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Pregnant and Insecure Lance

I am always down for an insecure Lance but even more for a pregnant, insecure Lance. Combined two ideas into one.

-Shiro’s the one keeping Lance grounded throughout the pregnancy.
-He’s a great alpha: giving Lance massages when his back hurts, rubbing his back as Lance vomits in the mornings, and bringing home weirdly specific food requests.
-Lance loves all the attention from his mate. Snuggle times and being spoiled make him extremely happy
-But he also feels like a burden now that his alpha tries to do everything without Lance’s help.
-Lance just always waits until Shiro leaves for work to do all the chores, straining himself to get as many tasks done as he can to make up for all the lazing around he does when his mate’s home.
-Lance’s insecurities take hold with every inch his stomach grows. He’s unable to get on his hands and knees to scrub floors or lug large baskets of laundry around like be used to. Doesn’t stop him from trying.
-The Gang comes over every Friday night for dinner and movies. Lance is always eager to see them as he can’t drive himself anymore to see them when he gets bored or lonely. His belly’s just too big for his legs to reach the pedals.
-Lance often gets cuddly with his pack on these nights. He would often be found crawling into Hunk’s lap or having Allura play with his hair, purring all the while.
-One particular Friday during the beginning of Lance’s third trimester, Hunk bakes a huge cake to celebrate Allura’s recent takeover of her father’s highly successful engineering firm. As Hunk’s creations always are, the cake is mouth-wateringly delicious. Everyone has at least two pieces.
-Lance is going for his third when Keith makes a comment about how Lance needs to slow down or else the next thing he’ll make Shiro do is get him through the doorways.
-Wow. Bug ouchie for Lance. Not only does he feel awful for making Shiro do everything for him, but he’s been trying his hardest to ignore just how fat he’d gotten. Now that Keith had said something, Shiro would probably realize everything was true and be disgusted with him.
-Lance played it off like he had thought the comment was funny, expertly slapping on a smile and laughing to show he was unaffected by the comment.
-Everyone else chuckled at the mental image for a moment before going back to groaning about how full they were.
-Lance continued smiling and laughing until he had cleared and washed the dishes (at the displeasure of his alpha who just wanted Lance to rest. He then faked a yawn and made up some excuse about being exhausted that no one seemed to challenge before taking off to his room.
-As soon as he closed the door, Lance is collapsing to the ground in a mess of tears, all his insecurities catching up to him as he let his defenses fall.
-His mind retreated into self-loathing even as his body crawled towards their walk-in closet. He didn’t realize he was making a nest out of their clothes and spare sheets until it was halfway done.
-He spends the next hour laying on his side in his make-shift nest, sobbing into one of Shiro’s workout shorts to muffle the noise.
-Shiro comes in to check on him and freaks out when he catches Lance’s distressed scent, thinking something bad happened to the babies.
-He’s both relieved and infinitely more worried upon finding his mate safe but in the midst of a panic attack. It takes him a half hour of crooning comforting words and rubbing Lance’s chilled fingers to get him calm again.
-This has happened before and the couple has learned through trial and error what techniques work with the omega. He needs repetitive words and touch to get his body into a comfortable rhythm again
-Shiro questions Lance about what set him off, and Lance almost breaks down again, reluctantly relaying the incident and his thoughts.
-Shiro soothes all his fears and insecurities, telling his mate just how much and deeply he loves Lance. He reassures Lance that he enjoys spoiling the omega and seeing him grow as a physical sign of their pup’s life.
-After Lance calms down enough to be helped into bed, Shiro goes back downstairs to let everyone know what’s going on. They all tell Shiro they wish Lance feels better soon and head out to give the couple some space.
-While everyone’s distracted gathering their things, Shiro pulls Keith aside for a chat. Keith feels really terrible and promises to apologize and make it up to Lance another time. Shiro accepts this and shows everyone out.
-Cue lots of cuddles with a sniffly Lance and a doting Shiro. Did I mention lots of cuddles? Cause they fall asleep cuddling.

Lance The Monster Lover

Ok. We all know our boy Lance would flirt with anything and everyone. He had flirted with various alien girls ( plus Keith but he won’t admit it).He’s basically pansexual or bisexual, right?

Heck, he had even been affirm a furry from this comic preview.

Well I was inspired by @patt-barton prompt about lance befriending monsters and being encourage by @fangirliestgirl, to make this prompt.

Lance is one of those monster lover. And by monsters, not just those humans with animal features. I mean monsters that are far from humans. I’m talking about eldritch abominations. Like this one :

And the paladins are traveling in space and had meant several alien species already. There has got to be some alien species that aren’t humanoid.

Let say the paladins landed on this planet to make an alliance. Instead of being greeted by humanoid aliens, they get eldritch monsters instead.

While the alteans and other 4 paladins are scare, freaking out, and hesitate to greet the inhabitants, Lance just walk up to them and start flirting. He’s not scare of these people one bit despite their appearances. In fact he’s attracted to them. In his head, he’s fangirling how he get to live every monster lover fantasy.

Of course the team is shock at how calm and casual lance is, but they let him lead the rest of the alliance.

Now let add some langst to it.

The team are still at disbelief of how lance is attracted to the inhabitants, and also jealous. Maybe add some pining Shklance or polydins with oblivious pinning lance who don’t think he’s good enough for them.

The team grow protective around Lance and tell him to be careful. Lance take it the wrong way and think the team don’t trust him. That leave him to hang out with the space monsters more during the days of making the alliance.

Then one day Lance is caught being intimate with one of the space monsters. The team go into a fit. Then Lance snap and say he can choose who he love since none of them love him in a romantic way.

Cue the misunderstandings being fixed, feelings reveal, relationship starting, and the alliance going off with a hit.


  • The team meeting up with their space monsters friends every now and then and the space monsters keep flirting with lance. Team become jealous and protective.
  • Keith going into full galra mode to impress lance.
  • The team ask lance how he perform intimacy with the space monster.

Pidge: So Lance, can I ask you something?

Lance: Of course. Lay it on me Pidgey.

Pidge: Ok. How was you able to “do it” with your space friend the other day?

Shiro, Allura: PIDGE!

Pidge: What? I was just asking what we was thinking! And he said I could ask.

Coran: Yes, I am curios as well.

Lance: Uh, what do you mean by “do it”?

Keith: I would like to know as well too.

Pidge: Are you serious? I means how did you ha….( interrupted by Hunk)

Hunk: HOW DID YOU HAVE SEX WITH THAT SPACE MONSTER!? I means he wasn’t even close to our anatomy or biology yet you some how manage to find a way. It been on my mind and I just need to know!

Lance: Oh.

Keith: ( eye widen and blush). Oh.

Lance: Well the answer to that question is quite simple. It requires a lot of stretching.

Everyone: ( shock and blush)

Shiro: Well, uh, at least you use protection. Right Lance?

Lance: Uh, I would have, but I didn’t have any on the time we came into space. Plus, aliens Shiro, remember? They’re completely different from humans so I doubt a condom would had done anything.

Everyone: WHAT!?

Allura: Lance, you should had been more careful. Who know what diseases you could been infected with?

Coran: Or you could had gotten pregnant.

Everyone: WHAT!?

Coran: I had done my research on our eldritch friends and their biology prove that they could had impregnated lance.

Shiro: Alright. Lance, go into thr healing pod right now. You’re getting a check up.

Lance: But…

Allura: It’s for your own well being Lance.

Lance: Fine (pout ans walk away with Coran).

Pidge: If he does turn out pregnant, can I please examine the baby?

Everyone: PIDGE! Feel free to use this prompt!

