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Jane the virgin au! where lily accidentally gets artificially inseminated with James' sperm and they fall in love

love it let’s do it i also skipped the ins and outs of how this happened because i haven’t gotten a chance to watch jane the virgin yet and HOW 

also i swear a lot in this because i started writing this on fucking halloween and we all know what that means don’t look at me 

Lily wondered if she should already be experiencing symptoms of pregnancy - fucking pregnancy - so soon. Then again, this wasn’t a pregnant symptom. This was a symptom of complete shock and utter disbelief. This was a symptom of wondering how the fuck she ended up getting screwed up this badly. So badly she was pretty sure she was in a position to sue someone, if not everyone. Lily had never thought she’d be a grown up enough to actually sue someone. 

The doctor kept blabbering on and on about how sorry she was, and how this had never ever happened before - and Lily had thought to herself, I bloody well hope not, somewhere in the midst of the jumbled thoughts about what kind of drugs this medical professional had to be taking to fuck up this badly. 

Alright, so she could just have it taken care of. She was twenty-two, was living in a box for an apartment with three roommates, was fresh out of college - in other words, entirely broke and just getting broker. 

And the clinic was going to foot the bill, which was really the very least they could do. And she still hadn’t decided that she wasn’t going to sue; she just had to talk to her parents first. And that was a whole other obstacle in and of itself - Mum, Dad, I’m pregnant by a man I’ve never met, and still a virgin. I just went in for a routine checkup and came out with a fucking baby. 

She hadn’t even got to the fun part.

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7 weeks 5 days.

So this whole theory of having something eat to combat morning sickness is nonsense!! Eating makes me feel so much worse.

I’m not actually throwing up every day but I am constantly nauseous to some degree through out the day.

I’m doing everything I can!
I’m snacking on crackers, or sour sweets.
I’m wearing loose clothing.
I have an acupuncture bracelet.
I’m drinking so much ginger ale, I’m gonna turn ginger.

Each of these tricks might help for a moment but the nausea is bound to come back after a bit.

Any tips?

Fic Recs (Jan. 11th)

I realize it’s been a long time since I’ve done one of these and I apologize. The holidays were really busy. So, to make up for it, this is going to be a long list of fic recs!!

I have four this time! Two complete and two not. 

Fire and Ice”, 2, 3, 4 (complete) written by @imagine-assembling-the-avengers. The reader comes to Bucky to ask for his help. In finding their son. (Avengers, angsty fluff I suppose)

Pregnancy Curse” (complete) written by @crowleysplaythings A witch curses Sam and Dean. Now the boys have all the symptoms the pregnant reader has. (SPN, humor)

Amortentia2, 3, 4 written by @bey0ndparan0id. The reader can’t believe what she smells in the Amortentia potion. Draco Malfoy. (Harry Potter.)

Everything we do is a Choice” written by @thatgirlunderarock. Evalyn and her sister are looking for work after running away. Enter Sir Guy of Gisborne. (BBC Robin Hood.)

Not in Love 2″ written by @redgillan. The reader realizes that she actually does have feelings for Steve. (Avengers, angsty fluff)

One More Dance” written by @imaginationkingdom. The reader uses Tony as a cover to get away from their ex. (Avengers, kinda fluffy humor)

Beauty and the Beastkeeper” written by @ofnifflersandkings. Newt finds the reader in the library and becomes fascinated in learning about them. (Fantastic Beasts, fluff)

Back to Your Arms” written by @letsasoiaftogether. The reader takes control when she believes Robb is dead. (GoT. angstyish)

You are my Sunshine” written by @princess-of-erebor1992, Kili sings his daughter to sleep. (Tolkien, adorable fluff)

False Positive” written by @oneshot-twoshot-redshot-blueshot. Sam and Dean meet the reader, not knowing she’s the one Chuck sent to help them. (SPN, humor)

The Century Old Soulmate” written by @imagine-the-fluff. The reader meets their 92-year-soulmate. (Avengers, fluffy humor)

