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Accidents Happen Part 2 - Rewritten!!

Title: Accidents Happen Part 2

Pairing: Josh Dun x Reader

Word Count: 2,065

Warning: Douchy Josh, swearing, mention of anxiety and panic attacks

A/N: Hiii frens, I’ve been so unhappy with part two and some of part three, I’ve decided to somewhat rewrite them. This chapter is part two and three rewritten and put together, I personally am a lit happier with how it is now and part three will be up soon! 


Eight days. Eight whole days since you told Josh you were pregnant and you haven’t heard a single thing from him. You’ve been waiting for Josh to call you back so you can figure out how this whole situation will work out. 

Does Josh want to be in the baby’s life? What if he doesn’t want to be? Will he help support you financially? Will he just tell you to get lost and never hear from him again? These were just a handful of the questions that kept you up at night.

You decide eight days is enough, you need your questions answered. 

To Josh: Hey, you said you’d call, but I still haven’t heard anything, I’d appreciate it if you called me - y/n 

A few hours later you finally got a reply, better late than never right?

From Josh: I’ve been busy. I do have a job. 

From Josh: How can I trust you, you’re just some random bar slut. 

The anger boils up from inside your body, how dare he, who does he think he is, some type of gift from god? It takes everything inside of you to stop yourself from calling him and screaming down the phone.

To Josh: Can we please just talk?

You wrote out the message and deleted it, you can’t help but let the anger take over. 

To Josh: Who the fuck do you think you are Josh?! News flash you’re nothing special, you’re just some guy in a band, what gives you the right to call me a slut? Maybe I don’t want you around OUR child

From Josh: There isn’t an ‘our’ child, you’re lying or delusional, would you just leave me alone, I’ve got a show tonight and I don’t want you ruining it

To Josh: I couldn’t care less about what you’re doing Josh, man up and accept the fact that we’re having a child

From Josh: Until I see stone cold proof, this ‘child’ is nothing but a pack of lies.

To Josh: I can come to you now and take a test if you insist on it

You waited over an hour for a reply. Josh sent you the address of the venue and said he’d meet you outside.

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He Knows Pt. 2 || Rafinha Imagine

Note: Sorry I took about a thousand years to post this but college is literally driving me crazy. BUT HERE IT IS! I feel it is kind of meh, buuuut I promise pt. 3 will be better! Feedback, thoughts and suggestions are heavily encouraged!

Warnings: Mentions of blood? Neymar being Neymar. A couple of timeskips?

Of course Rafinha found out about your pregnancy, he must have asked the doctor to run the same pregnancy tests on you using the blood he got from you, just like you also requested the doctor, and let him know the results. That would explain why he spoke to the doctor outside of the room.

  The game had ended and you looked as the players greeted the rival team. “You should go talk to him, now.” Shakira said to you and you look at her, breaking from your small state of shock.

  “I should wait-”

  “He already knows, no point in hesitating. Go, go” she ushered you away and you smirk before you are making your way down to the tunnels, Shakira following right behind you.

  You spotted Rafinha walking into the field but an interviewer stopped him, so you looked at him from above as he spoke to him.

  “You had a great performance out there, but we also noticed that your celebration had a meaning and it shook everyone in the stadium. Can you explain in case that we had the wrong idea?” The interviewer asks and Rafa is chuckling, almost nervously with a mix of happiness. You found that extremely adorable.

  “I think everyone got the right idea” he chuckles. “Y/N and I are expecting a baby. We just found out as recently as today. She didn’t know I knew, but now she does in case you wondered why she looked so shocked” he says and looks up at you. “Still is, I think” the camera turns to you and you blush as you laugh and shake your head. Rafa motions you to come down to his side and in a couple of seconds you were by his side. He reaches and kisses your cheek as he holds your hand.

  “Congratulations on the baby news” the interviewer starts, “I guess I can say you have shocked everyone with the news. How are you feeling about everything? The crowd and everyone else is pretty excited” he says and smirks.

  “Honestly, I didn’t expect everyone to find out so soon. I thought I would be the one to deliver the news to Rafa and I was certainly wrong.” You giggle.

  “So, you both found out in different situations?”

  “Well, the doctor sent me the results before the match started, so I was already planning on how to tell Rafa about the news, but then he pulled that stunt and, well, I guess I wasn’t the only one that got the results” you answer, smiling brightly as Rafa chuckled.

  “Interesting way of finding out. Now you don’t have to think of making everything extra special, it already was because everyone found out” the interviewer said and you nod your head with a grin, so does your boyfriend. “Thank you for the interview, Y/N and Rafinha. Congratulations once again.”

  “Thank you” you and Rafa say at the same time before he takes you through the tunnels.

  “You know, you are too sneaky for my own sake” you tease and Rafa chuckles happily.

  “I had to know if it was true. I was being suspicious already” he admits. “Gerard gave me a few hints to watch out for, and” he pauses, “The text message Shakira sent in all caps today didn’t help you” you arch an eye brow and he grins. “I saw your phone light up, I only moved to see who it was and the message was all in caps” he shrugs.

