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Like Father, Like Son

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Pairing: husband!Dean x wife!Reader
Word count: 547
Warnings: Angst

When you got pregnant with your first child, you didn’t expect Dean to stop hunting. You didn’t even expect him there for holidays the first year or two. It’s not like someone that young would remember.

When your daughter was 4, you got pregnant again. He hadn’t seemed to make an effort to be home for Christmas or her birthday in all her life. You hoped that having two at home would change that. Christmas came and went, no Dean.

When your daughter was 6, and your son was 2, you got pregnant with your youngest. In the past 6 years, he’d been home for one Christmas. You knew that he loved the kids, but it was heartbreaking. Hearing them ask for Daddy, just to have him out on the road.

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ok l i s t en mcu has lowkey been setting up dad!tony since iron man 3 and spiderman: homecoming is the most highkey-lowkey set up ever

can we give tony stark a kid of his own already

Hollywood's 50 Favorite Female Characters

No.5 Dana Scully, ‘The X-Files’
Played by: Gillian Anderson

Anderson nearly lost the part of the skeptical FBI agent when she became pregnant during the first season in 1993. “One network exec wanted to replace her,” recalls creator Chris Carter. “But the writers hatched the plan to have her kidnapped, and that choice changed the direction of the show — for the better.”

So here’s my first bump shot for you guys!
Up until now I’ve just felt fat and not pregnant (and trust me that’s something I’m still battling with) but I’ve been around here for a while now so here’s a below average pregnancy pic!
Also I found a outfit I actually feel good in for the first time this pregnancy so that’s a win!
23 weeks + 1

A Baby?

Dean x Reader

Warnings: Pregnant reader, little bit of self hate

Word Count: 1,077

Request:Hello, I love your writing! I waswondering if you could do a deanxreader where they have been together for two years and the reader finds out she’s pregnant. She doesn’t know how to tell Dean so she asks Sam, who’s like her best friend, for advice. You can decide how Dean finds out! Lots of fluffiness and… If you don’t mind, maybe a little smut at the end? If you don’t do smut that’s fine, I love your writing either way.

A/N: Okay so considering this is my first time ever doing this, I just wanna say thanks for the request and I loved writing it! It always fun to write fluffy stuff :) and yes I know that there is no smut in here but I don’t really feel comfortable writing that kind of stuff yet, just give me some time and I just might surprise you… okay anyways I hope it’s what you wanted! Enjoy!! (Request box is always open)

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dragon slayer reaction of their s/o telling them their pregnant (bonus only if you want to, I'm not pushing you to do it : another gif of them finding out they are gonna have not ONE but FOUR babies XD. )








Our lives and experiences have multiple purposes. First for our growth and perhaps to help others.

I have struggled for years with suicide. Perhaps it is because religious teachings all talk of paradise.. I know because of some of my life challenges. But, suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. And I don’t want to go through these experiences again, so no easy way out…

A few years ago I met a woman through my work who was struggling with suicide. She called me a few times when she was on the edge and through the years we have developed a beautiful friendship. Because of my struggle, I understood hers.

She is now pregnant with her first baby. Today, she contacted me because her baby has a possible birth defect. She was beside herself with grief, worry, and sorrow. I don’t know that it is ironic or part if my life plan that I too experienced the fear of my son having a birth defect. When the doctor told me, I cried for hours blaming myself for being too old and causing his health challenges. Of course, I was wrong. There is no blame. It is just what is. Gratefully, my son was fine and is growing well. But, the experience I went through at the doctor office has stayed with me. So, today I was able to once again help her because I was there first.

We have both benefited from each other’s experience because we open up and share with each other. Who knows the lives we might touch and the good we can do with just a smile or warm word. This time if year can be especially difficult for many. Be sensitive to those around you and bring more love to the world.

A favorite poem of mine by Robert Frost…

“The woods are lovely, dark, and deep,
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.”

Who knows the good we might do for others in our journey. No rest yet.

7 weeks 5 days.

