Teenage Pregnancy

“Teenage Pregnancy”

When my daughter told me she was pregnant,
I looked at her with the widest of eyes.
I asked her if she was planning to keep it,
Because from this situation she could not hide.

She was only in high school,
But I allowed her the freedom to choose,
Because I knew she was responsible,
And trust would not be abused.

I was never an over-bearing parent.
I gave my kids room to breathe,
Believing at a young age I instilled values,
And faith in them would not deceive.

So when my daughter told me the news,
As a parent I felt like I failed.
Her life already pre-determined,
Before her ship could set sail.

Well, that’s what I thought back then,
As I urged her to get an abortion.
If she does it in the early stages,
It’s still not considered a person.

She wasn’t emotionally ready,
Or financially secure to have a child.
She didn’t even have a high school diploma.
The problems would just continue to pile.

Like where would the baby sleep?
Or who’d watch the baby while she works?
She couldn’t rely on her boyfriend.
He was always such a jerk.

And she certainly wasn’t relying on us.
My wife and I agreed she’s on her own.
If she’s responsible enough to have sex,
Then she’s responsible enough to atone.

So one night our daughter ran away,
And we never heard from her until,
Twenty years had passed,
And she came of her own free will.

She visited with a man,
Who was working on a degree.
He said he was planning to be a doctor,
And pursue a ph. D.

It was then that I realized,
This man was her son.
And though too stubborn to admit,
I was proud of what she had done.

And I would never tell her son,
I insisted his mom should have had an abortion,
Because twenty years later,
I can see he’s a wonderful person.

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Question! Just so you know I am pro-choice if that affects how you answer. I am just wondering why the pro-life movement is so focused on making abortion illegal when we know women will still have them. Why not focus on reducing the number of women who need abortions? Raising awareness for birth control, fixing the foster care system, addressing child abuse and domestic violence and rape which all contribute to why a women may feel abortion is her only choice. Pro choicers would def be on board

Most people who are not in the pro-life movement only really see stereotypes and the extreme fringes. Having been in the pro-life movement for four years now, I’ve seen a very different side of it. The vast majority of pro-life people, especially those active in pro-life organizations, are doing most of what you’re saying.

Almost every pro-lifer would happily vote for a representative who promised to make abortion illegal. That said, we know that our ultimate goal is to make abortion unthinkable. Banning abortion will help, but it won’t be the end of our work. I believe we will abolish abortion in my lifetime, but I hope to live a long life, and I don’t think it’s going to happen tomorrow, this year, or maybe even this decade.

In the meantime, pro-lifers are working to provide for families in need, care for children in the foster care system (I actually know a lot of pro-lifers who have adopted and/or are foster parents), and raise awareness for issues like domestic violence, child abuse, homelessness/poverty, and so on.

Many pro-lifers have issues with most forms of birth control for a few different reasons, but this is actually a matter of controversy in pro-life circles. Most pro-lifers agree that birth control is not the magic solution to the abortion problem, and promote natural family planning (which can be more effective than oral contraceptives or barrier methods) and/or abstinence as an alternative that achieves the same goal of preventing unplanned pregnancies. 

We also recognize the need for quality health care for women and families. At the same time that we were calling for the defunding of Planned Parenthood in the wake of the Center for Medical Progress undercover videos, pro-life groups came together to create a directory of community health resources for those who were in need of affordable care or who were worried about losing the non-abortion services they received from Planned Parenthood. 

We also have a separate directory for those in crisis pregnancies who need resources and support in order to choose life for their child (There are other national directories, but this is my favorite for ease of access and accuracy of information). Many community pro-life organizations also have their own directories of resources in their area, which are more comprehensive. For instance, here’s the directory for central Texas, where I live. It includes medical resources, counseling and support, housing, and material support. The website also has information for those seeking adoption information, family planning help, miscarriage support, post-abortion support, and general OB/GYN healthcare.

The ideal pro-life world is one where preborn children are treated the same as born children under the law, making it illegal to kill them. In addition, mothers and fathers are supported and encouraged as they care for their children, and they have access to the resources they need. The foster system is streamlined to put children in loving homes faster (either their original home if possible, or with an adoptive family). Young women are given accurate information about their reproductive system, their natural fertility, and the accuracy rate and risks of various pregnancy-prevention options, including science-based natural family planning methods. Those in crisis pregnancies are given accurate information about their pregnancy and their child’s development. They are connected with the support and resources they need whether they choose to parent or to place their child for adoption. They are provided with safe housing and support if they need to leave an abusive or dangerous situation. High schools and colleges have supportive policies in place that help pregnant and parenting students finish their education and pursue their academic and career goals. 

We want to create a world where women don’t feel that they need abortion. If we do this in addition to making abortion illegal, we will make abortion an illegal procedure that women don’t need and that everyone knows will kill a human child. This will make abortion unthinkable.

