends like two hours in the bath and uses up all of your lush products, “jason those were mine my week’s been stressful!!!” “are you cleaning up after gotham’s filth? are you out on the streets serving justice night after night? i didn’t Die to be disrespected like this-” “-i hate you.” he’ll also be crazy quiet half the time you’re worried he’s fallen asleep or something, the huge dumb
- jason can’t cook to save his life and you are too tired so you guys live off of takeout. bruce signed you guys up for a service that delivers the recipe and ingredients but yall can’t even be bothered to do that. he’s taken to sending alfred to stock up your refrigerator once a week with premade meals
- he does all the cleaning he cannot stand filth not in his Good Household. you once were rudely awakened from your nap because he started making the bed while you were still in it. “it’s noon [name] if i’m awake you gotta be too”
- you guys like to stay up late on the couch watching bad tv movies. alternatively he’ll wait for you to fall to asleep so that he can tune into hsn and buy ridiculous products he’ll insist are Necessary for the Good of the House, and shut up your complaints with a sly kiss as he adds Something Else to his cart on amazon
- live with him, the only self-sufficient man in the batfam (repay him with sleepy pecks as he brushes his teeth, watch out though he’ll try to make out with you while his mouth’s full of minty foam, it’s GROSS)

Corellian Surprise

Han slipped quietly into their apartment. Good, the foyer’s still dark. Wait, when had he started saying words like “foyer”?

He stashed the small package he’d been hiding in the Falcon in the front closet. It was just a little thing, but he was fairly sure Leia would like it. And yeah, they’d agreed not to get each other anything for their anniversary, but—he already had this when they’d made that deal. So it didn’t really count.

Speaking of Leia, where the hell was she? Probably got waylaid by the damned Senate again. Might as well pour her a drink for when she gets home. He strode toward the kitchen—

“Don’t go in there.” Leia’s voice was sharp in the darkness.


“In the dining room.”

He made his way to the dining room, where the lights were still low, the room illuminated in candlelight, and his lovely wife—

Slumped at the table in the old Corellian Dreadnoughts t-shirt she’d stolen from him, a bottle of Whyren’s Reserve and two glasses sitting in front of her.

He took in the scene. “Leia? You all right?”

She turned toward him, smiling faintly and lifting the bottle of Whyren’s in salute. “Happy anniversary!” She made a move like she was going to pour another glass of whiskey, then seemed to think better of it and took a swig directly from the bottle.

Yeah. This is not good.

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let’s face it, having a mental illness is not only hard in itself, but trying to study and have good grades while dealing with it is just a whole nother entity. I saw there weren’t many mental health lists that didn’t only focus on depression and anxiety so i thought maybe i could help. So if you’re struggling with managing both here are some tips from your friendly neighborhood schizoaffective! 

General Tips:

  • your health comes before your grades!! It’s great that you care about your grades and are trying to study but studying doesn’t come before showering, eating, and sleeping. If you havent ate all day, haven’t slept, or have not showered in days make time to do those before you hit the books.
  • if you can only do a couple of things today and you have dishes piling up, your space isn’t clean, or have dirty laundry, make sure to do one of those first. You’ll feel way less stressed out if you surround yourself in a clean environment while you study rather than having an unkempt distracting environment.
  • remember to use your resources, if your campus has a school counselor and you are not feeling too great, book an appointment. If your insurance partially covers psychiatric appointments, book one!
  • If your medication is making it hard to focus or not working enough to make you focus, talk to your doctor as soon as possible on how you can adjust it. It makes so much of a difference.
  • If medication just isn’t for you, do not feel bad. you are not broken. just make sure to have a plan in place for when episodes can occur 

Communication Is Key!!:

  • If you are in high school talk to your counselor to see if they can hold a meeting with your teachers so you can have them all in one place and explain your disorder to them and what accommodations you would like to compromise on. If you are in college, you can formally introduce yourself in person to your teachers on the first day or if this is too stressful for you a simple e-mail explaining your situation should be fine. It’s best to do this at the beginning of the year but ultimately it’s never too late.
  • if you see a psychiatrist and your country offers a 504 plan, make sure to get one. it makes it so much easier to get help and if your teacher doesn’t think your illness is real/refuses to work with you then they can held responsible for it.
  • Whenever you have a bad day or are in a episode and you decide to stay home make sure you email your teachers and get the work/notes you missed/are going to miss. You do not have to go into full detail about what is going on you can just say “due to my illness” or “due to a episode” if you are going to be out a few days. This is crucial if you plan on passing your classes.
  • If you have panic/anxiety attacks or if your delusions get really bad, have a signal worked out between you and your teacher to where you can walk out of class and get some air and take some time to calm yourself down without them thinking that you’re just leaving the class.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for an extension on your work. I know; easier said than done, but some teachers are surprisingly understanding and a week to finish your work throughout small steps and sessions rather than two days of uncontrollable mania makes a world of a difference. But only do this when necessary as teachers will most likely give you an extension the first time around but won’t be as happy to give you one on the fourth try.


