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Welp i said what i was going to do and so behold! Giraffes! Plesiosaurs! Giant Sea Turtles! AND MOST IMPORTANTLY A FAT PUG!!!! (to apologise for the giant arachnid. Have fun slaying that thing.) 

  • Mayura, (Peacock)
  • Gerfauntz, (Giraffe)
  • Niseag, (Plesiosaur)
  • Zaratan, (Sea Turtles/Archelon)
  • The Nope, (Whip Scorpion)
  • Grimble, (Pug)

There will be more (I know @shoddymoddy and @niklisson both want cat grimm). Honestly, I’d end up doing an entire post on prehistoric and deep sea grimm because that map of Remnant has a lot of water and many islands so naturally there would be grimm to reflect the animals in those environments. 

Who’s up for Jurassic Remnant >v> ?

Also check out @ask-team-clst and their Big Book of Grimm tag, as they’ve done bios for the first batch of grimm (x)

Cryptid ABCs: Zaratan

Zaratan is the name given to a giant sea turtle with a shell that looks like sloped land. The creature submerges itself at nightfall, dragging down everything around it. The Zaratan is also sometimes depicted as a giant whale or octopus.

Most reports of the creature came from sailors who saw mysterious moving islands. Some were not so lucky as to only pass it by. Some ships would mistake it a land and drop anchor, only to be dragged beneath the waves at nightfall as the turtle submerged again.

When the Zaratan hunts, it opens it’s mouth to release a sweet odor. Fish are attracted to the smell and swim in, and the beast snaps it’s jaws shut behind them. Zaratan is basically a giant snapping turtle.

The main explanation put forth for these sightings is a prehistoric turtle. Several turtle species used to be absolutely massive and much bigger than humans. It’s possible that water distortion made them look even bigger. Still, the idea that it was the size of a small island doesn’t quite make sense, and can most likely being chalked up to simply being a sailor’s tale. If it is a whale rather than a turtle, perhaps a whale that lingered too long at the top of the ocean is to blame, and it had some algae or moss growing on its back. Sailors could have mistaken it for a small island, and then been dragged down when the whale left.

If tha 1rst thing that came to yo mind was butterfly turtle, then we in the same goddamn boat. This was Henodus and he was an odd lil rascal. He may look quite like a lil turt-turt, but there were some anatomical differences as well yo. Turtles got limbs situated inside their ribcage where this rascal had normally positioned limbs (not that you can tell cuz of his funky lil shell).

External image

Even with his “normal” limbs doe, they were apparently pretty weak (doesnt even lift) and suggested lil Heno spent little to no time on land. The water called to lil Heno and he answered. Although Henodus is a placodont (marine reptiles usually not very large) he seems to be an exception cuz he lived more in brackish (salty-fresh water) or fre$hwater lagoons rather than tha big open sea. 

Anyways, Henodus lived in the waters of the Late Triassic. Being a placodont, he usually never got bigga than a meter long (tree feet). Besides that strange lil rascal on his back tho, another funfact characteristic was that he only had 2 teeth! One on each side and a beak in da middle. 

External image

Not much tops da Henodus in terms of strange water dinosaurs. He was a swimming bloq if yu aks me.