prehistoric centaur


Made some friends for my prehistoric horse based centaur. None have names yet oops.

We have a donkey one. Her ears are too floppy and heavy to keep up. She’s really sweet and looks out for everyone. She’ll get pissed off if someone causes trouble though. 

The Przewalski’s horse one is a sassy, showoffy ass. He does care about his little herd though. Arghghg just realized his back legs are too short in that last one!

The little prehistoric one would probably be kind of skittish since his species are always trying to avoid predators. He feels a lot safer with his new herd though. His family were pretty isolated so he’s curious and eager to learn from his new companions. I guess his species isn’t extinct in this world. Just really rare and shy. 

They’re part of a small herd of unusual, misplaced centaurs. I’m thinking they’ll be led by an old shire horse centaur and her son. I’m also thinking of having a kelpie-ish one. 

I think these guys will belong in the same head world as Resirie. I’ll probably dump any other fantasy creatures there as well unless they get there own story. It’d be fun drawing her interact with them all

Wanted to make a centaur based of those little toed prehistoric horses and I made the “human” part kinda monkey-ish to fit the theme. Its just I don’t know anything about horse anatomy and the monkey part could use some work as well oops

Oh well the first ideas always look a bit iffy. I really like this idea so I'll probably keep going at it c: I might do some modern centaurs as well!