You are Worthy” written by @thehobbitimagines-durin. The reader feels unworthy to love the King Under the Mountain. (Tolkien. angsty fluff)

Closing the Distance” written by @reader-rabbit. Bilbo and the reader are at a party together and he can’t take his eyes of her. (Tolkien, fluff)

Kiss the Gunner’s Daughter” written by @ironarrow87. The reader finally lets her father meet Tim, her boyfriend, not realizing that her father is Tim’s boss. (NCIS, fluffy humor)

Lonely Demon on Christmas” written by @winchesterinterrupted. Crowley meets the reader in a coffee shop on Christmas Eve. (SPN, fluff)

Mortem Pectus Amantis” written by @drabbletastic. Only Ichabod can save the dying reader. (Sleepy Hollow, angst)

Mistletoe” written by @avengersnthings. The Avengers plot to get the reader and Bucky together. (Avengers, ALL THE FLUFF)

Prank” written by @imagines-for-the-fangirls-soul. Bones and the reader prank Jim. (Star Trek, humor)

Blush” written by @misswinchester221b. Fili and the reader are in love and everyone knows it…except them! (Tolkien, fluff)

There you are, my lovelies! I hope that these are sufficient to get you through for a week or so :D Happy reading!! Lots of love!


Your Eyes

Character: Castiel

Warning: None

Word Count: 3,024

Tagging: @amy-de-l-abc


    First came the tingly feeling.

    It settled in the pit of your stomach and wouldn’t go away. It wasn’t a nauseous tingly, a butterflies-in-the-stomach tingly, or a my-foot-fell-asleep sensation. Rather, it felt like a premonition. What it was prophesying, you weren’t sure, but one idea kept running through your mind. You ignored it, convinced yourself it was preposterous, but the tingling remained.

    Then there were the mood swings.

    They came without warning, ruining your reputation for being levelheaded. One moment you were laughing at some stupid joke Dean made, and the next you were flipping out because Sam forgot to add your socks to the laundry, or you were in frustrated tears because you couldn’t sketch the other eye on a doodle. Often, these mood swings were accompanied by a headache, and Cass, your boyfriend, or one of the Winchesters made you take an aspirin and sit down for a minute or two.

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7 weeks 2 days.

I’m really starting to feel pregnant!

I’m peeing what feels like every 5 seconds.
I’m now well acquainted the morning(afternoon and evening) nausea.
My poor boobs are so sore!
Anything smelly makes me loose my cool also.
And of course the anxiety that plagues this trimester.

My first midwife appointment is this Friday. I would really love to just sleep through the next couple of days.

What’s the difference between pregnancy symptoms and getting your period symptoms?

Someone asked us:

What are the differences between symptoms before getting your period and symptoms in the first trimester?

Pre-menstrual symptoms and early pregnancy symptoms have some similarities  — bloating, sore or swollen breasts, feeling tired, and having mood swings. If you’re worried that you could be pregnant, those similarities can be super alarming.  

But there are definitely some important differences that may be a relief to know. Early pregnancy symptoms tend to include nausea and peeing a lot, which aren’t usually part of the pre-menstrual fun pack. Most importantly, in most cases, you wouldn’t develop early pregnancy symptoms until a few weeks after missing your period. If you’ve already missed your period, guess what? There’s no need to guess based on your symptoms — you can just take a pregnancy test and find out for sure.

If you’ve had sex without a condom or other birth control method since your last period, that means pregnancy is a possibility. If it happened within the last 5 days, you can take emergency contraception if you want to avoid getting pregnant.

If it’s been more than 5 days, you’ll have to wait until your period is due to take a pregnancy test, and if you still have a couple weeks, that can feel like FOREVER. Here are some things you can do to pass the time until you find out for sure.

  • If it turns out you’re not pregnant, and you’d like to stay that way, make an appointment at your local Planned Parenthood health center to get started on birth control, or make a plan to use your current method better.
  • Stay positive. Spend time hanging with friends and treat yourself to things you enjoy. Go to the beach or scroll aimlessly through your Tumblr dashboard for hours on end, whatever. Do you.

