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Three’s a Crowd (Anthony Ramos x Reader)

Heyyyy everyone. Hope you enjoy this fic, I loved writing this it was so much fun. Shoutout to my friend @pumpernickelbae for first reading this fic for me and being so supportive of my writing, and also, shoutout to my friend @omqitsnaya because she was so engaged while reading this and telling me all these thing while she was reading them and she’s just an angel. i love them so much. 

Pairing: Anthony Ramos x Reader

Summary: You try to figure out how to tell Anthony you’re pregnant. With triplets.

Word count: 2086

Warnings: Just cursing, a cute Anthony being really oblivious to everything


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You were having triplets. The moment the doctor said it you could hardly believe it.

Excuse me?” You asked, your voice rising to high decibels.

The doctor turned to look at you. “You’re having triplets.” She said with a small smile.

You sat there, feeling shocked. When you were in the car, you were still shocked. When you got home, you were still in a state of complete shock. You and Anthony were going to have to take care of three babies. You didn’t think you could even handle one baby, and now you found out you have to take care of three.

Even through the shock, you still couldn’t help but be a little happy. You had three little people growing in your stomach. As scary as it was, it was still a little exciting.

“Oh god.” You groaned as you thought about how you were going to tell Anthony. You didn’t know how he was going to react. And even though you knew he would never, you still couldn’t help but worry that Anthony might leave you. What if he doesn’t want triplets? You thought to yourself. You tried to bury that nasty thought away from your head to no avail.

“Hey babe!” Anthony shouted from the kitchen.

You yelped and jumped in the air. Anthony peeks his head out from the kitchen door way.

“Sorry, baby. Did I scare you?” He asked. You walked over to the kitchen and he walked back in, continuing whatever thing he was doing before.

“A little bit.” You replied.

He turned back to you. “I wasn’t talking about you “baby”. I was talking about our baby “baby”.”

You shook your head and laughed, refraining from responding with “Which baby are you talking about?” He continued cutting up the onions.

“So how’s our baby?” He asked. You could hear the smile in his voice and you couldn’t help but smile as well.

“They’re all doing fine!” You said cheerily.

He looked at you again, an even bigger smile on his face. “Oh that’s so fucking great.” He walked over and gave you a big kiss on your lips, then moved his lips lower so he can kiss your stomach.

You giggled, realizing he didn’t catch what you said.

“Dinner’s going to be ready in half an hour. Sit down and relax.” He said, throwing the now cut up onions into the pan.

“Isn’t it a two-show day today?” You asked, sitting down at the kitchen table.

“Yeah, I only have like an hour and a half before I needa leave.” He responded. You nodded your head and just watched him cook. When the food was done, you both ate, talking about whatever it is that you could.

“Hey, can you get me some water real quick?” You asked him when he stood up to wash your plates.

“Yes, ma'am.” He said, taking your cup with him.

Three ice cubes. Three babes.” You said. You added the babes at the end, a nickname you called him every once in a while. However, this time you hoped he would hear it in the context of babies. He didn’t, of course.

“Okay… Anything for you.” He said, looking at you with confusion.

He got you your water. You groaned inwardly, disappointed that your subtle confession didn’t work. You’d have to step up your game.

Anthony left, and you plotted the next triplet reveal.

A couple days later, on another two-show day, you had another plan to tell him you were having triplets.

When Anthony had gotten home late at night, you offered to get him a glass of water before bed.

“No, Y/N. You can’t walk.” He protested, getting up to get it himself.

“Anthony Ramos. I am not even three months pregnant. I can still do things for myself.” You said, pushing him back onto the bed. “I will be getting you water.”

He grumbled to himself but let you leave.

You came back into the room, holding a glass of water. In the water were three ice cubes, each with a miniature baby in them.

Anthony laughed as you handed him the glass. “Babe, you already told me you were pregnant. You didn’t have to do this.” He gave you a kiss, then drank from the glass.

You rolled your eyes. Time for a new plan.

Two weeks later it was Thanksgiving. You and Anthony had invited Daveed, Jasmine, Lin and his wife Vanessa over to your apartment for a Thanksgiving dinner. The week before, you had told Jasmine about your having triplets. She’d agreed to keep it a secret, and you and her planned how to surprise Anthony with the news at dinner. She’d had the idea to have three of everything, much like your original plan with the water (which didn’t work, and when you told her this, she just shook her head and said to try it anyway).

Because it was Thanksgiving, you’d both agreed to keep the dinner more than three items,  but everything else was in threes. Three different stuffings, three different types of meat, three different drinks to choose from, and three of every utensil. It was a very blatant message, and, according to Jasmine, “if Anthony doesn’t get the idea that something is up… well, just know you’re having a kid with an idiot.”