Lance’s impatient pup

It was just over seven months ago that Lance announced to Shiro and Keith that he was pregnant. When Lance had first found out himself that he was pregnant he was terrified. Terrified that his mates would be upset about having a pup during a war, terrified something would happen and the pup would be hurt, terrified that he wouldn’t be a good parent to his baby. Keith and Shiro noticed something was off with Lance immediately, the second their mate walked in the room head down, and face drawn together in thought, they knew something was up. Without looking up, Lance walked over to Keith and Shiro and nestled his way between them, pressing into them as close as he could get. They wrapped Lance in their arms while making soft comforting sounds deep in their chest that never failed to relax Lance, instantly turning him pliant in their arms. When Lance let out a deep relaxed sigh Shiro glanced up at Keith before pulling Lance closer to his chest. “Whats the matter kitten?” Shiro asked softly while Keith ran his fingers through his chocolate brown hair gently scratching at his scalp relaxing him further. Lance took in a deep breath and let it out slowly before sitting up and looking them both in the eye. “I need to tell you both something.” He said, cringing slightly as nervousness seeped into his voice.

Mustering up as much courage as he could he quickly blurted out, “I’m pregnant.”

Once the words were out of his mouth all his courage faded and he averted his eyes to the floor, unsure what his mates were going to say. He waited with baited breath for their reaction when two pairs of arms wrapped around him and gentle hands landed on his lower stomach. Lance let out a sigh and looked up at Keith and Shiro who’s eyes were wide with wonder and disbelief but most of all, unbridled joy.

After the announcement Shiro talked to the rest of the team and they all agreed it would be best to temporally take Lance off the team during his pregnancy, and after discussing it privately with Lance, Allura was given the temporary title of blue paladin. For the next few weeks Allura and Coran trained Lance in everything he needed to know about the castles defense controls and Lance had a new job in the castle control room with Coran during missions. Lance couldn’t be happier. His mates were happy, everyone was excited about the pup, and Lance got to stay on the team. About the only thing that changed was how much attention Lance wanted/got. During random times of the day Lance would show up out of nowhere and just crawl into his teams laps. It didn’t matter who it was to him, everyone was fair game when he wanted to be held and no one could ever deny him. He was a bit nervous the first time he crawled into Alluras lap but after she immediately pulled him closer and carded her fingers through his hair he started doing it without a second thought. Sometime the others would seek Lance out to sit with too. Having a pregnant omega on the castle relaxed them all and gave them a homey feeling, and they loved it. But Shiro and Keith were by far the most affectionate. Every day they would pull Lance close holding him tight, one hand always resting on his abdomen, rubbing over the skin and whispering only loud enough for them to hear. On days when this happened he would feel so relaxed and safe with mates, he would easily drift into a light sleep embraced by the warmth of Keith and Shiro, and each time they would refuse to leave Lance till he woke up again.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

They were answering a distress call from a small planet under attack from a galra fleet. Everyone was working hard to bring down the galra, working fluidly together, even Allura and Blue. When they first began working together Allura had a bit of a hard time convincing Blue that it was only temporary and that they were only protecting Lance and his pup, but when Lance scolded her for being rude to a princess she was more accepting. Coran and Lance were in the control room doing their best to defend the others while shooting down the galra ships, the two of them became a good team together but both agreed that it would be nice to have their original partners back. Even Allura confessed being a pilot of Voltron was more difficult then she thought it would be and vowed to be a bit easier on them, much to everyones relief.

They had just reached the climax of the battle when alarms sounded though out the control room. Coran drew his eyebrows together in confusion before he moved to check what it was. He gasped and immediately opened a channel to the rest of the team. “Paladins we have an emergency!” He shouted urgently. “Coran? What is it? Whats wrong?” Shiro asked, concern lacing his words. “The castle has been boarded! There are galra on the ship!” “I’ll take care of them” Lance said cutting in before Shiro could respond. “No! stay put Lance. You’re in no shape to be fighting. Coran lock the door to the control room and any surrounding doors. We’re almost done here so I’m sending Keith and Pidge to come help you, when we’re done out here we’ll come help too.” Lance opened his mouth to respond while Coran when to lock the doors but neither were able to complete their tasks when the doors opened and three large galra entered. “Hello members of Voltron.” the galra said, a sickening grin spreading across his face. Distantly Lance could here the rest of the team shouting at them, asking for answers but they were drowned out when Coran rushed to stand between Lance and the galra commander. The galra commander kept walking towards them and when Coran made to block him, the galra lifted his arm and hit Coran making him fall to the side and hit the wall. He fell to the floor unconscious and Lance called out to him turning to run to his side when the commander wrapped his large hand around lance’s arm, roughly digging his sharp claws into his skin and began dragging him out of the room. “No! Let go of me! Coran! Let me go!” Lance continued shouting and struggling as he was dragged through the castle until the commander pulled him up to his face and growled lowly. “Quiet human or I will kill the Altean filth and leave his body for you.” Lance paled but glared at the galra commander none the less. The galra continued dragging him through the halls until they came to the training deck, Lance drew his eyebrows in confusion until the commander roughly pushed him into the middle of the training deck and pressed his large hand down on a console and activated the invisible walls. “Now Earthling, while my soldiers take your ship you will tell me everything I need to know or I will kill the Altean.” The galra stopped than, looking at Lance intently and then seemingly lost in thought before a grin took over his face again. “No, If you don’t tell me what I want to know I will kill the child you carry. And once I have cut your child from you, then I will move on to kill the Altean. And just before you die from blood loss I will stick you in the Altean healing pods and heal you of your injuries and throw you back in a cell with the body of your child and the Altean.” Lance shuddered and took a step back away from the galra, instinctively wrapping his arms around his unborn pup.

Lance was panicking, frantically going through different possible outcomes and trying to think of someway to escape, when a radio crackled to life. He whipped his head up to look at the galra commander and saw the galra reaching for a small communicator. “What is it?” The commander growled anger and impatience apparent in his voice. “Commander, the fleet has been destroyed and the lions have returned to the castle.” Lance was listening intently to their conversation when he felt something dripping down his leg. He looked down to see what looked like water covering his inner legs, his face scrunched up in confusion before widening in shock.

He was having his pup now.

He quickly glanced back at the commander to see if he had noticed before discretely attempting to move so it wasn’t noticeable. Sitting down he tried calming himself down and slowing his breathing before the galra noticed. His mind was racing again, terrified for his pup that just couldn’t have waited just one more day, and wanting nothing more than to have Keith and Shiro here to help him. He realized too late that he started crying when tears had slipped down his cheeks, but as he was brushing the tears away he heard the commander, now closer then before, laugh lowly. “Little human scum, have you already accepted that your friends will be killed by my solders and there will be no rescue for you? I must say I thought you would have had more faith in your friends.” “No! You’re wrong! My friends are coming and they are going to kill you, and every other galra on this ship! You will never take the castle.” The galra commanders face screwed up in disgust before again slamming his hand down on the console, when he lifted his hand a gladiator bot fell from the ceiling landing across his impromptu prison. “I suggest you learn to hold your tongue earthling.” The commander spoke as he walked through the training room doors. Lance looked wide eyed at the gladiator as it made its way across the room, Lance struggled to his feet but in his pregnant state he wasn’t able to get up before the gladiator slammed into his side, throwing his against the invisible wall in the process. When Lance hit the ground he felt his first contraction rip through is body, rendering him unable to move as the gladiator walked up to him again. It wrapped its hand around his throat and threw him across the training room floor, Lance curled around himself and wrapped his hands around his stomach tightly. “Come one baby, just wait a little bit longer, I promise, please you just have to be patient for me.” He rubbed his hand over his pup while struggling to get to his feet. He stood up just in time to doge a hit from the gladiator and wobble over to the other side of the room. Just as he turned to find the gladiator another contraction ripped through him, this one worse than the last. Lance fell to his knees curling in on himself and crying out in pain, when he opened his eyes he saw the gladiator walking closer and braced himself for another painful hit. But it never came. The gladiator fell to a heap in front of him and he turned his head to the door, expecting to see Keith and Shiro rushing to his side but the galra commander stood there instead. The galra lowered the shields and began making his was toward Lance, when he was just feet away Lance let out a call for his alphas as a last resort option. The Galra sneered and reached down a wrapped is large hand around Lances throat. “Tell me how to move the castle or I will kill you.” He spoke angrily, impatience and desperation lacing his words, his hand tightening with each word he spoke.

