Son of Man Video Premiere: Quiet Voices, Quiet Bodies

Vista, CA- Son of Man premiered the video for “Quiet Voices, Quiet Bodies” off of their latest EP ‘Tall Tales’. 

“This song is extremely personal to me, “ says singer Carlos Avilez. “It’s about not letting anyone or anything try and keep you from achieving your goals. No matter how impossible it may seem.”

The video was produced by long time friend Rick Marquez from Glassbox Visuals. 

“It’s more than just a catchy tune, QVQB is great storytelling,” states Marquez, “I think the lyrics are clever. They come from a very real place, real experiences and I think it can be somewhat of an anthem for a group of people, “the orphans” as referenced in the song.”

When asked about the process of putting this project together Marquez says “My approach to the video was to keep the lyrics as the focal point. Let’s strip away as much as possible and leave the lyrics in the spotlight. After screen testing a few set ups, we ended up bringing in a dark backdrop, one single light and we recorded the entire thing in 2 or 3 takes.”

The video premiere comes as a small break from Sol y Luna Records artist announcement series for their compilation release, “Alone With My Friends Vol. 1” due out this spring. 

Tall Tales EP is available for purchase on itunes, bandcamp, and the Sol y Luna web store.

To find out more about Glassbox Visuals and the extended work Rick Marquez has been a part of. you can visit their website here.

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