Heyo! So I got this request: “ priest!gerard smut????” and I happily obeyed! I really hope you guys enjoy this and to those of you who made requests, I promise you they’re on their way!

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anonymous asked:

Do you have any fic recommendations

sorry this took so long to answer i was on mobile and i didn’t want to give you a list without links. and thank you so much for asking this i’ve been waiting i have so many gr8 fics saved!! (they’re all frerard tho as i am a trash human)

the anatomy of a fall (words: 107,525, rated: explicit) - this is my all time favorite fic! GHOST FRANK + HIGH SCHOOL!!!! this one is probably the most highly recced frerard fic and it’s popular for a reason so go read it. the suspense and mystery along with the writing style are just so great i cannot praise it enough.

unholyverse (words: 186,764, rating: mature-explicit) - again this one is super popular for good reason. i like this one for the suspense and mystery again. i was on the edge of my seat. preist gerard helps a cursed frank and then they fight demons together.

gerard way’s (vampire) detective agency (words: 156,358, rating: mature) - this series has 9 parts but tbh you only need to read the fist 2. i only recently finished this one and it’s an instant favorite. i cried through a lot of the second part. the world building in this one is fantastic and for once we have vampire frank! gerard is a famous detective for the creatures of the night.

black market blood (words: 16,790, rating: explicit) - this is my go to smut fic. vampire gerard. that’s pretty much it.

everyone comes to pan’s (words: 35,947, rating: explicit) - this one is so cool!! it’s like a mythology au it’s so neat and again there’s plenty of suspense. frank gets a job at a very unusual cafe.

the science of sleep (words: 93,234, rating: teen) - this is a killjoys fic and its incredible i know i keep saying this but there’s a lot of suspense and mystery. half of the fic takes place in our world and half of it takes place in frank’s dreams of battery city.

across the lines (words: 67,105, rating: mature) - high school au! gerard and frank meet while walking their dogs. unfortunately frank lives in the super conservative rival town across the train tracks.

so long (words: 204,122, rating: explicit) - LOTS OF TRIGGERS HERE OK BE CAREFUL. frank owns a record shop and likes to be alone but somehow gerard manages to get frank to hire him.

moth to flame or whatever (words: 31,280, rating: explicit) - FLORIST FRANK!! SO CUTE!!!!!

break the walls (and kill us all) (words: 27,156, rating: mature) - frank owns an antique shop and gerard helps him get rid of an angry ghost.

a matter of logistics (words: 6,449, rating: explicit) - straight up smut

i could go on but i’ll save that for when i make an official fic rec