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Surprise, Baby (Part One)


Published - March 20, 2017

Title - Surprise, Baby (Part One)

Characters - Dean, Reader

Pairing - Dean x Reader

Summary - Dean and the Reader have been together for eight years and married for the last two of them. Due to their dangerous hunting life, the couple has yet to talk about having kids. When the Reader falls pregnant, what will happen? Will Dean be happy or not?

Word Count - 2,459

This Imagine Will Include - Slight smut, language, angst, fluff, unplanned pregnancy, more fluff, mentions of throwing up

*Author’s note at the end

*Gifs are NOT mine

 “Oh God.” You breathed out with a wide smile on your face as Dean slipped out of you and rolled over onto his back, a satisfied grin on his perfectly chiseled face. 

“Just when I think sex can’t get any better with you. Damn. That one’s going down in the books, baby.” He panted as you chuckled, rolling over to sprawl across his glistening chest.His olive green eyes were shining brightly in the soft glow of the lamp on the nightstand. You press a kiss to his chin before looking up at him through your lashes.

“You’re amazing.” The sentence passes your lips in a quiet whisper and the smug and proud grin that crosses your husbands face causes you to roll your eyes. With a deep sigh, you grab the sheet and turn to get out of bed.

“We should get up. It’s already almost 10.” You say as you rip the sheet off of the bed to wrap it around yourself, leaving Dean completely naked on the bed, though he didn’t seem to mind so much, and if you were being honest with yourself, you didn’t mind either; the man was fucking gorgeous.

“So? We got no place to be, baby. The week is ours. I say you bring your cute little ass over here and let me make love to you again.” He smirks, but you refuse, shaking your head.

“No can do, baby. I am dying for some food, so after I shower and get dressed, I’m going to the nearest diner. Join or don’t join, I don’t mind.” You smirk as you dropped the sheet you were wearing to grab your short silk robe instead, tying the thin string around your waist. Glancing back before you opened the door, you saw Dean slipping on his boxers, a dramatic pout on his plump lips.

The Bunker’s concrete floor was cold under your bare feet as you slipped into the bathroom for a shower, making sure to lock it so your husband wouldn’t find his way inside. You knew that if that were to happen, you’d never leave the bunker.

Fifteen minutes pass before you step out of the shower, wrapping a small towel around yourself and grabbing your robe before walking out of the bathroom. When you walked into the bedroom, Dean was nowhere to be found. He was probably in the library, or makeshift living room you had put together so many years ago.

After drying off and slipping on a pair of black panties and matching bra, you pad softly over to the beautiful, wooden vanity in the corner that your husband had gotten you one year for Christmas to slap on some makeup that consisted of mascara and a little lipstick; nothing special. After throwing up your now dry hair into a bun, you quickly dressed in a pair of short jean shorts and a cut off AC/DC t-shirt. [xx] The weather was finally starting to warm up here in Kansas and you couldn’t be happier. Snow and cold air was definitely not your thing.

You slip on your worn red sneakers and grab your bag and cell phone before walking out of the bedroom and sauntering down the hall that spilled out into the library, where Dean was sitting at one of the chairs. He turns when he sees you and a wide smirk takes up his face.

Damn, my wife is hot.” He smiles and you roll your eyes before grabbing his hand and pulling him out of his chair. Thirty minutes later, you and Dean were seated in a booth at Ruth’s Diner chatting about nothing important while you waited on your food to be brought out. 

“Here ya go, guys. Hope you enjoy!” Your way-too-eager waiter smiles as he sits your food down in front of you and the overwhelming smell hit you like a freight train. Throwing a hand over your mouth, you struggle to hop out of the booth.

“Babe?” Dean asks, concerned, as he watches you stand from the table. You don’t get the chance to answer before you’re booking it to the bathroom and making it just in time to throw up in the toilet. The door opens and closes behind you and the warm hand that you knew belonged to your husband was rubbing your back soothingly.

After you finish dry-heaving, you shakily stand to your feet and let Dean help you over to the sink so you could wash out your mouth and cool off your face.

“Sweetheart, are you okay?” He asks after you finish cleaning up, spinning you around in his arms and grabbing your face in his hands.

“Yes, babe, I’m fine. I just…felt nauseous and…yeah. But I’m fine. Promise.” You say and although he looks like he doesn’t believe you, Dean nods his head and lets you lead him back to your booth.

“(Y/N/N, baby, we can leave-”

“Dean, I swear I am fine. Okay? Just, let’s eat, and then we can go back home, okay?” Dean’s green eyes were wide with concern but you shook your head and he sighed. You were stubborn as fuck - almost as much as him - and he knew that arguing wasn’t going to get you guys anywhere.

“Can I get a ginger ale for my wife, please?” Dean calls out loudly to the waitress behind the counter and you roll your eyes, despite the fluttering in your chest. Sometimes, when Dean got overprotective or overbearing, it pissed you off; you were a grown ass woman and could take care of yourself. Other times, like now, it just made you love him more, if that were possible. 

You leisurely sipped your beverage while Dean ate his food, his gaze practically glued to yours. You wanted to eat your food, but the mere thought made you want to puke again. You weren’t sure why you felt sick all of the sudden. You were fine just an hour ago! It didn’t make any sense.

