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A Very Merry Hale Christmas Morning- Derek Hale

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Request// Daddy!derek cuddling his baby boy by the fire on Christmas morning while they wait for Y/N to wake up 😊😊😊😊

Request// daddy derek soothing his lil baby boy when he wakes up in the middle of the night bc he doesn’t wake you

*I’ve received quite a bit of requests for this week, so in order to get the most accomplished, I thought these two would go great together! Also, forewarning: while all of the stories from this week will be a “series” if you will, they can’t connect to any of my other Daddy!Derek ones like stay-at-home-dad. xoxo*

One of the many lessons parenting had taught you and Derek was that raising a child required a lot of patience and a lot of giving. This was something you learned very well in the past five months since he had ‘moved in’. Your usual routine had become getting up a couple times during the night when Kyle began to cry and attempting to calm him before he woke the entire house.

But on Christmas morning, Old Saint Nick himself had brought you the best present of all: no crying child. You had woken up once around 5 A.M., expecting to hear little sniffles from across the hall but fell back asleep soon after the silence settled in. You didn’t even notice that Derek was gone.

You awoke again around eight, feeling well rested  for the first time in months. As you turned over for your morning kiss from Derek, you realized that he was already up for the day. You lazily got out of bed, a shiver running through your spine as you feet moved across the cold wood floor. You slowly opened the nursery door, hoping to prevent the high pitched creek from disturbing Kyle, but even he was nowhere to be found. Der, probably had him..right? No harm had ever come to Kyle with Derek around (that’s for sure), but just the thought of your son not being with him made your heartbeat rise.

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Christmas Miracle

(Sebastian Stan x Reader)

A/N: Guess who’s back, back again! Hello everyone I know I haven’t posted in months and I am so sorry! I have been so overwhelmed with school and everything that I’ve had no free time but that’s life. I’m happy to be back, at least for now, and can’t wait to talk to you guys again. I wish you all a happy and safe holiday season, lots of love! (Ps please send me requests!!)

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year!” Sebastian sings joyfully as he prances down the stairs.

You raise your eyes from the newspaper to see your goofball husband posing in front of the breakfast table, dressed in none other than a Santa Suit.

“Hello Mr. Claus, how are the reindeer?” You ask jokingly, playing along with whatever is going on right now.

Sebastian chuckles in his best St. Nick impression, “Well hello there young lady, I heard you’ve been very good this year.”

You simply laugh and shake your head before returning to your bowl of cereal.

“Don’t you remember Y/N?”, Seb questions while removing his curly white beard, “Today’s the day of the neighborhood Christmas party?”

“And you’re playing Santa, I remember now!” You grin reaching out to hold his hand, which was covered by big red glove.

“And I’m playing Santa!” He exclaimed enthusiastically, “I can’t wait to see the looks on the kids faces when I walk in.”

A few hours and a lot of red velvety material later, Sebastian was ready to give the neighborhood kids the best surprise ever. The Christmas party was being held just a couple houses down from yours, so the two of you decided to walk.

“Seb did you feel that?” You gasp looking up at the sky.

“Feel what?” He inquires, his voice muffled slightly from the added facial hair.

“I think it’s snowing”, you whisper as a small snowflake lands on your nose.

“It’s an almost Christmas miracle!” Sebastian laughs as you approach the brightly decorated home.

The minute you walk through the door Sebastian is spotted by young children.

“Oh my goodness Mommy it’s Santa!” One girl exclaims commencing a burst of happiness and chaos from all the others.

You knew from that moment on that Sebastian was no longer yours for the remainder of the evening so you went and spent time with some of the other adults.

“Man he’s really good with kids, you’ve got yourself a keeper Y/n.” Your close friend says as her child sits on your husband’s lap. “Do you two plan on having kids?”

You always get flustered when people ask that question, but tonight was cause for extra flusteredness. Little did anyone know, but the two of you had been trying to get pregnant for months and the pregnancy test you took yesterday came out as positive. You were waiting for the perfect time to tell Sebastian all day, but you had finally decided to tell him after the party. It was getting late and all the kids needed to go to bed, meaning the party had come to a close. ‘Santa’ wished everyone sweet dreams before walking home.

