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Your imagines are just great! I love specially those about Sherlock so can I please get a 12 and 20 with him? Thank you!!

I’m afraid this is very very short, but I just had this idea with the food (yes, I was fricking hungry while writing this) and Sherlock and the Reader sitting in one of these diners and then it had to be exactly this setting.



You looked up from your Burger, still chewing the last bite.

“You can’t possibly eat all of this.”

Sherlock pointed at all the food in front of you.

Two burgers, a shitload of chips, chicken fingers, some brownies and Ice Cream.

“Watch me.”

You answered, taking the next bite and narrowing your eyes playfully while carefully placing one hand on your swollen belly.

The  detective’s eyes lit up in amusement, with a light smile on his eyes he leaned closer.

“You seem to be a bit hungry, young lady.”

“Oh shut up.”

You murmured, blushing a bit.

He winked at you.

“Make me.”

“Yes Sherlock, I will definitely shut you up with a brownie into your face if you don’t stop complaining about my new food habit now, okay? Because I’m very pregnant and very hungry and anything coming between me and my food right now will be removed. I’ve got a gun, you know?”

Your husband chuckled and gave you a quick but soft kiss on the nose.

“Normally, I’d actually be afraid, but I kind of can’t take you seriously with ketchup all around your mouth.”

“I hate you.”

“Interesting. That did feel a little bit different last night, when you commanded me to take my clothes off immediately because you were-”

He leaned even closer.

“so damn horny?”

You erupted into full laughter and threw a chip at him. 

“I swear to god, if you ever tell anyone about the stupid stuff I’ve already done during this pregnancy…”

“…You’ll kill me?”

“Oh you know me so well Mister Holmes.”

“I do, Mrs Holmes. 

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Pregnant Omega Headcanons

-About two weeks after a heat an Omegas scent will become much sweeter and calming if they’ve become pregnant

-Old wives tales that the sweeter your scent becomes the more pups you’ll likely be having

-Pregnant Omega nesting groups, where Omegas get to be all comfy in a giant nest with other pregnant Omegas and they all exchange stories and useful information and compare belly sizes, and it’s so peaceful and stress free that it’s recommended for Omegas to attend at least once every couple weeks

-If an Omega already has children their sweetened scent filling the house will help keep the children calm and easier to manage

-Dedicating a lot of time constructing the best nest possible to stay in with the babies for after they get home from the hospital and becoming extremely stressed that it won’t be good enough to the point that their Alpha has to forcibly pull them away and make them relax for a while

-Alphas gently crooning and rubbing their Omegas tummy to help their exhausted mate relax and fall asleep

-A couple finding out that all three of their pups will be Omegas and the Alpha low-key freaking out because what if he (or she depending on how you write it) can’t protect three little Omegas? And their mate taking on the comforting role for the first time since the pregnancy started

-Talking about names and the Omega being very serious about wanting unique and meaningful names and being ridiculously upset when their Alpha says “you know what’d be cool? If they all rhymed!”

-The Alpha painting the entire nursery, because they don’t want their Omega around the paint fumes, and being forced to repaint it every time the Omega goes through a major nesting phase and suddenly decides it’s not the right color

-Alphas always being told that pregnant Omegas eat weird things but not thinking much of it until they find their mate dipping pickles in chocolate pudding while spraying cheezwhiz straight into their mouth at 3 AM like it’s perfectly normal


Making the effort!

Food from the past couple of days :) not gonna deny there’s also been eggy bread, a packet of crisps and some sweets in there too but at 36 weeks pregnant, I’m not denying myself that stuff… It’s unnecessary!

I’m just proud that no matter how tired I am, I’m still making the effort for myself and kids ❤️

I had a conversation with @belldreams that literally started out with, “I have to wonder- COULD pregnant Anakin be more whiny than his usual self? Or does he just reach an emo plateau not even pregnancy can breach? :D?” + “Absolutely he can get more whiny.” and THIS IS WHAT YOU GET.