“Hey, Martha, what’s today’s date?” One of the waitresses asked as she sat behind the register, writing on a piece of paper. The woman you had guessed to be Martha answered with today’s date and you widened your eyes once you realized. It all came rushing to you like a ton of fucking bricks. 

You were late. Holy fucking hell, your period was late!

Motherfucker.” You breathe out at the realization. It had totally slipped your mind that you had skipped a period. Now, here you were, almost two weeks late and possibly pregnant.

“(Y/N/N)?” Dean’s husky voice interrupted your thoughts and you looked over at him.

“Uh, sorry, what?”

“I said, are you ready to go?” His voice was laced with worry. Running a hand over your face, you nod your head before standing from the booth and grabbing Dean’s outstretched hand. He had already paid the bill, so y’all walked out of the diner and over to Baby. After leading you over to the passenger side and making sure you got in, Dean walks around to the drivers side and slides behind the wheel. After peeling out of the parking lot, Dean turns the radio down to a low volume before turning his attention to you.

“Alright, out with it. What’s wrong, babe? You’ve been quiet, and you’re starting to worry me.” A part of you wanted to lie. To say that everything was okay. But you were not a very good liar, and Dean knew it. Taking a deep breath, you look over at your husband and have to physically refrain from sobbing.

“I’m late, Dean.” You say, and Dean, being the airhead he sometimes was, answered with a gruff and confused ‘late for what?’ With an exasperated sigh, you roll your eyes and let out a quiet chuckle

“My period, Dean. My period is late.” The words leave your mouth in a hushed whisper and you watch as all color drains from his face. He doesn’t make a move to say anything, so you turn your gaze back to the window. Fifteen silent minutes pass before Dean pulls up in front of a pharmacy. 

“What…?” You trail off, your brows furrowed in confusion. Dean cleared his throat, taking the key out of the ignition and turning to look at you, his expression unreadable.

“You…you’re late, right? So we should, uh, get one of those test thingies…” He trails off slowly and with a deep sigh, you nod your head and move to get out. Dean follows your lead and the both of you walk into the pharmacy and straight over to the section with the pregnancy tests. 

After grabbing three tests, just to be sure, you pay and head back to the car. You arrive back at the bunker in no time and follow Dean inside and down the stairs. The silence was palpable and you could feel your heart pumping strongly in your chest. You had never felt so nervous. Damn, you fought monsters for a living. You had the fucking King of Hell’s phone number in your cell phone, and you were nervous about taking a pregnancy test? Who knew, you could just be late for other reasons, like stress? Although you and Dean had been having nonstop sex the past two months, so who knew?

“I…Dean.” You stop in front of the bathroom door, spinning around to face your husband. He looked like he was going to cry, his olive green eyes wide and glued to your own. You couldn’t quite decipher his mood. Was her nervous, like you, or was he angry? You had never talked about having kids and after a while, you had just given it up. It wasn’t like you could bring a baby into this dangerous, life-risking life you lived anyway.

“Yes, sweetheart?” He croaks, stepping closer and grabbing your hand in his much larger one.

“If…if this test is positive…what are we going to do?”

“What do you mean?” He asked.

“What I mean is we’ve never talked about having kids. I know you don’t want any, especially with the way we live our lives. I just…I don’t know-” Dean grabs your face in his hands and presses his lips harshly against yours, making you freeze in shock. Another second passes before you return the kiss, wrapping your arms around his waist.

Dean pulls away, breathless, and presses his forehead to yours for a split second before pulling away and looking down at you. You hadn’t noticed that you were crying until he reaches up to swipe the lone tear away.

“I’m gonna be honest with you, sweetheart…you’re right, I never pictured having kids. Like ever,” your heart dropped. “But things change, (Y/N/N). I love you, god, do I love you, sweetheart. More than life itself, and the thought of having a baby…yeah, it’s scary. Scary as fuck, actually. We’re hunters. The apple pie life ain’t for us, or it wasn’t. Baby, we’re having a baby! That ain’t nothing to be scared of or mad about. This baby was made out of love and it will grow up knowing of nothing else.” By the end of your husband’s somewhat long monologue, tears were streaming down both of your faces. 

“I-Really?” You managed after a second of stunned silence. After Dean nods his head with a wide smile, you throw yourself into his strong arms. 

“Alright, you should probably take the actual test now.” Dean chuckles and you nodded before ordering him to wait outside while you stepped into the bathroom to take the tests.

“Can I come in now?” An impatient Dean calls out a minute later as you were washing your hands in the sink The three pregnancy tests were balancing on the counter by the sink. This was going to be the longest fucking two minutes you would ever have to endure.

“For the love of all that is holy, yes Dean, you can come in now.” You roll your eyes playfully and watch as he practically busts into the room.

“Well…?!” He asks and you chuckle quietly as you walk into his chest, wrapping your arms around his waist.

“We have to wait two minutes.” You murmur against his chest. Placing a soft kiss on the top of your head, Dean brings you closer to him, wrapping his arms around your shoulders.

After two minutes, the timer you had set on your phone goes off and you’re pretty sure that your heart stopped in your chest. Stepping back, you looked up to see Dean already looking down at you, his green eyes full of love.

“You want me to look?” His voice was soft and comforting and his hands were gently running up and down your back, and in that moment you wished desperately that the tests were positive. You could already imagine a little version of yourself or your husband running around.

“No, I’ll look.” You respond with a deep breath, turning and walking over the sink. In that second, as you stood holding the small white stick in your hand, all of the air left your lungs. Your hands were shaking and your knees felt week. 

