pregnant costumes

Interviewer: What’s been your best Halloween memory?

Taylor: Well, one time when I was in 4th Grade, I wanted to be a yellow teletubby. And um, the costumes that they had were just for like, you know, like four-year-olds, but I was about eleven. I was obviously very popular in school. I had a lot of friends. My mom went out and got all this yellow fabric and all this like padding and I had stuffing coming all out of everywhere. And I entered this Halloween costume contest at school and I did not win. And it was like a witch one. It’s like…

Interviewer: How generic!

Taylor: Like you bought that costume at a costume store! You didn’t even care about that costume!

We had our dress rehearsal this evening! :) It went really well. I didn’t miss a beat, except for that acting thing where you sometimes jump ahead, realize what you did while you are continuing to act, and then also planning on a different track of your brain how you’ll go back afterwards and fit in the stuff you skipped. And succeeding! It’s such a weird and interesting way to use your brain, and I haven’t done it in so long. It feels good to get back into it. I was really worried about my memory going into this, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised.

Show starts on Friday, and will be happening once or twice a week until mid-August. So that’s obviously going to be occupying quite a bit of my time and mind for the next little while, but now that everything is memorized, I won’t have to rehearse it as much, so that’s nice. I look forward to it! :)

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Master list

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cerseilanniser  asked:

I love your fics. Could we have married pregnant Jonsa hosting a party and trying to set people up. I'm feeling domestic but at the same time I want them being sneaky. If its a costume party and Sansa dresses up as a oven and Jon as a baker huge plus

AWw thanks darling! In teh events of todays horrid news lets have some fluff!!! I preent to your pregnant Jonsa with costumes and everything! Enjoy!


Sansa and Jon’s baby shower, was just like the couple. Different.

Instead of just pastel blues and pinks, they decided to throw a dress up party, with jelly shots in the shapes of dummies, and loud music. Though Sansa herself, dressed as an oven with an artfully drawn bun on her shirt, was drinking lemonade and forcing more alcohol down Jon and her brother’s throats. Since they are after all drinking for three (Sansa, baby and themselves), which she kept saying after handing each jelly shot out.

Jon, dressed as a baker, wearing the most white Sansa had ever seen him in, was well and truly drunk. He was going around telling everyone that he was going to be a daddy, and a good daddy, not like his daddy. Sansa knew she should have stopped him talking, but the excitement on his face made her pause. He could deal with his daddy issues another day, today was all about his future. And their baby, who hopefully would grow up to have a better tolerance for alcohol than their father.

It was Robb who Sansa was most worried about, he took each Jelly Shot without complaint throwing them back as if they were nothing more than water. Girls came to him to ask to dance, the 90s-cd bouncing off the walls of their tiny flat. But as every girl came up to Robb, all dressed in skimpy clothes and over the top makeup after all Nothing made a 20 something female sluttier then a baby shower, Robb turned them all down, feigning a sore knee from an old injury or telling them that Sansa needed him in the kitchen.

“Robb Bartholomew Stark! Please stop using me as an excuse!” Sansa turned on him as he tried to find sanctuary in the kitchen.

“San, my middle name is no Bartholomew! Stop telling people it is!”

“Stop telling people, my pregnant sister needs me to help her make dinner! You can’t bloody cook!” Jon had warned Robb at the start of the evening not to anger his sister but he had ignored his brother-in-law’s warning and now Sansa stood mocking his voice in her high falsetto and stamping her feet.

“Well, I don’t want to dance. I don’t dance.” He almost stamped his own foot, sounding like a petty child.

“Robb you love to dance. At my wedding Jon literally had to drag you from the dance floor for your speech and… don’t forget about New Year’s eve last year, were you broke three toes trying to do the worm! So, what is happening here? Are you mad at Jon and me? Are you upset mums not here?”

“Of course I’m not mad at you two, you’re the only sane member of this family! And its mums lose that she couldn’t woman up and get here. I just don’t want to dance with them.”

“Who do you want to dance with? Jeyne?”

Robb laughed without humour, “No not Jeyne. I met someone, someone I think I really like.”


“You don’t know her so don’t worry about it.”

“Robb Bartholomew Stark-“

“My middle names not Bartholomew!”

“Tell me who it is, and then I will let you have more Jelly Shots!”

“I don’t want more Jelly shots, I’m not an Alco like you two.”