  “That explains a lot” you smirk before stopping before the locker room, making him stop as well. “I know” you start, “this isn’t the best place to ask this…but, are you okay with this? I mean, we never-” he cuts you off.

  “Shh. We will speak later about this, okay?” He kisses your lips with a smile and you feel like there was nothing to worry about.

  As he is about to go into the locker room Lucho comes out and glares at both of you. Lucho has always cared for you in so many levels that you might have started to consider him like a second father. So you try your best to master a smile. Rafinha though, moves into the room quickly, leaving you with Luis. Thank you, Rafael.

  “So, is it true?” Lucho asks and you feel yourself flinching inside.

  “Yep…We both found out today” you explain, your heart beating slightly fast.

  “Hm…” he hums before eyeing you. “You won’t drop from your studies?” He asks, but his tone was stating it wasn’t a question, but a slight order.

  “Of course not. I’m almost done, I won’t just drop when I’m so close” you say and he nods his head, his face neutral, and you certainly didn’t know what to expect.

  “Good…” he pauses before he smiles, “Congratulations” he says, making you grin and he opens his arms, making you go straight to hug him. “You can count with me for anything, okay?” He says and you feel him grin making you nod your head.

  “Thank you, Luis” you start, “You have looked out for me ever since I showed up…”

  “You are a good person, Y/N, its all over you. Everyone likes you and I see you as part of the family, not because you are with Rafael, but because you made yourself a spot in all of us” he says and you grin brightly, nodding your head as in thank you as your cheeks flushed. “I’ll see you at practice. Be safe” he pats your shoulder and walks away.

  You lean against the wall in front of the locker room door as you wait for Rafa. Neymar being the first one to come out, earbuds around his ear before he spots you. “There she is, the one that will make me an uncle” he says as he ruffles your hair making you squirm.

  “Ney” you whine playfully, running a hand through your hair to fix the mess. “You are the worst” you say with a giggle.

  “Congrats, get ready to no sleep, no more quiet house, and having your hands full always” he teases.

  “Shut up.”

  “Comes from the one who has a kid, mark my words” he says, pointing at you. “It was about time he took a bigger step.”

  “Do you think he wants this?”

  “Of course he does. He was waiting for the right girl. I mean, if not, he wouldn’t have…” he trails off and moved his eye brows in that way that you knew he was talking about sex.

  “Please, stop” you groan and both of you chuckle.

  “Hey, I was going to say that he wouldn’t have made it public right away. Geez, that mind of yours…”

    “Sure you were. I’m sorry, I don’t know what to expect from your insinuations” you roll your eyes teasingly.

  “Only the best” he says and he even bats his eyelashes making you giggle and push him away.

  “Congrats on the baby news, Y/N” Leo says as he approaches you, Suarez following behind.

  “Hey” you say with a grin. You were a sucker for Leo, who wasn’t? And seeing him up close was a dream come true as well as him knowing of your existence. “Thanks.”

  “Now Rafa won’t shut up talking about this. At least he made the dad’s team” Saurez says and him and Ney high five.

  “I am like Neymar’s dad already, what are you talking about?” Rafa says as he comes out of the locker room, Marc following behind him.

  “Congratulations, Y/N” he said, placing his hand on your shoulder before he kisses your cheek, winking at you.

  “Thank you, Marc” you reply with a grin before he turns to walk away.

  You got lost in whatever conversation Rafa was having with the trident, but you noticed they were joking around. Rafinha takes a spot on your side, an arm going aroumd your waist, pulling you close and kissing your temple lovingly. They continued to joke, Suarez and Neymar saying some of their experience with their kids while Messi listened and chuckled eventually.

  “Want to go?” Rafa asks and you shrug. “I’ll see you later, guys” he waves off and you do so as well. You two walk out of the stadium and to the spot Rafa’s car was at. He opens the door for you, but you hear him dropping his bag before he spins you around and picks you up. “We are going to be parents!” He says happily and you laugh, arms going around his neck. He chuckles and peppers the side of your face with cute small kisses, earning a giggle from you.

  “I’m happy you are excited” you admit once he settles you down.

  “Of course I am. Why wouldn’t I?” He cups your face and gives your forehead a kiss.

  “I don’t know, I didn’t know how you felt about kids, and we never talked or mentioned them…” You say and purse your lips, arms going around his waist.

  “You never asked” he teased and you glare at him as he chuckles. “I would lie if I said it was in my short term plan, I wanted kids but didn’t expect it so soon” he admits and your head nods. “Honestly, I’d be more worried about you. I mean, you are almost done and everything, but I’m not sure if you have more plans…” he trails off and you smile.

  You were well aware that you two were still at the parking lot of the Camp Nou where the players parked. “You don’t need to worry about me, I’ll be fine” you assured him. “My plans are still the same. They still include us” you say with a grin. He grinned back, placing his hand on your belly and kissed you happily, making you sigh into the kiss before you noticed a slight flash even when your eyes were closed. “Cameras” you say as you pull away.