By this time, you were about 13 weeks pregnant. Your stomach wasn’t that big yet, but Lin took notice.

“Jesus, your little one’s going to be big! Look how big you already are.” Lin shouted, laying a hand softly on your stomach, and rubbing it slowly, whispering a hello to the babies.

“Lin!” Vanessa chastised.

“It’s a compliment!” He argued.

“Hi, Y/N.” Vanessa greeted, holding her arms out. You hugged her back and she laid a hand on your stomach. She said hello to the babies also and walked into the apartment to say hello to Daveed who was already there, “helping” Anthony out with the turkey (Daveed had since left the kitchen and leaned on the kitchen doorway, watching the T.V screen).

“You know, my sister was this big when she was as far along as you. She had triplets.” Lin said, a knowing look on his face.

“If you say anything to him, Lin, I swear to god, I will kick your ass.”

He raised his arms up in surrender. “Wasn’t planning on it.” He gave your shoulder a light rub, then followed after his wife.

An hour later, everyone sat down for dinner. Everyone went around, saying what they were thankful for. Once you were done, you all started to grab your meals.

“Why are there three forks?” Daveed asked as he plopped mashed potatoes onto his plate.

“And spoons? And knives?” Lin added. He glanced up at you and rolled his eyes.

“Really?” he mouthed.

“It was her idea.” You answered back, pointing at Jasmine. He shook his head and laughed.

After a moment, everyone dropped the subject. Everyone had managed to comment on the number of things, except Anthony.

“Idiot.” Jasmine whispered beside you.

“Shush.” You answered back. “He’ll mention it later.”

Except, he never did.

On Christmas, the cast had to do a show, so everyone agreed to celebrate Chritmas morning together at the Richard Rogers Theater.

By this point, Lin and Jasmine had worked together to let the entire cast know you and Anthony were having triplets. You wondered how Anthony hadn’t found out yet. Everyone exchanged gifts, and you had the most gifts because everyone had bought a lot of extra things for the babies.

It soon became time to give your gift to Anthony. You had given him a gift earlier that morning (tickets to a basketball game he’d been dying to go to), but you had another gift to give. Jasmine had found this idea on some pregnancy website, and decided it would be cute for you to give to Anthony.

Anthony opened the card and read it out loud: “I have three more gifts for you, but they’re still being processed. You’ll get them in only a few more months.”

Anthony laughed, a wide smile on his face. Everyone was on the edge of their seat, thinking he had finally figured out the secret, but were incredibly disappointed when he said, “What kind of store are you buying from that they’re taking months to get you my gifts?”

Everyone audibly groaned and sat back against their seats. Anthony looked around confused. He shrugged it off. “Y/N, just cancel them. I don’t need them.”

“It’s a lil late for that, Ant.” You said. Everyone laughed, and the mood was brought back up again. The show later that day was great, but you were still wondering on how to tell Ant you were having triplets.

A few days later on New Years, you’d had another cute idea to tell him.

After the New Years kiss, you’d brought out a cake with three little people on the top of them.

Anthony laughed and said, “Is that supposed to be us and the baby? God that’s so fucking cute.” He said, grabbing the cake, putting it down and giving you another kiss.

Time for Plan E. What’s plan E?

Plan E took a little longer to plan than you thought. You had to go out and order balloons to be ready for you to pick up on the day of the “party.” Then you had to go out and order cakes. Then you had to buy streamers and other decorations for the apartment. Everything was getting harder to do the bigger you got. At this point, you were 21 weeks old, so walking became more of a struggle.

Before Anthony had left for his show at night, you’d told him to hurry back as quick as he could, because you had planned a party.

“Oh, sweet.” He cheered. He gave you one last kiss and left for his show.

Thankfully Anthony wouldn’t be there for another four hours, so you were able to walk slowly when getting everything ready. Walking was something you didn’t want to do; imagine if you’d have had to run around. Everything was ready to go; now all you had to do was wait for Anthony.

“So are you guys coming over for the party or…?” Anthony asked his cast mates before he left.

“What party?” Lin answered. Anthony looked to Daveed, who shrugged his shoulders. Anthony then looked to Oak, Jasmine and Renee, who had all shrugged their shoulders.

Anthony said his good byes and took a cab to you guys’ apartment. He texted you on his way there, asking what was going on, but your only response was Shut up and come home, Ant.

When Anthony stepped into the apartment, he was surprised to see white balloons and streamers hanging from the ceiling. All the balloons had the number 3 on them.

“Babe, where are you? I thought we were having a party?” he said.

“Y/N, where are you?” He repeated when you didn’t respond the first time.