Will it still happen? Of course. Children of all ages are still murdered in this country by various means. We are shocked when this happens, but we know it will happen again, despite the fact that it is illegal. We don’t use this as a reason to legalize the killing of children. Instead, we let it spur us to do more to keep children and families safe. 

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Park Jimin x Reader

Genre: Angst

Word Count: 1.5k

Requested: this may be odd to you, but could i request a scenario where Jimin and his s/o are expecting but have kept it a secret since they wanted to enjoy the privacy and also to give them time to announce it to friends/family, however the news gets leaked into the media when they least expect it? @jiminie-jams-bts (if this is too angst-y for you, I can always write a fluffier version. let me know!)

Summary: Jimin knew how risky it was, but he didn’t regret it. He tried his hardest to keep it a secret, barely telling anyone and keeping all interactions with you in private. But they always find out, no matter how hard anyone tries.

Note: This scenario is intended for a fem!reader. Despite the fact that I try to keep most pieces gender neutral, I hope you all understand. I normally wouldn’t write this sort of piece, but it’s hard for me to say no to a request! I hope you all can enjoy though, and remember this is a work of fiction, I don’t know how he would handle this situation in real life.

Warnings: Thoughts of terminating a pregnancy

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Dancing Away With My Heart Pt. 1

Summary: You’re a ballerina dancer, and your baby sister is taking up gymnastics, with none other than Lance Tucker as her teacher.

Pairing: Lance the Fucker Tucker x Named Reader (Stella)

Warnings: language (no fucking shit, right?) sexual tension, fluff.

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I’ve always been an early riser, I’m talking anywhere from 5-6AM. That only escalated when mom and dad passed away. I was 16 when they died, and my sister was 6. That  was 11 years ago. Now, I wake my sister up every morning around 6, make her breakfast and send her off to school. She’s 17 now. I can only hope mom and dad would be proud of us.

I’m a ballet dancer and teacher at our local dance studio here in Amherst, Ohio. My sister Sarah is a gymnast, the best since both Maggie Townsend and Hope Ann Gregory. Sarah not too far behind Maggie, just 2 years. She’s been doing gymnastics ever since our parents passed away, it’s been her escape from reality. Just as mine has been dancing. She has great potential, at least her coach says so. There’s nothing else he can do for her, she’s surpassed his level of training. She can now go to a bigger gym, where a big name coach can train her for the Olympics, of she qualifies. That’s where she’s going today, to meet her new teacher. I have work today as well, at least I’ll match some of the girls in a leotard.

“Come on, Sarah! You can’t be late to meet your new coach, you never know who this is, they may not take kindly to tardiness.” She reluctantly comes down the stairs, obviously exhausted, as she was up all night practising.

“Why are you so energetic in the morning, Stella? It’s way too early for this crap.”

“Just trying to get you hyped up, aren’t you excited?!” I jump up and down, I’m so excited for this new opportunity for her.

“Yeah, I guess. More nervous than anything.”

“Oh, stop it! You’ll do wonderfully!” She just hums in acknowledgment.

Loading ourselves in my Dodge Charger, it’s my baby, we head to the new gym, it’s almost 2 hours away. This’ll be a bitch trip to make every day, not to mention hard on the wallet, but I know it’ll be worth it.


When we get to our destination, we part next to a fancy black car. I’d say about as fancy as mine, except mine’s white. Sarah gets out first, grabbing her gym bag and walking towards the front of the building, and I follow. When we get in, there’s several young girls about Sarah’s age, stretching and chatting, having a good time. One of them notices us and comes over.

“Hi! You must be Sarah? We’ve heard much about you, come on, coach Tucker will be waiting for you!” She grabs her hand and pulls her toward what I can only assume is the main office.

“W-Wait, Stella! Aren’t you coming?” Poor thing, she looks nervous. Walking up to catch up to them, the unnamed girl walks into the office, and we’re greeted to the sight of a man in a blue wind breaker USA jacket, a white shirt and black pants. He’s on the phone, obviously not happy with who ever he is speaking to.

“I don’t fucking know, Maggie! You know I have to train these girls this weekend!……..It wasn’t my weekend to watch him or I would have found someone else to train them!…….OF COURSE I LOVE MY SON…..Yes I want to see him!….You know that’s not my fault, Maggie. Look, I’ll figure something out, I have to go. I’ll call you back.” He hangs up, and pinches his nose between his fingers.

Oh…Oh no.

Sarah’s teacher is Lance Tucker. THE Lance Tucker, the one who got his student pregnant. He stands up and walks over to us. The man is much taller than me, hell even Sarah is taller than me. He smiles a stressed, forced smile.

“Hi, you must be Sarah?” He said that to me. He thinks I’m Sarah? Fuck, I’m a 27 year old grown ass woman. Sarah starts laughing before she cuts in.

“No, I’m Sarah. This is my older sister, Stella.” He double takes, looking at me again.

“You’re older than she is?”

“Yes sir, by 10 years.” He laughs this time.