So this whole theory of having something eat to combat morning sickness is nonsense!! Eating makes me feel so much worse.

I’m not actually throwing up every day but I am constantly nauseous to some degree through out the day.

I’m doing everything I can!
I’m snacking on crackers, or sour sweets.
I’m wearing loose clothing.
I have an acupuncture bracelet.
I’m drinking so much ginger ale, I’m gonna turn ginger.

Each of these tricks might help for a moment but the nausea is bound to come back after a bit.

Any tips?

You got it @korealchemist ! Y'all are gonna have beautiful happy families, and there’s nothing you can do to stop me!


• At first, completely forgets that they’re pregnant, and has to be constantly remembered.
• Always at their side, even through the morning sickness.
• When they start showing is when it really hits him.
• He starts doing research like a mad man and follows what he learned like its the law.
• Infinitely prepared.
• They thirsty? He has half a gallon of water on him at all times. They tired? He’s massaging their feet in an instant.
• He jumps when they’re snuggling and he feels the baby kick the first time.
• Super dad!
• A master at multitasking.
• Also has dad senses like crazy.
• Oh no! The baby’s going to fall! Nope, he’s there in a half a second, even if he was on the other side of the room.
• Hates getting thrown up on, but is like a throw up magnet.
• He takes so many pictures and videos of the baby.
• Has one of those baby backpacks and will go about his daily business as if he doesn’t have a tiny human attracted to his chest.

• Is so excited to be a dad!
• So many more hugs for S/o.
• Asks Ana so many question, it’s almost as if he has no idea what he’s doing.
• He has no idea what he’s doing.
• Talks to S/o tummy if they are having an argument.
• “The baby says the green one is better, my love.”
• Will show off his baby off like it’s some kind of award.
• Lives to hear them laugh.
• He and Zenyatta sing the baby lullabies together.
• Sometimes does stuff that is dangerous with the baby and gets in trouble (like bringing them into a very high tree with him).
• Who needs a bottle heater when Genji outfitted his hands to warm bottles up instead?
• Will fall asleep with the baby all the time.

• It took him about a month before he started buying stuff for the baby.
• He loves baby cloths, they’re just too tiny!
• Recommends the most ridiculous names for the child.
• Is constantly reading parenting books.
• If S/o ever even gets remotely tired they’re getting carried.
• No objections!
• If you even mention his kid, prepare for him to talk about them for at least an hour.
• Loves to hold them.
• Somehow always has energy for whatever they might need whenever they might need it.
• Will tell them stories nonstop.
• How many stories does this man have??
• You want to hold the baby? Okay, just expect their dad to be hovering over you the whole time.

My niece, Destiny, is pregnant with her first child.

“I need to start thinking about names.”

“How bout Michelle?”

“That’s cute for a girl, but what if it’s a boy?”

“What about Kelly? That can be either a boy’s or girl’s name.”

“I don’t know if I would name a boy Kelly, but I like the name.”

“What about Beyonce?”

Sudden realization of what I had been doing, “I hate you.”

I’ve been seeing a lot of art of Steven and Connie as new and expecting parents, so I wanted to join in. :”)

I tried some shading, and I’m kinda on the fence for how it turned out, but I definitely need more practice! I’m too used to working with flat colors haha…
I listened to the song “When I Remember This Life” from the movie Tale of Princess Kaguya a lot while working on this. I remember watching the Making Of segment for the movie, they mentioned that the woman singing the song for the film was pregnant at the time. Since then, I always associate the song to a mother singing to her baby. :”) I imagine that Steven would sing to their baby a lot, too. <3

Assassin Preference: S/O is pregnant


At first, you were quite certain that Altair was indifferent when you told him, until he staggered and almost passed out in your arms. He was so happy and proud and maybe a bit nervous (Especially if it was the first child) and he’d go around and ask others what he should know to better take care of you and your future child. He’d hope for a boy, but he wouldn’t mind having a daughter. He would be patient with you during your pregnancy, but don’t expect him to make late night runs to get you a bunch of random combinations of food.


