prelude no. 6

buffysummere  asked:

what is ur fave spuffy moment


if i had watched the show during its original run, that would have been the moment when i would have started shipping them seriously (i’m gonna be honest i would have started shipping buffy/spike after his first appearance yes i’m THAT type of person but this would have some type of proof in my mind that it wasn’t a total crack ship lmao) 


  • “we’re mortal enemies we don’t get timeouts”
  • “you want my help because your girlfriend is a big hoe? let me take this opportunity to not care.” 
  • spike trying to persuade buffy 2 join team #spuffy but she just keeps punching him(a prelude to season 5&6 if u will)
  • the “who is this man? who are you?” line probably isn’t meant 2 be as funny as i find it but kristine’s delivery of it makes me laugh 
  • ( i was gonna include captions when i was making the gifs but for one i didn’t want 2 take the time and for two let’s not pretend we haven’t watched btvs a zillion times and don’t have most of the dialogue memorized)
  • spike is enjoying tf out of watching the slayer squirm but he needs her so he backs up her bad lie….AND IS JUST AS BAD OF A LIAR AS SHE IS LMAO
  • not 2 mention that spike is there when buffy comes out 2 her mom as the slayer 

anonymous asked:

Hey! Not sure if you spoke about this already... After watching 712, do you think the Ferris wheel on the wall in 610 was supposed to foreshadow (if that's the correct word) a shift in their relationship? Almost like going from BF/GF to husband and wife. I ask because you're so good at putting things into words.

Oh wow, thank you. ☺ So I think the ferris wheel is definitely a constant on this show, in the Grimes home, and certainly for Michonne. I think we first see it featured in final scene of season 5, where she attempts to put her sword back up, but she decides to keep it instead, and it’s prominent in the background. (I’m sure we get a glimpse of it before this, but it seems quite deliberate here.)

So I like to think the purpose of them showing it all the way back then was to speak to her upcoming arc in season 6. The wheel representing the circle of life, and the completeness that she’s looking for in the next season. Her journey has been a slow but continuous road to recovering what she lost. She essentially died when her family did, emotionally at least, and every season she’s come a little bit more back to life. So I think showing this as a prelude to season 6 represents that evolution for her. We see her become open to the prospect of love again, where she takes on Carl and Judith as her children, and starts this new relationship with Rick. So I’d say the Ferris wheel in their home represents the wholeness of their lives, and specifically Michonne’s, finally.

And as it relates to 7x12, I think the Ferris wheel (and the carnival in general) became a great way to denote the lightness of this episode and the happiness in these two characters at that moment. It reinforced the idea that they were having fun, that this getaway was a respite from all the heavier things they were dealing with. But what comes with that is a reminder that this can’t last forever. Because the nature of a Ferris wheel is that you’re on top of the world one minute, and back on the ground the next. And that’s precisely what happens to them when Michonne thinks that Rick has died. Real life comes and knocks them down, as it so often does. So in that vein, I think the wheel also represents the inevitable cyclical nature of life.

Wheels represent tons of things, of course (even in the way that wheels = circles = rings = marriage), but I’ve noticed that they seem closely tied to Michonne, especially, so that’s where my head went. Thank you for the awesome question!

Müzikli Asansör, Neptün Yayın Seti Vol 16.
Electronic/Trip-Hop - 21.06.2017

Chopin Prelude Op.28 No.6 in B minor Lento assai Martha Argerich
Mounika. - De Roses Et De Colombes
Mounika. - I’m Away
Hugo Kant - Low Gravity
JIM - Passé si vite
Yüzyüzeyken Konuşuruz - Kediler
Dday One - Aquarius
Nostalgia 77 - Seven Nation Army (White Stripes Cover)
Nicolas Jaar Live @ Montag Ist Immer Sonntag dk30-dk35
Neroche - Earth Druid
Guts- Cause We Understand
De Phazz - Cut The Jazz
Fila Brazillia - Airlock Homes
Printempo - 40000 Words
Acid Pauli - Eulogy To Eunice
Darkside - Planet Caravan

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@xgrungeandroses and @wellwelldroogieboy tagged me to put my music on shuffle and post the first ten songs that come up. Thanks!