“Holy shit. You’re a tiny little thing, aren’t you?” I roll my eyes. Not the first time I’ve heard that, and I’m sure it won’t be the last.

“You could say that.” He rests his hands on his hips, before shaking his head, then holding his hand out for me to shake, then Sarah.

“I’m Lance Tucker. Welcome to my gym.” He smiles at me, and winks.

This man is something else, I can tell.


Sarah’s first day of training was hell, at least that’s what she told me while we sit at the dinner table.

“He’s so hard on you, like it’s not encouraging whatsoever. It’s just belittling and insulting.” She picks at her broccoli.

“I’m sure he means well, Sarah. Afterall he has multiple success stories. Really no failed trainees.” She sighs.

“I know. Do you think you could stay with me tomorrow? It’s just me and him as I’m his best girl right now. I could use some encouraging words to battle his belittling ones.”

I smile.

“I’m sure I can, I don’t see why he would mind.” She finishes her meal, and stands up to give me a hug.

“Thanks for dinner sis, I’m going to bed.”

“What time do you need to be awake.”

“5.” That should be easy enough for me.

“Alright. I’ll see you in the morning.”

“Besides, I think coach likes you. He asked about you and what you do most of the day.”

I find myself blushing. There’s no way he would think about me like that, he doesn’t even know me well. But, the thoughts are not unwelcome.  Heading to bed, I take my shower and get in my pajamas, my queen sized bed welcoming me with open arms. Tomorrow will be a very interesting day…


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Hey Prof, it's Newb again! I was wondering if it's possible for an Omega to be marked by more than one Alpha? Say that they're in a polyamorous relationship and both alphas want to mark the omega, is it possible, and if it is, do you have any hcs on how this little mini-pack would work together?

Hello! Really depends on your AU, but I think it’s totally possible!!

  • Depending on the AU: All packs need a leader. If there are two Alphas, they are going to need to decide who makes the ultimate decisions. If not, they can talk about it and make group decisions.
  • The Omega will carry two bonding bites.
  • The Alphas will carry a bonding bite from their Omega and one from each other. 
  • When the Omega has children, all three of them are registered as parents (if they want to be a parent). 
  • Both Alphas share their Omega during their Heat.
  • Ruts are intense, since the Alpha’s Ruts can sync up. 
  • Sometimes, the Alphas help each other during Ruts.
  • Raising kids might be easier with 3 parent figures. 
  • The Omega feeling extremely safe, warm, and loved.
  • The Alphas never leaving their Omega home alone, especially when they’re pregnant.
And then there’s ranting...

I’m pretty sure that ranting and being a teacher sort of goes hand in hand. There are many days during the school year (and during the summer if we’re being honest) that we teachers sit down and rant to each other about one thing or another. One of those things is the fact I live in a state that teaches abstinence only education. The statistics are clear, and abstinence only education actually leads to higher cases of teen pregnancy and STIs. Anyway, for this year’s “Let’s Talk About Sex” day for @thesecondsealwrites #sexlaughterhonesty week, have some Cullen and Mara and just this. 

Cullen x Mara, A Class Act AU, Cullen’s POV, 600 words. SFW, but under a cut just in case. 

Also on AO3. 

Cullen hadn’t said a word in the last five minutes of the car ride home from Skyhold, and he hadn’t needed to, as Mara was passionately explaining her stance on abstinence only education. There’d been some news story that afternoon that had set her off, and she’d been talking as if he didn’t agree with every word she said.

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Imagine you made a deal with a demon to birth their young for a year. You initially expect it to be one long term but instead have to carry their young for a week before giving birth to clutches of eggs, then the process immediately repeats itself. The bright side is that the eggs aren’t very big, like the size of a chicken’s, but the amount you have to carry & birth changes to a random amount with each term, sometimes making your stomach & breasts bloat as your womb stretches with demon spawn.             

Imagine you know nothing about pregnancy. You’re obsessed with lose weight so you spend the whole pregnancy trying everything to be skinny without results because you have triplets! You don’t know there are babies in your stomach, that’s why in the last week you start the extreme workouts superman, marvel etc and press your stomach against the floor. How much your womb can endure before put you in intense labor?             

(Danganronpa imagine) Lately I’ve been really keen the idea of English Teacher Toko pregnant with her student Byakuya’s child. He’s 17 and almost legal, and she messes around with him after class. One day, she forgets her birth control, but is too awkward and shy to protest when they do it. She keeps insisting to herself that everything is fine, not bothering with a morning after pill. But she soon starts to feel the symptoms, and realizes what happened. She has no idea how to tell him, though.            

60+ Dean x pregnant!Reader  Prompts

So, I said I’d do it, and here it is. This is just meant to be a list of prompts for writers to use however they like (as inspiration, writing one-shots, drabbles, etc). I’m not going to write any of this, probably. 

If you are a writer and used one of these, please tag me. I’d love to read your story.

