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I’m pregnant you guys (!!!!) And I’m starting to get my life together to make room for my new little person (I’m doing a gender reveal so no pronouns yet) and if anyone wants to help me out to make sure I got all the good things a little person needs I’m registered on Amazon, BabiesRUs, Target, and Walmart so if anyone wants to help out inbox me for details on how to access my registries.

Thanks lovelies 😘😘

So I wrote this the other day as I was trying to edit a fic I’ve written for a challenge… this wouldn’t leave me be, so here is is.
It’s my very first post: be kind!
P.S I’ve never been pregnant, so if this is utter ridiculousness, I do apologise!

Pairing: Dean x Reader
Fluff, pregnancy/giving birth, let me know if I missed one
Dean and his partner go through the motions of having a baby, expanding his family.

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“Dean?” My voice was a faint breath from the bathroom. Dean burst in, almost tearing the door from its hinges. He stood there for what felt like hours. Staring at me as I was hunched on the side of the bath, holding the small stick in my hands. I finally looked up at him, a tear dribbled over my cheek, falling to the floor. Dean was frozen at the doorway. Panic bore its way into his brow and settled in the fine lines on his forehead. 
My eyes searched his brilliant green ones. The corners of my mouth pulled into the smallest smile and I gave the tiniest nod.
“Yes?” Dean asked, reanimating, his voice hoarse. I nodded harder, the smile stretching across my face.
“Yes!” I laughed. Tears falling fast and fresh. Dean closed the distance between us in one stride and kneeled, pulling me into him. He crushed my lips with his, both our smiles making it hard to kiss, our tears of pure joy, mixing on our cheeks.
“We’re having a baby!” He whispered, resting his forehead against mine. Our breathing steadying, realization settling in. I wiped away his tears as he wiped at mine, our hands resting on each other’s faces. 
“We’re having a baby.” I echoed against his lips. This moment was bliss. This was heaven on earth. Other than the day Dean told me he loved me, this was the happiest I’d ever been.

Dean carried me to our bedroom, laying me down so carefully on our bed. I pushed back the sheets with my feet and buried under them. Dean stripped off to his boxer-brief’s and stood staring at me, a smile lighting his face. 
“Baby, I’m so…” He hushed, his eyes beginning to well again. I held out a hand to him, waving him in to bed. He crawled under the sheets and tucked us in. He snuggled his shoulder under my arm, his head resting on my chest, his fingers splayed wide over my stomach, rubbing back and forth. His stubble tickled at the top of my breast, his shallow breaths licking at my nerve endings.
“Pumpkin?” I whispered into his hair. He hummed his response. “I love you.”
He lifted himself up onto an elbow and looked down at me, a softness to his eyes I never would get over. The hand that was on my stomach came up to cup the side of my face, his thumb moving lazily over my crows-feet wrinkles.
“I love you.” He breathed against my lips.

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I think I had convinced myself the past like 2 years that my metabolism was damaged from early on in my weight loss, that that was the reason I wasn’t losing weight. It had to be my metabolism.

If my metabolism was so damaged, I wouldn’t have gotten pregnant…. At least not as fast as we did. If I was so damaged my body would not have allowed the growth of a little human to occur.

If I keep this in mind, stay focused and determined like I was before because I know I’m fully capable, that there is nothing holding me back, I will be able to bounce back after The Bean is born. It might take a little while but I can do it.

Leo: yesterday night around 2:38am when everyone was sleeping, DaJah said the baby was kicking her hard….AGAIN and that woke her up…..and me ‘cause she was moaning in pain a little, I hate seeing my girlfriend in pain.

DaJah: *angry* you’ll be in pain next if you don’t shut up!😈

Leo: *gulps* D-don’t worry guys , since she’s pregnant, she has mood swings 😅.

DaJah: *growls*😈

Leo: I-I’ll shut up now sweetheart 🙇.


Absolutely Beautiful: Watch This Woman Tell Her Husband She’s Pregnant While Conan O’Brien Pours Good Milk Down The Sink

Get the tissues ready, because this is guaranteed to be the most emotional video you’ve seen in a long time.

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Its finally here!  My latest sketch book is stuffed to the gills with drawings and comics I’ve done in the past year or so.  With a title like “Oh My God.. I’m A Mom you might be wondering what it could possibly be about.  Well, ever since I first became preggers, the theme of babies and motherhood has popped up in my work from time to time.  Just a tad.  To be honest, drawing about my experiences helped me keep my sanity, or at least what little I had to begin with.  This book chronicles the sweet highs and bewildering lows of becoming a new mom, and hopefully you’ll find it full of humor, sassafras, and plenty of “d'aaawwww…lookit the baby!”  If you’ve ever enjoyed or shared my drawings like the ones above, have a look-see!  This mama would be ever so obliged.

Imagine your OTP has recently gotten married, but are not ready for kids. Around the same time, a close friend of theirs announces they’re pregnant. Nine months later, when said friend gives birth, your OTP is there with them. After the baby is born and they go home, Person A says, “Wow. That was intense. I’m glad we aren’t having kids for a while.” Person B (awkwardly) has to announce that they just found out that they’re pregnant. How Person A reacts is up to you.