“(Y/N/N), baby, what does it say?” Dean had remained in his spot a few feet away, nervously shifting from foot to foot. Silently you turn to look at him and almost laughed out loud at the comical scared yet nervous look on his perfect face. Unable to hide it any longer, you let a big ass smile creep onto your face.

“I’m pregnant, Dean.” The sentence had barely fallen from your lips before Dean was picking you up and spinning you arms, a surprisingly loud laugh falling from his lips.

“Gah, I love you.” He whispers against your neck before peppering small kisses against the sensitive skin.

“I love you, too, Dean. So much.”

Your life was about to change drastically but you knew that if you had your husband by your side, nothing could go wrong. 

Author’s Note :

Oh God. So, as y’all can see, I suck at writing *hides under the bed*. Anyway, I hope y’all enjoyed. Lol. I am currently not taking requests, just because I’ve only just started writing and I want to be able to get my shit together before having the responsibility of having to write imagines for other people. Sorry! I promise to take requests as soon as I can. ;)

How they end up with kids..

Jumin: Initally resents the idea of children and doesn’t like the idea of MC going through childbirth for a couple years. When Jumin warms up to the idea of having his own heirs for his corporation he convinces MC for surrogacy rather than her to endure childbirth. They have 1 son and 1 daughter who are taken care of by a full time nanny. Zen judges Jumin’s parenting decisions daily.

Zen: Surprise pregnancy! MC gets sick while Zen is filming a movie. They find out together MC is pregnant when she faints on set and ends up in the hospital. MCs entire pregnancy is covered by entertainment news outlets. Paparazzi camped the hospital when word got out she was in labor and the RFA helps MC and Zen go to a secret location for a private birth. Zen is overly protective of MC and their daughter to the media.

Yoosung: He wasn’t kidding that he wanted children as soon as possible with the MC. They end up having 5 children total (3 girls, 2 boys). MC stays at home as a full time mom initially, but when Yoosung opens up his own vet hospital out in the countryside MC also helps him run the new family business.

Jaehee: MC decides she wants to adopt a child and Jaehee is named the godmother. MC adopts a toddler girl from a broken family with the help of Jaehee’s intense research knowledge and Jumin’s connections. The entire RFA helps MC her daughter, but, MC’s daughter refers to Jaehee as “Mommy Kang.” 

Saeyoung: He left more than just evidence he existed on MC before rescuing Saeran. MC found out she was pregnant while Saeyoung was helping Saeran but kept it a secret because she knew how much was already on Saeyoung’s plate. MC eventually confides in Saeyoung after the engagement party. They decide to keep it a secret from everyone until MC gives birth, however, that plan goes out the window when Yoosung comes over unexpectedly one day. MC and Saeyoung end up having triplets (2 girls with red hair and 1 boy with brown hair) much to the RFA’s dismay. The children end just as obsessed with Elly as Saeyoung is.


“You: What? Im hungry

Dean: You had a stake dinner two hours ago and ate half of mine

You: W-

Castiel: Dean, you do realize she is pregnant right?

You&Dean: What?

Castiel: Yes, she already has your appetite Dean

You: She?

Castiel: Oh yes. She is already strong, loving, caring like you. She is also stubborn, like Dean

Dean: Thats my girl

Sam: Did they find out? Or did you have to tell them?

You: You knew?

Sam: Of course, Cas told me on one of our hunts.

Castiel: I think its time for you to take it easy now. We dont want anything happening to you or the baby

Dean: Damn straight. I dont want anything happening to my girls

You: Fine. Cas, are you going to stay with me and play doctor?

Casiel: I would love to keep you company”

Dean is caught off guard by the pregnancy news and surprised you didnt find out yet or didnt fit the puzzles together. He is happy about being a father but also is scared because he didnt want anything happening to you or baby. Castiel has been wanting to tell you about your pregnancy, so he told Sam. Which Sam told him to wait until you found out so that you could tell Dean and finally him and Cas. Weeks has gone by and nothing. Castiel got tired of waiting and decided to tell the both of you instead, which he is happy he did because the expressions on both of you faces is extremely priceless for him. Sam is happy for his brother and happy he is going to be an uncle. An uncle to a niece and he is getting excited about meeting her. You couldnt believe you are pregnant, you didnt know if you could get pregnant at all and finally. A little life is growing inside you. The pregnancy made you incredibly happy. So happy the father is someone like Dean. So happy your daughter is going to have an uncle like Sam and Castiel. Something you have never had at all. It was only you and your parents growing up until they passed away. A family you have always wanted.

Surprise (Reid x Reader Imagine)

Originally posted by matthewgrayistherightway

Title: Surprise (Reid x Reader)

Request:  Hello :) Can you do a imagine where reader & spencer are married, and reader finds out she’s pregnant? thank you :)

Pairing: Reid x Reader

Triggers/Warnings: None

Words: 473

A/N: Hey lovecakes! Sorry I’m so behind! Now that Thanksgiving break is over, I’m back at school, but I’ll always make time for you guys! This is a short one, just sort of like an imagine. It’s not great, but I thought it was cute! I also wrote in a different perspective, just this once. Love you babes! xoxo




My heart felt like it jumped out of my chest and started dancing around my room. I could barely breathe. My lungs felt like they had been incinerated. But I was smiling. My whole future flashed in front of my eyes. A new family. A new lifestyle.

