(Noncanon) Event


It was 4am when Lust began to stir and wake up, he was slightly annoyed to be woken up so early, all he wanted to do was go back to sleep, but no matter what he did he just couldn’t go back to sleep. Lust finally opened his eyes and the first thing he noticed was the glow from his bright red ecto belly that had formed over his bones, lust tries to make it go away but for some reason he couldn’t get it to. “Why won’t it go away? And was my belly always this.. round?” Lust untangled himself from Cotton and sat up as he poked at his stomach. “So weird.. wait.. what’s that..?” Underneath the red glow of Lust body a noticeable pink glow caught his attention.. a small little soul glowed brightly in his belly making him freeze up when he noticed.


Absolutely Beautiful: Watch This Woman Tell Her Husband She’s Pregnant While Conan O’Brien Pours Good Milk Down The Sink