  • revise notes on the day you take them while your mind is still focused on the subject and while you’re still motivated to work. You will thank yourself later when you’re having a bad day before the test and you’ve already revised.
  • have a to do list, it’s better to visualize what you need to do rather than going by the moment and getting overwhelmed by all the work you have to do. and make sure to tick off what you have done after. Seeing the work you’ve accomplished is helpful + motivating!!
  • break it down! take!! breaks!! It doesn’t matter if you only wrote two sentences of your essay and then you took yet another break. that’s still two more sentences than you had before and its better to get some work done with multiple amount of breaks than no work done because you procrastinated it and got overwhelmed. 
  • if your environment causes you to procrastinate or you tend to isolate yourself, try to leave and go to a library or coffee shop, or even spend a few more hours on campus. It’s better to get your work done while you are already in a learning environment and in that state of mind then to go home and be distracted by food or sleep. It always works to have a study buddy, if you have a friend in your class.
  • do the most important things first. if you study for your test, start studying the most important topics. Let’s say you get distracted 20 minutes later, whether it be mania or psychosis, you’ll at least have 20 minutes worth of the major stuff under your belt rather than none at all. 
  • If your delusions or mania distract you from sleeping and you know you wont be able to go to bed then try to get up and go over your notes to distract yourself. it’s not the most fun thing to do but why not kill two birds with one stone and hey, if your notes bore you enough, your body will get tired and let you go to sleep.

Self Care:

  • remember: your sanity and well being always come first. I know it’s hard to get caught up with abled people getting good grades easier but if you are not in a good place it’s always better to take a break and come back to it on a better day. 
  • make premade meals for yourself while you have enough energy. It makes it so much easier to already have meals in place beforehand or to have microwaveable meals so you don’t have to cook while you are in a depressed state or having a bad week in general. 
  • stay hydrated! always have a water bottle with you so you can drink water when you need it. To motivate yourself to drink more water, you can get a pretty water bottle or there are apps like plant nanny to help with motivation.
  • take breaks when needed. don’t burn yourself out. If doing too much will cause you to be too burntout to get out of bed in the morning then don’t.
  • if you can, take some vitamin c tablets. Drinking water and taking vitamins will help you not get sick, which will help you not miss more class than you need to. besides being sick sucks, and being physically ill along with mentally, really sucks.
  • reward yourself! if you really didn’t want to get out of bed today but you did, if the voices were telling you not to go to class or distracting you from your work but you pulled through, or even if you just made it through a tough day, reward yourself! it can be from shopping to just getting your favorite snack. you deserve it!
  • if things get so bad that you think you won’t be able to make it, don’t be ashamed to go to the hospital and get the help you need. I know it seems like the world is still going without you, but it’s better to take the time that you need to help yourself out to catch up better and to improve your life overall. I promise, your friends, family, and schoolwork will be there once you get home. Your health and you living is more important than any grade.

and if you have any questions or just need someone to listen my ask is always open!

stay snazzy!

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I know you said you don't really officially budget, but are you willing to share about how much you usually spend on food? I have been trying to reduce spending, and while I know some obvious things I could change re: food, I also don't know what's reasonable for 1 person.

The problem with discussing about how much a person spends on food is that the cost of food varies a lot by location, diet, and lifestyle. 