“Seb I have something to tell you.” You state when you’re about halfway home.

“Is everything okay Y/n, what is it?” Sebastian asks you with a worried tone in his voice, stopping to face you while grasping your hands.

“Everything is fine, actually everything is better than fine. We’re finally pregnant!” You exclaim looking into his beautiful eyes.

“Are you serious? I’m going to be a Daddy!” He yells with tears in his eyes, dropping to his knees to kiss your belly after pecking you on the lips.

“I’m very serious, and very excited.” You say happily tearing up as well, helping him back up off the ground.

He can’t wipe the grin off his face the rest of the night, “Now this is an almost Christmas miracle if I’ve ever seen one.”

Letters For Christmas | Six

Secret Santa Posts

Only one more post after this one @akb723! I hope you’ve enjoyed these mid-century Frasers as much as I have! - WTT <3

24th December 1959

Dear Jamie,

I know this is normally your tradition to me, but I felt it was my turn to write you. It’s been too long since I’ve written you a letter and for that I’m truly sorry, my love. You express yourself frequently in the most eloquent and beautiful letters. Each one, I’ve kept. They are pressed and safe in a photo album, so that whenever I wish to relive one of these moments, they are easily accessible.

I love each word, moment, and emotion that is captured in those letters. I don’t know if I tell you enough how deeply I love you. I love you more than my own life. I love you with a love as fathomless as the skies above and the ocean below. I love you, James Fraser, with every breath I take, because it means I’m living and with you. You’re the glue that holds the pieces of my heart and life together. Our three beautiful children are the pieces you helped create, mold and love. How did I get so fortunate to find a husband and father like you?

You’ve never backed down from a challenge and the difficult times life throws at you. You instead, embrace everything that comes at you. The strength you have, you share with the farm hands and keep our livelihood going, but you also share that strength with your daughters and son. You make them happy when they are sad, sharing your strength as comfort. When they are angry, you use your strength to show them how to be understanding. And when they throw their love at you, you hug them close and never let go. You show them it’s okay to show your emotions and love openly. You have never treated someone different for the color of their skin or the accent their voice may carry. You have taught your children to be kind, understanding, and open minded people (even if they are still small.)

For this and many more reasons, I am more than grateful for that fateful day when I spilled juice down my dress catching the attention of the boy who would grow into the best man I would ever meet. You are my best friend and my most ardent lover. I will never grow tired of you or the joys you bring into my life. Including the one that will be here come summer.

Merry Christmas, My Love.

You are going to be a daddy… again.


Your Besotted, Pregnant Sassenach

Claire tucked the letter under the ribbon of a bright red package under the tree. Inside lay a newly-crocheted baby blanket. She was giddy as she fluffed the ribbons and double checked that all of the presents had been brought down, unlike the year before where several packages were left tucked away until mid-March.

Jamie found Claire staring at the tree a smile across her face as she swayed to the soft Christmas music playing from the radio. He wrapped his arms around her and began to sway with her, breathing in deep the smell of home that she exuded.

“Merry Christmas, Jamie.”

“Mmm… Merry Christmas, Sassenach.” They swayed for a moment longer before Jamie sighed deeply into her hair. “This may be my favorite holiday.”

Claire laughed and kissed the underside of his jaw. “That’s quite a statement my Scotsman! I remember you once telling me that no holiday can compare to Hogmanay.”

“Weel, a small dark-haired Sassenach lassie changed my mind the night she kissed me under the mistletoe.”

“That’s some powerful kiss then.” Claire smiled into his shirt.

“Och, aye! It was. I couldna get her out of my mind after that. She showed me her English traditions and Christmas has been my favorite ever since.”

Claire laughed and pulled Jamie down for a kiss. “Was it like this?”

She pecked his lips, “or like this?”

He smiled and she kissed him deeply, “or perhaps like this? Or maybe–”

Jamie stopped her with his lips. Their kiss full of passion and love.