The test was positive.

I was pregnant.

I reached over to my nightstand to grab my cell and call Spence, but I then decided I wanted this to be in person. I wrapped my arms around my knees, cradling myself as I began to cry tears of joy. I had always wanted this, a chance to be a mother. To create something so beautiful and call it mine.

 It felt like I had been sitting on my bed for ages. My toes were wiggling in anticipation. My ears perked up when I finally heard the front door swing open.

 “Y/N, I’m home,” Spencer Reid’s voice cheerfully chimed throughout the house.

Spencer. The best thing that had ever happened to me. He was the perfect husband; loving, cute, sexy, and smart. Basically, everything I had ever wanted in a man.

I practically broke the bedroom door down as I busted through and raced down the hallway. My eyes lit up when I saw him. He looked fairly tired, but happy to be safe and sound. I leaped into his arms and wrapped my legs around his waist, not even waiting for him to take off his bag. Burying my face in his neck, I started sobbing again. Spencer gripped my legs and held me up.

“Y/N, what’s wrong?” He seemed scared of what I might say. I jumped down and cupped his face, staring deeply into his fawn brown eyes.

“Spencer,” I said softly, waiting for him to catch on. He stood there with a puzzled expression still on his face until his frown dropped and his eyebrows rose.

“OH MY GOD,” he screamed. He scooped me up and twirled me around in circles for God knows how long. The tears streaming down his face made my neck damp as he kissed me over and over again.

“I love you Y/N,” he spoke so lovingly that I couldn’t help but start crying again.

I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect moment.

What Happens in Vegas (An Everlark Story!)

Title: What Happens in Vegas

Rating: T (For this chapter)

Characters/Pairings: Katniss, Peeta, Madge, Johanna, Gale, Katniss/Peeta, Gale/Madge, Finnick/Annie

Triggers/warnings: None really. Some swearing and drinking.

Summary: Katniss Everdeen is away on a Bachelorette weekend away in Vegas, when she wakes up naked in an unfamiliar room, with a familiar person, and a wedding ring on her finger. But she has no memory of what happened the night before. Neither does her old classmate Peeta Mellark, who she hasn’t seen since they were children, and is now a famous chef working in LA. As they try to recollect what happened and work out what to do, the press find out about their Las Vegas wedding, and afraid of the reaction of a quickie marriage and divorce, they decide to stay married. And so begins a journey for Katniss and Peeta as they try to navigate a fake marriage, family drama, developing feelings, a surprise pregnancy, and an old flame who is determined to keep them apart. Will they manage to overcome all the complications in their relationship? Or will it be too much for them?  

A/Ns: This was written to raise money for the @mores2sl challenge over on Tumblr. I would like to thank @mores2sl for hosting this challenge and to people who donated to this wonderful cause.I would also like to thank the people at @everlarkianarchivechat on Tumblr for their ongoing support with giving me feedback on this story. Lastly, I would like to extend a huge thank you to @katnissdoesnotfollowback on Tumblr for beta reading this story for me.

You can read it AO3 or FF.Net.  

@darkfallenangel98: Hello , I love your imagines so much ! I was wondering if you can do an imagine where you tell Pierto he is going to be a dad in a really cute way and then his reaction

TITLE: Surprise present

“Welcome back!” You said happily to Pietro. Within the blink of an eye, he moved from one side of the room to hugging you tightly. His speed was always something you loved about him. He picked you up and held you close to him as he picked you up. “You’ve only been gone a week.” You giggled. Wrapping your arms around his neck, you hugged him back just as tight.

“But it felt like much longer.” He said into your neck. You smiled wider knowing the conversation that was soon to come.

“I have a welcome home present for you.” You said excitedly as you jumped out of his arms. He looked at you with an amused expression but followed you to your shared bedroom in the Tower silently. You had to bite your cheek to stop you from blurting out what you were going to tell him – you had to wait. You wanted to get his expression on film. “Sit.” You said to Pietro when you entered the bedroom. You pointed at the bed and Pietro gladly followed your instructions. He sat down on the bed and played with his wedding ring as he waited patiently for his present. You smiled as he played with the ring; something he always did when he was waiting. “I got you,” you walked to your bedside table and picked up a cup of Pietro’s favourite hot drink. You sat down next to him and put your arms around him. He took the cup and thanked you.

“This isn’t what I would be expecting.” He chuckled. You had to make a pun here.

“It’s funny when you’re expecting.” He gave you a weird look but said nothing else. You hid your phone and managed to get it on video. Slyly, you put it on the table and faced it at you and him.

“So what do you fancy to do today?” He asked. You shrugged and lied back onto your bed as you watched Pietro drink. You both sat and spoke happily for a while, him telling you everything that had happened on his mission; including Thor putting his hammer on the tv remote so no one could watch tellie but him. You watched with a smirk as he took the last sip of his drink. He looked at the bottom of the cup and when he did, his eye brows furrowed together in confusion. “Y/N…” He said slowly. “What… what does this mean? ‘We’re expecting’?” He turned around to show you the cup but instead of seeing you lying happily on the bed, you were sitting up with your legs crossed.

Holding up a positive pregnancy test.

His eyes went between you and the test but he said nothing. His mouth was in the perfect ‘O’ shape but no noise came out.