  “We should go” he says and you giggle before you get in the car, him following right after and left the parking lot.

    Three months have gone by after Rafinha and you have found out you were pregnant. There were pictures of the two of you everywhere in the social media, and most of the time that you have gone out you get a photo taken by or with someone. You didn’t mind it. Rafa, on the other hand, got worried of you going around alone and people following you.

  “Next time, wait for me to get from training and I’ll take you to the mall” he says from his spot on the bed besides you, his hand on your small bump.

  “I’m fine, you don’t need to worry about it” you assure him as you place your hand on his cheek.

  “I guess that I won’t make you stay away from the game tomorrow, right?”

  “When have I missed one of your games?”

  “That day you were at the doctor.”

  “Okay, that one wasn’t my fault” you add with a smirk pointing at him which he tries to bite making you giggle.

  “Fine” you finally get him to agree and you smile, leaning forward to kiss his lips which he returns. His hand slips under your shirt and remains on the bump. “I can’t wait to know, I hope its a boy” he admits before adding, “or a girl, but I already have one to protect and she is stubborn” he says and you glare at him playfully.

  “I do most of the things you ask. Staying home all day isn’t a choice. You know I like walking around, and I like going to the mall” you say and pout.

  “Alright. I won’t try to change your mind…For now” he adds and you roll your eyes before he leans in to kiss your lips again, pulling away and getting comfortable on the bed which you follow right after.

  “I love you” he whispers after he reached to turn off the light on his side.

  “I love you too, Rafa” you run your thumb over his hand and fall asleep in just a few minutes.

    “You look beautiful, baby bumps suit you” Shakira says making you giggle. You haven’t seen her for a while since she has been recording music videos and such, you were glad to see your partner in crime again.

  “Thank you, how are the kids doing?” You ask, stealing a glance at the field since the game started the second half and your boyfriend was on the field. You spot him easily running and tackling the rival team, so you turn back to Shakira as she spoke.

  “They are doing great. Milan loves playing football at the school. I think Geri is encouraging him by showing him moves. Sasha is just getting into it. Soon I’ll have a small team apparently” she says with a laugh.

  “I think we already do, Milan, Benjamin, Thiago, now Davi, we got part of it already” you say with a grin.

  “True. I hope if he is a boy, he can catch up with them. We can have the whole team” she says and you laugh.

  You turn your attention again to the game, spotting Rafa at the other end of the field. Then all of a sudden, he is falling and you see he is hit by Marc making you cringe. “That hurt me” you say. Then you notice it, your boyfriend not moving from the spot and Marc leaning down to check on him before he calls the paramedics. “Oh my God, Rafa” you say as you stand up. They move him out of the field with blood running down his face.

  “I gotta go” you say quickly to Shakira before you start moving down the stairs. You took a few glances to his position, noticing he was being bandaged. Soon enough, in the next glance you take, he is being helped up and leading him around the field to take him to the tunnels you assume. You are quick to move down the stairs that led to them. As you did, you heard the fans scared about your boyfriend, mentions of too much blood were being made and you started to panic.

  Once at the tunnels, you wait on a side, fingers fidgeting nervously in front of you and as soon as you see him walking down, you rush up to him. He didn’t look good, he looked dizzy, half way to being pale. “Rafa” before you can say anything else he speaks, taking your hand.

  “I’m okay, you don’t need to worry about it.”

  “Rafael you were bleeding, that’s not okay and it’s something I should definitely worry about” you say as you support him. You look at one of the staff members, and he knows instantly what you wanted to ask.

  “We will take a better look at it. He lost blood so he is dizzy, but he will be okay” he assures you.

  “Can I..?” You trail off and he nods his head as they reach the First Aid room, you helping your boyfriend along the way as well even if it wasn’t needed since they were supporting him, but you still did, as well as helping him onto the bed.

  You take a seat a few feet away from him, giving space to the doctors to work but you watched their every move. They took out the bandage and one of them winced, “We will get some stitches up there, you seem to have a slightly broken nose, but its nothing too serious since you haven’t mentioned it” one of them says and your eyes widen.

  “How bad is it?” You ask, standing from your current position.

  “Its deep, but-” you move forward to look, Rafa with his eyes closed. As you see the cut, you gasp terrified.

  “Love, they said it will be fine…”

  “Rafael I can see through it, how can you say it will be fine!” Was it obvious you were worried sick?

  “He will be okay in a few weeks, I promise. The stitches should do the work and place these on his nose so it gets back in place” another paramedic says and you frown at the bag he gave you with bandages.

  “He won’t miss the rest of the season, right?”

  “No, maybe a game or two, we will work around it” one of the paramedics assure you before they start getting ready to stitch the cut. You wince at the sight of it and look somewhere else since you aren’t very fond of needles

    “You do realize I’m only injured on my face, right? I can do things. You should be resting” Rafinha says on rhe second day after his injury.

  “They said you need to rest or else they wouldn’t have sent you off for a couple of days” you say as you bring him some of his tea.