“Aye, definitely like this.” And he kissed her again, taking her to bed only to be woken shortly later by squeals from the result of those kisses.

With Willie on his back, Bree wrapped around his waist, and Faith pulling on his hand Jamie was pulled into the living room. Claire following behind.

“Who wants to pass out the presents this year?”

Faith and Bree both squealed “Me!” at the same time then glared at one another.

Claire laughed. “Both of you then, pass out the presents to everyone. Remember do not open yet!”

Bree picked up the red package meant for Jamie. “Mam?”

“Yes sweetheart?”

“Who’s this for? It doesna have a name.” Bree turned holding up the present in question.

“Give that to your Da, and Jamie?” Jamie looked away from the other two children to face his wife. “You may open that letter now.”

Jamie grinned and quickly began to read. She saw the moment when he read the news. His jaw dropped open and his eyes filled with tears.

“Re-really?” He croaked out. Claire nodded.

Jamie cried out, jumping up from his spot and gathering Claire in his arms kissing her hard.

Uncle Cap

Pairing: Bucky x Reader
Words: 732
Requested by @professionally-crazed:  Bucky request: Bucky and his wife (reader) find out she is pregnant a week before Christmas and they want to tell Steve in a cute way that he is going to be an uncle. Details are up to you. I saw another ask you answered. Much love! 😘 

A/N: If you want to be tagged in anything, send me an ask. :)
A/N2: If you want a holiday request done, send ‘em in asap!
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           Bucky couldn’t stop looking at you as he drove back home after the doctor’s appointment.

           “Bucky, I’m not going anywhere,” you giggled, but you didn’t mind the looks. Didn’t mind that he was so happy.

           “I’m just . . . gah, I’m so happy, Y/N,” he said, “I never thought something as good as you would happen to me. But this … this is seriously beyond my imagination. I can’t believe this is happening.”

           You couldn’t stop smiling, “You deserve happy, Bucky. I’m so glad that I’m the one that gets to be with you and help bring you happy.”

           “You are my happy,” Bucky said, “Every part of you is my happy.”

           “And now . . .” you put your hand on your belly, “There’s another part that’s both of us. That’s both our happy.”

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Christmas!AU - Michael/5SOS

Summary: You’re nine months pregnant and a week overdue, I don’t think I need to say much more for you to work out what happens…

Pairing: Michael Clifford x Reader

Requested: Fandom, yes, plot, no.

Warnings: Labour, but I don’t think it’s too detailed.

A/N: This is the last one guys! I hope everyone who celebrates Christmas has a wonderful time!



Being nine months pregnant over Christmas isn’t exactly a walk in the park. Everyone else is excited and energetic, while all you can really manage is a little sing-a-long whilst sat on the sofa with Michael by your side. You’re actually a week late, which makes it worse, because you feel even more exhausted.

It also meant that if the baby didn’t come soon, you would have to be induced and practically forced into labour, which you found even more daunting than going into labour naturally.

“Have you guys decided on a name yet?” Karen asks, turning the attention onto the two of you.

You and Michael turn to look at each other, as you both awkwardly shake your heads at each other.

“We have a bunch of names we really like, we just can’t work out which one to go with!” Michael replies, laughing awkwardly.

Karen shrugs her shoulders back, “What you’ll probably find is one name will stand out more than the others when she’s first born.”

You smile back to her, gratefully, before announcing you need to go to the bathroom. Michael helps you to your feet and you’re able to make your way to the downstairs bathroom without his assistance.

You begin to think of how stressed you are over the baby – over the fact she’s late, the fact you still haven’t decided on a name for her, and over your worries on parenthood. Neither of you had planned this pregnancy, but from the second you found out you were expecting, both of you became really committed to the idea of being parents; you went to anti-natal classes together, did research together, went shopping together, painted the nursery together…you were both making an effort so that you could be the best parents to your little one.

When you found out you were having a girl, you were both thrilled. You immediately began to think of potential names for your little girl, but you’ve never been able to decide or agree on a name. Michael’s mum is right, you will probably know the perfect name for her when she’s born, so you don’t want to worry about it until then.