“In the kitchen.” You called. He rushed to the kitchen to find more balloons everywhere, and you, standing behind the kitchen table, where there were three cakes. You pulled the string to the party popper you were holding and confetti blew out of it.

“Hey baby.” You said.

He walked closer to you and looked down at the cakes. Each cake read a different word. Together, the cakes read out “We’re having triplets.”

“What?” Anthony asked, looking up at you.

“Do you not know how to read? It says we’re having triplets.” You said, firing off another party popper.

Anthony stood shocked for another second before a big smile began to appear on his face.

“Triplets?” He asked.

“Yes, sir.”

“Like, three babies? Growing in your stomach?”

You nodded your head, laughing.

“Oh my fucking god! Y/N, why didn’t you tell me?” He shouted, hugging you tightly from the side, so he didn’t squish the babies. He looked at you and realization crossed his face. “You did. I was just too stupid to realize.”

You giggled. “Yeah.”

Tears began to appear in his eyes. “We’re having triplets. That’s three, baby! WE’RE HAVING TRIPLETS!”

You nodded your head, tears falling from your eyes. Anthony ran around the room, shouting happily about having triplets. He took out his phone and began calling people, telling them what he’d just learned.

You stood there, happy tears still falling from your eyes, wondering how you could ever think he would react badly.


I’ve debated on posting this so many times. Maybe because of the way people judge non - “goldstar lesbians”. But I’m not going to hide the fact that I have a beautiful son coming in December. I’m not ashamed of him. I’ve lived so much of my life trying to make other people happy, and be who people wanted me to be. I tried and tried and tried to be who my family wanted me to be. I’ve tried to date guys, and with the last time I tried to, obviously I tried to be intimate with a guy. And I don’t regret it because that relationship finally made me accept that I can’t be in love with a guy, no matter how hard I wanted to try to be the “Christian straight woman”, my family wants me to be. And obviously from that relationship/friendship I got a blessing. I don’t want to meet someone on here or something, and then tell them about my son, and then they change their mind. I don’t want to waste my time on someone who is uncomfortable with me having a son, or me having a past. I was so deep in self hatred and denial and depression. But this baby changed my life & I will never be ashamed of him. And he’ll be here in 6 weeks :)


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What they wanted: Stiles gets a surprise on Christmas from his girlfriend Reader and he faints. (Only they wanted the reader to be pregnant!)

Tagging: @rosiemay02


Stiles had just gotten home from college to spend time with his girlfriend (y/n), she had moved closer to his college so it would be easier for them to see each other and Stiles was thankful for that.
Stiles smiled down at his girlfriend who was currently cuddled up in his arms while they watched Christmas moved, it was only Christmas eve but Stiles could see how happy it made his girlfriend for him to watch Christmas movies with her.
When Stiles was in high school him and his dad hadn’t really spent Christmas like that since his dad was always busy with work or something Stiles mainly celebrated with Scott and his mom or just his friends but he still always got something from his dad even when he couldn’t be there.
Stiles didn’t blame his father for not really being there, he knew it was hard being a single dad, not that Stiles were a single father or anything but he knew his father tried to give him the best life he could so being here with an loved one like (y/n) made the young Stilinski boy feel loved like actually love, not like a family member or your friends show you but actual true love kinda love.
(Y/n) could feel Stiles glance on her every now and then even when Stiles was this close to her she got goosebumps and chills, not because she when he was near her he gave her butterflies it was because his had was close near her stomach.
(Y/n) was pregnant.
She had kept the preganacy a secret from her boyfriend from over 2 months. She wasn’t really that big for a 2 month pregnant women, but with the baby being more active now a days she had to be careful around Stiles. She hadn’t want him tk find out just yet not because she was scared he would leave or anything she k ew Stiles wouldn’t after all he did want a baby and they were trying for one some time ago but after not being pregnant they just decided to go with the flow.
(Y/n) sighed and got up from the couch stile pausing the movie for her as she moved out from under his arms and stood infront of the couch, “Where you going babe?” Stiles asked.
“Just to the bathroom gotta pee.” She answered.
“Told you that you shouldn’t have drunk that much orange juice.” Stiles mumbled as he sat up on the couch, (y/n) rolled her (e/c) and smacked Stiles on the back of the head warning a yelp from him return, mumbling “asshole” under her breathe (y/n) walked to the bathroom as fast as she could.
Now in the bathroom she sat down on the toilet her hands resting against her thighs she mumbled to her self, “Being pregnant is hard.”, finishing up in the bathroom she walked back to the living room cuddling up with her boyfriend on the couch continuing the movie.