“Tell me! Or you’re not god father!”

“I am not telling you!”

Sansa smiled wickedly, the kind of smile that he use to see on her face when they were children. It was the smile that use to make Bran run to their mother and when it was mirrored on both sisters faces everyone knew to take cover.

“Well then, let’s see what your phone has to say.” Said a voice was behind, Jon shuffled into he room, his head still obviously affected by the alcohol running through his system but in his hands, was Robbs IPhone.

Robb panicked and jumped up to grab the phone, wrestling it from his mate. They fell to the kitchen floor, swearing and cursing at each other to let go. Sansa who normally would be yelling at them to stop, took out her own mobile and started to film it.

“Good example your setting for baby, Robb.” She chimed in and both men fell apart.

“And Robb don’t worry Jon already texted the girl on your phone last night, when you fell asleep. You are completely shit at keeping secrets.”

Robb turned pale, a stocking shade of white against his red curls.

“Margaery Tyrell will be here in an hour Big Brother. Now go and wash your face you look like a stunned mullet!”

Jon put his arm around his wife, as Robb stunned and shocked moved thoughtlessly towards the bathroom.

“We are the best.” He muttered to her, claiming her throat with his lips.

“I’m the best, you’re just okay.” She laughed back before moving his lips to hers.

Evan Peters Request

Heeyy!! Can you please write an imagine where the reader is Evan Peters’ girlfriend and she dresses up as Quicksilver for Halloween (it’s a surprise, by the way)?

“Just tell me what your costume is,” Evan dramatically groaned.

“No, you’ll see me in it when I come down,” you yelled back trudging up the stairs. “Meet me at the front door when we leave for the party,” you demanded and locked yourself away in the guest bathroom, making sure there was no way Evan would have an excuse to try and see your costume.

You opened your bag and pulled out your silver hair spray. After a good spray and letting it dry, you pulled out your Pink Floyd shirt and slipped it over your silver hair. You slipped on your dark jeans, sneakers, and metallic jacket. With a click you strapped the replica belt you bought online on your waist and put the goggles on your face.

“Evan,” you called out, “are you by the door?”

“Yes, just waiting for you.”

“Well wait no more,” you called and ran to the door, dramatically waving your arms as you did so. “Quicksilver,” you paused and skidded to a stop in front of the door. “Is ready to go.”

“Oh my gosh,” he laughed like crazy and bent over from the tug in his stomach. “You look amazing! Definitely worth the wait,” he nodded in approval.

“And you…,” you said looking up and down at his costume. “A pregnant woman? What gave you the inspiration?”

“I just always thought it was my calling,” he joked.

“Are you ready to go to this party Evan… or Eva Peters?”

The two of you hopped in the car and made your way to Evan’s friends party. As you walked around socializing and taking as much free food and drinks as you could Evan stood with his friends near the middle of the room.

“How long did it take you to get Y/N to dress up like that,” one friend joked?

“I didn’t even know she her costume until we left to come here. Really,” he retorted at his friend’s disbelief.

“Careful, Ev, she might look better as Quicksilver than you do.”

A serious pang hit Evan as he watched you from across the room. As you smiled and talked with the people and your friends around the room, and as you glanced over at him and your smiled grew as you locked eyes.

“Yeah,” he said quietly, “I think you might be right.”

anonymous asked:

Most seem to think there's no way Cait could get pregnant & film OL. I disagree. Btw this is just to comment on a lead of a show getting pregnant not to push rumors. W/ bum rolls, skirts, layers of clothing you really wouldn't be able to tell I don't think. Claire didn't even look pregnant. Costumes naturally hid it. Stunt work would be tricky but if timed w/ breaks I don't think it'd impact the show/her ability to be Claire. If she wants kids I don't see her needing to wait until OL's done.

I have no shame in saying I was pretty positive she was pregnant for like 5-6 months in late 2015/early 2016. It wasn’t until I saw her at the Apple event in April last year that I changed my mind. so that being said, I agree. I don’t think she’d need to wait. Productions work around pregnancies all the time and do it quite well. I think Terry is a smart and talented costume designer who’s also been pregnant so I’m sure she could work something out costume-wise should Cait get pregnant. We also have literally negative control over anything re Balfe-Heughan children so it’s all wishful thinking hahahaha but idk man Sam faved that tweet about them having pretty babies so I feel like children are (hopefully) in their future!