Tagging @bloodysideofhell who helped with some of the prompts. And @sis-tafics @i-can-doot-it @daydreamingintheimpala because they seemed to be interested in this tiny project.

Happy writing!

P.S: Most of these prompts can be written either in an AU or in canon. Do as you like.

P.S.2: Just because somebody else already wrote one of these, doesn’t mean you can’t write it too! There is no such thing as repetition when the prompts leave so much room for your imagination.

1)      Reader accidentally gets pregnant and runs away without telling Dean to prevent the weight on his shoulders from becoming heavier.

2)      Reader accidentally gets pregnant and doesn’t know how to tell Dean.

3)      Reader gets pregnant with Dean’s baby after a one night stand (in which they’re strangers) and now they have to deal with a baby and have no idea of what they’re doing.

4)      Dean feeling not good enough to be a father.

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Let Someday Begin

A Joshaya Fanfiction

Story by: @hoffkk

Requested by: Anonymous 1, Anonymous 2, and @neverlands-story


1. Hey! Can you write a one shot with this two songs: Maybe Someday and Let It Begin (both songs by Griffin Peterson from the soundtrack of the book “Maybe Someday”)? Where Maya sings Maybe Someday for Josh and some years later Josh sings Let It Begin for Maya?

2.  If you’ve seen SL2, could you please write a Joshaya fanfic where their ‘someday’ is over and Josh asks her out? And can you please make Josh all thoughtful where he asks Shawn and Katy for permission, totally pulling a Lucas move. Thanks a ton.

3.  can you write a joshaya one like the moment josh decides that someday is over and he makes his first real move on maya like she’s not expecting it and he’s like it’s finally some day

Notes: I managed to incorporate all three requests into one beautiful story.  I love how it turned out, and I hope you all do too!

Summary: Josh makes a special promise to Maya.  Years later, he comes to collect on that promise and much more, despite their meddling families getting in the way!


Maya smiled in excitement as she, Shawn, and a very pregnant Katy entered the student center in the middle of the New York University campus.  There was a charity event being hosted by the university where the music majors and professors put together a music festival for the public featuring all the different music majors’ skills and talents.  When Josh mentioned that he was performing with a couple of his buddies, the Matthews and Hunter clans bought tickets right away.  Maya was of course excited to see Josh, but she was also excited to be on campus.  NYU was her dream school.  She just sent in her application the other day and couldn’t wait to hear back.

She took in everything about the student center as she led the way upstairs to the ballroom where they found Riley and her family chatting with Josh’s parents. As the Hunters made their way over, they all began exchanging their hellos and how are yous and anticipation over seeing Josh perform.  After a minute, the conversation switched to Katy’s pregnancy and her upcoming due date.  That was when Riley pulled Maya to the side and squealed excitedly,

“NYU is SO cool! I can’t believe we may actually be students here next year!”

“I know, but first we have to actually be accepted.” Maya retorted, ever the realist.

“Oh, please! You are a shoe in with your artwork, and I have a good feeling that academic scholarship is coming my way. Come next year, we are gonna rule the school!”

“Whatever you say, Honey.” Maya smiled.

“I can picture it now… us sharing a dorm, eating lunch at the caf, and we can become Gamma sisters!” Riley beamed.

“I don’t think rushing is my thing, but the other stuff sounds good.” Maya relented, letting herself imagine what life would be like living on campus.

Suddenly, the lights started to flicker on and off slowly, the university’s way of saying the show was about to start.  Quickly, they all found their seats and waited.  One by one, the performances came and went, each one blowing Maya away. Some had one person, some had groups. The songs themselves ranged from classical and jazzy to country western to indie rock to rap and hip-hop and everything in between, some having lyrics to them, while others were purely instrumental. The one thing they all had in common was their amazing sound.

After about ten or song performances, Josh and his friends were announced.  The curtain opened and Maya smiled as she saw him standing there looking cuter than ever as he sat on a stool in a blue button down, dark-wash jeans, styled hair, and microphone in hand.  There were three guys with him on stage, one with an acoustic guitar, one behind a drum set, and another with smaller instruments that she couldn’t quite make out.  After a moment, the music began and Josh’s voice drifted over the audience…

“Seeing something from so far away
Get a little closer every day
Thinking that I want to make it mine
I’d run for you if I could stand
But what I want I can’t demand
Cuz what I want is you…”

Maya couldn’t believe what she was hearing.  His voice was amazing, light yet a little gravelly, but it was the lyrics that go to her. Was it possible that this song was about her?  What was she thinking ? Of course it wasn’t.  At least, that was what Maya was trying to convince herself, but then she heard the next few lyrics.

“And if I can’t be yours now
I’ll wait here on this ground
Til you come, til you take me away
Maybe someday
Maybe someday.”

When Josh sang the last two lines, looking directly into Maya’s bright blues, there wasn’t a doubt in Maya’s mind that this song was a promise to her.  Getting misty-eyed, she took a deep breath, squeezed Riley’s hand and listen to the rest of the song.  The song ended just as sweetly as it begin when Josh looked  at her once more and sang,

“And if I can’t be yours now
I’ll wait here on this ground
Til you come, til you take me away
Maybe someday
Maybe someday.”