Once you’re finished at the bathroom, and you’re making your way back to the living room, you get a sharp pain in your ‘stomach.’ You curl over in shock, but soon realise the pain was sharp and quick and was gone before you knew it, so you continued to the living room.

The same thing happens again when you sit back down in the sofa. Everyone turns to face you, looking anxious.

“(Y/N)…are you okay?” Your mother asks you.

You pause, “Err…yeah…yeah…it’s probably just because I’ve had a big meal.”

Your mother’s look between each other, but don’t say anything. You take a few deep breaths, as Michael takes your hand in his.

You suddenly lurch forward as another sharp pain soars through you, grabbing tightly onto Michael’s hand at the same time. You panic as liquid begins to spurt out from your downstairs area.

“(Y/N)?” Your mother shrieks, jumping up and rushing to your side.

You give her a knowing look, and she immediately turns to your Father. “Go get some towels!”

Michael gives your mother a confused look, and she sighs at him exasperated. “The baby’s coming!”

His face turns white, “What? Now? On Christmas Day?!”

Your mum rolls her eyes at him, “Babies don’t take holidays, Michael.”

“Well…shouldn’t we be calling for an ambulance?” He questions.

“You can get the paramedics on the phone. Explain to them that she’s going into labour now…but this baby is not going to be born in hospital; this baby is coming right now!”

Michael looks to Karen, and Karen is already on the phone to the paramedic as we speak.

“We need to get her on the floor, and on top of a clean towel.” Karen announces.

Michael and your mother lower you onto the floor, your father having placed a towel on the ground below you. They both hold your hands as Karen relays the instructions she’s being given from the paramedics – who say they are on their way to us now – to us.

You let out one massive groan, which signals to your mother that you’re ready.

“Right, sweetheart, you really need to start pushing!”

You do as she says, but it’s harder than you’d think. It feels like you’ve been really badly constipated for a full nine months, which means it’s particularly difficult.

You push a good few times before Karen announces that she can see the head. This inspires Michael to really help encourage you.

“Come on babe, you’re doing really well!” He smiles, “Just keep pushing!! Just keep pushing!!”

“Your baby is going to be here before you know it!” Your mum smiles proudly.

You keep pushing, and keep pushing, and keep pushing, until Karen announces that both the head and shoulders are out.

Your mum’s eyes light up at the very news. “That’s it (Y/N)…one more, big push, and she’ll be here!”

You do as she says, and give one huge push.

The sound of a baby’s cry fills the room, as Karen places the little baby on your chest. You wrap your arms gently across the baby and hug them into your chest.

You look up to Michael, who is looking back at you with proud tears in his eyes.

“We did it!” You whisper, and he immediately kisses you on the lips.

“You are so amazing!” He smiles, “Thank you for giving me the greatest Christmas present ever!”

You laugh, “I think we did that together!”

The paramedics arrive at the house not long after, and run as many checks as they can.

“So, do you know what you’re going to call her now?” Karen asks you, when you get a moment away from the chaos.

You look up at Michael.

“I was thinking…and we haven’t spoken about it yet, but…I was thinking that we could perhaps name her Belle?” You suggest, “It’s just…it’s Christmas, so I thought it would be nice for her name to be Christmas related.”

Michael smiles to you sincerely, “I think that would be perfect.”

Santa’s Little Gift (Batboys Headcannons)

Reqeusted By Anon- Headcanon of the batboys with their s/o telling them they’re pregnant on Christmas?


@batboysaf @xeranoplium


  • He looks at you in utter surprise because hes going to be a father..again and not to a demon spawn
  • You tell him by getting out of bed early and letting him wake up to a postive pregnancy test on christmas day.
  • This kid will not stop telling everyone at your Christmas Party.
  • He laughs because you both know Damian is going to be pissed.
  • Is already asking alfred to make a tiny robin outfit.