Black spots were clouding his vision and the commanders voice was becoming distant when, suddenly all the pressure was gone and Lance was able to breath again. He blearily looked up to see the galra commander being beaten into the training deck floor by a seething Keith and Shiro. Lances head fell back to the floor when another contraction pulsed through him. He let out a pained whimper when it lasted longer then the first two, and curled on his side to try and ease the pain. When he felt hands on him and flinched, only to look up and see a concerned Shiro and Keith hovering over him, he chirped low in his chest glad to have his alphas here with with him. “Lance baby, whats wrong? What hurts?” Shiro asked as he and Keith checked him over for injuries. “The pup. It’s coming.” Lance choked out, exhaustion taking over him and making it hard to turn his head. He was suddenly lifted up into Shiro’s arms as Keith ran out of the room ahead of them. “Coran! He was-” “he’s fine” Shiro cut in, “he’s going to have a headache when he wakes up but Allura assured us he will be fine.” Shiro said as he rubbed small relaxing circles along Lances lower back. Lance slumped more fully into Shiro’s arms knowing everyone was safe, but tensed again as another contraction swept through him. Shiro moved his hand to card his fingers through Lances hair as he picked up the pace, finally arriving at the infirmary where Allura and Keith were preparing a bed for Lance. As soon as Lance was laid down in the bed, both Keith and Shiro were ushered out of the room by the princess, she only giving a stern look when the two alphas growled at her. They paced back and forth outside of the room impatiently, having to hold each other back when Lances cries made their way through the infirmary walls. Finally Allura reemerged from the infirmary smiling brightly at the two. “Go on then, go see him.” She said as she stepped to the side to let them in. Keith and Shiro rushed over to Lance laying in the bed, covered in sweat and exhaustion clear in his body but he was still smiling brightly. Lance looked up at them when they stopped by his side, “Keith, Shiro, say hello to our baby girl, and our baby boy.” Lance spoke silently as he looked back at the two beautiful pups in his arms. “Twins?” Keith asked wondrously. “Yeah, we have twins.” Lance said looking back up at his two perfect mates. “We have two beautiful perfect wonderful pups.” Lances eyes glassed over with tears of joy and Keith and Shiro simultaneously climbed into the small bed with Lance and pressed kisses to each side of his cheeks then moved to press kisses to both of their beautiful perfect wonderful pups.

Baby blues Ch1

let me know if i made any errors!  sorry this is a little rushed!))))

Baby Blues Ch1

Ok what the actual fuck was up with him today?

He was staring way to intently at her for her taste.


She had started to tell him to back up, but he only drew nearer, his eyes lit up with excitement. He almost resembled a puppy at this point.

“Yes? Do you need something? More brownies?”

Oh. It was that time again.

Ever since gwen had gotten pregnant, David had days where he was way too clingy and overprotective. In a way it was sweet of him, but it still got on her nerves, especially when he wouldn’t let her have a moment of peace.

He leaned into her shoulder, relaying again how much he loved her, and how he hoped that the baby had her eyes. He thought they were amazing for some reason.

Max walked by, venom in hand, and Gwen made a ‘help me out’ face at him.

He smirked, rolling his eyes.

“Hey david,” Max started, ‘’Didn’t you wanna take me to that nature adventure museum or something? What’s that all about?”

This caused David to move from his spot cheerfully.

“Oh! Well, Max, I had seen it while going to the store the other day and-”

He got up, babbling non-stop about how he had found a flier or something. Gwen decided to tune out the rest, but remembered that maybe she should pay Max back later with a new game or something good to eat.

As she was left alone though, the eerily quiet room caused her to doze off a bit. She already knew no good shows were on today, it being the weekend.

She didn’t wanna go outside, probably because of the clouds foretelling rain, so she decided that staying inside the house was her best choice.

She thought about her life now, and how it had come to be. When gwen and david found out about Max’s abusive home life, they did everything in their power to gain custody. Luckily they had pretty much just given it to them without hassle. Max was right, they really didn’t care that much about what happened to him.

David and Gwen had tried their hardest to be what was best for max, they knew he wouldn’t respond to any normal punishments. David was good for the boy, he knew exactly the times he needed space, and when he just needed a hug.

Gwen was really down to earth with him, and he actually ended up calling her mom a couple of times.

She would never say a word about it though, even though she knew being seen as a parent to max was a big thing, she didn’t wanna spoil those little moments.

Soon, he’d have a younger sibling to worry about. He’d have someone that looked up to him, someone that he would be able to pass all his pranks and schemes on to.

She smiled to herself, they were going to be trouble together, but they’d be her trouble.

She could only imagine the hell they’d give her husband.

David, that’s right.

After they had taken in max, they wanted to move in all together, it’d make rent a lot cheaper, to be split, but it also gave Max the loving parents he deserved.

Not long after they had started living together, they had actually started liking sharing a room. This lead to some…not so kid friendly things to happen. They couldn’t help but start loving one another.

Let’s face the facts, he believed in her, he knew she could do anything she put her brilliant mind to. She loved that fact about him, so supportive, and never letting her think otherwise.

While on the other hand, she kept him level-headed. She knew what his limits were,  sometimes even better than him. She always knew how to keep him grounded, knowing when he needed a shoulder to cry on.

They were simply perfect for eachother, like puzzle pieces that fit together. They made a great team too, especially when it came to raising max.

They had their ups and downs, but Gwen wouldn’t have it any other way.

She had shifted in her spot, it was becoming uncomfortable. That’s when she felt just how damp the side of her face was, had she been crying?

She hadn’t even realized how emotional she was. Damn hormones.

Just as she got up to grab some tissues, she felt another huge wave of tears blur her vision.

Shit, why did her stomach flip like that? There was absolutely nothing to cry for!!!

Oh god, she had to sit down before she did anything else.

She sat on the couch, holding a cushion, and sobbed quietly into it.

Why did she have such a good family? David was just so cute and adorable, and maybe really really hot to her. God she wanted to have his babies so bad.

Oh wait, she was.

She let out another choked sob.

Max was so adorable too, she now wished she had been the one to hold him when he was still a potato baby. She bet he would have had the cutest little hands, and he would be such a pouty little bundle of grump.

Now she was crying even harder, she didn’t even realize David was just in the other room, because as soon as he caught the sound of her sobbing, he stopped in the middle of a sentence and sprinted right back next to the couch.

“Gwen!!! What on earth is the matter!? Did you get hurt??”

She shook her head, trying to contain another sob.

“N-No where’s M-Max?”

He stopped for a moment, mouth agape. Had max said something to her to hurt her feelings??

Just as soon as he was about to ask, Max walked into the room, shock written on his face.

“Whoa, is… is she ok?”

He slowly was retreating back into the room, but was stopped by another voice.

“Max, Max,  come h-here sweetie.”

She held more tears back, and put her arms out as if she were a toddler reaching for a stuffed animal.

He slowly, and awkwardly, scooted himself close enough that she snatched him in a tight hug.

He could barely breathe as she cried into his shoulder. Max looked to david with a scared and confused face, but not even he dared to pull the boy away from the sobbing women.

At this point, he wrapped his own arms around her, trying to shoosh her softly. This seemed to help a little, at least she could speak again.

“H-he just is so tiny, a-and i wanna know what it was like to hold baby Max, and i just-just-”

She inhaled sharply and cried even harder onto the poor boy.

David was starting to understand now, she was probably starting to get mood swings.

He smiled softly and swooped them both up in a big hug. He knew Gwen was only crying because of the pregnancy, but to know that these maternal feelings were caused by the thought of max, well he couldn’t contain his own tears.