As the sound of the instruments faded away shortly after, the crowd burst into applause.  Maya quickly wiped away a stray tear before joining her standing family and friends and clapping too.

After a minute, the curtain closed and a spotlight appeared on an older gentleman with shoulder length dark hair wearing a suit jacket and nice jeans.  He introduced himself as a professor of music, thanked, the crowd for coming out, and announced that it was time for intermission.

In response people stood to stretch their legs, use the bathroom, and get refreshments from the hall. Shawn took Katy to pee for the fourth time since they’d gotten there, while Maya joined the Matthews clan outside for some snacks.  They were taking in the assortment of goodies on the long table when a familiar voice called out,

“My brotha!”

They turned to find Josh standing there with a big smile on his face.  The Matthews all took turns hugging him and telling him what a good job he did performing, causing him to blush.  Once, his family got distracted once more by all the snacks, he strolled over to Maya.

Maya stared at him for a moment, admiring how the blue in his shirt brought out the blue in his eyes.

“So…” Josh said quietly, looking suddenly nervous as he shoved his hands inside his pockets.  "What did you think?“

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Coach- Gifts

Originally posted by brookedovis

Request:”Hey could you write something with Coach Finstock, where he has a girlfriend (and his students don’t know) and she gets pregnant . His students discovere it, while she is 7 or 8 month pregnant, and they offer lot of presents to the future parents, a lot about lacrosse and things for the future player, and they tease Coach about it ? Something fluff ? Thanks ! ;)“

Your name: submit What is this?

I was washing the dishes, waiting for Bobby to come home. I was humming a song to myself, impatient to tell him the news. I felt two strong arms wrapping around me. I smiled and turned off the water. I twisted in his arms so I was facing him. I tip toed and pressed my lips against his. I wrapped my arms around his neck and rested my head on the crook of his neck. He kissed my hair and picked me up, carrying me to the couch. He sat down, with me in his lap.

“How was your day?” I asked.

“Exhausting.” He sighed. “But luckily, everyday I come home to the most beautiful woman in this entire world.” He said and stroked my cheek. “How was yours?”

“Well… I have some news.” I said.

“Good?” He asked.

“Amazing.” I had a wide smile on my face as I caught his hands and guided them on my belly.

“Really?” He said, excited.

I nodded happily, a few tears of joy forming in my eyes. “We are going to be parents.” He hugged me and then leaned to kiss my belly. I smiled running my fingers through his hair

8 months later

Months passed and the baby was growing inside me. The feeling of carrying a new life was undescriptible. It was hard but also amazing. Sometimes at night I could feel the baby kicking. One morning, I stood on a stool in the kitchen, watching Bobby getting ready for work , while I was gently caressing my pregnant belly.

“Don’t forget your food.” I said, as he laced his shoes.

“I won’t.” He shouted from the hall. He grabbed his jacket and return to the kitchen to take the car keys. He wanted to leave but I asked.

“Haven’t you forgoten something?”

He stopped and thought for a moment. “Right.” He said and turned around. He leaned down and pecked my lips. I laughed and shook my head when he left the house but his sandwitch was still on the table. I’ve waited until ten o’clock and then I went to school. Bobby was on the Lacrosse field training the students.

“Hey!” I gently tapped his shoulder “You forgot this.” I gave him the food.

“Y/N? You shouldn’t be here. I don’t want them to see you.” He said panicked.

“What?” I asked confused.

“That’s Coach’s girlfriend?” I turned and saw the students staring at us.

“Stilinski! Did I say you can stop?! Everyone! Another lap!” Bobby yelled and then whistled.

The group obeyed and started running.

“Perfect… Now they know.” He sighed.

“Why didn’t you tell them about me?” I asked.

“Because now they will tease me and will make my class horrible.”

“I’m going home.” I said.

“You can’t leave me alone now! They will torture me!” He said.

“That happens when you forget your food.” I shrugged. “And I am sure it can’t be that bad.” I left the Lacrosse field but I still heard him mumble “You don’t know them.”

3rd POV

In the economy class

The Coach heard the noise made by the kids from his office. He encouraged himself and he was ready to yell at the teenagers if one of them would make a joke.

The moment he entered the room, everyone stopped talking. There was silence.

“Ok. Let’s start with the reading you had to do for today. Stilinski, you start.” He said and plopped down on the chair.

“Sorry Coach but I couldn’t do it.” Stiles said.


“Well… my girlfriend wanted to see a movie so I had to go out with her. I think you know how it is.” He laughed.

“I’m done with teaching.” Coach said.

Y/N’s POV.

“I love weekends.” I said, stroking Bobby’s hair. We were watching a movie and he was standing with his head on my belly.

“Me too.” He said. In the next minute we heard someone knocking on the door.