  • Right now he kind of holds back a little, he’ll at least go get his own weird midnight food.
  • But pregnant!Anakin would kick Obi-Wan awake in the shins and be like FIZZY ICE CREAM, I NEED IT and shamelessly abuse that Obi-Wan would get anything for him while he’s knocked up.
  • Also, at least 25% more I’M NOT CRYING I’LL RIP YOUR FACE OFF IF YOU ASK IF I’M CRYING while he’s crying on Obi-Wan’s tunic.
  • Horny pregnant!Anakin is amazing.  And so, so selfish.  He’s at the point where he doesn’t care if Obi-Wan gets off or not, JUST SHUT UP AND LET ME RIDE YOU UNTIL I’M FINISHED, that’s all he cares about.
  • And Obi-Wan endures more of this anyone humanely should.   He gets him not just fizzy ice cream, but gets a ~feeling~ he has to get tiger ice cream too. And it’s the right thing to do, because the fizzy ice cream makes Anakin throw up.
  • They both know that Anakin is abusing this total lack of Obi-Wan’s ability to say “no” to anything, but neither of them can really mind it. Anakin briefly entertains thoughts of feeling guilty but then is right back to, “Yes, but I WANT him to pay attention to me all the time.” and so the guilt disappears.  (It’s Obi-Wan’s fault, anyway, so.)
  • It doesn’t matter that they both know Anakin is only going to take one bit of his Felucian Spike Plant Stew before declaring it disgusting, the point is that it’s driving him crazy that he WANTS IT SO BADLY.
  • And Obi-Wan can even keep up with Anakin’s riding needs, until one bad twist and Anakin throws out his back for a few days. Which makes for a miserable while until they find other ways to keep him sated.   It involves a lot of pillows, lube, and fingers.
  • Obi-Wan WARNED HIM, but Anakin was like, no, shut up, I’m fine as he kept going, Obi-Wan doing his best to help support Anakin, but eventually he just goes a little too long and puts his back out.
  • (Anakin worriedly feeling with the Force to make sure nothing happened to the baby, while Obi-Wan hovers over him and helps send out feelers through the Force.)
  • (The baby’s fine, it kicks lightly in irritation, then settles right back down. Obi-Wan is still wary like, look, he SAID this was going to– OBI-WAN MY BACK HURTS I CAN’T REALLY GET BACK UP ON YOUR DICK AGAIN BUT I WASN’T FINISHED, I’M GONNA LAY DOWN, FINISH FUCKING ME RIGHT NOW.)
  • (And Obi-Wan’s protests are only met with louder and louder YOU GOT ME INTO THIS, FINISH IT.)
  • Anakin can’t even stand up at first, but he’s got an entire throne of pillows set up on the bed and makes demands from on high. OBI-WAN, I’M HUNGRY AND HORNY.  DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.
  • “Anakin, you can choose to eat or to get fucked, but not both. And only because we BOTH know you’ll throw up on me if you try both.”
  • (So, so many times Obi-Wan’s tunics are going to get used as an emergency barf bag.)
  • (Obi-Wan starts carrying around actual throw up sacks, he’s tired of this, but he’s about 99% sure Anakin purposely doesn’t warn him, even when he KNOWS he’s about to thrown up.  And then just vomits right onto his lap. Because Anakin finds it funny.)
    ( Anakin’s motto: I’m miserable, so you’re going to be miserable with me. >:|)
  • ( But also the look on Obi-Wan’s face as he tries to hold back the disgusted look is really, really funny.)
  • (It’s fine. He throws out all his robes all the time, anyway!, Anakin says.)
  • Also, too bad for Anakin, after a certain point NO MORE FLYING because flying is a no-go when you’re that pregnant.  He can abuse Obi-Wan in a lot of ways, but when it comes to actual health concerns, oh, shit, Obi-Wan has boundaries all of a sudden, fuck.
  • (Anakin is hardcore sneaking out onto air bikes early on-ish.  Thankfully, Obi-Wan never finds out about the sneaking out for speeder races, he’d have had an absolute fit. It’s probably more to due with Obi-Wan being dead tired from looking after Anakin’s demands than Anakin actually gaining a level in stealth mode.)
