Writing Masterlist

Everything is listed according to alphabetical order of the pairing. Alternatively, if you prefer to view everything, you can check out my writing tag :)


Samurai Love Ballad Party
[Genya/MC/Hanzo, NSFW] divide and conquer for anon
[Hideyoshi/MC] tell the world for anon
[Hotaru/MC, fluff] everyday discovering something brand new for @gracevakarian
[Ieyasu/MC] a moment like this for anon
[Ieyasu/MC, fluff] shut up and dance with me for @irina291992
[Kenshin/MC, fluff] [untitled] for @thedaydreamingotaku
[Kojuro/MC, angst] nothing here without you for anon
[Kojuro/MC, fluff] the more I look at you for @noomsu
[Kojuro/MC, NSFW] shyly obscene
[Masamune/Yukimura friendship] something special for anon
[Masamune/MC/Shigezane, polyamory] say yes for anon
[Nobuyuki/MC, NSFW] don’t know any other way for anon 1 and 2
[Saizo/MC, angst] with every worthless word for @little-lady-mimi
[Shigezane/MC, NSFW] fair play for @nikkihime
[Shigezane/MC, fluff] steal some covers, share some skin for @gainknowledge
[Yukimura/MC, past Shingen/MC, hurt/comfort] follow you into the light for anon
[Yukimura/MC] headlong for anon

Office Lover 2 (Okko)
[Kenichiro/MC, NSFW] skin to skin for @han-pan


[Genya] SFW+NSFW headcanons for anon
[Genya, Sakuya] modern college headcanons for anon
NEW [Hanzo] SFW+NSFW headcanons for @aqua-pikachu
[Hideyoshi] MC doesn’t tell him about her impending death for @ginger1434
[Hideyoshi, Kenshin, MC] modern music taste for @ginger1434
[Ieyasu, Mitsunari, Nobunaga, Kojuro] MC getting drunk and acting like her lord for anon
[Kenshin + Uesugi clan] modern AU
[Masayuki] SFW+NSFW headcanons for anon
[Mitsuhide] modern AU for anon
[Nobuyuki] dark yandere headcanon for anon
[Nobuyuki] SFW+NSFW headcanons for anon
NEW [Nobuyuki] MC leaves Nobuyuki for anon
NEW [Nobuyuki] NSFW aftermath of MC moaning another man’s name in bed in bed for anon
NEW [Nobuyuki] Nobuyuki and MC fall out of love with each other for @potato-ssi
[SLBP lords] modern!lords playing barbies with their daughters for @atroniascreamsube
[SLBP lords, Shigezane, Nobuyuki, Hotaru] MC leaves because of Reasons for @tallbutshort9
[SLBP lords] MC ignores them in favor of her new pet kitten for anon
[SLBP lords, Sakuya, Genya, Shigezane, Nobuyuki] the lords time travel to modern times for anon
NEW [SLBP lords, main ninjas] MC is a National Security Advisor for @rose-of-yonezawa
NEW [SLBP lords, Shigezane] MC ignores them in favor of a good book for anon
NEW [SLBP lords] MC is in love with somebody else for anon
NEW [SLBP lords, Nobuyuki] MC announces her pregnancy
NEW [SLBP lords] The lords forget to return a library book for @duerme07

Updated 10th July 2017!