“Are we waiting for someone?” I asked.

“No.” Bobby said. He got up to open.

“Surprise!!!” Cheering yelles echoed from outside.

“Y/N! Pack everything and let’s run! They have found us!” He shouted.

“Hey kids!” I smiled and greeted them.

“We came to congratulate you and to give you gifts for the little one.” Lydia said.

“Come inside!” I said. There were like ten children all smiling and carrying present boxes.

“You didn’t have to do this.” I said, going to the kitchen to bring cookies and juice.

“Let’s open the gifts!” Stiles said.

I sat on the couch, the kids gathered around us. I opened the first box and inside was a small T-shirt on which was written ‘The best player’

“We sticked to white as color because we weren’t sure if the baby will be a boy or a girl.” Scott said.

“This is so cute. It doesn’t matter what will be, he or she will definitely play Lacrosse.” I laughed.

In the next box was a small Lacrosse bat and a pair of tiny sneakers. “These are so cute.” I squealed. “Look at them, Bobby.” I showed him the presents and he smiled.

“You can try them Coach.” Scott laughed.

In another box was a small helmet for the baby, and a pair of gloves, followed by a variety of baby shirts and trousers.

The next thing I have found was a mug that said the best father. “I guess this is for you from Greenberg.” I gave the present to Bobby.

“Great. Now Greenber has my adress too, not just my phone number.” He said but I hit his arm.

“The gifts are amazing kids. Thank you so much!” I hugged each one of them.

“Maybe when the baby will grow a little he or she can come to our trainings and learn how to play.” Isaac said.

“That’s an excellent idea.” I said.

“Though… if they resemble coach then they won’t be really talented at it.” Stiles said and I burst out laughing.

“Do you want to stay in the team, Stilinski?” Bobby asked.

“Sorry.” he said.

“This is really a cute surprise and I didn’t expect you to do this. Thank you, kids.” Bobby said. “But don’t expect me to give you As in my class.” He added, making the teenagers laugh.

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i had my first day of school today and one of my teachers used to be a drug dealer so thats cool. also that same teacher had a pregnant student at grade 8.

your teacher is wild
What to expect when you're expecting at university
Having a baby at university can seem impossible – but help is available for pregnant students who know where to look
By Harriet Minter

NHS doctor and campaigner Rachel Clarke was the first pregnant medical student at her university. She recalls it was both determination and a fleet of willing babysitters in the form of her fellow students that helped get her through. Pregnancy at university doesn’t just have to be a choice between abortion or abandoning your studies. If you decide you want to keep the baby and keep studying, here is some advice on making it work:

Imagine your teacher impregnates you...

a student is pregnant by a somewhat sadistic teacher.


You are really nervous as you wait for everyone else to leave the classroom. Your teacher, Mr. Riche is busy at his desk like always with his habitual frown, like he can’t stand the students or something. Taking a deep breath you clutch your essay in your hand and stand up and approach your teacher’s desk, “Mr. Riche?” You ask, Mr. Riche looks up at you obviously shocked. You tended to be very quiet in class and when you did talk your quiet voice was rarely heard across the room.

“Can I help you Miss Walker?” He asks,
Nervously you bite your lower lip then say, “I wondered if I could talk to you about our last assignment,”

Mr. Riche looks at you for a long moment, his eyes practically undressing you, but before you can do more then shift uncomfortably in his gaze he says, “Did you not do as well as you thought you should?”
“No, it’s not that,” You say hastily, then you place your essay on the desk “I was wondering why you graded it the way you did,” you point to a few of the sections he annotated.

He smiles and then says, “I would love to explain that to you, but first would you like some tea? It’s Herbal,”

You frown, you know you shouldn’t but one sip couldn’t really hurt could it? So you nod your assent and he pulls out a foam cup of hot water and hands you a tea bag, “I think you will like this one” He says when you take the cup and tea bag from him. You place the tea in the cup and let it steep for a moment in silence as Mr. Riche samples his own team. When the tea is done you take a small sip, then your eyes widen. This has to be the best tea you’ve ever tasted and you begin to drink it as fast as you can without burning yourself. 

“That’s it dear, drink it all up,” Mr. Riche says, but it’s hard to focus on anything other then the tea until it is gone. The world seems to fade and your last thought is that you are going to be home late after all.

You wake up sometime later and find that you can’t move. You try and move your arms but you can’t and your legs are just as immobile in their spread eagle position. You try to call out but the only sound you can make through your ball gag is a pathetic mewling sound. You open your eyes and when you still can’t see you realize you must be blindfolded. Then you feel the cold air against your naked flesh and your blood runs cold.

