prelude to a dream

Jamie's dream

While watching the gorgeous “Give Me Your Hand” deleted scene - the prelude to Jamie’s dream of intimacy with Claire that begins 02x02 “Not in Scotland Anymore” - I saw a few more things that give a fabulous insight into Jamie’s core desires.

To have a fully functioning hand - and to have Claire heal that hand.

For Claire to care for him, and literally work magic to restore his hand.

For Claire to speak soothing words to him. Touch him gently - the touch of both a healer and a lover.

To have an unscarred back (as we see in the lovemaking sequence).

To give Claire the utmost in intimacy and pleasure - notice how his (healed) hand twines with hers as they make love, and how his view of her focuses on the ecstacy in her face and the “bonnie noises” we know he loves so dearly. It’s just her face and hands - and her smile - not any other part of her body.

And for Claire to not wear Frank’s ring. We don’t see it at all during the dream. And yet we see Jamie’s ring, on Claire’s right hand, several times. When their fingers tangle during the healing scene, and then while they make love. Jamie’s ring is front and center. Integral to their intimacy. A physical reminder of his love for her - not to mention his claim on her.

Even in his dreams.

You can tell a lot about a person by what music they listen to. Put your Ipod, spotify, Itunes, youtube etc. on shuffle and list the first 10 songs and tag 10 people.
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1. fallen angels-black veil brides 
2. Something in the water- Carrie underwood 
3. True colors-glee cast 
4. Stacys mom-fountains of Wayne 
5. Im yours - Jason mraz 
6. Stay- safetysuit
7. Skinny love (love)-birdy 
8. Ain’t it fun-paramore 
9. Prelude to a dream- a skylit drive 
10. Tearin up my heart-*NSYNC


havvehoagie  asked:

prelude and believe in your dreams

prelude: what’s the first twrp song you ever listened to?
believe in your dreams!

believe in your dreams: what’s your biggest dream? 
i answered this before but to add on to that being able to be a concert photographer would be real nice


170104 APRIL Prelude Showcase - Dream Candy (Yena Focus) by 예나를찬양하다

Prelude to a Poet

To be a poet, one must dream
one must bend
at every angle
stand on every edge of the world
and feel it vibrate

poets play with paper
making boats
that cross oceans
and planes
that fly imaginations

they will pound their chests
on mountain peaks
scream into a live volcano
just to hear the voice of reason
echo back

to be a poet, one must live
one must love
one must lose
one must die
to ever feel the world vibrate…


OK so. Podcast are super duper important to me and two week ago i thought ‘hey!! I should draw my fave eps from the shows i can listen to and feel safe!! and calm me down!!’ So i dedicated a lot of time to this!! It was fun!! Here they are in order:

WTNV: A Beautiful Dream, Condos, The Debate

TAH: Beyond Belief: Prelude to a fish

Captain Laserbeam: Three Sides to Every Story 

Sparks Nevada Marshal on Mars: Space Oil, The Agony of the Feet, Free Kicks

Steven Universe Theme Songs

Steven Universe: “Remember My Name” - Yuna

Connie Maheswaran: “What You Know” - Two Door Cinema Club

Garnet: “Do My Thing” - Estelle

Amethyst: “Faint” - Linkin Park

Pearl: “Elastic Heart” - Sia

Rose Quartz: “Prelude To A Dream/Make Believe” - Steam Powered Giraffe

Greg Universe: “Lady Stardust” - David Bowie

Sadie Miller: “Falling In Love At A Coffee Shop” - Landon Pigg

Lars: “Cool Kids” - Echosmith

The Cool Kids: “Sloppy Seconds” - Watsky

Lapis Lazuli: “Never Let Me Go” - Florence + The Machine

Jasper: “Harder To Breathe” - Maroon 5

Peridot: “The Logical Song” - Supertramp

Opal: “Shut Up And Dance” - Walk The Moon

Sugilite: “Monster” - Nicki Minaj

Sardonyx: “Circus” - Britney Spears

Rainbow Quartz: “The Heat of The Moment” - Asia

Stevonnie: “Don’t Stop Me Now” - Queen

Malachite: “We Sink” - CHVRCHES

(I do not own this music)

I am slow

but today I had Make Believe stuck in my head and realized just why Prelude to a Dream is called Prelude to a Dream. “I am a living thing, I am not a human being, but I’m alive”.

That sentiment is what leads to the dream in Make Believe, which is to forget the bounds of society and be who you are. “Dream it, but you got to really mean it. There is no disagreement. The bounds of society are make believe.”

Society says robots can’t be alive because they’re not human, but robots can be alive and have meaning to their lives even if they aren’t human (in the SPG verse). So it’s like… you don’t have to just believe what society says about what you can or can’t be, because society’s boundaries are make believe.

Why do I feel like this basically sums up why SPG is so important in my life. I wish I could be as confident and positive about my different-ness as in that song.

Hey kids, what you know, what you think you’re doing?

I say, pardon me, I’m dancing for no reason!



I’ve had this sitting in my files for quite a while now… but I stopped because LMMS was freaking out and I kept losing inspiration because I just could not figure out the chords for the “reading love and writing love” part D:

I’m sorry for its short length… but I swear I am almost done with a different arrangement too so I guess that should make up for it ;~;

Well then I hope you guys enjoy this music box arrangement of “Prelude to a Dream” ;____; Thank you for enjoying the music box arrangements and being an awesome fanmily ;____; and I’m sorry I somewhat butchered the chords towards the end… I was trying to build it up but it ended up sounding er… meshed together OTL