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Once Upon a Dream

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(Gif doesn’t really have anything to do with the story but I couldn’t leave it without a gif of this beautiful man)

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Word Count: 1,783

Warnings: Brief mention of pregnancy; nothing really

Summary: You have dreams that eventually become reality and this is the one you couldn’t be happier to have become reality. This is my entry for @thorne93’s 200 Follower Challenge. I had chosen the song Once Upon a Dream from Sleeping Beauty and Sam x Reader.

A/N: So I know this is being posted super early but I couldn’t wait to post it. Hope you like it as much as I do. This is also un-edited so I apologize for any errors.

Reader’s POV

           Throughout your life, you have had dreams come true. You never knew what dreams would eventually come true and which ones would remain a dream. Sometimes it would happen in real life that same year but most of the time it would be years before it came true. What you had never happen was have a dream come true the very next day. It happened two year ago, and you couldn’t be happier that that specific dream became reality.

*Two Year Ago*

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Of Babies and Accidental Sex Tapes

All Clarke had wanted to do was film a cute reaction video to maybe post on YouTube- because Bellamy was definitely going to cry-and somehow she had ended up creating her first sex tape. Their first sex tape, actually.

Bellamy still cried, so she’s pretty sure it’s the weirdest sex tape ever. [AO3]

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squirticuno  asked:

People literally bend over backwards to congratulate other people when they announce their pregnancy but when Beyoncé does it, everyone MAGICALLY has a problem and makes it their top priority to announce it like just shut up perhaps??? Beyoncé been working her ass off for YEARS, tragically suffered a miscarriage, and is currently in the process of mastering visuals. If she wants to reveal her pregnancy in a BEAUTIFUL way that is significant to her for her fans, then she can do that!



Again, this shows what makes TMP different from other sitcoms:  Its heart

Ross’ reaction is hilarious, and understandable because he and Rachel were not an official couple at that time. But I love that TMP chose to make this moment poignant. It is also because of such poignant musical moments that it’s hard to call TMP a sitcom anymore. 

It’s kind of sad that TMP is sometimes criticized and faulted for what it doesn’t have ( a strong support cast and perhaps very exaggerated comedic situations) but not given enough recognition for what distinguishes it from other sitcoms (a successful romantic couple, and realistic, fresh take on love story tropes)

We decided

That we are going to tell a few people about the pregnancy early.  Those people including his parents and mine and a few very close friends so that they can’t say we didn’t tell them and they only found out through social media or word of mouth. (Like my parents tried to say with Cole -_-)

After that we are going to wait until 12+ weeks to make it public and we are trying to think up some cute reveals. So any opinions would be awesome!!!

I’m going to call tomorrow and set up my first antenatal appointment and meet with a new OBGYN.

We’ve decided to tell our moms and families on mother’s day!

His side of the family has been having Sunday dinners for the last few months and my mom always goes to them so we thought it would be the perfect time to tell them. Plus my step dad is back in town so he will get to hear first hand too!

We aren’t telling everyone yet, like on facebook/social media, but we wanted to share with our families as soon as possible.

We got them mother’s day cards but instead of the usual “to moms” we got them “to grandmas”. 

I’m so excited to share the news!!


I think (one of these two collages) is how I am going to announce our pregnancy on Facebook on Valentines Day along with the rest of the maternity pictures we took. Even though we will find out what the gender is on the same day that we announce the pregnancy, I’m still not going to reveal that until we do our pictures in March. Of course you guys are all VIP because I tell you everything and will be among the first to know and also because I can’t keep my mouth shut. 


“Told my dad he is going to be a grandpa I am his only child and my mother passed away 20 years ago. He has been asking us for grandchildren since our wedding night. I think he is happy. :)”
- Jessica Hickey

cutest reaction ever.