“I see you are awake pet,” a familiar voice says as a hand caresses your face. You try to shy away but the voice just laughs and then you can feel him walk behind you and you hear the sound of pants hitting the floor. “Time to get you ready dear,” He says then impales you on his cock and you scream into your gag as he takes your virginity. “There is no way it can be that big?!” You think to yourself in shock. He pulls out and plunges back in balls deep and to your horror it starts to feel good, oh so good , to the point you begin thrusting your hips to meet him. Something builds up inside you and just as you think you’re about to go over the edge you feel him blow his load inside you. Then you panic, he wasn’t wearing a condom. You didn’t want to get pregnant. You hang there in your restraints desperately trying to get just that little bit more friction between your legs to set you off but it doesn’t come. You sob into your gag and then freeze as a woman’s voice says, “I must admit I didn’t really believe that you could accelerate a pregnancy this quickly. She already is getting a baby bump”

“What?!” You think shocked. You struggle against but your two captors leave the room still talking quietly to each other. You have no idea how much time passes but you begin to feel your breasts swell with milk just as your tummy does. You feel like a water balloon that is being filled too quickly. Some time later you hear people come in and judging by the sound you must be in the teacher’s lounge. 

“So, this is the new one,” a female teacher says, “I must say pregnancy suits her,” then the teacher squeezes one of your nipples and to you feel milk come out. The teacher in front of you takes a sip of her coffee and then says “My she makes the best coffee creamer” and then someone else takes her place. You hope they will let you go soon, though you doubt it.

Imagine being in high school and getting pregnant and your friends treating you differently. Dean, the father of the baby, comforts you.

(Both over 18 but I love this gif of young Dean anyway.)

“I can’t take this anymore” you let a groan, huffing as you threw your school bag on the bed.

“What happened this time?” Dean’s concenred look made your anger fade a little bit but certainly not your sadness.

“It was-” you stopped, swallowing hard and looking down at your feet.

“Baby” Dean whispered, taking a few steps closer to you until he had his arms wrapped around your waist. He didn’t hug you very tightly to himself because of the small baby bump that had already started to show.

“What did I ever do to them Dean?” you looked up at him with watery eyes, your vision blurry from the not spilled tears.

“Wish I knew baby girl” he kissed your forehead, cupping your cheek and rubbing his thumb over it.

“But please don’t- don’t let them get to you this time” he rested his forehead against yours.

“Easier said than done” you mumbled, brushing furiously a tear that rolled down.

“It’s not- it’s not as if it was enough that I became the subject of interest for almost the entire school, all those chicks and even guys talking about and whispering things behind my back, now- now it’s my friends as well. They are acting so weird a-and I can’t understand what I did to have to deal with this. Was it- was it so bad that I ende dup pregnant? Was it so bad that- that I slept with my boyfriend and didn’t prove to them that I am that innocent girl they- they think-”

“No hey hey, stop there. Stop right there. You are still you, ok?” he cupped your face making you look at him fully in the eyes “Nothing’s changed and all those sluts should sure as hell think about themselves first before talking. They’re not saints. They sleep around every week with a different guy and hey now decide to pick up on you because you decided to-” he took in a deep breath “-you decided to give something so special” he rested his forehead against yours, his one hand moved to your small though showing belly, rubbing softly “And in a few months something even just as perfect as you”

You smiled weakly at him as he continued “I know it’s hard baby. Being 18, a student and pregnant sucks. Especially when you have so much potential in having a much better life but I am going to be here for you, every step of the way.”

“And I don’t want it any other way Dean” you spoke up “I would never have wanted it any other way. I don’t care to. All I just want is this, a family with you. No matter how uncoventional it is with you hunting and all”

Dean smiled down at you, leaning in to kiss your lips softly “We will go through this” he whispered when he pulled away for a second “You know it right?”

“Yeah” you avoided eye-contact.

“No hey, I know when you’re trying to avoid something. We will get through this, trust me. Those bitches and assholes can go to hell and as for your friends… you know they will understand in the end. It is just… weird for them to understand. But all of them will eventually understand. Hell probably they don’t understand they’re acting differently, who knows?”

“Yeah I suppose” you mumbled, resting your forehead against his chest “I will just… try to keep going.”

“For us… and for this baby”


Charles Carl Roberts was a milk truck driver in Pennsylvania. In 2004, Roberts’s father applied for a license to provide transportation to the Amish. On October 2, 2006, Charles approached West Nickel Mines School in Bart Township, Pennsylvania, a predominantly Amish school, armed with a  Springfield XD 9×19mm handgun, a Browning 12 gauge shotgun, a Ruger .30-06 bolt-action rifle, 600 rounds of ammunition, lubricant, black powder, a stun gun, knives, a change of clothes, a truss board, and a box holding a hammer, a hacksaw, pliers, wire, screws, bolts, and tape. Upon entering the school, Roberts began boarding up the front doors and taking people hostage, binding their arms and legs. He then ordered them to line up against a chalkboard, releasing 15 male students, a pregnant woman, and three parents and their infants. Charles proceeded to keep the remaining 10 female students hostage. The police were contacted once a teacher ended up escaping. 