-Emily at Planned Parenthood

It’s inhuman! 😂
I took off my bra when I changed clothes after work (we don’t have to buy or wash our own scrubs, they are provided for us by the hospital. Not sure it’s works the same way in foreign countries) because it felt too tight and I literally cried.

I had to carry my boobs in my hands all the way to the car😂👌🏻


Positive || Derek Hale Imagine (REQUESTED)

Anonymous asked: can you do one where i am pregnant and i have to tell Derek? you can decide how he reacts. or you can do a preference?? 😁

A/n: this is so short…


Warnings: fluff. Pregnant symptoms. I can’t think of anything that would be triggering….

Masterlist // Send In A Request

 Your fingers tapped the edge of the basin. Your nerves grew more with each minute that passed. You closed your eyes and sighed. What would Derek say if it was positive? Would he leave you to raise the baby on your own? All these thoughts going around in your mind, made you feel nauseous. You quickly opened the toilet lid, throwing up. What you weren’t expecting so soon was to hear Derek call out to you. “Babe are you okay?” you heard, Derek outside your bathroom door. You squeezed your eyes shut, Derek opened the door, walking towards you. He rested his hand on your back rubbing circles on it. His fingers gently brushed your hair behind your ear. “Do you want to go to the doctors? You’ve been like this since 2 weeks ago” he asked, his eyebrows raised. “Off course im fine” you said, getting up and going over to the vanity again. You turned on the water, leaning against the sink, making your stick that showed your results, fall in the sink. Making a clunk noise. “What was that?” Derek asked, coming up behind you, looking down. Your hand grabbed it. You turned around to look at him. “Nothing” you said, smiling at him. “(Y/n), what’s behind your back?” he demanded. “Derek you know how I have been sick for the past 2 weeks. Well I got a pregnancy test and well yeah” you said, looking at the ground. “Let’s see the results” he said, smiling at you. “What?” you asked, confused as to why he was smiling. “Let’s look at the test together” he said, grabbing the hand that had the pregnancy test. You let out a sigh and opened your hand. Revealing the test, to see two lines. You looked at Derek to see him smiling brightly. “This is wow” he said, looking at you, as happy tears started to fall from his eyes. “So you’re not going to leave me?” you asked, he grabbed your hands, intertwining them together, “I would never leave you just because you are pregnant with my child” he said, letting go of your hands and pulling you into a hug… “Thank you” you mumbled into his chest, “for what?” he asked, “for not freaking out” you said, looking up at him, he smiled down at you. His lips pressed on yours lightly, he pulled away with a smile on his face……


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Things I remind myself...

…in order to keep sane during a two-week wait:

  • Having “symptoms” does not mean I am pregnant.
  • Not having symptoms does not mean I am not pregnant.
  • Maintaining 100% optimism is not going to in any way make me more likely to be pregnant.
  • Seeing a BFN at 8DPO does not mean I am not going to end up being pregnant.
  • Tweaking and going cross-eyed trying to see a very, very faint line on a test has no bearing in any way on the actual status of my being pregnant or not.
  • NOT testing before my period does (or doesn’t) arrive is not going to affect whether or not I am pregnant.
  • There is literally NOTHING I can do during this two-week wait, beyond being healthy and taking my prenatal, that will affect whether or not I am going to end up being pregnant.

Just. Breathe.

Daddy Barry

Requested by anon

Request: imagine where Barry finds out the reader is pregnant?

Word count: 822

Barry x reader


“I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I mean I’ve been feeling nauseous for about two days now.” I said talking to Iris. She sat down on the couch in mine and Barry’s apartment. Iris looked around trying to come up with a response.

“Uh, (Y/N), have you and Barry had sex yet?” Iris asked hesitating. The redness in my cheeks intensified. “Are, are you saying, t-that I might be pregnant?” Iris looked at me and nodded. “Listen to me (Y/N), you might not be pregnant, but, your symptoms are ones of pregnancy. Just take a pregnancy test to be safe.” I nodded and walked into the bathroom.

