prehistoric boys

Smilodon populator – the largest prehistoric cat

This boy’s pretty neat. Very thick. But you know despite being more powerful than any other large cat, his bite is actually a lot weaker.

“But look at those big ass teeth,” you say.

“Yeah but today’s big cats have more pronounced zygomatic arches (the slender arch of bone that forms a bridge between the cheekbone and the temporal bone on each side of the skull of mammals). These boys have thicker arches and therefore can’t clamp down as hard.” I respond, “their bites would only have 1/3 of the strength a lion’s bite has”.

However, judging by canine bending strength (measuring how hard an animal’s teeth can grip onto something before breaking) they’re teeth were incredibly strong, far stronger than any modern day cat’s.

These boys? Incredibly large. Like so large that they’re thinking that the reason a majority of their fossils have signs of disease is because their largeness. Poor dudes.

7/10 , cause I love them but their mouths can open like 120 degrees (compared to a lion’s 60 degrees) and I don’t like that sort of thing.