prehistoric alphabet

So I went to a dinosaur drawing class at a museum yesterday, it was really fun. I learned that I’ve been doing it wrong a lot since it looks like most lizardhipped dinosaurs were covered with feathers and other one’s toes are joined with fat pads and bluhbluhblah. Not that this has anything to do with this one since it’s an ancient goose.

Gotta love that Quetzalcoatl. Brings be back to playing (or actually, watching my brother play) Atlantis II (which my parents bought thinking it was based on the movies, but it was actually kind of a Myst knock-off) and searching Tepec for the freakin guy you were supposed to talk to. This was a totally lucky texture, I found this slightly painted up paper in the scrap bin in art class and brought it home. It looks great so I’m pretty happy :)