prejudice pride

This place is a dream. Surely it’s only in fiction that people wake each morning to dew-soaked rolling hillsides covered in vineyards and pastures of sheep. I woke this morning to the sound of the sheep on the hillside below being turned out to graze, their celebratory bleats ringing out across the valley. The hills are every shade of green imaginable, lit by the golden sun risen over the grey-blue mountains. 
The hours in each day here feel long and languorous. Left to my own devices and without obligation (aside from the small, pleasant chores of looking after one sweet old dog, one charmingly round cat, and a small greenhouse of plants) I am a naturally early-riser, and more than content to spend the majority of my day reading and drawing by the window, writing, or going on long walks through the hills with the primary objective of befriending every farm animal and idle bird that will accept my acquaintance, and the secondary objective of living out my long-time fantasy of being Elizabeth Bennet. 

I was watching Pride and Prejudice again today, and I’m watching the last few seconds where Lizzie and Darcy are discussing nicknames and their appropriate time to be used, and it just warmed my heart. Like, these two people, who are honestly just shit at talking about their feelings are creating this secret language between one another- a way to say, “Hello I am very happy now even if my face is doing the thing it does” or “I am kinda irritated right now please try again later” without having to say it. 

Lizzie takes the time, even if she presents it as a joke, to give her socially awkward husband a way to express himself in a way that would never publicly call attention to it. He can keep his comfort level and it’s a little secret between them.

I like to think, years later, their children have it all figured out. Lizzie’s out with their kids one day and they hear, “Lizzie, my dear, can I borrow you a moment?” and just know mom is in trouuuuble. But she shoots them a wink and maybe rolls her eyes. It’s not the first or last time they’ve heard that.

honestly besides the romance my favorite part of pride and prejudice has to be how much of a complete Disaster the bennet family is,,,,,,,like mr bennet is sarcastic af and never tells his family anything until like the hour before it happens (“btw ur cousin that you’ve never even met before and who could throw ur asses out on the streets one day is coming for dinner at 4”),,,,,mrs bennet is the total Can I Speak To The Manager mom who always threatens to pass out even if she’s never passed out once in her entire life,,,,lydia practically stalks military men and was once voted most likely to run away from home forever for a laugh,,,,,kitty would probably burn the house down if lydia told her it was a good idea,,,,,mary is the epitome of that one person who memorizes only six lines from a textbook and says “knowledge is power” for three days after,,,,,,,,jane would practically apologize to someone who was stabbing her,,,,and im almost 1000% sure that elizabeth has at least once stood up on the dining room table and yelled at her family “fight me then” when she’s angry,,,,,,literally the original sitcom family