prelude to winter

Prelude to a chibi!

Winter, sitting at the dining room table, a newspaper in front of her face: Qrow?

Qrow, leaning lazily against the counter, staring sleepily into his coffee: Eh…?

Winter, reaching out from behind the newspaper for her coffee, taking a few moments to drink much to Qrow’s impatient irritation: Mmm…I think we should do something with the kids.

Qrow, choking and coughing on a sip of coffee: Wh-what kids!?!

Winter, folding the newspaper and places it on the table, narrowing her eyes: My sister’s team. I’d take them. You can take their little boyfriends.

Qrow, squints his eyes, pointing: My nieces don’t have any boyfriends. You should know, you’ve met their dad.

Qrow, shrugs, drinking more coffee: Besides. I’m busy today.

Winter, grabbing the newspaper and walks over, points to an advertisement: Oh? Afraid we’d beat you?

Qrow, glances at the paper then shifts his eyes back up to Winter, in a growling voice: You’re on /Schnee/.


Dusk of a cold day. 
An empty square. 
Autumn prelude to winter. 
Couple of young students. 
Cross the square. 
Talk, we do not hear. 
Cheerful, conversation seems fun. 
Good mood, smiling. 
Pass in front of the camera. 
Is prepared to shoot. 
Do not notice its presence. 
Continue their way. 
Excited and hurried. 
At the exact moment. 
The appearance of the sun. 
Photo is recorded. 
Rich profile, backlit rich effect, rich colors. 
And the anonymous couple? 
Remains anonymous. 
Anonymous continues.