“Pietro?” You asked cautiously, the smile fading from your face. You thought he would be happy, not sitting there in shock. Was he angry? “Are you happy?” He continued sitting there and he slowly reached up and took the test from your hands. He stared at it for a few minutes before he finally spoke.

“How… er… How far along are you?” He asked, his eyes still on the test.

“I think about a month? Maybe three weeks?” You said quietly.

“I can’t believe this.” You braced yourself. He seemed angry. “We’re going to have a family!” He yelled happily. Pietro jumped on top of you and pepper kissed you all over your face. “You’re going to be a mum.”

“And you’re going to be a dad!” You said, taking his face in your hands and giving him a kiss.

“We have to go tell everyone!” He said. Pietro jumped up from the bed and started pacing around the room, a large smile on his face. “Wanda is going to be so happy! She’s always wanted to be an aunt.”

“And I was thinking Natasha and Clint could be God Mother and Father.” You said. Pietro nodded with enthusiasm. “Natasha is my best friend, me and Clint are close and he’s already got three children so he knows what to do.”

“I agree.” He said. He held his hands out for you to take. When you did, he gently pulled you up and off of the bed. “We need to tell everyone right now. If I don’t I’m going to burst.” He chuckled as he ran out of the room.

You smiled to yourself as you walked over to the camera. You wanted to re-watch Pietro’s reaction.

“Oh for God’s sake.” You muttered. You didn’t press record.

What to Expect When Expecting an Amazon Warrior (Part 1/3) (Dean x Reader)

Summary: Reader discovers that she is pregnant with Dean’s baby and is unsure what to do with the news. During a hunt for Amazons, the reader is kidnapped and has a mysterious ritual put upon her which leads to unexpected events.

Word Count: 2492 words

Warnings: mentions of sex, a bit of smut (hardly but its there), swearing, body insecurity

A/N: This story actually got deleted so I had to rewrite it again and I hope you guys like it! I’m going to be working on so many requests that I have and the continuing parts to my other series! Who knew one could have so much to do after a vacation? ;) 

When your eyes opened, you found that you were no longer in the lavish living room where you had been facing the fireplace, entranced by the calm fire that sent a comforting warmth to your cheeks, and that there was a tall, olive toned woman with short hair up to her jaw. She was leaning over a long wooden table that held various trinkets, from pens to odd bottles of herbs and that there was a rather large book opened in front of her. She had not noticed that you were awake and your body was coming back to life, the fingers moving carefully and stiffly and your head began to raise itself from the awkward angle it had been resting in. Your confusion increased as you gathered your surroundings, surprised at the fact that there were numerous women spread around the room, all holding long silver blades in there hands and standing near doorways and windows. Despite your confusion, you understood fully well that they were on guard and you, it appeared, were being held captive. As to why, you were not sure. 

“And so the princess stirs,” a sultry voice said, the source seemingly coming from the woman with short hair. Her eyes never left the book and your vision cleared enough from its blurriness that you could out the small, yet prominent smile on her ruby lips. “I am pleased that you could come back to us. I had wondered if my sisters had been too harsh on your pretty head and we would have lost you.”

Hearing her words, you recalled how you had suddenly started feeling uneasy while searching the large mansion with the Winchesters and that the feeling grew into a pain that had made you sit down on the white couch, gasping as you grasped your stomach and breathed in cautiously. It was the first time a sickness like that had struck you whilst on a hunt and you were so incapacitated for a few minutes that your partner (for boyfriend was too simple and husband was too serious), Dean, was about to call the hunt off. You remembered that you kept refusing and you urged him that you would be alright and that your sickness had passed, and against his protests the three of you decided to finish the hunt. Somehow, you were not sure why you had been in the living room alone but you had became transfixed by the flames burning in front of you and you had your hand covering your stomach gently, pondering how you were going to tell your partner that your sickness was not of a random occurrence but of a mistake. A mistake that created what others thought of as a precious life that brought happiness and an error, that for you, brought dread at the thought of bringing into a child who had hunters as parents. 

The thought that there was a beating heart inside of you, a soul in the making, was the last notion that ran through your mind before you heard a noise behind you as pain erupted in the back of your head, sending you to the ground as the world around you darkened. It seemed that the woman in front of you, with the seductive voice and black hair, was behind it all and you hoped that the brothers would find you soon. 

“I would ask who you are,” you choked out, tugging at the restraints keeping your hands and feet pinned to the chair that was your prison, “but I’ll take a guess and say that you’re the head Amazon?”

The woman laughed, an alluring kind of laugh that would have drawn you in had you been a fan of women or a man, and her green eyes met yours as she straightened her posture. “Close, darling. I’m second in command around here,” she shared a look with one of the women standing on guard, “and filling in for the Head of the clan while she is away. I will admit, she will be pleased with what have found tonight.” 

“What is it that you have found tonight?” You glared at the woman, wanting to know her name so that you could curse at her and demand that she set you free. Dean must be searching the mansion endlessly around now and your phone must have had a collection missed calls. 

“A pregnant woman that will bestow upon us a new member!” the woman replied with glee, clapping her hands while your jaw slightly lowered. “It is truly a gift! I am excited to start the ceremony and begin the ritual that will grant us the beginning of the new generation.”

You were at a loss of words and you attempted to force out protests, but your throat had tightened with fear and your hands were too shaky for another try at freeing yourself from your restraints. 