Max, the poor soul, had BOTH of his parents on him now, crying.

At first it had scared him, maybe he had said something too harsh to a fragile gwen? No, he actually was pretty good at holding his tongue nowadays.

He hugged her tight, figuring the sooner she stopped crying, the sooner he could get out of this situation. Why did she care about him being a small baby? Sure he was a premature baby, but what did that have to do with anything? How did this even get brought up??

“Gwen, while i appreciate the fact that you were concerned about me being born prematurely, i don’t think-”


She had made him flinch a little, how did she not already know about that? Dammit, now she was crying harder than before.

“That means you were REALLY SMALL. I-I never got to see you th-that small oh my god.”

As soon as she realized this, she clung to him even more. She HAD to protect this small child, her small child.

She planted a kiss on his forehead, David could barely hold his smile in. Gwen actually saw herself as his mother, this baffled Max to no end, so he responded the only way he knew how in this situation and covered his face. Now he was red as hell, and felt way too embarrassed by his mom to stop from giggling. This action, that he had not gotten too often, was slightly ticklish.

He giggled, and writhed, trying to get away. David, unfortunately, decided it would be a good idea to join in on the fun.

Max was soon being covered in hugs and ticklish kisses to his cheeks.

Great, now he was crying.

This was more love he had gotten, in this moment alone, than he had ever received from his biological family.

Now, all of them red from laughter and tears, they sat on the couch. Max in his mother’s arms, and her in David’s.

She smiled and looked over at her lover, she may have been the happiest girl alive. Max snuggled tightly around her arm, gently leaning on her stomach. David reached his hands down to hug them both, and kissed gwen as she turned.

They were all happy.

Their family might be little, and broken, but still good. Yeah, still good.

anonymous asked:

I need an angsty fic featuring steve who's getting depressed bc he keeps not getting pregnant after each heat and bucky found him crying one day and they talked it out? (Happy ending cos im a slut for it)

Steve stared down at the pregnancy test. It was negative again. The wobble in his legs worsened and he collapsed on his knees in the bathroom. He threw the test against the wall and raised shaking hands to his face.

It was no use, the sobs came anyway. Before he knew it, he was trembling and loud sobs were crawling up his throat. He sat there for god knows how long but soon, he heard the door to their floor open from the lift.

He didn’t have time to clear up and then, Bucky was in front of him.

“Baby?” Bucky asked, scooping Steve up into his arms, sitting them down on the sofa, “what happened baby? Did someone hurt you? What’s wrong sweetheart?”

Steve sniffled and clung onto Bucky, “I can’t get pregnant.”

He squeezed his eyes close and dug his fingertips into Bucky’s chest, praying. Don’t pull away. Don’t pull away. Please -

“Oh, sweetheart,” Bucky crooned, holding him even closer, “it’s okay. There’s no rush, we can keep tryin’.”

Steve shook his head, “I’m useless. I can’t give you pups. What if I’m…if I’m - if I can’t have children?”

Bucky kissed Steve’s forehead, “Stevie, I love you. Oh love, it’s not your fault if you can’t give me pups. I love you and want to be with you. All I want is for you to be happy. We can have tests done to see what’s happenin’? And if not, we can always adopt or use a surrogate.”

“I’m a failure -

“No baby, you’re not. You’re perfect and lovely. You are smart, wonderful and strong and kind. You are mine. My omega and you always will be,” Bucky growled, kissing Steve’s lips, “don’t go sayin’ things like that.”

Steve looked up at him, “but what if I can’t have children? I really want them, Buck.”

“I know you do Stevie, and we’ll keep tryin’ okay?” he put his hand on Steve’s stomach, “this is not your fault. Baby, you’ll have them and a round tummy and you’ll look adorable.”

“What if it never happens?” Steve asked sadly, tears slipping down his cheeks, “what if it’s my body, I’m a mess. You should be with someone who can give you pups.”

“No,” Bucky shook his head and brought their lips together, “I only want you. You are my mate, my love Stevie. For life.”

Steve sniffled and whimpered, “you still want me?”

“Of course, I do, darlin’,” Bucky purred and kissed him. “For always. I love you.”

In the end, they get the test done and realise that it’s nothing serious. Steve gets to have his pups just like he wanted.

Mutsuki, Hinami, and the Need to Tear Down the OEK Throne

You didn’t think that just because Mutsuki didn’t appear in this chapter I wasn’t going to talk about him, did you? ;) I’m predictable I’m sorry

Both Hinami and Mutsuki–children of Kaneki’s in a sense, though not biologically–have an unhealthy way of relating to him in terms of their own identity. (I wouldnt say Hinami is in love with Kaneki, it seems like more of a schoolgirl crush in my opinion, but there’s definitely this sense of “I need your approval.”) Hinami’s Kaneki worship isn’t quite as toxic as Mutsuki’s because it’s not like she’s wanting to die here or going out of her way to try to commit suicide by Juuzou just to win his approval, but I think there is still a parallel.

In counseling there’s something called four styles of communication, which are often present in how we respond to stress in relationships and can be briefly summarized by this (admittedly simplified) description of their mindset:

Passive: I’m not okay, you’re okay
Aggressive: I’m okay, you’re not okay
Passive-aggressive: I’m not okay, you’re not okay
Assertive: I’m okay, you’re okay

Everyone falls into each category at different points in times, though there tends to be one default for every person and obviously assertive is the healthy form. Mutsuki’s is aggressive: he thinks he will be okay as long as Kaneki (who is not okay for leaving him) comes back:

The ultimate extreme of aggressive behavior is homicide. Which, uh, we kind of see with Mutsuki.

Hinami’s is passive: she believes she is not okay, but Kaneki is:

And the ultimate extreme of passivity is suicide. Hinami’s not trying to martyr  herself here unlike Kaneki a la Cochlea, but she’s still fine with dying even if it means ignoring her mother’s request for her to live. I don’t think she made the wrong decision to protect her pregnant friend and the Aogiri kids so please don’t think I’m criticizing her or downplaying how noble she was or how beautiful her almost-sacrifice was; rather, I’m trying to point out that Hinami still has growing to do as a character. Others have pointed out that Hinami stifled her feelings when she comforted Akira:

Again, I’m not saying this was the wrong thing to do (I rather think it was the mature thing), but simply that Akira isn’t the only hurt person who matters here, and if you’re going to create a world where ghouls matter just as much as humans, their feelings have to matter too.

The point is the both Mutsuki and Hinami are ignoring the people they still have to live for–for Mutsuki, Urie (who has feelings for him and just wanted to take Mutsuki home when he was captured on Rue Island) and Saiko; for Hinami, Ayato (who has feelings for her and just wanted to take her home when she was captured in Cochlea) and her mother’s dying wish for her to live–and focusing on Kaneki and whether he’s near them or they have his approval instead. He’s a surrogate father figure for both, so it makes sense, but it’s healthy, and it’s led to stagnated growth for Hinami and a downward spiral for Mutsuki.

But how was Mutsuki to get the message this isn’t a healthy thing, when Kaneki was the first father figure who seemed to care about him and Sasaki was renowned for his prowess in the CCG and Mutsuki was told his way forward was to become a stronger investigator?

How is Hinami supposed to move past it when she joined Goat, which has centered itself on one personality who isn’t up to the task (and frankly, Ken never asked for this role–then again, he accepted it, so make of that what you will)?

NB: I think it’s interesting that the narrative uses Hajime, another orphaned character with clear parallels to Hinami–his parents’ murders convinced Amon to help kill her mother–and to Mutsuki, as a child taken advantage of an experimented on by the CCG–to point this out to the reader quite recently.

If this is Kaneki coming back to save Hinami, maybe that’s the point. That his role won’t ever be as a good king (*looks to Amon*), but rather he needs to tear the throne down, like Eto said. Maybe he’ll finally take ownership of his life and decisions (I still think Goat will accomplish its mission and Kaneki will be a part of that, a catalyst even, but maybe not as the king). Maybe his growth isn't  supposed to be in the direction of being a king after all, but rather towards whom he wants to be.

And that’s where the original character who was unhealthily obsessed with Kaneki comes in:

There is definitely a building tension between Tsukiyama and Kaneki over how he’s running his kingly duties (as well as a lot of unresolved business named Karren):

Tsukiyama’s passivity isn’t going to last very long because he is not, at his default, a passive character. I do expect him and Kaneki to have words, maybe even fight, about all of this, especially if that is Kaneki’s kagune and he left the scavenging squad. I don’t think he will betray Kaneki, but there’s definitely a storm brewing–a storm that I think ultimately will be very important for breaking down the characters’ unhealthy idolizations of Kaneki, and instead seeing him as just a human being, lovable and worthy of respect, but still flawed, instead of as a king or as a god who can save them all/fix all their problems.

Give the world a factory reset, please, Kaneki.

Ok guys so I'm writing a thing?))

How many of you would be interested in reading this?
Gwen and David live happily together, taking care of their adopted son, max. When Gwen gets pregnant with their own baby, David goes into a super protect the smol inside my wife mode, and obviously Gwen thinks it’s cute.
But at one point, he had started to get on her nerves, so max takes the pleasure of taking him into another room to give Gwen some peace. She ends up in tears (you’ll see why) because of stupid hormones, and David and max get kinda caught up in her mini hurricane.
I just thought it’d make a cute mom!Gwen series
If y'all like it, I’ll post it, but I just wanna see how many of you would read this is all

You Don’t Know Me

Request: I can’t really think about an actual story plot but maybe yoongi getting you pregnant and he chickens out… Aw This is such a bad description but since you’re an amazing writer ypu can pull it off better ☺💖 thank you!

Originally posted by nvmyg

Pairing: Yoongi + Reader

Genre: Angst

Word Count: 1.841

Warnings: swearing

A/N: you’re so sweet omg and of course it’s a good description! I hope I made it similar to the way you wanted it to be

Part 2 | Part 3

Kneeling on the cold bathroom floor, your bare legs had goosebumps spread all over your skin, acknowledging the icy tiles. Hair hold back by one of your hands while the other one stabilized your weak body, your forehead collapsed against the toilet stool. Hasty breaths left your slightly open mouth while cold sweat pearled down your face and back. 

What is happening to me?

You took a deep breath before sitting up straight enough to not feel like an old grandmother having back problems. Grabbing some pieces of toilet paper, you wiped over your mouth before throwing it into the toilet and flushing it down to God knows where. 

Closing the toilet seat, you slowly stood up, turning your body towards the sink, opening the faucet. For a few seconds you let the water run so it could turn completely cold before holding both of your hands underneath it, splashing the icy water into your face. Reflexively, your lungs screamed for air as the cold water hit your face but you just ignored it.

It’s just cold water, calm down.

Grabbing your toothbrush, you brushed your teeth quickly, examining yourself in the mirror in front of you above the sink. Your eyes were encircled by dark bags, skin as pale as if all your blood had been drawn out of your veins, only leaving your dead skin. Your hair had lost its healthy shine and just hung there loosely, like overcooked spaghetti noodles.  

Sighing deeply, you finished cleaning up and walked back into your bedroom, grabbing for your phone. You had to check the calendar before making any overly fast assumptions about your symptoms.

Opening the calendar app, you scrolled back to the last month.

Date of last menstruation: February 16th

Current date: April 17th

Two months since your last period. Two months since mother nature forgot to swing by and make your life miserable for a while. Oh how you wished, Satan had nested in your uterus in those last two months instead of sitting there in that exact moment, wondering how the hell you got into this situation.

“Two fucking months….”, you mumbled to yourself. “I need to get a test.”

With those words being said, you grabbed your keys and coat, storming out of your tiny apartment, down the street to the pharmacy. Strangers pushed their bodies into yours while trying to pass by but you didn’t notice. All you could think of was if you were ready to get some answers. You needed to know why you were feeling so miserable since weeks but at the same time you were scared. Scared that your assumptions would be true and you’d have to tell Yoongi. Scared that he’d flip and leave you alone. So many things could happen and you weren’t ready to figure out what else could ruin your life. But you had to. 

Pushing the door open, the smell of disinfectant hit your nose, making you scrunch it in disgust. You never liked the smell of disinfectant. It reminded you of hospitals and that again reminded you of death. Not the nicest connection one could think of. That’s why you tried to stay away from that smell. 

Walking up to the pharmacist who looked like she was about to fall asleep any second, you silently prayed that she wouldn’t ask any further questions like aren’t you a little too young to ask for a pregnancy test? where’s the father? do you know who the father is? you should have been more careful, young lady. You really didn’t need that crap right now.

“Excuse me”, you politely asked the woman. “C-can I have one of those pregnancy tests?”, you signaled at the white sticks in simple boxes behind the lady as she turned around to see where you were pointing at. They were the cheapest ones you could see and the only ones you could afford as a college student.

The pharmacist smiled at you and leaned a little closer to you. “Of course, but I wouldn’t recommend those - they’re usually wrong or don’t work at all.”

Then why are you selling them at all? “Oh.. well I guess it’ll have to do, those are the only ones I can afford right now”, you faked a laugh as she handed you the test and you gave her the money. Her expression was pitiful but not judging. More like a mother feeling sad for a child.

“Is there a bathroom around here? I don’t think I can wait until I’m back home”, you mumbled and the lady showed you the way to go.

After finishing your business, you waited in the cabin for the 10 minutes you were supposed to wait, anxiously biting down on your lip.

What if it’s positive? What am I supposed to do? I can’t take care of a baby yet. I can barely take care of myself!

As the 10 minutes went by, you decided that you couldn’t do it. You couldn’t look down at the result by yourself. You needed someone to do it for you. So you walked out of the bathroom back to the pharmacist, who was looking at you questioningly.

“Would you mind- would you mind, telling me what is says?”, you asked hesitantly. “I can’t bring it over myself to do it.”

She smiled at you and nodded. “Sure, turn it around sweetheart, so I can see the bars.”

You turned the stick to her and bit down on your lip hard. Your heart rate increased and nervous sweat started to spread out all over your body. 

The lady took a look and then she seemed to struggle with a fitting facial expression. “I don’t know if you’re going to be happy about this news or not, but it’s positive”, she decided to smile at you warmly as your stomach dropped.

“Positive?”, you whispered, looking down on it yourself. There it was. A pink cross. Or plus. Or whatever you want to call it. 

“I- it can’t-”, you stuttered as your eyes filled with tears. You didn’t even care to wipe them away at that point.

“Oh no dear, don’t cry”, the pharmacist said. She turned around and grabbed another package, a fancier looking one and discreetly slid it over the table. “Shh don’t tell anyone but here - take this one. These are right about 89% of the time  unlike the one you just took. Take it with you and do the test when you’ve calmed down, okay?”

You looked up at her and shook your head under tears. “B-but I can’t afford that one.”

The lady smiled at you again and pushed it closer to you. “It’s fine. It’s on the house”, she winked and giggled, making you smile at her thankfully.

“Now go, rest and take the test”, you nodded at her words, mouthed a quick ‘thank you’ under tears before rushing back to your apartment. 

Maybe you still had a chance.

“What do you mean ‘you’re pregnant’? We always used protection (Y/N)!”, Yoongi screamed in disbelief, brushing his hands through his hair in frustration. “You can’t be pregnant. It’s impossible.”

You rolled your eyes at him and laughed bitterly. “As long as your not sterile and I’m not infertile, I can always get pregnant Yoongi. Condoms can rip and the pill doesn’t work 100%.”

“Fuck!”, he yelled, throwing his phone against the sofa, making you flinch. You had expected him to react pissed or at least not really excited but you never thought, he’d flip like he did.

“Yoongi…”, you approached him, trying to calm him down, needing him to be calm in order for you to be calm yourself and not have a complete breakdown.

“Don’t touch me (Y/N)”, he growled.

“But-”, you tried but he interrupted you.

“No ‘buts’! This ruins everything, you realize that right? Everything I worked for so hard these last couple of years. Everything I ever wanted, all ruined because of this fucking mistake”, his voice was as cold as ice as his eyes stared at you, burning not only your body to pieces but your soul as well.

“Yoongi, yes it’s very inconvenient, you can call it a mistake even. But we’re in this together, we can’t change it. But we can go through this together”, you whispered through tears, trying to approach him again. You needed his support more than ever but all he seemed to do was to push you further away.

“It’s not only this pregnancy that is a mistake. This whole relationship was a mistake. I should have never started dating you, then it would have never gotten this far. I would have stayed focused on my work and only my work, not even having the slightest possibility for this to happen. Now what? The fans don’t even know about you! But all of sudden I have a girlfriend and a baby? They’d force me to marry you because we live in fucking Korea and you don’t just get kids without being married yet. My whole life would be ruined!”, by now he was screaming, fuming, running around the house uncontrollably, grabbing things here and there and hastily throwing them into a bag he had grabbed.

His words hit you worse than any weapon could as the meaning behind it sunk in. He thought you were the mistake. You were ruining everything. Everything that was important to him. He hated you in that moment, you felt it. 

You sunk to the floor, sobs escaping your lips as tears streamed down your face and your lungs were searching for air. Hysterical sobs left your mouth as your hands covered your face and your body curled up into a tiny frame.

“Yoongi please!”, you screamed out, lifting your head for a second, only hearing him going through your wardrobe in your bedroom. “I can’t do this without you! I’m a broke college student, I’m alone here, I don’t have anybody else but you!”

His figure appeared back in the door frame to the living room, a packed bag slung over his shoulder. “You should have thought about that before starting a relationship with me.”

Hastily you stood up as his body walked past you, towards your front door. Your fingers enclosed his arm, pulling on it, so he would stop. When he did and turned around, you saw the hurt and guilt in his eyes for a second before his gaze turned back to ice. You knew he cared. He cared but he was also impulsive and his impulse told him that his career was more important. 

“Yoongi, you don’t want that. You love me. You can’t just leave me like this, you’re more than this awful egoistic asshole”, you brokingly sobbed, still holding onto his arm, eyes begging him to stay.

He shook his head, ripping his arm free from your grip. “I guess you don’t know me that well after all then.”

With that, he pushed you off him, slamming the door shut without giving you one last glance, as you glanced after his figure in disbelief, a deadly pain spreading across your chest and stomach, making you gasp for air as more tears covered your face, leaving physical marks of the pain your were feeling.


Protective Parent

Genre: Fluff!

Rating: Everyone

Word Count: 1.2k

Paring: Chris Evans x Reader

Request: Hi, could you write a Chris imagine, you two are married and were planning on a child, when you get pregnant he didn’t believe it,he is super excited about the birth of Baby Evans but is also super protective not to show to the world too much of the baby on Twitter with this picture and the caption “Not so sure how she fells about the beard”, please? Thank you!

A/N: Sorry this took me so long to post! I had a hard time finishing it, but i hope y'all like it!

You and Chris had been married for 2 years now. You had always talked about starting a family. When you started trying for kids, the first couple test you took came out negative. You were both upset, but that didn’t mean that you wouldn’t be parent. After another couple negative tests, you were starting to give up. But one afternoon a miracle happened.

You were two weeks late by now, so you decided to grab a couple of pregnancy test from the stores. After a couple of false hopes, you knew not to get your hopes up, in case the test came out negative again. When you arrived home Chris sitting on the couch, doing some work. “Hey sweetheart” he said, looking up at you, smiling. “How was work today?” He asked. “The same as any other day. We got a start on a new script today,  which is good” you said, answering his questions. You were happy he was to busy working to notice the bag with the tests in it, because you didn’t want to tell him, in case it was false. You made you way upstarts to your shared bedroom, and grabbed a different pair of clothes to change into. You went into the bathroom, and locked the door. You pulled out the test and did what it said. You waited the three recommended minutes, before you looked at it. You took a deep breath before you picked it up. When you picked it up, you could believe your eyes. You were pregnant. Tears started to fill your eyes. You quickly opened the door, and ran down stairs to where Chris was with the test in your hand. “CHRIS!” You said excitedly, running into the living room. “What!? Is everything OK?” He asked, getting up coming towards you, noticing the tears in your eyes. You help up the test in front of his eyes, your hands shaking. His eyes widened when he saw it, and a smile spread across his face. He put his hands on either side of your face, and pulled you in for a passionate kiss, tears starting to form in his eyes. “Were gonna be parents” he said, placing his forehead on yours, and you nodding, slowly.

You and Chris were extremely exited about the baby. Ever since you told Chris you were pregnant, he was super protective of you. He did every little thing to make sure that you and the baby were safe. He always insisted that he would drive, and would tell you just to sit back and relax. You were so happy to have someone like him. Some days you got bothered how protective he was, but you were happy, that he was happy.

You were very exited, because today was your 20 week ultrasound, and you were going to find out the gender of your little jellybean. Chris was full of excitement the whole was to the appointment. When you went into the ultrasound room, the doctor put the cold jelly stuff on your belly, and you could hear the heartbeat and see the baby of the monitor. “Would you guys like to know the gender of your baby?” Asked the doctor. “It would be a pleasure, yes please” said Chris. He grabbed your hand and gave it a little squeeze, and you sent a smile back his way. The doctor turned the monitor so you two could see. “On the screen you are looking at your baby girl” she said, with a smile. A smile spread across yours and Chris’ face. “Were having a little girl Y/N” Chris said, his eyes Shiny with tears that have not fallen. “We are” you said at a whisper, the tears almost falling. “Your baby girl is healthy, and everything looks good” said the doctor, turning of the monitor. “Would you guys like pictures of the ultrasound?” She asked. “Yes please” you said. When she left Chris leaned in for a kiss, and you kissed him back

You were 39 weeks pregnant, and a week past your due date. You were sore and exhausted, and just wanted your little jellybean to be here. It was 3 am and you woke up with a small contractions. Instead of waking Chris up right away, you decided to go grab a drink from the kitchen, and take a little walk around the house. Dodger saw the you were awake, and he followed you down the stairs. the contractions were getting closer in timing and more frequently.  About 20 minutes later, you decided to go get Chris, and go to the hospital. You opened you bedroom door and walked over to the side of the bed where he was sleeping. “Chris” you said in a whisper, poking at his shoulder. He didn’t move so you did it again. “Chris” you said, in a louder whisper. You went to poke him again, and at the same time, a contraction hit, so you poked him much harder then you meant to. His eyes opened and saw you standing right above him, and he sat right up. “Are you alright?” He said looking at you, while he got up out of bed. “I’m in labor” You said. A bunch of expressions flashed over his face, before he said anything. “Ok! Ok! I’ll grab the bag and we’ll go!” He said excitedly and nervously at the same time.

When you got to the hospital the nurses had brought you to a room. On the way your water had broken. They told you that you were 6 centimeters dilated. You had probably another 2 hours to before you had to start pushing. Chris was super supportive the whole time. He whispered sweet things in your ear, and held you hand the whole time. Even when you yelled at him.

3 &½ hours later, you beautiful baby girl was born. Chris had cried when she was born, and he also cried when he held her for the first time. You had called all your family and told the the great news, that she had arrived. Both of your parents cried when the saw the baby. Everyone told you how cute she was. After a while, everyone had gone, and it was You, Chris and the baby. “She has your eyes” Chris said to you. You smiled, exhausted from the day.