  • Just. Seven months pregnant Anakin slouching over the side of the speeder in absolute AGONY.
  • It’s so awful being driven around by Obi-Wan. Because Obi-Wan is a great pilot! He COULD go faster, it would be perfectly safe! But no. HE DRIVES LIKE MASTER NU, Anakin knows, he went on a field trip with her once and he could have WALKED faster than she drives.
  • (He’s pretty sure Master Nu was doing it on purpose because, okay, he WAS being kind of a little shit at her, but the point still stands. YOU DRIVE LIKE AN OLD PERSON, OBI-WAN, PLEASE HIT THE ACCELERATOR.)
  • But then Anakin pukes over the side of the speeder and Obi-Wan just looks at him.
  • And there’s nothing sexy about Obi-Wan when he pilots like an old person. :(  He keeps both hands on the steering sticks and looks ahead into traffic/checks his mirrors. Won’t even put an elbow out on the window ledge! HES SO SQUARE.
  • The unfair thing is: It is the least sexy Obi-Wan has EVER been and Anakin still can’t stop thinking about sliding over onto his lap and riding him right there anyway.
  • And does Obi-Wan go even slower after that?  Worse: He pulls over and waits for Anakin’s nausea to pass. THEY’RE NEVER GOING TO GET ANYWHERE AT THIS RATE.
  • DOUBLE UNFAIR: Obi-Wan won’t let him touch him while he’s piloting, not even his thigh, much less condone in-air fucking (one of Anakin’s more recurring fantasies)(The dirty, dirty thoughts Anakin has had about swoop bikes are never going to come true now. ): ).   THE BABY WILL BE BORN BEFORE THEY GET TO THE TEMPLE.
  • Also, there’s at least two solid weeks that Anakin practically LIVES in the bathtub, because everything aches and he’s cold all the time.  Obi-Wan tried for about three days to get him out of there to at least eat meals, but eventually he caved and started bringing a tray in. (Plus with bucket. Doesn’t matter Anakin is right next to the toilet, it’s TOO FAR to puke in.)
  • He wasn’t going to tell Obi-Wan about the time he fell asleep and almost maybe kind of accidentally drowned himself a little, but Obi-Wan was mother henning him and felt it and then Anakin had to leave the ONLY WARM PLACE IN THE ENTIRE TEMPLE, YOU’RE AN ASSHOLE, OBI-WAN, HOW DARE YOU TREAT THE BEARER OF YOUR CHILD THIS WAY–
  • Obi-Wan just piles more blankets on him when gently shoving him into bed and silently goes to get an extra heating pad.
  • Anakin’s yelling slowly turns into mutterings and then sleepy yawns and, finally, he’s about to fall back asleep, so Obi-Wan tries to sneak off. But Anakin’s hand darts out and, please stay with me?
  • Obi-Wan is h e l p l e s s against this, despite that it’s AN INFERNO IN THERE, but he will suffer in silence, because, okay, it’s kind of nice the way Anakin is nestled into the middle of all this and safe and happy and warm and content.
  • EVENTUALLY THERE ARE NESTING INSTINCTS, TOO. The bed is literally about twenty blankets wound up into an actual nest.  It’s the starship parts that are EVERYWHERE that Obi-Wan can’t stand. Under the pillows! Between the blankets! Shoved into piles next to the bed! On the sofa! Between the sofa cushions! In the cupboards!  Obi-Wan valiantly tries to draw the line at the blowtorch Anakin has sneaked under the covers, but he’s no match for Anakin always finding it again and sneaking it back in.
  • They are both in so much trouble when that baby gets out. Force sensitive toddler with double inherited Extra? WATCH OUT.  Their baby would be The Most Extra Ever.   Even the Jedi would be like NO THANK YOU.
  • Anakin: You wouldn’t dare just let my baby run around without training! WHAT IF THEY BECOME A SITH LORD?? THAT COULD–
    The Jedi: *quiet terror in their eyes as they slowly back away at that thought*