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freelancers and cooking
  • york is a shit cook. i’m glad we all agree on this. there is exactly one day a year where he actually cooks something, and that is fourth of july barbecue. york insists on being responsible for the grill and only burns a couple of the hotdogs. if left to his own devices he would subsist entirely off of black coffee, ramen, and protein shakes.
  • everyone pity carolina. she had to grow up with leonard church’s cooking (or lack thereof). meals in the church household consisted entirely of microwave meals and mickey d’s. the one time church attempted spaghetti night it was an unmitigated disaster. that being said, some of carolina’s extended family (including her paternal grandmother) are very good cooks, so she managed to pick up some skills from them. generally, though, carolina doesn’t cook because premade meals are just that much more efficient. she’d be a good cook if she decided she wanted to be, though.
  • wyoming pretends he’s a classically-trained chef but really all he knows how to do is fry things and chop vegetables and just attempts to bullshit people into thinking he’s making haute cuisine. “and here we have some deconstructed spaghetti bolognese with a warm spring greens salad -” “wyoming, this is hamburger helper and microwaved spinach.”
  • north is decent. not a fancy chef, but he’ll make sure you get three solid meals a day. he bakes occasionally.
  • south is really good. like, really good. she’s kind of embarrassed about it so most people don’t know but she’s capable of turning out restaurant-quality food if she wants to. she’s equally good at butchering meat as she is making souffles. 
  • in contrast, CT is downright awful. any time she attempts to cook there’s a 33.3% chance she’ll start a grease fire. just about everything she makes burns.
  • maine has a very limited repertoire but what he knows how to cook, he knows well. it’s mostly indian food, but he learned a couple of mexican dishes from his wife.
  • wash is decent. he went through that whole “freshman in college diet” phase that york is perpetually stuck in, but when he joined the army he started getting serious about fitness and what he puts in his body, so that meant learning to at least be a semi-competent cook. he does a lot of bulk cooking so all he needs to do half the time is reheat leftovers.
  • florida does weird flavor combos. like, puts maple syrup on his spaghtetti weird. scrambled eggs mixed with applesauce. strawberry jam on his pizza. chili cheese peanut butter sandwiches.
  • tex doesn’t eat because she’s a robot. thanks to allison’s memories, though, she keeps craving specific foods (orange creamsicles, grilled cheese, tart green apples) and she can’t have them and it’s maddening.
Boy With the Bright Umbrella

Day/Prompt: Day 3 - Confession
Pairing: SouRei [Sousuke Yamazaki / Rei Ryugazaki]
Author: ProfessorDumbleBrows
Rating: T
Summary: Certain things remain in people’s minds and will not leave until confronted. Sousuke experienced this once he saw the boy with the bright umbrella. He couldn’t help but think about the person, wonder what was it they wanted before they walked away, and hope he would see them again. But little did he know, the umbrella boy has been there all along.
Note: Written for fallen-lucifiel 

[AO3 Link Here]

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Care Sheet for your Human Pet!

So you’ve purchased a pet human, and need to know a few things about care for your new pet!

Humans are intelligent, energetic, largely self reliant creatures who enjoy the company of other humans and creatures from their native world.

Human needs are simple, but must be met! Humans are fragile and are NOT for those who cannot commit to their care!

Humans need:

- Food, 3x daily

Humans need to eat both plant and animal matter to maintain a healthy balance. Occasionally, a human will refuse certain types of animal matter, and a very few humans will ALWAYS refuse all animal matter. If that happens, your human will need to take a Vitamin Pill.

Acceptable Earth plants: carrots, potatoes, bananas, radishes, lemons, limes, apples, beans, peas, tomatoes, oranges, strawberries, blackberries, lettuce, spinach, corn.

Acceptable Earth animal matter: Pork (derived from the animals called “Pig”), Beef (derived from “Cows”), Poultry (derived from birds, particularly the “Chicken”), eggs (also derived from birds), Milk (derived from the female “cow”).

If you are unsure if your human can eat it, use the Translation Device to ask.

Older humans can prepare their own food, as long as they are given the ingredients, tools, and a sufficient source of heat, but premade, prepackaged meals are available in every store for your pet.

- Clean Water, 8x daily

The average human drinks 8 cups of water a day. If your human doesn’t drink all 8 cups, don’t worry, as long as they drink at least 4, they will be fine.

- Sleep

Your human will need a soft, warm, dark, quiet place to sleep, as they sleep between 6-12 hours a night (more, if they are newborn).

Humans typically require a large rectangle of cloth, 6 or 7 inches thick, stuffed with a product called “cotton”, which they call a Mattress. The mattress should be covered with large colorful rectangles of fabric, which they call Blankets. These Blankets keep the humans warm and content during their sleep cycle.

Some humans prefer a Couch or a “hammock” to a mattress, but as long as they have somewhere warm and dark, they will be comfortable.

- Entertainment

Humans need to have something to entertain them when they are awake. When they were still wild, they made toys to entertain themselves. We have replicas of the toys in-store. while younger Humans (less than 8 years) will be satisfied with fluffy, crude approximations of earth animals and small blocks of wood, most older humans will not. For older humans, we recommend toys called “electronics”. These toys play tonal patterns, capture and hold images of other humans, videos of humans, animals, and drawings, and simple games.

- Exercise

Humans require exercise to be happy and healthy, so take your human for a walk at least once a day!