It was three weeks later, and you Chris had still not announced that she had arrived. He was super protective about her, but he also wanted to show here off to everyone. Later that he posted a picture to twitter, confirming the baby was here.

Not sure how she feels about the beard #babyevans |#mylittlejellybean

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Mmm, mmm. I have another pregnant!Lance idea.

-Lance and Shiro are mates; fell in love, bonded, and married by the time they were done with college

-Shiro’s forced to go away for 6 months to travel around, give speeches, and meet tons of important people because he’s won the presidential medal of honor for leading his men through a year of captivity by the enemy and making it out alive without losing any men. Only an arm. (something like that)

-Lance only finds out he’s pregnant days before Shiro leaves. He can’t bring himself to tell Shiro because Shiro would cancel the tour to be with him. And this is what Shiro lives for, meeting people and inspiring them to be the best they can be. He’ll finally see how much of an impact he’s made

-So Lance just smiles and kisses his mate goodbye, promising to be there waiting in 6 months.

-Lance had been planning to remain working as a bartender to pay all of the bills until he can find a job working with language programs and diplomacy in a governmental agency.

-Too bad his boss won’t let pregnant omegas work at his bar because of complications, liabilities, and the likelihood of being bitchy to customers because of hormones. Pretty illegal but not much he can do without his alpha there

-No one wants to hire a pregnant omega though

-Lance finally confides in his friends what’s going on. They all insist he tell Shiro, but he refuses and makes them all swear they won’t tell either

-Team Protect Pregnant Lance is a go!

-Hunk finds him a job in his grandparent’s bakery, and he works as many hours as he can trying to make ends meet

-Everyone in the group takes turns walking Lance to and from work or wherever he needs to go. Just in case.

-Of course Lance runs himself ragged. To save money, he only eats what his one free meal during his shifts and turns the heat practically off (in winter).

-Takes to wearing cheap makeup to keep his friends from getting suspicious. Only keeps the internet so he can skype with Shiro and see his face at least for a little while

-don’t forget he Misses Shiro SO MUCH.

-All=not good for baby!!

-On the way back from the grocery store one day (without his entourage cause he didn’t tell them), a person in a hurry slams into him on the sidewalk, making him slip on the ice and wipe out. He hits his head extremely hard.

-Everyone around freaks out, and he’s rushed to the hospital. There, the docs figure out that Lance is not in good shape and call his alpha.

-Shiro freaks the fuck out and hops on a plane but not before informing their friends what happened.

-Freakout part two featuring paladin friends!

-Lance finally wakes up to Shiro and his friends in a tizzy over his state

-Lots of scolding but also cuddles because he’s okay

-Shiro cries when he finds out about the baby and cancels the rest of his tour to take care of his mate again.

-Lots of fluff with Shiro coddling and pampering Lance until he’s all better and glowing again :)


Pairing: Tom Holland X Pregnant! Reader

Word Count: 695 (not too long)

Basis: Compilations of dogs protecting pregnant readers from the father

Warnings: Swearing, aggressive Tessa

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Shinee Reaction Masterlist Post

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Dean’s Girl: Part One

Master List

Warnings: Smut, Pregnant!Reader, Fluff

Pairing: Dean x Reader


“Hey Y/N, you coming with? I’m going to the bar.” Dean asks. You shake your head. It wasn’t like you hadn;t heard about the older Winchester’s man whore ways. But every time you say him shamelessly flirting with bimbo it felt like your heart was about to rip in two. You had decided to stop going to bars with Dean alone after about a month. At least when you went with Sam he would help distract you. You and Sam had become best friends and he was the only one who knew about your crush on Dean.

“Sam and I are having a Harry Potter marathon. But thanks for the invite.” You try to play it cool. Like it didn’t bother you that Dean would most likely not be coming home til tomorrow morning because he was out hooking up with some girl.

“Oh. Ok um I’ll just go then. Give you and Sammy some time alone.” You see an unreadable emotion in his eyes but don’t dwell too much on it because Sam enters a few minutes after Dean leaves bringing (Your favorite snack).


One week later

You and the boys just finished up a hunt in Washington and Dean had suggested you all go to the local bar to celebrate. Sam immediately said yes and gave you his famous puppy dog eyes and you were to exhausted to argue.

“Fine I’ll go.” You huff. The bar was a total dive like most of the bars Dean took you too.

“Well I think I’m going to go to the bathroom be back in a few.” Sam says winking in your direction. You notice the frown on Dean’s face and choose to ignore it and him.

“Shouldn’t you go join your boyfriend?” Dean grumbles out at you. You whip your head up, your eyes meeting his.

“What are you talking about? Sam’s not my boyfriend.” You whisper. You wish you could believe Dean actually cared but you knew he was just crabby because there weren’t any hot girls at this bar.

“Fine. Fuckbuddy then?” Dean growls.

“No. Dean where is this coming from? Sam and I are just friends. Best friends.” You never knew Dean cared whether you were hooking up with anyone. But he probably just cared about Sam getting hurt.

“Well you never come to bars with me anymore, unless Sam is with. You guys always seem to be having a ‘movie night’.” Dean grunts.

“Wait, are you jealous?” You start to get your hopes up. Could Dean actually be jealous of you and Sam?

“”No.” Dean grunts. You can tell Dean’s lying but you let him think you believe him. You walk over to the bar and order a (Your favorite drink).

“Hey gorgeous. You new in town? I haven’t seen you here before.” You turn to see a handsome dark haired man standing next to you.

“Just passing through. I’m (Y/N).” You hold out your hand and he reaches out to shake it.

“James.” Before you know it you’re grinding on James.

“Wanna get out of here?” You whisper in his ear. He nods his head and follows you out. As soon as you get outside James pushes you against the exterior wall of the bar. The kiss is sloppy and needy but you don’t care. You just want to forget Dean and your stupid, hopeless crush on me.

Suddenly some great force tears James off of you. You see Dean throw James on the ground and Dean begins punching James.

“DEAN WINCHESTER! What the hell? Let him go.” Dean looks you in the eye and all you can see in his is rage. But nonetheless Dean gets off of James and lets him go. James runs off after giving you a grateful smile.

“What was that Winchester?” You shout pissed off.

“Were you going to sleep with that sleezeball?” Dean questions as he drags you off to Baby. “Get in the car.” He commands. Not wanting a fight you get in. Dean runs back into the bar and comes back out after about five minutes.

“Where’s Sam?” You ask as Dean starts the car and pulls away.

No answer. Wow shocker a pissed off Dean Winchester not talking.

The ride back to the motel was silent. You could tell Dean was fuming but you didn’t understand why he was so upset with you. He parks the car and gets out opening your door and dragging you out of the car. When you reach his and Sam’s room he pulls you in and slams the door. He looks at you expectantly.

“What?” You ask confused.

“You haven’t answered my question. Were you going to sleep with him?”

“Yeah probably had we not been interrupted.” As soon as the words are out of your mouth Dean picks you up, your legs wrapping around his waist, and pushes you against the door, kissing you hard. Dean’s kiss is so much better it’s hungry, dominant and somehow loving all at the same time.

You break away first needing air.

“Y/N, YOU ARE MINE! Do you understand? No other man will touch you!” Dean growls into your ear.

“Why did you wait so long?”

“Because I wasn’t sure whether you liked me or not but I couldn’t stand the idea of you sleeping with him. I don’t want anyone other than me to touch you, ever. Do you understand? I am the only one allowed to touch you.” Dean attacks your neck sucking and biting. You know you’ll have marks tomorrow but you don’t care. The idea of Dean claiming you as his and marking you was something you had dreamed of for years. Ever since you met the Winchesters on that salt n’ burn three years ago you wanted Dean but had never acted on it until now.

“Strip and get on the bed.” Dean commands when he breaks apart. When he sets you down you do what he says. You try to hide yourself with your hands but Dean holds your hands down at your sides, taking you in.