1. Naked - The Goo Goo Dolls

2. Get On That - Soul Asylum

3. Nosey Joe - The Brian Setzer Orchestra

4. Seven Caged Tigers - Stone Temple Pilots

5. Prelude 3.0 - Slipknot

6. Sliver - Nirvana

7. Universal You - The Cult

8. Crackerman - Stone Temple Pilots

9. Come As You Are - Nirvana

10. Having A Blast - Green Day

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Musical Theatre Themed Ask, Answered

1. What was the first musical you saw?
- community production of Urinetown
2. What musical got you really into theatre?
- The Phantom of the Opera
3. Who was your first Broadway crush?
- Hugh Panaro
4. Name three of your current Broadway crushes
- Lucas Steele & Hugh Panaro stilllll
5. Name four of your dream roles.
- Mary- Merrily We Roll Along
- Princess Mary or Marya D- The Great Comet
- Diana - Next To Normal
- Any female part in Les Miserables
- Tracy Turnblad- Hairspray
- Bonus: Trina - Falsettos
- Bonus Bonus: Natalya - Preludes
6. Favourite off-broadway show:
- Dave Malloy’s Preludes
7. Favourite cast recording.
- I really like Next To Normal cast recording and the ORC of great comet
8. 2013 Tony opening number or 2016 Tony opening number?
- I loved the 2013 opening, Neil is a lovely host! But I like how personal 2016s was for James!
9. Favourite show currently on Broadway.
- The Great Comet
10. A musical that closed and you’re still bitter about. Rant a bit.
- I’m not really bitter about any show closing. I mean Falsettos Revival should’ve had a longer run!
11. Best stage to screen adaptation?
- Jersey Boys and Hairspray was pretty good
12. Worst stage to screen adaptation?
- Les Miserables
13. Favourite #ham4ham?
- Tveit
14. A musical you would love to see produced by Deaf West?
- West Side Story would be neat or Preludes
15. If you could revive any musical, which one would it be and who would you cast in it?
- Next To Normal, original cast lol
16. If you could go to a concert at the 54 below, who’s would it be?
- Either Men: Lucas Steele’s , Hugh Panaro’s, or Aaron Tveit’s
- Bonus: Kyle Dean Massey
- Women: Brittain Ashford, Jenn Damiano, or Audra McDonald
- Bonus: Betsy Wolfe
17. Do you watch vlogs? Which one is your favourite?
- I loved when Kyle Dean Massey did Normal life for Next To Normal and when James Snyder did Hey Kid for If/Then
18. Make a broadway related confession.
- Lucas Steele deserved that Tony he is so god damned talented it’s time for everyone to see that! He’s been artistically trying to find a good role and express his ability to create. He found that role in 2012 and now it’s 2017 He’s probably going to leave Comet in the fall or when his contract is up in Octoberish. The show physically demanding for him and I know he wants to branch out and perform his own work. #LucasSteele #SteeletheTony #comet
19. What do musicals mean to you?
- musicals are a way of expressing something different. They are another way of telling a story that needs to be shared with others. They are beautiful pieces of art that many admire.
20. Express some love for understudies and swings!
- All swings and understudies are amazing they definitely deserve more credit!
21. Best Disney musical:
- I love rogers and Hammersteins Cinderella but for Disney, probs beauty and the Beast
22. Which Disney movie should be made into a musical?
- *suddenlyforgetseverydisneymobieever*
- Princess and the Frog
23. Which musical fandom has the funniest memes?
- no idea
24. Name a character from a musical you would sort into your Hogwarts house.
- Anatole from comet into Slytherin
25. Name a Broadway star you would sort into your Hogwarts house.
- Aaron Tveit into Slytherin
26. Best on stage chemistry?
- Hugh Panaro and Samantha Hill in The Phantom of the Opera
27. A Broadway duo you love.
- Current: Christian Borle and Andrew Rannells
- Past: Joseph Spieldenner and Jason Forbach
- Off Broadway: Betsy Wolfe and Adam Kantor
28. What book, tv show, movie, biography, video game, etc. should be turned into a musical?
- Moulin Rouge or a Sylvia Plath musical that’d be neat
29. If you could make a jukebox musical, what artist or genre would you pick?
- no ideaaa
30. Favourite role played by Aaron Tveit?
- Gabe
31. What musical has made you cry the most?
- Next To Normal and Rent
32. What musical has made you laugh the most?
- The Producers
33. Current showtune stuck in you head
- That Frank from Merrily We Roll Along
34. A musical that has left you thinking about life for a long time or deeply inspired you. - Next To Normal, Rent, Three Penny Opera, Into the woods, Sunday in the Park with George, Rent
35. If you could perform any ensemble number , which one would you pick?
- Balaga or Letters from comet or Masquerade from Phantom
36. Name a musical you didn’t like at first but ended up loving.
- Evening Primrose by Stephen Sondheim
37. What are some Costumes you’d love to try on?
- any of Carlotta’s dresses in phantom and any of the duel costumes in Comet
38. Favourite dance break.
- Balaga Dance Break
- Anything Goes Dance Break
- I Wanna Be A Producer Dance Break
39. Favourite Starkid musical:
- A Very Potter Musical
40. What’s a musical more people should know about?
- Preludes by Dave Malloy
- Bonus: Catch Me If You Can
- Bonus Bonus: Merrily We Roll Along by Stephen Sondheim
41. What are some lines from musicals you really like?
- just as a duck is made to swim in water God has made me as I am
- You must understand that besides your pleasure there is such a thing as other people and their happiness and peace
- We are caught in a wave in history nothing matters everything matters
- How much you love your life is what every life is worth
- So you feel alright for about 10 minutes, if you feel alright for 10 minutes you feel alright for 20 minutes feel alright for 20 minutes feel alright for 40 minutes drop it and smile why don’t you feel all right for the rest of your life
- I chopped his food the asshole forced me and still the bastard divorced me
- I know I’m supposed to be the better one but the truth is I’m no better than you
- The opposite of war isnt peace it’s creation
- No day but today
- no one’s really happy the people who think they’re happy are just really stupid
- What if that was the one best thing that I’ll ever do and I spend the rest of my life just gettin worse and worse and drying up, uninspired, and I never become great. I never fulfill.
- Blank white page or canvas the challenge to bring order to the whole Through design
- Everybody hates their parents
- It’s the lesbian from next-door followed by her lover who’s s lesbian from next-door too
- lovers fight and die fortissimo - welcome to falsetto land -life’s a sham and every move is wrong 42. Name a Tony performance you rewatch and rewatch.
- all of them 💙🎭🎉🎶