Oh man, young Ezio never thought he’d be this HAPPY when he learned that you were pregnant. He had thought about it, but he always figured that life would keep him from having children in some way. He becomes protective of you and he’ll get you anything you want, without question. You’re carrying the baby, not him, but he will silently judge you for what you eat. He would want a daughter, one that looks like you.


Step one) Make sure he is sitting down when you tell him.

Step two) Keep a bucket of water around for when he inevitably passes out.

It will be a big to-do around the homestead and Connor will still be in shock when people congratulate him. Him? A father? He can only think about his own relationship with his father and feel determined to be a better dad than him. Which he is (For one, he actually stays with you and takes care of you). He doesn’t care what gender the child is, he just hopes that the child will love him as much as he loves them.


Haytham assumes you’re just trying to get a rise out of him. Why else would you tell him so early in the morning? Nope, you’re dead serious. He’d spit out his tea once you told him you weren’t joking. Assuming he doesn’t leave you, he’d be the grounding force for when your emotions get out of hand. He would hope for a son to pass his knowledge on to, but if you have a daughter, he will treat her like the princess of fairy tales.


Aveline was surprised and for the rest of the day she kept saying “I’m going to be a mother” to herself and smiling. She looks forward to holding your baby for the first time. She’s discussing baby names from the beginning, and she goes through countless names before settling on one that the two of you liked. She practices and learns lullabies to sing for when the child is born. She doesn’t care what gender the child is, but a daughter would be nice.


It would take a few minutes until you could get Edward’s attention after you tell him. Then the worry sets in. Would you be in danger if he left? Would he be a good father? Would he be able to support you both? You’d have to constantly reassure him that yes, you’d be alright as long as he stayed with you. He would find himself sailing a lot less and staying at the manor on Great Inagua more, investing some more into making it safer for you and the baby. If he had to go, he would make sure that there was at least one person (if not more) who he trusted to care for you in his absence.


Arno would do a double take, “What? I’m a father-” He would smile so widely and pull you into a tight hug and start babbling on how this was the best news he had heard in so long. He had almost forgotten on what it was like to feel so happy, with the rather dour atmosphere of Paris and his own personal struggles. Arno would begin saving money so he could positively spoil you and your child. He might be a bit too worried, always helping you everywhere even when you told him multiple times you could do it on your own. He just wants you to be safe and happy and comfortable.


Jacob would blink a few times, dumbfounded. Once he finally lets it sink in, you tell him that you can still manage on your own and he doesn’t need to look out for you all the time. He promises not to smother you; he crosses his heart and everything. Next thing you know, the Rooks all know and suddenly you can’t turn around without hitting a Rook who was “just making sure” you were ok. If any Blighter even coughs near you, they’re gone. You try to confront Jacob, but he either changes the subject to how you’re doing or he simply says “Well, we wouldn’t be a very good gang if you didn’t see us everywhere.” You tell him that it’s not the same thing, but he doesn’t seem to listen.


Evie takes this news calmly, but you can definitely tell she’s happy. She would rather you stay at the train hideout, doing mild activities that were still productive, but she would be more than happy to accompany you if you wanted to go out and walk around. If you wanted your space, she would try to comply, but she often pops in and checks on you every hour or so. It’s rather sweet and you can’t possibly get mad at her for making sure you’re ok. She wants a girl to teach and love and mentor, but with her luck, you’ll have a kid who acts just like Jacob (Probably because uncle Jacob was an influence on the kid). She isn’t worried about being a bad mother- she’s kept Jacob alive for this long, how much different could it be?


Desmond begins sweating and breathing heavy and holy shit are you serious!? He is in utter disbelief, and he’s thoroughly convinced he’ll be a bad father. Once you manage to calm him down, and once he comes to terms with the fact that he is a father, he’ll start shopping around for everything. You often find him pacing up and down your apartment hall, unable to fall asleep because he’s so anxious. He doesn’t really care what gender the child is, he just wants to be a good father.