  “I can still move, princess” he says and pats at the spot by his side which you take. “Are you okay? Do you need anything?”

  “We are okay” you say with a grin and lean against him, arms going around you.

  “Good” he says and kisses the back of your head, palms resting on your bump after he paused his FIFA game. “I should be the one taking care of you two, not the way around.”

  “You need rest, I don’t do anything I can’t handle, you know that. Plus, you always take care of us.”

  “When has that ever stopped me?” That was true, so you stay silent. “When is your next appointment? They should tell us the gender now, right?”

  “I guess. Its next Thursday” you say and he mutters something.

  “I can go, it isn’t match day…I think.”

  “And even if it were, you need to rest” you glare up at him.

  “What a caring girlfriend I have” he says with a smile before leaning down to kiss your cheek.

  Days later, Rafinha and Neymar decided to go to the mall to get some things and to hang out and they asked you to tag alone. You two walk towards Neymar who was waiting for the two of you at the entrance of the mall, leaning against a wall with his cap and glasses on. Your boyfriend only had his glasses and a cute beanie on and you decided to do the same on the glasses. They didn’t want to draw too much attention and if you stayed uncovered, people will put two and two together since you have become popular.

  “You three look great” Ney says with a smirk.

  You, not getting the hint, look behind you, making Rafa and Ney chuckle. That’s when it clicks.

  “I hate you” you say with a smirk. Neymar comes over and places a hand on your bump before kissing your cheek.

  “Do you know the gender already? I need to know to buy things.”

  “We will know on Thursday. Trust us, we want to know too” your boyfriend answers making you smile. He sounds so excited. Every time he mentioned something related to the baby he’d grin. “Thiago has been insisting too, been calling for a few days now.”

  “He called to check on you” you correct, “then spends some good minutes asking about the baby and how he is getting familiar with the whole idea” you say to Neymar.

  “How has he been acting? He looked after you a lot before, don’t want to imagine now.”

  “You realize that I’m right here, right?” Rafinha asks his friend.

  “You know him. I walk on my own because he can’t, but he tries” you tease and your boyfriend scoffs.

  “I want to get some new shirts for Davi and some for a party I’ll go later this week” Neymar says as you three walk in the mall.

  “I need more beanies to cover my forehead” Rafa says making you all laugh softly.

  “You still look attractive” you say, giving his hand a small squeeze.

  “From hot to attractive, that was a big downgrade. I’m sorry, irmao” Ney teased and you can’t help but laugh. Rafa, on the other hand, flicked his finger against Neymar’s cheek.

  “Ow. Stop being jealous of my hot face” Here they go again.

  “I’m going to check some maternity shirts while you kids play” and with that you go into the store, but not before you saw them go into the store in front.

  You didn’t imagine yourself buying these kind of clothing at this time, but it was happening and you couldn’t be happier. The store had a little bit of everything, so you see baby clothe in a corner and that’s where you go. You look at the onesies and the cute little shoes. There were two you decided to take, neutral colors, because they were absolutely cute.

  “Those are adorable, I bought them for my kid” you hear a man say and you turn around.

  “Thanks” you say with a smile.

  “Shopping for a gift?”

  “Actually I’m buying for myself, but thanks for indirectly saying I don’t look pregnant” you say with a small giggle.

  “If you didn’t say it I wouldn’t have guessed. Not many expecting mothers have those looks and moods. They usually are moody and walk around in whatever they find” the man says and you smile.

  “Well thank you for the compliment, again” you smile.

  “I can show you the newest clothing we got, consider it a ‘sneak peek’ ” he says, that’s when you notice that he works in the store.

  Your lips open to accept, but someone beats you to it. “Thank you, but we are in a rush right now” Rafael. You turn around quickly and find your boyfriend looking at the other. He had his glasses on, but it was obvious he was glaring at him. “Ready to go, love?”

  “I…” You look at the guy who was frowning before he turned around. “I’ll just buy this…” You say, raising your hand to show the small shoes and clothing set. “Rafa…”

  “Here, I’ll get that” he says, taking the items and going to pay at the cash register.

  “Were you jealous?” You ask as you two walk out of the store.

  “He was eyeing you ever since you got in the store” he says through his clenched teeth.

  “Maybe because he recognized me?”

  “If he did, he would’ve recognized me too and he wouldn’t have been so extra.”

  “You are totally jealous.” You stop and he let’s out a huff before looking somewhere else. “Hey, you know I don’t want anyone else, Rafa. I mean, have you met yourself?” You say with a laugh and take a step closer.

  “Every day, I can’t stop amazing myself” he jokes, giving in and you push him playfully as you laugh. He pulls you by your hips and kisses you softly, a smile curving his lips as well as yours.

  “Finally noticed that she won’t leave you for a man who doesn’t have a broken nose and a deep cut on his face?”

  “I’m going to kill him” Rafa says with a groan making you laugh after you pulled away.

  “Kill him for me” you joke and Rafa turns around to look at Neymar whose hazel eyes widened.