“Oh, be more alert and happy!” When her moment of glee passed, the woman lifted the large book from the table and set it aside on the floor beside her. She proceeded to clear the table, ushering the other women to help while two of them approached you. 

“What is going on?” you asked lazily as the two women removed the ropes that held you arms and legs and beckoned you to stand up, which you could not muster the strength for. Nevertheless, the women firmly took hold of your arms and practically dragged you to the table, where you were propped up like a rag doll and placed on your back like a corpse on a mortician’s table. You were full of terror as your hands and legs were once again wrapped in tight rope and your shirt was ripped open, exposing your tummy and the protected secret that lay just beneath the smooth plane of your skin. 

“Aishia, we should do the ritual now,” one of the women that stood by your feet said, “before the two men realize that we are in the basement.”

“If you could shut up and keep her restrained, then I can,” the woman, or Aishia as you presumed, snarled at the woman. “Follow my lead and within a few minutes the ritual will be complete.” 

Aishia’s hand roamed over your exposed belly, her green eyes gleaming with the prospect of the gift they would receive and your protest was caught in your throat once more, your body going limp and stiff as if you were frozen. “Now, darling,” Aishia directed towards you as the women around you began to chant at her command, “there may pain or there may not be, but I can assure you that whatever occurs, your precious gift will be…”

You did not hear much of what she had said for your world began to darken and there was a loud, unclear yelling that you were unsure of where it came…but in the moments before your mind drifted to a slumber, you thought you heard the familiar sound of Dean’s voice yelling your name.

Your mistake had happened the night after a successful hunt in which a werewolf was put down and the slaughter of many residents of the small town was brought to a relatively peaceful end. Sam, Dean and your tired self decided to get a relaxing drink at the local bar, and it had been going well until a cheerful and vibrant blonde took a seat beside Dean. You were used to women flirting with him, he was a good looking man who knew how to charm and even his presence garnered attention; he always reassured you that he had eyes only for you and on numerous occasions he proved that, but the lack of clarity in where the two of you stood in your relationship brought worry into your mind every time. You did not consider yourself a suitable partner for Dean and that night it really struck you how much your jealousy and insecurity grew as he chatted with the blonde. When Sam returned from the bathroom, you declared that it was time to return to the motel and you bid your goodnight to Sam with a smile and then entered your shared room with Dean. 

There had been a fairly small argument, the details escaped you and after there was a moment of silence before you stepped forward and passionately kissed Dean. That began a night where clothes were hurriedly removed with such ferocity that you never knew you had in you and there was no time wasted; the two of you fell into the bed and skin brushed skin, lips caressed yours and then trailed down your neck with a soft fierceness that send bursts of pleasure to every corner of your body. You held him close to you and he never let you go; when your steamy and blissful session had finished and your body felt as if it were a cloud, you laid your head on his chest and listened to his heart beat as you drifted off to sleep while he caressed your hair. 

The next morning when you awoke and went to take a well needed shower before you departed, it dawned on you that your state of passion the two of you had forgotten to grab a condom from the drawer. You were not worried as much as you should have been because you had been taking birth control and it had escaped your mind until you missed your period the next month. Five pregnancy tests later, your world came crashing and you did not tell Dean out of hesitation. 

The unconsciousness this time around lasted only a few short minutes and you came back to your senses as a result of Dean shaking you madly as he repeatedly said your name extremely loud in your ear. “Dean, shut up,” you breathed, more annoyed at his loudness than anything. 

“Oh, thank god you’re okay!” he chuckled and planted a big kiss on your forehead; you enjoyed every moment of his quick kiss and the comfort it brought. 

“I just want to go home, Dean,” you whispered to him, taking hold of his shoulder as he help lift you from the table. Sam was standing by the doorway, his gun in hand and watching as Dean put your arm over his shoulder and guided you to the doorway where Sam was. 

“You okay there, (Y/N)?” Sam asked, concern etched unto his face as he looked you over, his eyes pausing briefing pausing at your exposed belly. 

“I’m good, just need to get the hell out of here,” you responded, giving Sam one of your grins to let him know you were okay. “What happened to the women?”

“Women?” Dean inquired from your side.

“Yeah, the women! They surrounded me and put me on the table and stuff,” you glanced back and forth between the brothers and they were as dumbfounded as you were. 

“Whether or not the women were here, the house was completely abandoned,” Sam patted your shoulder. “No worries, (Y/N), we’ll get you out of here and that’s the most important thing right now.”

Before you followed Sam up the stairs you glanced back towards the basement and wondered if it had been a dream and if it wasn’t, what had they done to you?

The bunker was an all familiar, comforting home that you had grown to look forward too after every hunt. It was your safe haven and when you dropped your overnight on the floor of your bedroom, you let out a contended sigh and you had decided that you would enjoy your night back at home and worry about the baby tomorrow. You needed the time to yourself and taking off your clothes and throwing the shirt in the trash can, you decided you would take a relaxing bath with bubbles. When you slid into the bath, warmth enveloped your body and you closed your eyes once the bubbles settled around you, the stress of the past week almost washing away and the hesitant thoughts on whether or not tell Dean about the baby were pushed back in the line of thoughts and your mind filled with images of beaches and a pleasant summers day. 

However, your moment of relaxation was cut short by an abrupt flutter of movement in your belly that coerced a shriek to break out of your lips from the shock. There was no pain and nothing hurt, all there was was a discomfort that struck you momentarily and you immediately hopped out of the bath, your eyes wide with panic behind your (Y/E/C) eyes. Was it the baby? Were you miscarrying? What was happening?

Questions danced all around your head as you stepped into your bedroom, water dripping unto floor and small bits of bubble bath were attached to the ends of your hair and there was not a bone in your body that cared in the slightest. Sam and Dean were the hallway just outside of the room chatting as they usually did before Dean retired to your bedroom to sleep; neither of them noticed as you walked past the door, a small towel barely covering your naked body and your mind set on finding that floor length mirror that you hated so much. You were unsure if you truly wanted to see what lay underneath your towel, you pointedly ignored glancing down at your own whilst you wrapped yourself in the towel and now, with your hands shaking, you held back nervous breaths as you let the towel slip down your body. 

“What the fuck? What the fuck? What the fuck?” It was simply not possible. How? Was it what the women did? “Oh my fucking god…”

You were holding back panicked tears when Sam and Dean rushed into the room, having heard you exclaim upon your discovery. You swiftly gathered the towel and wrapped it around yourself, closing your eyes and hoping it was all a dream.

“(Y/N)…?” Dean’s green eyes were trained on you and you slowly turned around, your eyes gradually opening. He had to have seen, you were not fast enough and the towel had been wrapped seconds after they ran into the room. Oh goodness…how would you tell him? 

“I should probably tell you…” you raised your eyes to meet his and the hand hidden beneath the towel automatically went to the small bump that was your now swollen belly, as if protecting the small bundle underneath. “I’m pregnant, Dean. Those Amazons did something to me and I think that’s why I went from being a month pregnant to being five months along in just a few hours.”

Dean sucked in a breath and blinked several times, and he was about to say something when his eyes rolled back into his head and he fell face forward, startled Sam and making you sigh. This was precisely why you didn’t want to him.  

Surprise - short Gabe Brown Story

The honeymoon was definitely over. After your and Gabe’s bush wedding you took off to Juneau for a three day honeymoon. You took advantage of the privacy, because you’d be back sleeping on the kitchen floor when you returned to Brown Town as husband and wife.
“As soon as we get home, we’ll start on the cabin.” Gabe promised, kissing you bare shoulder as you two lay in your hotel bed.
“Good, I want to be able to make love to you as soon as possible.” you rolled over on top of the pile of muscle.
That was three months ago. You two still slept on a mattress in the kitchen floor. You hadn’t touched each other in months and it was wearing on the both of you. Noah already had everything framed out, Gabe just had too many other things he had to do. So today you were enlisting the help of your brothers-in-law.
“Gabe said to wait.” Noah sounded a bit skeptical of you leading the charge in finishing your home. I want a house to ourselves. Are you going to help me, or not?” you were wielding a sledge hammer over one shoulder, they were silent as you led them to the house.
“Where do we start, Sis?” Bear was anxious to help, because as far as you all knew he would be the next one to be married. In his mind, if he helped you now you would help him with his tree house later.
“I’d like to get the roof on today, if you boys will do that I will start on the floor boards.” you gave each boy a hug and a kiss for their work.
It was midday, the supports and slats for the roof were already in place. You had already finished the floorboards and had started on the walls. With everyone focusing on just your house, you were making great progress.
It wasn’t until one that Gabe finally came out of his sleep. “What in the world are you guys doing!” he ran toward us, “Babe, I told you to wait!”
You did not falter on your work, continuing to nail studs and stuff with insulation. “You were sleeping. We need to get this house done, now.”
“What, is the kitchen floor not enough for you anymore?” the boys climbed off the roof and started on toward camp to let you two fight it out.
“It’s not enough for me you and a baby! We need to finish this house, Gabriel.” Oops, didn’t mean for that to slip out.
“W-what? Baby? (Y/N), we’re going to have a baby?” he came walking faster toward you, pulling you off the ladder. “Are you pregnant, baby?”
“We’re pregnant, Gabe. Apparently we weren’t as careful on the honey moon as we thought. When me and the girls went to town last week, I went to the doctor. Eleven weeks. Congratulations, Daddy.” you was almost in tears.
“I’m gonna be a dad. I’m going to be a dad. GUYS, I’M GOING TO BE A DADDY!” he swung you around, kissing all over your face before scooping you up and running toward the cabin.
“What?” Bam swirled around. “(Y/N)’s pregnant?”
“I’m gonna be an uncle! Awesome!” Bear ran up and squeeze you hard.
“Did I hear something about grand babies?” Ami said, coming out of the main cabin.
“Twelve weeks along, congratulations Mami.” you smiled, beaming with pride. Everyone was so happy, you were to. You and Gabe were going to wait before you started on your family, but you were looking forward to motherhood.
“Guys, get back to work on the cabin. Baby girl, you get your butt in the cabin with the girls and start working on plans. I love you.” he kissed your lips then bent down to your stomach. “I love you to.”

CtM Thursday Thoughts

Shelagh’s Secret (SPOILER)

So it looks like the synopsis for 6x02 has dropped a MAJOR SPOILER and revealed what Shelagh’s secret is.  I have so many thoughts and I conveniently hadn’t posted my Thursday Thoughts yet, so that’s what I’m doing today. This is about the Secret. More thoughts (about a MAJOR SPOILER) follow:

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anonymous asked:

Hashirama, Madara, Tobirama, reactions to their s/o saying she's pregnant?