Stiles dark brown eyes widen at the sudden movement waking him up from his sleep. He sat up quickly but not enough to wake up (y/n). It felt like someone had just kicked him hard in the stomach.
He glanced down at the small space between him and his girlfriend as saw what looked like a foot being kicked out from inside of her stomach.
Could it be?!
(Y/n) eyes slowly opened up once realizing stiles body wasn’t next to gets anymore. She could see a shocked expression across Stiles face and sat a bit, his glance still on her but it was looking downwards.
The (h/c) haired girl looked down amd saw what he was staring at, down below was their child kicking inside of the womb. Her eyes had widen in surprise Stiles had knew she was pregnant now, his eyes slowly met hers as did hers meet his.
“Surprise!” She whispered to him a weak smile on her lips. Stiles smiled at his girlfriend before replying “Your pregnant.”
Then he fainted.

Romance Prompt, by title

Titles from here: Romance Novels, Generated by Artificial Intelligence

Prompt, by theme:

   Mediterranean Baby
   The Baby Pregnancy
   The Baby Barbarian
   Blackmailed Baby
   The Greek Baby Boss
   Becoming the Baby Count
   The Baby Doctor Seduction
   Mistress Man’s Baby
   Secret Secret Baby
   The Surgeon’s Baby Surgeon
   Pregnant for the Rage
   Double Baby
   A Irresistible Good Baby

High status:

   His Pregnant Prince
   The Sheikh’s Marriage Sheriff
   Purter the Playboy
   The Prince’s Virgin’s Virgin
   Storm Jake
   The Consultant Count
   Virgin Viking
   The Prince’s Round Brothers
   Prince Dad Sheikh?
   Butterfly Earl
   Sin Secret Ray
   Count Sergei’s Proposal
   The English Millionaire Investigator
   The Sheikh’s Convenient Desires


   Mistress Wife
   Husband Bride
   Marriage Valley
   Her Marriage Marriage
   The Husband Man
   Missingbroom Bride
   The Man’s Marriage Touch
   The Billionaire’s Marriage Valley
   The Savage Bride
   Consultant Bride


   The Strange Consultant Surgeon
   The Doctor’s Children’s Proposal
   The Man for Dr. Husband
   Dear Dr. High-Kungly Seductive Mistake
   My, Hot Doctor
   Surgery Seduction


   Winning for Christmas
   Christmas of the Year
   Christmas Pregnant Paradise
   Christmas with her Blackmail
   Desert Santa
   The Santa Wife
   Impossible Santa Wife
   The Boss’s Secret Conspiration to Christmas Wish
   Mission: Christmas to Knith


   Forbidden Texas, Texan
   Midwife Cowpoke
   Pregnant Cow
   Cattle Lover
   Under the Cowboy
   In the Mountain for the Tender Seduction


   The Sexy Affair
   Dangerously! Seduction
   Private Part
   Inheritance Sex
   The Sex Lovers
   Naked Hot Ranger
   The Virgin Date of Sexy
   Sex Revenge

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its a lost cause, lily 

A Very Merry Hale Christmas Morning- Derek Hale

Originally posted by tidyholmes

Request// Daddy!derek cuddling his baby boy by the fire on Christmas morning while they wait for Y/N to wake up 😊😊😊😊

Request// daddy derek soothing his lil baby boy when he wakes up in the middle of the night bc he doesn’t wake you

*I’ve received quite a bit of requests for this week, so in order to get the most accomplished, I thought these two would go great together! Also, forewarning: while all of the stories from this week will be a “series” if you will, they can’t connect to any of my other Daddy!Derek ones like stay-at-home-dad. xoxo*

One of the many lessons parenting had taught you and Derek was that raising a child required a lot of patience and a lot of giving. This was something you learned very well in the past five months since he had ‘moved in’. Your usual routine had become getting up a couple times during the night when Kyle began to cry and attempting to calm him before he woke the entire house.

But on Christmas morning, Old Saint Nick himself had brought you the best present of all: no crying child. You had woken up once around 5 A.M., expecting to hear little sniffles from across the hall but fell back asleep soon after the silence settled in. You didn’t even notice that Derek was gone.

You awoke again around eight, feeling well rested  for the first time in months. As you turned over for your morning kiss from Derek, you realized that he was already up for the day. You lazily got out of bed, a shiver running through your spine as you feet moved across the cold wood floor. You slowly opened the nursery door, hoping to prevent the high pitched creek from disturbing Kyle, but even he was nowhere to be found. Der, probably had him..right? No harm had ever come to Kyle with Derek around (that’s for sure), but just the thought of your son not being with him made your heartbeat rise.

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since it’s the season and i’m listening to carols already… here are some christmas plots to inspire you! i’ll probably add more to this as the season goes on — so watch this space.