tag game

rules: you must can answer these 85 statements and tag 20  4 (cuz 20 is too many) people

I was tagged by the lovely @petyrv - thank you! 😘

And I tag @alayne-stonecoldfox @petyrbaelish @queenofchaosandashes @aidangillens and anyone who wants to do this

the last…

1. drink: almond milk

2. phone call: my brother

3. text message: a friend

4. song you listened to: Lana Del Rey - White Mustang

5. time you cried: two days ago while listening to Richard Wagner’s Lohengrin prelude lol

6. dated someone twice: lol I can’t remember when I had my last date

7. kissed someone and regretted it: I don’t think that ever happened. 

8. been cheated on: not that I know of?

9. lost someone special: a friend of mine is currently dying of cancer, so it will happen soon. Quit smoking, people.

10. been depressed: never? always? no idea…

11. gotten drunk and thrown up: I think that was 12 years ago? Oh my, I feel old :D

favorite colors

12. black

13. dark green

14. gold or soft pink/peach/rosegold… can’t decide

in the last year have you…

15. made new friends: I don’t think so

16. fallen out of love: no

17. laughed until you cried: probably

18. found out someone was talking about you: no

19. met someone who changed you: not really - I mean, I guess I change constantly a bit, but it’s more through people I already know or through literature, art, films, music, videos etc.