I grabbed a pregnancy test from under the sink that I had been saving. After using the pregnancy test, I sat it on the counter and waited for ten minutes


After what felt like a hour, my timer went off. I flipped the pregnancy test over. My hands flew up and covered my mouth. The tears started to slowly fall.

A plus sign.

“(Y/N), are you alright,” Iris asked. I only started to cry harder at her cluelessness. Iris came into the bathroom and looked at the pregnancy test that was still on the counter. Her jaw dropped.

“(Y/N), this is fantastic news! Why are you crying?”

I stood up and wiped the drying tears from my cheeks. “I’m scared, Iris. There are so many questions running through my mind. What if Barry leaves me? Or, what if our baby has powers like he does?” Questions started to fall out of my mouth, I’m sure Iris couldn’t even understand me.

Iris sighed and hugged me. We walked back into the living room, the pregnancy test in my back pocket. “(Y/N), we both know Barry; we both know that Barry loves you too much to ever leave you, no matter what happens,” Iris said in a reassuring tone.

I looked at the picture of Barry and I on our 5th anniversary. We were so happy. Maybe he will be just as happy now as he was then.

“(Y/N), I have to go but promise me that you will tell Barry,” Iris said checking the time on her phone. I nodded my head. Iris bent over and hugged me whispering ‘good luck’ in my ear.


“Baby, I’m home.” I heard Barry shout from the living room. “I’m in the kitchen,” I replied.

Barry walked into the kitchen, wrapping his arms around me and kissing my head. “How’s my beautiful girlfriend,” Barry asked. I suddenly felt the nerves overrun my thoughts. I have to tell him.

“Barry, there’s something I have to tell you.”

Barry looked down at me with a curious look. “What is it babe? Y-you aren’t leaving me, are you?” I let out a small chuckle and kissed him in order to reassure him.

“It’s actually the exact opposite.”

Barry let out a sigh of relief. “Okay then, what is it?” I looked down at the ground and smiled. “You know how I’ve been feeling sick the last couple of days?” Barry nodded his head. “Well, I was talking to Iris and she said that I need to try a pregnancy test.”

I pulled the pregnancy test out of my back pocket and placed it in Barry’s hands. Barry looked at me in shock.

“Are-are you pregnant?” The smile broke out onto both of our faces as I nodded. Barry picked me up and spun me around. He hugged me tightly, burying his face into my neck.

“I’m going to be a dad.”

Barry started to cry tears of joy. I looked down at the ground and tears started to fall down my face. Barry lifts my head up and looks me in the eyes.

“(Y/N), what’s wrong? Aren’t you happy?”

I put my hand on Barry’s face and wiped the tears from his cheeks.

“I’m so happy Bar but, I’m scared. What are we going to do if the baby has powers? What are we going to do if a meta tries to come for the baby?”

Barry took my hands in his. “(Y/N), trust me, if any meta tries to get to you or our child, they’ll have to come through me. If our baby has powers we will make it through and love it exactly the same as a normal child.”

I looked at Barry and smiled. He leaned down and kissed me softly, wrapping his arms around my waist.

“How did I ever end up with someone so perfect,” I asked, studying Barry’s features and remembering our memories.

Barry leaned down and kissed me once more.

“(Y/N), I am far from perfect. It is I who ended up with a perfect person. My wonderful girlfriend and now mother of my children. You are going to be a wonderful mother,” Barry said.

“And you will be a fantastic father.”


I hope you all enjoyed this imagine :)

I’m currently working on four imagines but after those are written and my finals are over, I will reopen the ask box.

What if in the future Soul and Maka are married and banging all the time and they’re resonating like hella all the time then like a few months into it Soul starts puking all the time and gets super pissy and tired.

And then after they take him to the doctor they find out Maka’s pregnant, but her symptoms had been transferred over to Soul.

She calls him Hot Mama for the rest of their lives.