— give me something based off last christmas by wham!! where muse a gave muse b the sweetest most romantic gift the year before and muse b just wasn’t here for it. flash forward to this year and they’re back in the same place they were the year before, maybe a friends christmas party, and in the dim lights muse b finally see muse a in the light they didn’t last year… and has to try and win them over.

— holiday romance where muse a and muse b have both gone on vacation for the christmas season. and they’re the are on a beach somewhere, thinking about snow while they tan, not from the same place at all. but they bond over sitting by the plastic christmas tree in the hotel lobby on christmas eve. give me the angst of the day after christmas when they’re both going to their respective home cities and don’t know how to say goodbye to their fleeting romance.

— this is probably cliche but give me a plot where muse a is nine months pregnant on christmas eve and is all alone. but muse b sees her across the aisle in the grocery store and wishes her a merry christmas… only for her to go into labour two seconds later. she’s all alone so muse b takes her to the hospital and somehow can’t leave her side. give me them falling in love in the hours it takes for it to tick over to christmas morning. doctors calling muse b her partner and both of them just laughing and never denying it. watching an old christmas movie while they hold hands through her contractions. muse b being there when the baby is born and neither of them knowing how to say goodbye, so they come up with excuses for muse b to stay.

— a plot where muse a is outside having a snowball fight with their whole family and accidentally hits muse b, an innocent walker by. in christmas spirit, muse b throws a snowball back and it’s a sudden all out war. give me everyone getting too cold and muse a inviting muse b in for hot chocolate and it starting from there.

— office christmas party! there’s so many office party plots. give me muse a flirting with santa and sitting in his lap and it turning into something far beyond appropriate. or give me muse a and muse who’ve been dancing around their feelings all year drinking too much eggnog and just falling into each other while the whole office lets out a sigh of relief. give me a muse who hates the holiday season being swayed into liking christmas by a muse who sits and explains the magic to them until they just can’t deny the sparkle in the lights.

— muse a taking their kid to see santa at the mall. their first christmas all on their own. and muse b is the photographer. they’re so patient while the kid sits and talks to santa, so muse a strikes up a conversation and somehow they walk away with numbers in each of their phones and a winking santa in the background.

— a plot where muse a and muse b broke up just before christmas! but despite that, muse b can’t bring themselves to tell their parents they split, so they ask muse a to come to christmas dinner anyway. give me the awkward pretending to still be together until all of a sudden it isn’t awkward at all and all they want for christmas is each other back.

— non christmas celebrating plots! whether it’s for religious reasons or just because they don’t buy into the holiday, give me two muses who meet just because they’re avoiding everything christmas themed and bond over it. spending everyone elses christmas eve watching old b-grade horror films and eating their favourite meals. laughing at the carol-ers getting cold out on the streets and staying inside and just doing their own thing.

— snowed in! give me muse a and muse b who were both too late to leave their college dorm and get snowed in. wanna make it better? they don’t like each other. and suddenly they’re stuck, the only two people left in the building and they have to make nice to have any kind of christmas that isn’t just them stuck alone. maybe they make each other makeshift gifts out of stuff that’s just laying around, make a fake christmas dinner out of anything they can find in the kitchen and build a christmas tree out of sheets of paper sticky-taped onto a window. it getting late and them watching old christmas movies on a shitty tv under too many blankets with hot chocolates and giving in and admitting that they like each other enough for a cuddle…….

— i took my baby sibling out for a walk to see the christmas lights and now they’re feeding your dog carrots because it’s got antlers on. muse a apologising and explaining that they had no idea that three year olds would just hide stuff in their pockets and muse b dropping to their knees and explaining that the reindeer is thankful for all the energy.

— australian christmas! it’s hot and muse a and muse b are both at the beach. muse a’s beach umbrella takes off with tinsel and everything attached so muse b catches it and brings it back. muse a is so thankful that they have to offer muse b a drink and a sit down with their family.

— accidental matching ugly christmas sweaters!! muse a and muse b are at a party hosted by a mutual friend and somehow end up in the same hideous holiday sweater. they spend the whole night being asked about it by everyone until they don’t have a choice but to talk to each other. cue them realising that they have the same taste in almost everything, not just hideous sweaters.

— last minute christmas shopping!!!!!!!! muse a and muse b are both shopping far too late on christmas eve. and as muse a lets out a relieved sigh and reaches for the last doll that their sibling wanted, so does muse b. give me the fight in the middle of the store and them bargaining with each other until muse a says they can have the doll if they’re willing to write a letter to their sibling from santa to explain just why he couldn’t give it to their sibling. only muse b doesn’t just write the note, they also write their number at the bottom. and muse a doesn’t catch it in time — so the next day muse b is inundated with calls where they have to be santa until muse a figures out why their little sibling has their phone.