Law enforcement tried unsuccessfully communicating with Roberts through the PA system, but Charles soon contacted the police himself telling them that if they didn’t get off the property he would murder the hostages. Once shots were heard, police broke in through the windows to find three of the students dead execution style, 2 injured, and Charles dead. Those that were injured died the next morning. Charles’s wife had claimed that when she had returned home at 11 am that morning, she had found 4 notes addressed to her and their children. The notes talked about his anger toward God for letting them lose a child nine years ago. She also said that Charles had called her while in the school and confessed to molesting 2 children 20 years ago, adding that he had an urge to do it again. Police hypothesized that the lubricant was brought along for that reason. Roberts’s motive remains unknown.

He's the Teacher? (25/?)

I’m sorry this is terrible. I’m not doing too well at the moment but that is no excuse. I will try to have the next chapter up sooner. Xxoo


A month had past, y/n moving in with me had been the best decision ever. The was no better feeling than waking up with her in my arms every morning, letting me rub her belly and leave little kisses all over it.

Everyday y/n had worn a loose top to University, however today she had chosen to wear shirt that made her baby bump quite obvious.

We went in separate cars everyday, at different times so that no one would figure it out.

The classroom already had a number of students in when y/n entered.
“Oh my god, y/n’s pregnant!” One of the students called out, which lead to a number of questions and rude comments.
“What a slut”
“Bet the dad ran”
“Who would even want to have sex with you?”

“EVERYONE SHUT UP!” I yelled, making everyone’s eyes go wide with shock as they silenced

“I don’t allow any rude or judgmental comments to other students, so if your going to be an asshole, then you can leave my class now.”
Everyone remained silent, a few “sorry’s” were whispered and the lesson started.
A few hours into the lesson and I could tell the students were wearing out
“Okay, let’s have a coffee break. Everyone back in 15 minutes”

Once everyone had left except for y/n, I closed the door.

“Are you okay sweetheart?” I questioned as she made her way up to my desk

“Yes. Thank-you Mr. Howell” she answered, placing a soft kiss to my lips.
As she went to pull away, I held her in place, making a small whimper leave her soft lips.
“You know what you do to me when you call me that, now I have a problem” I quietly spoke to her, pulling her even more against me, allowing her to feel my clothed erection.
“Everyone will be back soon, Mr. Howell” her innocent voice filled my ears
“Well then we will have to be quick”
I reconnect my lips to hers, kissing her deeply before sitting in my desk chair, pulling her with me so the she straddled me.
We both moaned as her hips moved against me.
“On your knees, baby” I instructed, watching as she sunk under my large desk, undoing the buttons and zip on my jeans. She reached into my jeans and boxers, taking hold of my dick and pumping it as it sprung out of the opening in my pants.
“S-shit y/n” I couldn’t help but moan out
“I need your mouth baby”
I gasped as her tongue ran up my shaft and over my tip before taking me into her mouth. Her head bobbed up and down, her tongue working skilfully on my hard erection.


My head shot up at the door as it swung open and students started walking back in. Y/n removed me from her mouth and looked up to my stunned expression.
The back of my desk has a wooden board, so the other students couldn’t see under the table.

“Where did y/n go?” One of the students asked me

“She uh-” the words got stuck in my throat as y/n started pumping me again

“Sh-she wasn’t feeling well… She went home” I stuttered out, thankfully the student did not question it.

“Um, everyone open the text book t-to chapter 20” i tried to continue the lesson, ignoring the fact that y/n was jerking me under the table with over 20 others in the room.

All was okay (except for my occasional stutters and gasps) until y/n took me back into her mouth. A moan escaped but I attempted to hide it with a cough, which everyone seemed to buy. I moved one hand under the desk, tangling my fingers into y/n’s hair as I felt my high coming.
Y/n sped up her movements, hollowing her cheeks and running her tongue over my shaft.
I looked up to the class, everyone was in deep thought as they studied, completely oblivious to what was happening before them.
I bit into the palm of my free hand as the other held tight to y/n’s hair. I came into her mouth, doing my best to make no sound as she swallowed my cum. Licking her lips before looking up innocently into my eyes.

She fixed up my jeans, doing them up for me and remained under the desk for the rest of the lesson.
Once everyone was going I pulled her up.
“You are so naughty miss y/L/n”
“You wanted it Mr. Howell” she smirked up at me.

“Hmm, well it seems the you missed half a class, so I guess I’ll have to teach you now..” I spoke as I lifted her up onto my desk.

“As much as I would love that, my boyfriend and I have to go to an ultrasound now” she reminded me, making me groan

“When we get home” she says as she kisses my cheek. Collecting her things and leaving the class.


I smile as i hold y/n’s hand and look up at the machine, showing my two babies

“You have two perfectly healthy babies” the doctor smiled
I leant over and kissed y/n on the forehead.

“Who you like to find out the genders today?” The doctor asked.
I looked at y/n, nodding my head with excitement as she smiled widely.

“We would love to” I said

“Okay, well I can now inform you that you will be having…”