  • You wake him up on christmas morning and throw the test at him.
  • He panics because he thinks he wont be a good father 
  • He also panics because he thinks your daughter or son will find out how many people he hurt but you assure him that she/he wont.
  • Jason telling Roy and Kori right away and them screaming because they are going to be a aunt and uncle. 
  • Roy also screaming with Jason because he decided he is going to be the godfather
  • You tape the test to one of his guns.


  • You tell him on christmas eve at midnight while he is putting the star on the christmas tree.
  • As he is putting the star up you go behind him and say “Thats not the only little star we have in this house anymore.” 
  • He figures out right away when he sees the pregnancy test on the tree 
  • He hugs the living day lights out of you.
  • He cant help but think of how great of a mother you will be.


  • Christmas Day for Tim is a fun day overall but him finding out your pregnant just made it 100 times better
  • He knows how stressful it might be but he lets you stay home instead of going to the waynes christmas party
  • You tell him by putting it on a tray for breakfast in bed you made him that morning 


  • Did someone say panic? idk but damian did i can tell you that.
  • He freaks the fuck out because he didnt really watch bruce parent well.
  • You get scared because you think Damian is going to train him and make him grow up just like he did.
  • He tells you that he will be a good dad and try everything.
  • Its the best christmas present he could ever ask for.

woah wtf my headcannons are getting super shitty?? im sorry i could redo this lol

h e l p   m e  .  .  .

Okay, this timeline wrangling is giving me a headache. Officially requesting your help. (Signal boosting definitely counts as helping!)

WHEN WAS THE FALL? So far, I’ve got conflicting sources (June 2011 or 2012?)

WHEN DID SHERLOCK RETURN? It was stated as a two-year absence.

WHEN WAS JOHN AND MARY’s WEDDING? Invitation in TSOT says Saturday, May 18, which would be true in 2013, but not 2014 because May 18 was a Sunday. So if it was indeed a 2-year absence, that means Sherlock jumped off Bart’s in June 2011. But then there’s this bit of info which states Sherlock returned in November 2013, and in TEH, Lord Moran uses a code indicating it’s 2013.

WHEN WAS ROSIE BORN? This post calculated Mary was around 34 or 35 weeks pregnant at Christmas, which makes her due date around last week of January/first week of February. But would it be 2014 or 2015?

Tagging @destinationtoast and @marsdaydream because I know they had to do all this math for their fics :).

Also, anyone have guesses on how old Rosie is at different points in s4? I’ve got estimates based on my own experiences and some minor googling.

In TST, when Rosie throws rattle at Sherlock, she is sitting up in something that looks like a Bumbo and able to hold her head up just fine on her own, so that’s at least 3 months old, imo.

At the end of TLD, John deduces it’s Sherlock’s birthday. If we go with SH’s bday being January 6, then Rosie’s almost a year old??? And what the hell year is it???

But a lot of time passes from then until the end of TFP, and I’m not sure how old Rosie is supposed to be in the final montage there. Haven’t hashed out the TFP timeline yet, but I’m workin’ on it. :)

Signal boosts appreciated! I need all the help I can get with this tangled thing.

I always told myself I’d never make one of these blogs, and yet, here I am.  My name is Makynlie, I’m 19, and I am a mom to be. Here’s my little run-down. This baby was in no way planned.  I was in my second year of college when I found out.  First semester of sophomore was NOT kind to me, and when I found out I was pregnant during Christmas break, that was it for me.  Time to grow up and figure this shit out.  Honestly, I’ve yet to tell anyone except my best friend, a girl I work with and now the whole zero people who follow my blog.

I left my dorm in December, packing everything I owned and moved in with my sister.  I’m not sure why I’ve yet to tell her about my pregnancy, I probably should here soon.. I told my best friend yesterday, and he helped me move into my new apartment all morning.  

Welcome to my new home.  A brand new apartment complex in a suburban area of town.  There are 9 apartments in our building, mostly for families.  It’s small, affordable and kid friendly, exactly what I need seeing how I work at Staples.

