pregnancy pact


My old roomate Ally Bonino performs “Love Me Better” from Pregnancy Pact by Julia Meinwald and Gordon Leary

Behind the Music-al: “Love Me Better” from Pregnancy Pact (by BwayWatcher)

Helicopter Hands No. 2

On September the Second I decided to respond to Helicopter Hands’ advances.  Background, I was slightly drunk and had been watching Lifetime movies On Demand.  

September 2, 2011

Helicopter Hands: Your name is always there Jane and you perfectly state my wish of what to do with a girl. What is there holding you back? I want to watch tv with you, I am the biggest movie buff ever. There are ulterior motives for me, I wont try anything. If you want to get to know me that can be arranged. During Seinfeld.

Me: I’m sorry for not respondin to you earlier, both of my hands were broken due to a tragic helicopter accident.

Helicopter Hands: I don’t know how to take that. I’ll be happy that you responded. I last saw the movie A Single Man with Colin Firth and it was so despairing, I did cry afterwards. I just went downstairs to find something to watch, but there was absolutely nothing on demand

Me: Pregnancy Pact is on demand.

Helicopter Hands: You are joking with me, mocking me assuredly. Well go ahead it doesn’t hurt I had the most empty and miserable night.

Me: I’ve been watching shitty lifetime movies on demand all night, for example pregancy pact.

Helicopter Hands: Did you feel bad for yourself? I feel terrible for myself, I was looking into how to make lock picks. You wouldn’t do anything with me now would you? Because you don’t know me. I always have programs and movies preserved for occasions such as being with Jane

Helicopter Hands: aw im sorry I asked, I blew it

Me: That’s what she said.

Helicopter Hands: I wish

Helicopter Hands: goodnight Jane. I hope you’ll watch tv with me one day. xoxo

One would think he would have stopped messaging me because of the whole helicopter hands thing, but next episode Helicopter Hands continues his correspondence.

So This Is Cute?


Teenagers having “pregnancy pacts” and posting pictures on Facebook like it’s cute.

Not only that, you have these other dumbass children commenting that it’s “cute” and validating these CHILDREN for the decisions. 

This is why I hate social networking to a point. 

These CHILDREN…black AND white get on my nerves….(you see the white ones are actually getting PAID with TV series…..enter 16&Pregnant). 

You’re young, bringing illegitimate babies into the world, and will PROBABLY have a video on WorldStar of them fighting their “Baby Daddy’s New Girlfriend” because she looked at either of them funny.

This madness needs to stop…….it’s disgusting.

Reflection of the household I suppose? 

Pacto de embarazo / Pregnancy pact




 En Massachussets, en el año 2008, los informativos se hacen eco de la noticia de que un grupo de adolescentes que estudian en el mismo instituto han pactado vivir la experiencia de ser madres a la vez. La joven reportera Sidney Bloom (Thora Birch), de una revista online, acude a la que es su pueblo natal a investigar el inusual incremento de embarazos que hay en su antiguo instituto donde ella estudió. Pronto Sidney choca con el punto de vista de la conservadora Lorraine Dougan (Nancy Travis), mujer de estricta moral y madre de una de las adolescentes embarazadas… Basada en un caso real que sucedió en los Estados Unidos que conmovió a la opinión pública de este país norteamericano. Y es que en aquel año 17 alumnas del instituto de un pequeño pueblo pesquero pactaron quedarse en estado de buena esperanza para criar a sus niños juntas.