so it feels like everyone, all of my friends, are getting pregnant and married. and here i am eating tortellini because i’m too sad to make my own food so i bought tortellini all week

Just a fantasy of mine

I have this fantasy time and time again and I always find the idea of it so hot.

In the fantasy, my feedee has a nice, round belly that makes her look maybe 4 months pregnant. One day, we win free tickets to some resort for a couples retreat. The program that we’re a part of is specifically for pregnant couples, so I convince the director that my little piggy is expecting.

Upon arrival, there is a buffet for all of the couples, and my feedee can’t help but gorge herself on all the delicious food. The others are glaring at us as she continues to down, two, three, four whole plates of various treats. I nervously play it off with the “she’s eating for two” excuse; I’m embarrassed as hell but also deeply excited and turned on by her dedication and raw passion towards her meal. At the end of the buffet, piggy waddles up to our room, clutching her bulging, taut gut and lightly moaning with pain and pleasure. The lower abdomen is peeking out from under her tight tank top, making her look even more pregnant than before.

The next morning, I wake up and immediately see a problem: All of the food from yesterday had turned into jiggly, plush fat. Her belly and breasts wobble as she turns to face me and she lets out a cute burp as she feels her new figure. We can’t have this, now! They’ll find out she’s not pregnant and kick us out! I need to make that belly round and tight again. I dash over to the phone and order room service for breakfast - a breakfast for four, in fact. Omelette after omelette, glass after glass of orange juice, I coax my chubby princess into downing it all. She’s moaning and hiccuping but she continuously pleads for more. “It’s to save the trip,” she says, but I know she likes it. Finally, she finishes every last crumb and lies defeated on our bed. Piggy rubs her swollen tummy, as do I, to help relieve the aching. It looks as though her pregnancy had advanced two months in one night, but she looks pregnant nonetheless. We’re safe for now.

I help her squeeze into her pants, but when the jeans don’t button, she slips on gym shorts instead. Oh, the irony. Her tshirt barely covers her belly button and her tits bulge out of the top, but she doesn’t seem to mind too much.

We take the elevator downstairs when we’re ready. It’s apparently lunch time already. My feedee takes a look at the burgers and chicken tenders laid out before us and blushes. Her stomach is tight as a drum, but I see her hand naturally move towards the food. Pretty soon, she’s eaten a whole burger. Then two. Then a few pieces of chicken. She’s at her limit, so I take her back to the room, basking in the stares that my prize pig is winning me.

“Don’t overdo it.” I say. “We’ve got to keep that belly nice and stuffed for this entire trip.”

She grins excitedly. “YOU MEAN I GET TO-” Then she composes herself a little. “You mean I have to eat like this every day?”

“That’s right, babe. This is gonna be one hell of a vacation.”

Just a thought ;)

If there's anything I've learned from being pregnant.

-Your body can do some awesome stuff.
-Hormones are nothing until you’re pregnant.
-Food is your best and worse friend you have.
-You don’t have to be sick to throw up.
-People will comment on your body and think it’s all of a sudden ok.
-Gaining weight is not always the end of the world.
-You can be more tired than you thought you could.
-Baby kicks are better than people explain.
-Sleep is not an easy thing to get.
-Stretch marks are itchy and appear out of what seems thin air.
-Your partners shirts are for more than just bed time.
-People don’t want to know how you’re doing, they want to know about baby.
-Do not put any other pregnant lady down, she has it just as hard or harder for her self right now. And she needs support just like you.



*You had been ill for the past two days and when he let yourself into your apartment he heard you throwing up in the bathroom, so he immediately came in to make sure you were alright and to lift your hair up if he needed too*

K: “Y/N, you know you can tell me if you are pregnant?”

Y/N: “Okay well thanks for that bit of knowledge Kai”

K: “Well aren’t you going to tell me then?”