  “Oops?” He smiles, making it look like he regretted it, but his entire expression, and by knowing Neymar, you knew he wasn’t. That was when your boyfriend went after him making you laugh as you followed them at your own pace.

  It was finally Thursday and Rafa and yourself were evidently anxious and excited to know the gender of the baby. You were lying down on the bed, shirt pulled up to reveal your bump. Rafa was sitting right besides you as the doctor worked around and rubbed the instrument along your belly.

  “So?” Rafinha asks, being anxious already. He hasn’t stopped looking at the screen ever since it started to reveal your growing baby.

  “Congratulations” the doctor pauses with a grin. “It’s a…”

“ten facts about (everyone except) lucy skywalker” - fic

@notbecauseofvictories’s post just reminded me that I never got around to posting my favourite of my Lucy fics! So, before I forget again, here.

This was the first fic I ever wrote for the Lucy verse, when I was still planning out where I wanted it to go, and what I wanted the character dynamics to be like. If you’ve read the fics, most of it will be very familiar by this point—it essentially served as the outline.

title: Ten Facts About (Everyone Except) Lucy Skywalker

characters: Luke (as Lucy), Anakin (twice: as Anakin and as Vader), Padmé, Beru, Owen, Biggs, Obi-Wan, Han, Leia, Yoda.

rating: ~PG, apart from the canon incest vibes. Also, I consulted the film scripts for details rather than Official Canon, because Star Wars Official Canon is a shapeshifting void beast. That meant I had to square Luke and Leia’s script!ages of 18 and 16; I averaged them out to 17 (in ANH).

stuff that happens: Lucy Skywalker, through the eyes of the most important people in her life.

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The Littlest Winchester (Part 1 of 5)

(Note: I’ve never done mpreg before but my friend has been having a hard time, so I’m doing it for her because she likes mpreg stories and friends do nice things for each other. There will be five parts to this story. Enjoy! To catch up on this story, you can read it on Tumblr or on Ao3.)

Dean realized they weren’t going to be able to hide it much longer when Castiel stretched for a box of convent artifacts and a subtle swelling poked out of his shirt. That was also the day it became all too real.

Angels bred.

They had no gender, of course. They evolved into reproducing among themselves and with humans, they thought, because God abandoned them so long ago that the species would have died out if it didn’t begin to breed. Only the old standard ultraconservative angels still referred to each other as siblings. Most of them grew to realize centuries before that they weren’t, in fact, siblings and many of them paired off into profound bonds.

Profound bonds.

Dean had to chuckle whenever he thought of Castiel describing their relationship that way, conveniently leaving out the fact that a profound bond was the angelic way to describe deep and abiding romantic love. Castiel had been telling Dean “I love you” for years but it all got lost in translation.

“What are you looking at, Dean?” asked Castiel, his voice dragging Dean back to reality.

“Lemme carry that thing,” Dean answered as he grabbed the box from the angel.

A head tilt followed, of course. “I’m perfectly capable of carrying a box of artifacts up to the library.”

“Not while you’re knocked up.” Stone tablets tugged on Dean’s arms and he knew he was right. He had to keep an eye on Castiel and the … the … baby-thing.

“Knocked up? I don’t understand tha–Ohh.” All of the wheels in Castiel’s mind worked together and understood the odd expression. He trailed after Dean through the labyrinth of the bunker’s basement toward the stairwell. “Dean, I’m not as … delicate as humans, I suppose you could say. Angels wage war and keep life flowing in humanity, all while expecting their fledglings.”

“Yeah, well, they’re not carrying my fledgling,” Dean muttered through the bunker. “I’m supposed to take care of you. It’s what I do. And you’re not that different from pregnant women anyway.”

“How so?”

Lugging the box into the library, Dean kicked a chair out in passing and hoped Castiel would take the hint to sit down. “Number one, I saw you getting weepy at the movie last night.”

“It was a moving story,” retorted the angel.

“Uh-huh. Cas, you don’t cry.” He shot Castiel a skeptical eye as he dropped the box on a table and pointed at the chair to make him get off his feet. “Number two, you don’t eat but you polished off my whole bag of sour cream and onion chips two days ago, not to mention the snack shelves in the pantry keep coming up empty this week.”

“I like the salt taste. It’s simple. Not too many molecules,” Castiel said with a bit of an injured look.

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grown so much
Gruvia Week

day three: bloom
summary: they both have grown so much…
an: i might have used ally’s oc’s…. so full credit to kkumri for using her precious children. and i totally meant to upload this waaay earlier like at least ten hours ago, but my wifi was being a major bitch :/

Looking back at the past, Gray couldn’t believe where he was now.

If he’d asked his past self where he would see himself in about ten years, he sure wouldn’t have said that he would see himself having been married to - he later thought as - the girl of his dreams, plus having a kid with with her. However, he also wouldn’t have expected to get into Avatar and cause a little too much of an uproar. Well, uproar… more like a fight to death with his best friend…

Only that was the past. Moreover, he was living in in the present, the now.

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anonymous asked:

What's your opinion of Misha's wife?

I LOVE Vicki.

She comes across as someone who doesn’t like the limelight very much (totally cool, it ain’t for everybody), so there aren’t a whole load of pics of her floating around, but from the little I’ve seen of her aesthetically, fucking love her. I’ve always liked people who are similar to me (as narcisstic as that sounds): dark hair, dorky glasses and sunny smile. Vicki is not conventionally attractive, which I dig hardcore because she is definitely my kind of attractive. She also a body far beyond her age, which, may I remind you, has seen the strain of pregnancy. Twice. She must have some magic voodoo going on or something because she is gorgeous, seriously.

But, it’s not even the looks that make me love her.

I love that she indulges Misha. I sometimes get the impression that she’s like ‘oh my god can you just freaking act your age you moron’ but regardless, she’s always there to video his antics or to join in (like the Thai breakfast one OMG) and I think that that is such a desirable trait of a great relationship. In one of her books, the acknowledgement towards Misha reads ‘for my husband, even though this book wasn’t his cup of tea’ and I think that’s so great, you know? That these two people have so much in common, but they also have their differences in opinion but they support each other regardless. I admire that a lot.

I also love her thoughts and her writing process. I own her Threesome Handbook, and I love the way she talks in it. She swears, she doesn’t sugar-coat anything and she says whatever the fuck she wants. She doesn’t leave out the gritty details and she’s a big advocate of everyone having fun. She is no stranger to insecurities – she talks about fighting with the knowledge that she’s bisexual and even at the very end of the book, she talks about whether she should put her real name on it instead of a pen name, because she still doesn’t know. I LOVE that. She is confident and sassy but she still has things that sometimes knock her for six, but she does them anyway, despite the fear of the consequences. Go her.

I LOVE THAT SHE’S A DOCTOR. No, seriously. Dr. Victoria Vantoch. UGH. *Shivers with delight*

She spent six years doing a PhD and DSGLKDSDASD ARGGGHHHH I HAVE SO MANY FEELS ABOUT THIS. I mean like… how the fuck did she decide her thesis? How did she plan it? How did she go about it? How many times did she blow up at Misha because it was stressing her out? How many sleepless nights did she have? Did she write it in pieces? Was it like a fog, trying to find the right words to put down? Did it suddenly just come together? How many words? How many pages? How many references? Would she do it again? Was her thesis the original one or did she change halfway through? How did she manage to do it while being pregnant and giving birth and raising West and Maison? Did it make her scream, laugh, cry? How did she feel when it was done? How many times did she swear at the screen when writing it? SO. MANY. QUESTIONS. (I’m a Psychology graduate, and I’m about to start a Masters degree in Clinical Psychology in September. This shit speaks to me. It’s like academic porn.)

Can I just add about the stories Misha tells his fans about Vicki? All those little anecdotes about her are just wonderful, and I drink them in like a person dying of thirst. I can never get enough hearing about her.

I love that Vicki is her own person. She doesn’t ride off of Misha’s success – she does her own thing. Misha describes her as ‘astounding’ and she sounds it. I would die for an evening with her. I want to talk politics and academics and good food and sex and travelling experiences with her. I want to ask Misha for all the stories about her. I want to know what she’s done, where’s she’s been…

I just want to know Vicki. I really do.

I love her.

alexandrareadsthings  asked:

I'm sorry to bother you, but I haven't been able to keep up with the whole time traveling people storylines (or barely any X-Men titles at all). So Mystique was pretending to be Dazzler, and she also had Charles Xavier's baby, who she then gave to Cyclops? And Cyclops didn't give the baby to the alternate future Charles? Or am I just completely off?

No trouble.

Mystique became pregnant with Chuck’s kid sometime before AvX, This would have been after giving up the kid she already given birth to, from Logan. I am thinking that pregnancy must have occurred during Jason Aaron’s run on Wolverine.

She would give birth to Xavier shortly after Chuck’s death. My interpretation is that he was aware of her pregnancy and they had some plans that included their boy. With his death, it appears to have become all too much for her. She did not give the boy to Cyclops, she gave him up to the state. He is either in a foster home now, or has been adopted. None of the X-People are aware of this.

I think the death of Charles threw her for a loop, and set her on her recent quest in nation building. Mystique can be genuinely crazy at times, but her craftiness and intelligence hides it.

That alternate future Xavier is the baby all grown up, not Charles. Charles is still dead in the future. 

Dazzler later became the SHIELD Mutant Liaison.

And Mystique promptly captured her, and then began infiltrating SHIELD as Dazzler. She would use the access she gained to further her agenda of becoming owner of Madripoor Island, and creating something of a pirate mutant nation there.

That cat is out of the bag now, and the real Dazzler is back. She has since learned she put her faith in the wrong organization, and her true loyalties are the people who have had her back for years. The X-Men.

Years from now, Mystique’s baby boys will meet, and start the current cycle of time travel from their end of the spectrum.

Things getting me through pregnancy, 1st trimester edition

Pregnancy is a wonderful thing. Okay fine, that is the cliche thing to say. It IS a wonderful thing but a lot of the time (in the beginning anyways) it doesn’t feel so wonderful. You feel less like you’re bring a beautiful child into the world and more like you’re getting a huge beer belly and you’ve just ran 5 marathons. Here are a few things that have given me some comfort and helped me get through my first trimester. I am interested to see if/how this list changes once I get through my second trimester.

1. Fruit - Too be honest I have craved all things carbs (sandwiches, bread, pasta, etc) but I could eat fruit non-stop. Specifically apples, peaches, grapes, canned peaches, canned pineapple and grapefruit. Yummy!! 

2. Applesauce - I know this is slightly weird, but I also really loved applesauce BEFORE I was pregnant. On any given night I can be found on the couching scarfing one two huge bowls of cold, sweet applesauce while I am watching TV.

3. Tums - Pregnancy is heartburn city!! While pregnant your progesterone levels skyrocket, and progesterone is a hormone that causes relaxation of smooth muscle in your body. It causes the sphincter that connects your esophagus to your stomach to relax hence allowing stomach contents to easily be refluxed into your esophagus. It doesn’t help that I eat constantly throughout the day and usually right up until I go to bed. I keep a bottle of these by my bed and some in my purse. I usually need to pop a few before crossfit especially. 

4. Yoga pants/work out pants - Ummm yea so my thighs and ass have definitely gotten bigger at this point (which makes me VERY sad). My shorts that I used to wear to the gym have gotten tight and I do not feel comfortable wearing them anymore. Now the knee-length black work out pants that I used to only wear to crossfit I can now be found wearing most weekends around the house. They are so comfortable and they sort of ‘hold things in’ haha. 

5. Pregnancy apps - specifically 'What to Expect’, 'Sprout’, and 'Babybump’. I love tracking the development and growth of my baby day to day. I check these apps often for little tid bits of info of how my little beb is doing and also to keep a log of my baby bump pics week to week!


These are my 3 pregnancy must haves! If you want to keep your skin in the best condition possible a daily regime of using these products is the way to go.

I’m currently pregnant on my first baby. I’m 27 weeks in but from about 10 weeks I was moisturising my stomach and hips regularly. Once I got to about 12 weeks I started investing in lotions designed with Mammies in mind. 

My favourite is the Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula. I bought this in Tesco for around 4 or 5 euro which is great value as I’ve had my 250ml bottle of it for months and still have loads left. It’s got a handy pump on top so you don’t get it everywhere and it smells gorgeous. I apply it all over my stomach, chest, bum and hips every night and as you can see from the photo I’ve included of myself not a single stretch mark which is really amazing as I’ve really sensitive pale skin prone to bruising and I have a couple of stretch marks on my hips from when they grew in during puberty so this stuff really works and I would highly recommend that everyone invest in some.

The next one is the Boots Expert Stretch Mark Oil. It’s essentially the Boots version of Bio Oil. It’s a couple of euros cheaper then Bio Oil and comes in an easier to use bottle with a pump top rather then just an squirt top so you have more control over how much you use. It’s a little messy and it is oil so use it at a time when you’re not planning on heading out or putting something nice on. It doesn’t smell as nice as the body butter but it does what it says on the tin and keeps your skin healthy and more elasticated.

My final one is more of a treat. It’s Burt’s Bees Mama Bee Leg & Foot Cream. It’s a lifesaver after you’ve been on your feet for a few hours and smells really minty. It’s made with all natural ingredients and really soothes aching feet and legs. Burt’s Bees can be a little pricey. I got my foot cream as a gift but they usually retail at about 15euro but there are lots of similar foot creams with a smaller price tag it’s just good to have some sort of soother around the house for when you come home with sore toes.

Well that’s it, hope I’ve been of help. Happy moisturising :)

I have a friend who’s transmasculine and about to have a baby with his partner. A woman at work said if he was really a man he’d be uncomfortable with the idea of pregnancy and some guys must have overheard cause they came into work with fake pregnant bellies in support and he later texted me

“I guess I appreciated the thought but if they heard her why the fuck didn’t they just tell hr? Like why did they have to make it a big show about how supportive an accepting they are and kinda drag me into a spotlight I didn’t fucking want”

There was a point in here about allies somewhere but I’m too tired to articulate it you get the idea.

Your daughter is going to medical school. Please don’t worry.

Dear parents,

Congratulations on your daughter’s acceptance into medical school.  Like the first day of kindergarten, this launch is notable for parents as well as children.

You may have some concerns about the stresses she will face. Having been there, I can tell you there will be many.  Not to worry, though. Times are changing.  You daughter is free to learn among the brightest of the bright while avoiding problems women before her have faced. She will be pushed hard, and much will be expected of her. However, she will not be discriminated against simply because she is a woman or may someday become a mother.

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Mary in the Mind Palace

The Client

The Abominable Bride is pretty much what happens if you wanted to boil Sherlock down to just one episode (not as if after 6 years and with the grand total of 10 episodes Sherlock would need much boiling down): we have a Sherlock Holmes-worthy crime and the friendship legends are made of. And Mary.

Now, if there is one episode that would just about survive without Mary, then it is this one. We are in Sherlock’s mind - so anything, from a flock of giant glow-in-the-dark-bunnies to Moriarty dressed in a Victorian wedding dress, anything goes.

Yet, Mofftiss go out of their way to prove she’s very much there.

The first time we meet Victorian!Mary she is the client in black lace. She seeks the famous Sherlock Holmes for help which echoes Doyle’s original introduction of her character, while at the same time it reminds us of His Last Vow, where we have Sherlock knocking on death’s door once more, but he’d be damned if he left Mary to John’s mercy and didn’t go out of his way to give her all the protection he can offer then and there: he makes her a client, takes her case, and ignores John snickering in the background.

But she’s never been a client, has she?

We learn MP! Mary is there to have a word with her husband.

Because I could think of no other way to see my husband, husband.

Given Doyle’s canon, of all the ways TAB opening scene could have gone, who’d have expected it to show Sherlock’s subconscious seems to believe John has been neglecting Mary, not him?

And who’d blame Mary, when we meet the “boys” as they come back from solving a case that had them visit the countryside, and had John leave Mary in London once more?

The moment they step into the living room Sherlock recognises her perfume, while John does not (unlike in real life, when Sherlock didn’t notice it was Mary’s perfume in Magnussen’s office, but John knew exactly what the bottle next to his old chair at 221B meant).

Her perfume. Which brings insight to me and disaster to you.

On a superficial level, Sherlock is having the time of his life, doing what he does best, showing off. On a meta level, it reveals Sherlock has spent some time with Mary, and by now knows her better than her own husband.

After Sherlock gets shot in Magnussen’s office, John moves back to 221B and leaves Mary on her own. We also learn the Watsons don’t sort things out till Christmas. We are not explicitly told how much time went by, but going by Sherlock being (mostly?) recovered, that Mary doesn’t seem to have all that much time left of her pregnancy, it must have been a few months. What’s more, it has to be Sherlock who invites her to his parents’ place. And given the stakes, he and Mary must be on excellent terms for her to trust him and accept an invitation like that.

Mofftiss also make it evident Sherlock doesn’t think of her as a threat:

I don’t mind you going, my darling. I mind you leaving me behind.

To Sherlock she isn’t someone who tries to take John away from him/end their friendship (which again takes some liberties with the original). Sherlock doesn’t even side with his best friend during the argument the Watsons choose to have in his living room. On the contrary. His deductions before he lifts her veil show us he is with Mary on this one (You have recently married a man of a seemingly kindly disposition, who has now abandoned you for an unsavoury companion of dubious morals). Afterwards, instead of defending John, Sherlock pointedly resorts to playing the violin - the waltz he wrote for the wedding (honestly, this doesn’t qualify as SUB-text anymore).

On a side note: it’s also remarkable, that in spite of the Victorian setting, we do not see Sherlock patronising Mary once. She is capable of fighting her own wars, and he lets her (dare I say - even admires her for it).

You’re Going to Want to Remember This (4/?)

Summary: (Season 3b canon divergence). Emma and Henry thought they could escape the curse taking everyone back to the Enchanted Forest, but one year later they wake up in the loft with no memories after saying goodbye at the town line.
A/N:  Next chapter will probably be up on Thursday or Friday 
Rating: (Eventual) M
Wordcount: ~1,400
Catch up? Part one , two, three

  Present day

Once they reached the edge of the forest, they split up and headed in opposite directions, each pair disappearing into the mist after only a moment. After watching her parents, Henry, and Regina disappear, Emma finally turned to the man standing beside her. With a sigh she led the way into the dense woods.

The grueling pace Emma set was definitely not to discourage conversation, nope definitely not, it was to find the monkeys and their den faster and that’s it with absolutely no ulterior motives. But after twenty minutes or so with nothing other than her breathing to distract her from her thoughts, she decided that slowing down might not be the worst thing in the world. The moment she slowed, Killian spoke.

“Probably for the best to not continue rampaging through the forest Swan, or we’ll scare all the monkeys away before we can even attempt to follow them. Or were we meant to track them? I wasn’t exactly clear on the plan because it’s not as though a flying animal will leave much behind in the way of footprints.”

They’d stopped near what Emma suspected to be the edge of the forest, where the mist and trees both thinned. Emma turned to face him and smirked.

“Been holding that speech in for a while, huh?” she asked. “Cause you know –”

He held a hand up to quiet her – Captain Hook had the audacity to shush her. What was she, a child? She opened her mouth to give him a piece of her mind when he clamped his hand down over her mouth and shoved her up against a tree. If she wasn’t so pissed at him for shushing her she might have noticed the way his body was plastered against hers. She was honestly contemplating biting his hand when he dipped his head down to whisper in her ear.

“Don’t even think about it love.”

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