Christmas Miracle

(Sebastian Stan x Reader)

A/N: Guess who’s back, back again! Hello everyone I know I haven’t posted in months and I am so sorry! I have been so overwhelmed with school and everything that I’ve had no free time but that’s life. I’m happy to be back, at least for now, and can’t wait to talk to you guys again. I wish you all a happy and safe holiday season, lots of love! (Ps please send me requests!!)

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year!” Sebastian sings joyfully as he prances down the stairs.

You raise your eyes from the newspaper to see your goofball husband posing in front of the breakfast table, dressed in none other than a Santa Suit.

“Hello Mr. Claus, how are the reindeer?” You ask jokingly, playing along with whatever is going on right now.

Sebastian chuckles in his best St. Nick impression, “Well hello there young lady, I heard you’ve been very good this year.”

You simply laugh and shake your head before returning to your bowl of cereal.

“Don’t you remember Y/N?”, Seb questions while removing his curly white beard, “Today’s the day of the neighborhood Christmas party?”

“And you’re playing Santa, I remember now!” You grin reaching out to hold his hand, which was covered by big red glove.

“And I’m playing Santa!” He exclaimed enthusiastically, “I can’t wait to see the looks on the kids faces when I walk in.”

A few hours and a lot of red velvety material later, Sebastian was ready to give the neighborhood kids the best surprise ever. The Christmas party was being held just a couple houses down from yours, so the two of you decided to walk.

“Seb did you feel that?” You gasp looking up at the sky.

“Feel what?” He inquires, his voice muffled slightly from the added facial hair.

“I think it’s snowing”, you whisper as a small snowflake lands on your nose.

“It’s an almost Christmas miracle!” Sebastian laughs as you approach the brightly decorated home.

The minute you walk through the door Sebastian is spotted by young children.

“Oh my goodness Mommy it’s Santa!” One girl exclaims commencing a burst of happiness and chaos from all the others.

You knew from that moment on that Sebastian was no longer yours for the remainder of the evening so you went and spent time with some of the other adults.

“Man he’s really good with kids, you’ve got yourself a keeper Y/n.” Your close friend says as her child sits on your husband’s lap. “Do you two plan on having kids?”

You always get flustered when people ask that question, but tonight was cause for extra flusteredness. Little did anyone know, but the two of you had been trying to get pregnant for months and the pregnancy test you took yesterday came out as positive. You were waiting for the perfect time to tell Sebastian all day, but you had finally decided to tell him after the party. It was getting late and all the kids needed to go to bed, meaning the party had come to a close. ‘Santa’ wished everyone sweet dreams before walking home.

“Seb I have something to tell you.” You state when you’re about halfway home.

“Is everything okay Y/n, what is it?” Sebastian asks you with a worried tone in his voice, stopping to face you while grasping your hands.

“Everything is fine, actually everything is better than fine. We’re finally pregnant!” You exclaim looking into his beautiful eyes.

“Are you serious? I’m going to be a Daddy!” He yells with tears in his eyes, dropping to his knees to kiss your belly after pecking you on the lips.

“I’m very serious, and very excited.” You say happily tearing up as well, helping him back up off the ground.

He can’t wipe the grin off his face the rest of the night, “Now this is an almost Christmas miracle if I’ve ever seen one.”

Christmas Day 5

You were in charge of getting new stockings this year since somebody (*cough, cough*…Tom) accidentally dropped them into the fire last year. Your husband has many talents, but taking stockings down is apparently not one of them. At least there wasn’t anything in the at the time. You had been on the hunt for new stockings, and you had a surprise for your husband. You found out a few days ago that you are pregnant, so you are going to use the stockings as a way to tell him. You ended up getting stockings that had the ugly Christmas sweater pattern and you had them embroidered with “Mommy” and “Daddy”. Then you got a mini version of the stockings, but one that had a picture slot in it. You had it embroidered with “Baby” and you put your sonogram picture in the slot. You just hoped that he actually noticed. You both put up Christmas decorations last week and that is when you remembered you didn’t have stockings for this year. He had been busy this week though, so you weren’t sure if he would realize they are there. You were wrong though. You were in the kitchen making dinner when he walked into the house. He came and gave you a kiss and then went to get more comfortable. About five minutes later you hear him call “Love, what is this?” so you go into the living room. You smiled at him. “That is our stockings. Like I told you I was going to get.” “But…this says Baby and the picture…. Darling, are we going to have a baby?” You are practically beaming now. “Yes, Tom. We are.” He looked like he was about to start crying. “You’re pregnant. You’re pregnant. Oh my. This is wonderful. You have made me so happy! I love you, y/n.” “I love you too, honey.” He wrapped you up in a bear hug and then leaned in for a kiss. “Does this mean you like the stockings, Tom?” “Of course I do!! Can we tell our parents at Christmas?” “Sure we can! I’m sure that this is what they even asked Santa for.” You laugh as you say this. They have been begging for grandkids since you and Tom had gotten married two years ago. “This is going to be the best Christmas I’ve ever had, darling.” “Just wait until next year. You’ll be a daddy then.” He gave you a goofy smile and it was the most adorable thing you had even seen. You are so glad that he noticed the stockings and you can’t wait for your tummy to grow bigger with his child.

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  • What If (songfic. ft. Baekhyun) (Angst/Fluff)



After so many arguments, even your school principal got tired of your fights with Sehun. That’s why your detention will be to work for school, until you get along with each other.


    After a brutal break-up, Jongin realizes he may never see the girl he loves again.


    You’re looking forward to your birthday. Actually you’re looking forward to inviting Kim Junmyeon, while he will make sure you’ll never forget this day.


    •     What If (songfic. ft. Chanyeol) (Angst/Fluff)


    Arranged Marriage. Sehun Edition. (finished)

    Arranged Marriage. Suho Edition. (ongoing)

    Arranged Marriage. Baekhyun Edition. (ongoing)

    After your father found out about your relationship with Jongdae, he forced you to marry son of his partner. Baekhyun just wanted to follow his dreams, but his plans are also ruined as he has to live in your house.

    Split - Kai series.

    You have a perfect life. A perfect little house, perfect little son who just went to Kindergarten for the first time and finally your more than perfect husband, whom you love more than your life. Of course that was three weeks ago. Before your husband decided to leave the family.

    Word Count: 2976


    the most popular reactions have little stars beside them.

    Christmas / New Year Series.

    December Day 1

    Christmas decorations covered every surface. The living room looked like a tornado came through it. Y/n didn’t care though. She loved Christmas and since it was the first day of December she wanted to put up decorations. This is the first December that she has been able to decorate in years because she is usually on hunts.

    Her husband had been gone for about a week. She had been feeling sick for a few weeks and he forbid her from going on the hunt with him.

    She went to the doctor two days ago, and she couldn’t wait for Dean to get home so she could tell him what they said.

    She had just sat down another box of ornaments when she heard the front door open and her husband walk in.

    She saw him taking the mess in and trying to process it. “Y/n! What happened here? Were you attacked?!”

    She grabbed something out of the box and walked over to him so she could give him a kiss. “No…I’m just decorating for Christmas.”

    “Is this what it always looks like? I don’t think I’ve ever had a real Christmas.”

    “It will always look like this now,” she stated while handing him an ornament with a sonogram on it. “You’re going to start experiencing Christmas every year now that we are going to have a new addition to the family.”