Y/N: “Kai I’m not pregnant I have food poisoning from that stupid restaurant I went to the other day”


*He had been thinking that you were pregnant for a few days now but he thought he would wait until you were ready to tell him but he didn't see any of signs of it happening so he just got to the point*

S: “I know you’re pregnant Y/N, you don’t have to hide anything from me”

Y/N: “Right well I’m not preggers actually why would you think that?”

S: “Wait so why are you so tired lately, not to mention craving some weird ass foods?

Y/N: “Honestly no idea but I’m not pregnant”

S: “All this time you had me believing you were I’m not talking to you rn”

Y/N: “What even..?”


*He kind of had his heart set on you being pregnant so when he told you that he thought he knew because you hadn’t been feeling well, and you told him it wasn’t true he felt a bit down*

Y/N: “Well thats what you get for assuming…plus don’t feel bad it’s not like it’s something we can’t work on”



*When he confronted you he was pretty nervous about it because of how young you both are, so when you told him it wasn’t a case of you being pregnant he was relieved*

CY: “It’s not the right time so I’m relieved, but for the future I would love it to happen”


*You went up to him sitting at the table and dropped a piece of paper in front of him which had baby names underlined at the top and two columns, one for girl names and one for boys names*

Y/N: “So whats going on here then?”

BH: “What do you mean whats going on, I should be asking you the same question when were you planning on telling me your pregnant?”

Y/N: “Well thats a difficult question to answer because I’m not pregnant”

BH: “Oh really…so you were just sick then…all this thinking gone to waste”


*You were video chatting him as he was away and you were telling him how sick you have been feeling for the past week, and he noticed a few things before he left but he didn't think much of them until now*

D.O: “Jagi I’m not saying that you know because you may not but do you think you might be pregnant?”

Y/N: “Oh no, I actually thought that too but it was a false alarm”

D.O: “Okay just asking, maybe one day when we are both ready for a child it won’t be a false alarm”


*You came up to him and told him that there was something you needed to talk about and straight away he got nervous thinking that you were going to tell him you were going to have baby*

Y/N: “I was thinking of getting a dog for us to look after what do you think…Jongdae.. hello, why are you looking at me like that?”

C: “Wait so you aren’t pregnant?”

Y/N: “Gosh no, what brought that on”


*He hears you throwing up in the bathroom so he rushes in and holds your hair back*

T: “Don’t worry, this is what happens when your pregnant and I’ll help you through it”

Y/N: “Well thats nice but I’m not pregnant, but someday in the future I would love that supporting attitude” 


*You had major muscle fatigue lately, not to mention feeling a bit ill for the past week or so but you were starting to feel better now, Lay sat down with you and gave you a glass of water before dropping the pregnancy bomb on you*

L: “Baoebi have you checked to see if you are pregnant, I asked my make up artist about the different signs and you seem to be experiencing some of them”

Y/N: “I’m definitely not pregnant Lay just a bit ill thats all plus I’m starting to feel better now, but hopefully someday the answer to your question will be yes”


*He has been suspicious for a little while and he got tired of thinking you weren’t going to tell him he just dropped the bombshell*

K: “Y/N, are you pregnant?”

Y/N: “What.. are you mad?”


*He looked so serious when he asked you about it, and no matter how hard you tried you couldn't stifle the giggle that came from your mouth*

L: “Hey why are you laughing this is serious, are you pregnant or not”

Y/N: “No Luhan I’m not pregnant, no mini Luhans for now”


*He really wanted to ask you so after he made some coffee and some tea for you, he sat you down and told you about the suspicions he had regarding if you were pregnant or not*

Y/N: “I’m not having a baby Minsoek but it’s definitely not ruled out for the future”

XM: “Well thats fine by me jagi”

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The (Female) Signs During Pregnancy

Aries//more short-tempered than normal:

Taurus//always wants to sleep:


Cancer//still sensitive and caring:


Virgo//always makes the best of it:

Libra//low-key freaking out:

Scorpio//playing it cool:

Sagittarius//indenial of permanent commitment:

Capricorn//bipolar af:

Aquarius//not having it–ever:

Pisces//happy and still finds time for romance: