guess how successful my first day of class has been??
I went to my first class, sociology. gross. but. this random girl sits bext to me and wants to make conversation. she asks me my major, i told her biology. turns out! shes biology too!! and she says “do you like snakes?”
im sure many of u can imagine my response.
long story short she took me to a snake lab on campus and introduced me to the guy in charge who now really wants me to work there. he gave me contact info for the department chair and ill be able to officially sign on for research credit in a venomous snakes lab!!!!
im so fckin hype!!!

Seabreeze was crammed in her hide all day today and I wasn’t about to disturb her, so here’s a pic from last week.

Six weeks away from her due date! I thought I’d be much more impatient for babies, but I’m mainly just thrilled she’s doing so well. She’s apparently got the pregnant ‘glow’ going on. If anything, I can’t wait for her to be done so I can pamper her with rats, soaks, and rest.   

i had a dream where i did everything wrong, husbandry wise
i had a pregnant snake that was not being monitored, i was keeping hots without any snake handling equipment, i cohabitated, the tank was too small, and i did not have back up containers for temporary snake storage
i woke up feeling very mad at dream me

August 23, 2014

Being on a bus. Bus driver and few people got off the bus for a pee break. I wondered why bus driver parked right at the edge of a river. I mockingly went to the front of the bus and the big bus shifted it’s weight forward and dipped it’s nose into the water. It was an “I told you so” moment from my point of view and I felt cheeky.

Another dream there were glass or plastic cases of a snake and it’s venomous babies in its belly. I held the case up to the light and could see all the babies. We were told that the food we ate at the gathering may have had these pregnant venomous snakes. Eating the mother was okay but the babies contained lethal doses. So we were concerned at the close call and that no one was supposedly ill.

A young boy was castrated.

Another dream there was something read or spoken to me and I remember restating it for clarity. Something about the type of people we attract. Tough love attracts unrequited love. People are our mirrors to our own childhood attachment.

7 weeks to go (I’m counting down). Lots of scale separation and she’s starting to get noticeably thinner up top. Still eating too, which is good.

No telling how many babies she’s going to drop - since she’s a first time mom I’d expect a small litter, but she’s also a pretty big-bodied girl. Guess we’ll find out… May can’t get here fast enough!