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    Headcanon Masterlist


    Batboys Finding A Pregnancy Test Would Include…

    Going To School With The Batboys Would Include…

    Batboys With A s/o Who’s A Gymnast Would Include…

    Falling Asleep Next To The Batboys While Being Sick Would Include…

    Batboys Taking Care Of Their Sick s/o Would Include… 

    Batboys Before Getting With Their s/o Would Include…

    Batboys With A Male s/o Would Include…

    Batboys & Bruce With A Short s/o Would Include…

    Batboys Reaction of Their s/o In Labor Would Include…

    Telling The Batboys You’re Pregnant On Christmas Would Include…

    Christmas Shopping With The Batboys Would Include…

    Batboys With Their s/o On Christmas & Christmas Eve Would Include…

    Batboys Reacting To You Saving Them Would Include…

    Batboys Reacting To The New T&T Would Include…

    Batboys At Ikea Would Include…


    Being Apart Of The Batfam Would Include…

    Trick-or-Treating With Damian Wayne and Cassandra Cain Would Include…

    Halloween With The Batfam Would Include…

    Being Alfred Pennyworth’s Great Niece Would Include…

    Baking Cookies With The Batgirls Would Include…

    Dick Grayson

    Dating Dick Grayson and Jason Todd Would Include…

    Dick Grayson and Jason Todd Competing For s/o Would Include…

    Jason Todd

    Jason Todd With A Tattooed s/o Would Include…

    Jason Todd’s Reaction To s/o With Nipple Piercings Would Include…

    Jason Todd With s/o!Latnix Family On Holidays Would Include…

    Being Jason Todd’s s/o And Getting Kidnapped Would Include…

    Tim Drake

    Tim Drake’s s/o Breaking The Coffee Pot Would Include…

    Dating Tim Drake Would Include…

    Tim Drake With A Short s/o Would Include…

    Damian Wayne

    Being Damian Wayne’s s/o & How You Interact w/ His Brothers Would Include…

    Being Damian Wayne’s s/o During A Break Would Include…

    Being Damian Wayne’s s/o and Diana Prince’s Daughter Would Include…

    Being Damian Wayne’s s/o and Being Kidnapped By The Joker Would Include…

    Roy Harper

    Dating Roy Harper Would Include…

    Roy Harper Being Really Romantic With His s/o Would Include…

    Dating Roy Harper and Jason Todd Would Include…


    Being Best Friends With Koriand’r Would Include…

    Living With The Outlaws Would Include…

    Diana Prince

    Diana Prince On A Date Would Include…

    Dating Diana Prince Would Include…

    Living With Diana Prince Would Include…

    Wally West

    Wally West and His s/o As Parents Would Include…

    I swear it's just a beer belly...

    You are a heavily pregnant and overdue daddy to be to sextuplets growing in your enormously round gut. Everyone just thinks you’ve gained a lot of weight and you refuse to tell anyone at your job that you’re pregnant. At the faculty Christmas party you are standing by the dessert table when your coworker walks up to you. “Hey how many you carrying in there haha” he says as he gives your big pregnant belly a firm slap. You painfully laugh and cringe as you feel the boys kick and squirm. Your button down barely holding back your gut from bursting out. “Haha yea I’ve cut down on the beer recently so… I should lose the weight soon…” you say as you rub your belly in circles. Your coworker watches you and says “yea man you’ve gotten huge in the past year! I can’t help but notice you unbuttoning your pants during meetings haha and always holding that big ol belly…if I didn’t know any better I’d say there’s something growing in there haha” you laugh and respond “what!? No you’re crazy haha it just gets heavy to carry around all this extra weight ya know? I’m gonna go have a seat..wanna join me?” Your coworker nods and follows you to an empty table. You slowly plop down on the chair and grunt as you sit back and open up your legs and unbuckle your belt. You unbutton a couple buttons from the bottom of your shirt and lift I up so that your belly peeks out. Your coworker stares and gives you a strange look like he knows something is up. “Hehe just noticed I’ve outgrown this outfit.:..” you say nervously. “Look I know you’re pregnant. You can hide it from everyone else but I always see you feeling for kicks and rubbing your belly … it’s pretty obvious ” he says as he pulls up his chair closer to you. “Okay fine you caught me ” you say as you look down at your stomach and rest your hands on top. “Can we keep this between us?” Your coworker nods and you smile in content. “Oh shit I forgot to hand in my paperwork for next week! Wanna help a pregnant man up and into the printing room? ” you say laughing. “Haha it would be my pleasure! ” he helps you up and walks you to the printing room. You can’t help but notice his boner and wonder if it has anything to do with your heavily pregnant body. You “accidentally ” bump him to the side and out of your way with the belly and waddle away to the back. He follows with a smirk on his face. “You don’t mind if I take this off? I get hot easily especially at this size haha” he nods as he watches you unbutton your shirt completely letting out your big pregnant belly and belly button in all its round swollen glory. As you organize your paperwork into a manilla folder, he walks up behind you and rubs the sides of your belly vigorously. “These boys must get heavy and active huh? How many you carrying?” “Oof…six big boys… I was due last month but they just don’t want out yet” you moan in pleasure as you turn around and let him feel your pregnant mound. “I see they’ve pushed out you belly button haha” he says as he pokes your navel and pushes it in. “Oof…I gotta sit…” you say still moaning. He helps you to the employee lounge and sits you down on one of the love seats. “I’ve always wanted to fuck a big helpless pregnant man … so excuse me for being so…pushy hehe” you smile and respond “oh? Well here I am 10 months pregnant with septuplets….uh…why don’t you take my pants off and show me who my daddy is?” You say in encouragement. He pulls your pants off and opens your legs wide until they are pushed against your belly. As he slides in he holds your big ol baby filled gut and fucks you. With every stroke, his pelvis pounds against your under belly and it bounces and jiggles up and down. The sextuplets kick in protest. He gives your belly some firm slaps and sucks on your swollen navel. Just then your water breaks. He continues to fuck you as you moan and grunt loudly in pain and pleasure. He pulls out quickly as a head pops out of you. You push and he pushes down on your womb making three babies slide right out. The next three boys come out easier. You both tend to the boys and after everything is said and done, your coworker gently rubs your ,still round, but empty belly and says “let’s make you a daddy again…but this time you’re gonna carry more and for longer…what do you say? ” ….