•I really don’t see any scenario where he isn’t overwhelmed with joy and doesn’t start crying on the spot tbh. It’s so exciting!! He’s gonna be a dad!!! He gets to have his own little baby!!! Like for real the tears of joy just burst out and he’ll grab his s/o in a tight ass hug and squeeze until she can’t breathe

•Then he’ll want to tell anyone and everyone about it so he’ll leave for an hour or two to share the news (there’s no way you can get Hashirama to do one of those surprise pregnancy announcements, like as soon as he finds out, Konoha is finding out) then he comes back to his s/o for more hugs and kisses and excitement

•He spends the rest of the day with her. Just talking about baby stuff. Which room will be the baby’s. What toys they should get. What parts of the house they need to baby-proof

•He also spends a good portion of the night on baby names. Thinks of boy names, girl names, unisex names. Picks his favorites then changes his mind because he just doesn’t know! Keeps a list in his head. Might even want to make an actual list 

•His s/o really needs to calm him down but that’ll be difficult. He’s just so happy. At most, she can just tell him not to get too worked up about it. He acts like the baby’s coming in a week. “Still a few months to go, Hashirama”


•So for Tobirama, I honestly don’t see any certain circumstance where he’s very happy about it. It would only be okay if they had actually planned it, but that’s not likely. Even before he became Hokage, he was probably very involved in village work and knew better than to make huge family plans. And as Hokage especially, he just wouldn’t have the time

•So tbh, it’s probably going to be an accident. Or a “surprise”, to make it sound less harsh. He might be upset and apprehensive, mostly because it’s out of nowhere (okay unless his sensory skills came in handy, and he sensed the baby first, so he brings it up) and he just acts out on those emotions from the start

•His immediate reaction is discouraging because he’s just not on board with it. It’s only when he sees he’s upset his s/o and made her anxious/fearful that he’ll feel guilty and take her in his arms to soothe her. He’ll apologize, or explain that while it’s going to be a lot to take in, he’s still going to take care of her and their baby

•And in retrospect, if his s/o knew him well enough, she’d probably know it was risky telling Tobirama about the baby since he wasn’t really on the family train just yet. So maybe she chooses to keep it to herself until she could decide how to tell him and what to do. In that case, the situation where he figures out on his own by sensing the baby makes his reaction even worse. He’d hate that she kept it secret. So he’s even more upset, and the guilt is even more afflicting, because like wow. His s/o couldn’t tell him something that important? Is that how intimidating he is? He feels awful and that’s when he’d definitely comfort and reassure her


•I actually see Madara being quite pleased. “Pleased” being a mild term for happy, though he really is going to be happy if it was planned or if he’d actually wanted a kid. And although Tobirama and Madara seem a bit similar when it comes to these sort of serious situations, Madara is more likely to want a family, and he’d be prepared for one.

•Even if he was very busy (and as leader of the Uchiha clan, of course he is) he’d still like the idea of it. Like let’s just say he’d become Hokage or something—he’d still try to find the time for family, even if it’s not a lot of time. But basically, he’d still enjoy the comfort of knowing he had a family at home waiting for him

•But his reaction will just be categorized as “pleased” if it’s more of a surprise. Again, I can see the happy and excited factor coming into play if he and his s/o were actually looking to have a baby and they’d planned it out

•He’d hug her and maybe place a simple kiss on her forehead, but almost immediately he’d go into some serious talk about plans. Like who’s going to take care of her during the pregnancy if he’s ever away. Tells her that he needs her to watch out for herself when he’s not around

•I can see a complete other reaction for Madara too though. Maybe a bit startled? Caught off guard? At loss for words? Like he’ll just stand there as she tells him, then look at her stomach, and maybe press a palm against it, like he thinks he can feel something already. It just depends on his mood though. Also, on the time period. Pre-Konoha Madara or Mid-Konoha Madara is likely to have this reaction

Tom Wilson #1

Requested by Anon:  hey girl! could you maybe do a Tom Wilson imagine where there is a surprise pregnancy and you’re scared to tell him? thank you!!!   [here it is!! Enjoy!]

Word count:1,002

Originally posted by holtbyism

“I’m pregnant!” You said solemnly to your reflection in the mirror. “no, no, that’s too serious, this is supposed to be a happy occasion,” you told yourself. Trying it one more time, you gave yourself an excited look, “you’re gonna be a dad!” You said with a more jovial grin. Damn it but you’re not even sure that he wants kids. “Does he want kids?” you asked your reflection. “What if he doesn’t want kids?” You started to panic at the thought but stopped yourself just in time, “no. You have lived your life without him before. If he leaves you because he knocked you up, then it’s fine. You’ll be fine!” You schooled yourself.

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tbl 312 “the vehm”

Hetalia characters fave memes
  • America: It's not gay if it's on the moon
  • England: I came here to have a good time and I'm honestly feeling so attacked right now
  • France: Pepe the frog
  • Russia: Egg
  • China: Well thought out puns/anything making fun of America
  • Canada: Renaming the world and solar system as different variations of Canada
  • Germany: Doge
  • Italy: Weak Knees Mom's Spaghetti
  • Japan: pregnancy test meme
  • Prussia: Surprise, bitch.
  • Romano: mmm whatcha say
  • Spain: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)/ any donger face