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cowberrry  asked:

Hello! Can I have one of your beautiful sims in my game? I'd like her to be human, vanilla, and transitioning from male to female. In my mind, she's a serial romantic who likes to lure men in, and acts like it. Masculine frame, can get others pregnant, and has feminine clothing preferences. I have CL, GT, Parenthood, Vampires, VG, and Bowling. CC-free, please!

Can do! I’ll get her done when I get home from work! 💖

1. Kiss Me
Oliver and Felicity kiss to blend in when being followed.

2. Charades
Oliver and Felicity are great at games together.

3. Undress Me
Felicity has to undress and wash Oliver after he’s exposed to a toxic drug.

4. We Weather the Storm, You and I ‘Til the End of Time
Teenage best friends Oliver and Felicity face their feelings when boarding the Queen’s Gambit.

5. Kiss Me Hard Before You Go
During a heated argument, Oliver declares his love for Felicity.

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beware of the smiles especially. they will put you in a trance and before you know it, you’ll have an immense urge to take your clothes off.

The Great Mall adventure -Bruce Wayne/Batfamily x Reader

Love the mall idea :-), and because I thought it might be redundant to write another story about shopping things, I joined two requests together, the mall thing, and @dannysanime​‘s request. Again, I feel like it’s “meh”, like I could write better…it’s really one of those months you know, Hope you guys will still like it

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-Dick, I swear to the gods, if you do not make up your mind right now, we’re leaving you here. You’ll have to sleep in beds from Ikea, and rely on people’s charity to eat every day. We’ll come visit you sometimes though. 

Your husband laughed at your words, but immediately glared at some paparazzi taking pictures from a corner. Those people always thought they were so damn sneaky, while flashing you right in the face with their cameras. Idiots. Under the famous “bat-glare” (or “Wayne-glare” for that matter), the two paparazzis slowly backed away, but Bruce knew they’d come back. 

-But moooom ! How can I choose so fast ? I don’t know if I like the blue suit or the black suit, or the white and black, or the…

-So fast ? We’ve been here for three hours Dick ! 

-Mom, buying a suit is serious business, you can’t expect me to choose one in less than…five hours ! 

-Let’s just buy them all then ! So we’re finally done with it. I’m hungry. You know I get mean when I’m hungry boy. Especially in my current condition !!

Bruce smiled at you, and wrapped an arm around your waist, his free hand resting lightly on your swollen belly, and laid a kiss on your forehead. You calmed down a bit, but your other sons looked at Dick, a slight panic in their eyes. You were kinda mean when hungry normally, but now that you were pregnant and had to eat for two…they weren’t up for your constant sarcasms right now. Your oldest kid got the message, taking all of the suits he pre-selected in his arms. He stopped in front of his father, and Bruce slipped his debit card in his mouth (since his arms were full you know). 

-Heeeere we go, now come on every body, let’s go let’s go let’s go !

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etsyfindoftheday 5 | FRIDAY FRENZY | 5.26.17

off-the-shoulder maternity ‘bardot’ tops in black or white stripe by tolittlearrows

i’m SO going to have to keep this etsy shop in mind if i ever become pregnant … because these stripy mod tops are cute and flattering and i kinda want one now ;)