The kitchen and living room are connected.. not sure how I’ll be fitting any baby stuff in there…

My bedroom.. and the “nursery” featuring next to nothing.  The toddler bed is from a coworker, not that I’ll be using it anytime soon.  I’m also using the room as storage until I talk to the apartment manager about my storage room.  

So crazy. I can’t believe this is happening.. If you made it this far you’re bomb af.

The cold of the floor tickles the tips of her toes as she creeps into the living room. She’s unsure of the time, but considering the silence, it must be too early for her to be awake. But she’s always found comfort in the quiet of morning, and today she finds beauty.

The glow of the Christmas tree is what catches her attention first, makes the soft curves of her lips upturn at the sight of it covered in fragrant colors, twinkling lights, and a full belly of presents stacked at the base. It makes her feel like a kid again, and those same butterflies are fluttering now, animated in their excitement about the innocence and magical possibilities of the holiday.

Heavy snow is falling from the sky, floating down from the clouds like feathers from pillows, and the view captures her happiness. Her mouth opens, jaw hitting the floor as she slides up to the window.

This is their first white Christmas. And it’s beautiful.

All the building are covered in snow, the window ledges filled with white tears, the streets completely vacant of people or cars, nothing but piles of unblemished powder. It’s almost hypnotic.

She wants to be out there. She wants to play.

Her bottom lip slips its way between her teeth, trying to contain this anxious excitement woven through her veins.

Looking at her watch, she realizes it’s too early to wake anyone, but how astounding would it be if she were the first one to walk the impeccable snow? Even better, if they were to do it together? The four of them.

This overwhelming her and she doesn’t know why. She just knows that she needs him to see this, needs him to be here with her to watch how profound is it to track the snowfall.

But when she turns, he’s already there. A smirk lining his unshaven face, hands folded across his chest as he leans against the door frame.

“Come join us,” she murmurs, holding her hand out for him. She listens as the soft pads of his feet near her until his arms eventually wrap around her waist, hands coming to caress her swollen belly. “It’s her first white Christmas.”

“Hmm,” he says, kissing her neck. “James’s too.”

They are both are gazing at her stomach, her hands coming to rest atop his gentle ones, and together they rub soothing circles for their child.

She leans back against him, head curling into his neck, but eyes still forward.

“I want to go outside,” she says, a laugh bubbling up her throat.

“It’s cold.”

“Fresh snow is never cold. Just… delicate.”

They watch it fall together, as the snow gets higher and higher, brighter and thicker. Almost four feet now.

“We’ll go when James is up,” he finally says, voice still deep and gruff from just waking.  He kisses her neck again, making her neck tingle from the fine hairs on his chin. He tightens his embrace around her waist, hands splayed wide across her stomach, and it makes her feel warm, safe. “We can have some hot chocolate for now.”

She’s nodding before he can finish speaking.

“That sounds perfect.”

Merry Christmas, We're Having a Baby

TITLE: Merry Christmas, We’re Having a Baby


AUTHOR: writerlivinginadarkworld

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine telling Loki that you are pregnant with his child on Christmas.

RATING: General Audiences

NOTES/WARNINGS: I needed a fluffy pick me up story, so I decided to write this prompt. I seem to be in a baby kick at the moment, which is really odd but I do not question it. So here is the second Loki becoming a father one shot I finished this week. They are just so fun to write, and I believe Loki would be an awesome dad.


I’m not usually one to go crazy about Christmas, especially since I have been with Loki. Loki doesn’t celebrate Christmas, so I never made a big deal over it. He always made it special for me, even though he didn’t quite understand the Midgardian custom. Unlike past years, this Christmas was going to be a special Christmas. I was giving Loki the ultimate gift that I was sure he would love. I was pregnant with his child. He had been talking about maybe starting a family with me, and well now we get the chance to do so.

Loki and I have been together for a little over two years. We met shortly after The Battle of New York, during the time the avengers were trying to reform him. It seemed he fell for me almost immediately and I fell for him as well. Loki is everything to me and I am so glad that we found each other. It was unreal that we were starting a family. I couldn’t be any more excited.

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