Prince Calum Pt. 2

Requested: Yes

Summary: Your doubts in your love lasting between Calum and you has done nothing but weaken the bond between you two. No matter how many times Calum has told you that he loves you more than any jewel or thing in the world, all you can think about is the acceptance of society due to the fact that the eldest must be married first; and your sister still has yet to be loved.

Word Count: 754

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The Journey of Magical Saba part 4 (improvised (Makoharu) Free! comic with niuniente)

A story where a Saba loving adorable dork sets on a magical journey based on his grandmother’s nonsense stories. The first person he meets in his journey is a fashionable lumberjack living in the woods with his chest hair. 

The second person he meets is a beautifabulous butterfly (?) practicing in the wood with his sparkling butt wings…

The story continues! Butt-e-Rei people aren’t called that for nothing lol.

FEAR THE BEAUTIFABULOUS pREInce BUTTeREIFLY’s MAGICAL SHOUJO POWER !! (Where is the magical Saba ? Haru thought)

The journey is full of dangers in a form on cute things loving Shotadragon. Only one question remains; where’s Makoto?