20. found out who your friends are: I guess

21. kissed someone on your facebook list: no


22. how many of your facebook friends do you know in real life: probably 90 % or more

23. do you have any pets: yes, two cats 🐱

24. do you want to change your name: I’m okay with my name

25. what did you do for your last birthday: hung out with friends, ate cake, got tipsy, played board games

26. what time did you wake up: oh my, you don’t wanna know

27. what were you doing at midnight last night: waxing a 110+ year old kitchen cupboard

28. name something you can’t wait for: financial independence lol (and Lana Del Rey’s upcoming album)

29. when was the last time you saw your mom: yesterday

31. what are you listening to right now: still Lana Del Rey - White Mustang

32. have you ever talked to a person named tom: yes, several

33. something that is getting on your nerves: my still unfinished/unfurnished flat

34. most visited website: google :D 

35. hair colour: red

36. long or short hair: long

37. do you have a crush on someone: no

38. what do you like about yourself: idk… my hair colour probably… and I think I’m interested in a wide array of great things, so I’d say there’s always something to talk about with me.

39. piercings: no

40. blood type: 0

41. nickname: just an abbreviation of my name

42. relationship status: single

43. zodiac: aries

44. pronouns: she/her

45. favourite tv show: Game of Thrones and I really liked Westworld. I also watch The Blacklist (haven’t yet seen the last few episodes of the last season though)

46. tattoos: no and it will stay that way

47. right or left handed: right handed

48. surgery: no

49. piercing: no (that’s the same question as 39.)

50. sport: right now, I don’t do anything, but I did classic ballet for over seven years. And some horse riding.

51. vacation: Italy (esp. Tuscany)

52. pair of trainers: silver Adidas

more general

53. eating: Italian, Japanese, … I love eating, so basically anything that tastes great

54. drinking: tea and guave juice

55. i’m about to: hopefully finish this tag game :D

56. waiting for: nothing in particular

57. want: to win the lottery?

58. get married: maybe

59. career: unfortunately no idea

60. hugs or kisses: depends on the person ;)

61. lips or eyes:  both

62. shorter or taller: taller

63. older or younger: generally older, I wouldn’t rule out slightly younger though

64. nice arms or nice stomach: ugh.. difficult. I really have a thing for nice, manly forearms, so I take arms,

65. hook up or relationship: depends on my mood

66. troublemaker or hesitant: again - depends on my mood ;)

67. kissed a stranger: yes

68. drank hard liquor: yes

69. lost glasses/contact lenses: I don’t think that ever happened (and I wear glasses/lenses for about 20 years now)

70. turned someone down: yes

71. sex on the first date: no

72. broken someone’s heart: yes

73. had your heart broken: not really

74. been arrested: no

75. cried when someone died: no

76. fallen for a friend: no

do you believe in …

77. yourself: not enough

78. miracles: sometimes

79. love at first sight: I’m not sure…

80. santa claus: c’mon.. no (I didn’t even grow up with Santa, we have someone else bringing presents at Christmas)

81. kiss on the first date: yes

82. angels: no


83. current best friend’s name: yes, she has a name

84. eye colour: blue-grey

85. favourite movie: 2046, Apocalypse Now, Only Lovers Left Alive, How To Steal A Million (gotta love Audrey…) and many more… 

Oh, and at some point Jacin tried to make a run for it and cut his hair in an attempt to disguise himself. That’s not really important, but I didn’t want all the fanartists to worry.

Marissa Meyer, in the prelude to Deleted Scene #6 (from Winter)

I love how she cares about us fanpeople

1. Elvis x The Rubens 2. Gone x The Weeknd 3. Smoke And Mirrors x Imagine Dragons 4. From Finner x Of Monsters And Men 5. Atlas x Coldplay 6. Prelude x Muse 7. Barry Bonds (feat. Lil Wayne) x Kanye West 8. Rubidoux x Cold War Kids 9. Loft Music x The Weeknd 10. Crazy In Love (2014 Remix) x Beyoncé aphrohdites beautifulsinnings blackcatneighborhood brxkenpetal coexisthance cruelings k-leidoscope s0vlism skyexlee aftereffect acid–velvet