- Grooming

Most humans are fastidious about their cleanliness. each human is sold with a weeks worth of care supplies, which includes a bottle of Shampoo (used to clean and soften their top fur), a Razor (used to remove or trim their body and face fur), a bar of soap (used to clean the skin), a toothbrush and toothpaste (used to clean the bones in their mouths), and a towel (used to dry the water off their skin after they finish cleaning.

Humans will require a portable Shower, which we sell in store.

Fun Facts:

1) Humans can live to be as old as 100, but the average life span of a human is 90 years.

2) Female humans can feed their young from their own bodies for as long as 2 years.

3) Humans form extremely strong familial bonds. For this reason, we never separate young from their parents before they reach at least 16 years of age, and strongly recommend regular contact be kept between separated pack members, particularly in the winter months. Without regular familial contact, many humans will become sullen and lethargic.

4) Humans may take many mates, but a large portion find a single mate and stick with them. If this happens, separating the mates can cause extreme ill health in your pet, so please, keep mates together.

5) Humans are pack animals, it is advised to keep a group of at least 3 humans. If you cannot afford to keep a family or group, take your human to a Park at least once a week to meet and play with other humans!

6) Humans have many different languages, and communicate through sound produced by vibrating cords in their throats. They also have a written form of each language. Every human is sold with a translator tuned to their particular language, so that you can communicate with your pet! They enjoy conversation.

7) Humans keep their own pets! If your human asks for a pet, the best pets for your human to choose from are dogs, cats, or birds. Dogs are the most recommended, as their needs are basically the same as a young humans.

8) Humans can only see between 7,000,000 and 10,000,000 colors. Some of these are eyesores. Certain colors and color relationships can be eye irritants, cause headaches, and wreak havoc with human vision. Other colors and color combinations are soothing.

9) Humans enjoy playing in the snow, but their play time should be limited to avoid getting too cold. An hour at a time should be the limit, and they should wear protective clothing.

10) Humans can change colors to indicate how they feel. Certain colors, such as yellow, green, and blue indicate an illness, while other, such as red, pink, and gray indicate emotion. Make sure to evaluate your humans color often!

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i saw a shooting star last night and the first wish that came to mind was a Mariano's mpreg fic continuation

Well, who am I to deny someone who cares enough to wish on a shooting star, man. (You made me laugh this morning, so that is why you are getting this.) You realize that I literally just wrote this off the cuff and have no actual plan or anything, right? (And as always, no guarantee for more ‘cause…again, no plan.)

(Follow up to this): 

Patrick’s kind of figuring out that Jonathan Toews is a dude who’s just…very used to having things go his way. He’s used to people going his way. Patrick’s pretty sure that’s why Johnny looks so confused when Patrick says no to something. Like - no, Patrick can’t go out to a Hawks game on a night before an exam. No, Patrick can’t come hang out at Johnny’s apartment. (He lost his virginity and got knocked up there. It’s weird. Patrick recognizes the fact that maybe he’s not being rational about that part; he’s going to have to go to Johnny’s place…sometime, probably, but just - not right now.)

And no, Patrick is so, so not going to go out to brunch with Johnny’s parents, who are in town starting on Sunday, and Johnny’s mentioned that they’re going to, um, be grandparents, so they’d really, really, really like to meet Patrick.

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Reset Days

Whenever I feel like I have deviated from my normal routine, I like to have a reset day where I focus on getting back on track.  During this time, I like to do the following:

  • Sit down and enjoy a good cup of coffee rather than drinking it on the go
  • Clean the apartment
  • Cook - I usually cook a few meals because I enjoy cooking & then I have some premade, healthy meals for the next couple of days
  • Watch a movie (today I watched Moonrise Kingdom)
  • Take a bath
  • Go to bed early

Originally posted by lmaginaires

I think it’s important to put aside a day for yourself that has a balance of productivity and relaxation. It really helps me regain the order I need for me to be my happiest.

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I don't understand that last submission about $100/week for food.... $100/week is an absurd amount of money for food if you're just living alone, or even for two people...Or even three people...I'm a poor as shit college and I spend less than $20 per week on food and I still eat well.

A lot of people have dietary restrictions for a lot of different reasons. A lot of people, especially disabled / chronically ill ones, don’t have the time or energy to prepare their own food, and premade meals tend to be a lot more expensive. I don’t know anything about this person’s situation, but exclaiming about how much money someone spends on food without knowing anything about their individual circumstances is rude and potentially very ableist.


Also good luck if you’re not near a supermarket or work outside for the majority of the day.  I’ve had jobs where I was working door to door (campaigning and sales) and at one of them I was told it was unprofessional to bring my backpack around with me.

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