“My god you’re gorgeous. And you’re all mine.” Dean strips and lays you down on the bed hovering above you. He hesitates.

“What’s wrong?” You ask feeling slightly rejected.

“Are you sure? Do you really want to… With me?” Dean looks vulnerable, a look that you don’t usually see. When you don’t answer he starts to move away but you grab his neck and pull him down crashing his lips against yours.

“Yeah I’m sure.” You breathe out as you pull apart for air. Dean attacks your neck biting and sucking leaving deep purple marks all over your neck. He thrusts into you hard but pauses giving you time to adjust to his generous size. When you nod for him to move he pulls almost all the way out and slams back into you. You claw at his back and bite his shoulder as he continues his sucking and biting on your neck and breasts, claiming what’s his. He reaches down with his left hand to rub hard circles on your clit. You cum in record time and as your walls clench around him, Dean cums hard spilling his seed deep inside you. Your walls milking him for all he’s worth. When you both finish he pulls out and lays down next to you panting just like you.

“Well that was… intense.” You gasp.

“That was incredible.” Dean corrects and you nod in agreement. He pulls you close to him, cuddling you.

“Dean Winchester a cuddler?” You gasp in shock.

“Oh shut up. You do realize this wasn’t a one time thing right?” Deans asks seriously.

“I hoped it wasn’t, that was the best sex of my life.” You say as you nuzzle into Dean’s neck breathing in his scent. You fall asleep fast.


Six Weeks Later

Shit. Shit. Holy fuck you are so screwed. You think to yourself. You had just picked up a pregnancy test from the convenience store after realizing you had missed your period. You and Dean had been going at it ever since that night he punched that guy outside the bar and now you were pregnant. What were you supposed to tell Dean?

“Babe? Where are you?” Dean hollered as he walked into yours and his motel room. Sam stopped sharing with you after he walked in the next morning to find you and his brother snuggled together naked.

“In here.” Your voice cracks at the end and you know he knows something is up.

“You ok sweetheart?” Dean asks standing outside the bathroom door. You whip away a stray tear.

“Yeah I’m fine.” Your voice cracks again.

“Let me in.” Dean demands. “I’ll break the door down I swear I will.” You shove the test into your back pocket and splash some cool water on your face to wash away some stray tears.

“Y/N if you don’t let me in right now I will break the fucking door down.” Dean shouts as you turn the handle.

“Dean I’m fine ok. Just some girl stuff.” You turn away from him to head over to Sam’s room to help him with research for the case.

“What’s in your pocket?’ Dean asks. You turn around instantly panicking.

“Nothing. It’s nothing don’t worry about it.” You start getting flushed.

“You’re blushing Y/N. What is it?” Dean runs around behind you grabbing the test from  your pocket before you can even process it. Dean looks up at you in shock.

“Are we… are we pregnant Y/N?” Dean asks shocked.

“Yeah we are.” You take a deep breathe trying to slow your heart rate.



“I’M GONNA BE A DAD!” Dean shouts happily as he wraps his arms around you and spins you in a circle. He sets you down gently grabbing your face between his big soft, warm hands and kisses you with so much love you could swoon.

“I love you Y/N! You gave me the best gift in the world!” Dean exclaims.

“Wait you’re happy? I thought you would be pissed.” You ask confused.

“Of course I’m happy. I mean I love you and I know this isn’t the best life to raise a kid in but I know this baby,” Dean places both hands on your stomach, “our baby, will be so loved. And we can protect him or her from everything that comes our way.” Dean says as he holds you tight against him. Then Dean whispers in your ear, “Oh and you’re not hunting anymore. Like ever.”

Here’s the Baby. {Request}

Word Count: 2.1k
**Rated MA for mature audiences only! NEGAN’S MOUTH!**
Notes:  Thank you @unchartedghoul for requesting! Writing pregnancy was new to me, so I did the best I could, I hope you enjoy! Tagging @negans-network also for anyone else that has requested a fic like this.~
Pregnant Reader x Over Protective Negan = Father Negan and bonus baby scene! No smut.  

This beautiful (heartbreaking) gif doesn’t belong to me! Just the one I kept looking at to get motivation.~ *v*

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Omega Hux really wanting pups as he's getting older and his fertility window is closing but his alpha mate Kylo sayys no it's much to dangerous whilst the resistance is still at large

imagine how upset Hux would be too though

he wants pups, he wants a baby to fuss over and show it the love and support that he never had when he was younger and kylo–his mate, the one who’s supposed to help him–is preventing him from having a baby

so, what if hux tampers with his heat suppressants? what if he purposefully sends himself into heat (which is already dangerous because of his age) and he hasn’t had a heat in YEARS because they didn’t want to get pregnant

and kylo finds hux writhing and feverish in their bed and begging his alpha to help take his pain away

kylo’s rut consumes him before he can properly realises that knotting hux whilst he’s in heat would mean getting him pregnant

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May I please request a few head canons for Iida, Bakugo, Todoroki, and Kirishima where they've been married for a while and their S/O just told him she's pregnant?

Kirishima Eijirou

  • I-I’m going to raising a mini me?! A MINI ME?!“ Eijirou is actually quite happy for his pregnannanat s/o, ever since they been married for awhile, he thought of having a family together someday.
  • Eijirou is so happy, he’s crying of his manly tears. He will become dang proud father and teach his kids what it’s like being a hero like Crimson Riot.
  • He is going to talk to s/o stomach, it may look weird but heck, he doesn’t care as long as they hear his voice. Mimics all those baby talks and nuzzles their stomache softly.
  • Oh he can’t stop talking about his baby, Fatgum will be the grandpa, Tamaki is the uncle… and he’s like giving Eijirou the “oh wait…. what” look. His face is pale, but he’s happy for Eiji too. Maybe he’ll be a good uncle for them.

Iida Tenya

  • Oooh, he’s going to freak out at first and does his usual crazy gesturing with his hands while he panics. He’s going to become a father? Actually, he was prepared for this, but it’s still scary to him.
  • Eventually he calms down and hugs his s/o stomach closely, whispering sweet things to the fetus in them. “Your father will take good care of you, I promise!”
  • *FATHER MODE ACTIVATE* Oh heck, he’s going to strictly advise s/o to eat something healthy everything and no bad food for the baby. He’s always watching s/o, always.
  • He’s already planning the baby shower now, planning the invitation cards, etc etc. There’s no time to waste, HE MUST SET UP FOR HIS LITTLE BABY.

Katsuki Bakugou

  • Welp, his face is pale as a vampires right now. He was happy with just being with s/o, but having a family? Is he prepared for more responsibilities??
  • He awkwardly placed his hands on their stomach and rubs it a little, there’s a living fetus growing inside of them… but somehow, he’s proud that he’s going to become a father. It may not be that bad.
  • He might go around and being his dang cocky usual self, he feels the need to show off his pregnant s/o, “My baby will be the best damn thing ever!”
  • Limits on his cursing though because he’s going to get smite for it by s/o. And pregnant s/o is sorta scary, so he doesn’t swear or argue back. It’s unusual for his personality.

Todoroki Shouto

  • Shouto is smiling internally on the inside, but he doesn’t show it. He seems pale at first when she told him, but he was expecting this to happen to. someday. Now it’s finally his chance to become a good example.
  • He vows to raise his little mini him the right way, and Shouto is actually a good father-like figure… even though he can be unsure of himself.
  • He’s very protective of pregnant s/o, he does not once leave her side at all. Who knows what will happen if he isn’t? So, he watches her every time when she’s doing things. “I am not leaving you alone, for the sake of you and the baby, I won’t. You can’t make me go away……………..”
  • Every night is a storytelling night for them, he gets a book and reads it to pregnant s/o and the baby inside. His voice is very soft-spoken. He is going to be a kind father.