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When you’re pregnant (Monsta X)

Shownu: Has a habit of holding you. Claims not to be overprotective but if he could he’d leave you in a bubble for 9 months so nothing bad happens. Has one of those pregnancy progression apps on his phone so he can see each week how his little one should be progressing.

Jooheon: Always talking to your belly. 100% into parenting classes. Asks for parenting tips from random parents. Does an over the top pregnancy announcement photoshoot. Proud dad before the baby is even born.

Wonho: Always complimenting you. Tummy rubs, back rubs, whatever rubs really. Buys random things the baby doesn’t need but he thinks are cool. Talks to your belly when the baby is restless at night. Does the whole headphones on bump thing and plays music for them.

Minhyuk: Flirting all the time because he’s in love with your figure. Drops everything when you text him about a craving. Spoons you at night so he can rest his hand on your bump and feel the baby kick.

I.M: Standing at a 24 hour store at 3 in the morning on the phone with you because you had a craving. Talking to your belly so your baby knows his voice. Giving the baby a name like ‘little bean’ until he knows the gender.

Hyungwon: Gets a special body pillow for you in the second trimester. Then gets jelous when you no longer want to cuddle him at night. Always coming up behind you and rubbing your stomach. Always calling you during a break at practice to see if you’re alright.

Kihyun: Tying your shoes for you. Having names picked out the day you tell him you’re pregnant. Tries to build the nursery himself before he calls the boys over because he’s confused. Offering to get you whatever you want for dinner every night.


Akira definitely changed the course xd I mean, if we look for a relation between súper and GT. Only in this picture.

In Dragon Ball Z Videl and Gohan had Pan too many years before getting married. If you look at the picture, Pan is 3 or 4 years old there. And Videl has the same haircut of the episode. That means they married recently (a few days or months ago)

In change, in Dragon Ball Super, they got married before even planning to have a baby. Videl got pregnant on their honey moon, because a month or two after their marriage, she announced her pregnancy.

Well, in both situations, they had Pan at 22 or 23 years old. 

However, I’ll keep asking myself of DBZ and DBS will have a relation, or everything will change…

Fo4 male companions react to Sole telling them she’s pregnant:

Naturally, Dogmeat, Strong and Codsworth have been excluded from this reaction. 


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Old Longfellow:

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Hi there, recently I just saw my cousins gender reveal video and it was the cutest thing ever, could you please do an imagine where you’re with Tom and recording your gender that’s blue or pink (you choose) post it notes stuck all over the study room. Thank you so much❤️👶🏽

It was a Holland family tradition to have a baby gender party, so when you and Tom announced that you were expecting, after the shock and the surprise of his brothers and parents wore off, the planning started nearly instantly. Nicki banned you from finding out the genders, it was seen as bad luck in the family to find out straight away. Dom told you not to worry, that he’d plan the whole thing. Paddy said he was doing the entertainment, Harry the video and James the photography.

The day came around eventually. The house was buzzing, a mix of the Marvel cast, school friends, extended family and closest people were all in one place. You weren’t sure who was more nervous, you or Tom. He was currently rushing back and forth, greeting everyone excitedly as he bounced his way around. You had opted to stay in the kitchen as Dom and Nicki were finishing setting up the reveal. You and Tom didn’t know how it was going to be done, you were both in the complete dark about this. You knew it was going to be big though. Harry had already set up a few cameras in the room, getting all the reactions that he can.

“Ready?” Harrison came up beside you, leaning against the counter next to you.

“Honestly? No”, you sighed, rubbing at your stomach gently. “I’m not sure if we’re ready, you know?”

“Shut up, you guys are going to be awesome,” Harrison nudged you, “and anyway, you don’t have to panic because Uncle Harrison will be there”.

You laughed, nudging him back, “what? To pester us?”

Harrison gasped, hand on his chest as he looked over at you, “How rude! I’m offended!” He laughed, throwing his head back.

You were about to bite back another remark when Nicki poked her head around the corner, “ready to do this?”

With wide eyes, you nodded before you realised what was happening. You seemed to float through the house, the guests falling silent. Before you knew it, you were standing before the sliding doors which lead into the study room. Tom grabbed your hand, his own shaking as the two of you looked towards each other. With a gentle squeeze of his hand, you reassured him. He nodded in return before leaning in and giving you a quick kiss. Resting your foreheads together, you took a moment just for the two of you. You knew, in that moment, that whatever was going to happen to you, you were going to do it together. You were a family, you were together, you were in love and nothing could take that away.

Pulling away, the two of you took a steadying breath and gave Nicki and Dom a nod. The two of them grinned, grabbing a door each, the slid them back.

Pink. The room was covered in pink post-it notes, everything from the floor to the ceiling was covered. Next to you, Tom let out a sob as he reached over, pulling you close to his side as he let his emotion rush over him, consume him completely. “A girl”, he whispered, his voice sounding strained, “we’re having a girl”. His voice was the only thing you could hear, the pink the only thing you could see.

You stepped forward, Tom coming with you. You smile was hurting as tears blurred your vision. Turning to Tom, you pulled him in for another kiss, telling him everything you were feeling in the most intimate way possible. He picked you up as suddenly the rest of the world came back in a sudden rush, a mix of congratulations, cheering and crying coming from your friends.

Putting you back down, Tom turned to everyone and held his arms out wide. “We’re going to be a family!” He cheered, head thrown back in excitement as he started jumping on the spot. You couldn’t help but laugh, wiping away the tears as you whooped along with him. You were, you were going to be a family.

Suddenly, Harrison appeared, tackling Tom to the floor as the two of them shouted in excitement. A cloud of post-it-notes bursts around them as they landed, much to the delight of Tessa who came skidding in, landing on top of them.


It took Harry a day to edit the video together, and it was perfect. It showed the emotions felt throughout the party, with some dramatic shots of the guests as well as the preparation and the actual reveal. You laughed at the ending, of Harrison tackling Tom out of shot, a flurry of pink rising up into the corner before the video ended. It was a masterpiece.

Paddy released the Spotify playlist that he had created for the party, a mix of love ballads and party songs. It showed the mix of emotions you and Tom had before the reveal, the unquestionable love you felt for each other as well as the excitement for your new family to start.

But your favourite thing must’ve been the pictures James got. He was an amazing photographer, much like his mother, and had captured all the private moments otherwise lost. The picture you and Tom decided to post to announce the pregnancy was a picture of the two of you, with foreheads touching as Tom placed a hand gently on your stomach. It was in the middle of the crowd, everything blurred except the two of you. You hadn’t known that it was being taken, it was just the two of you in your own little world, sharing a moment of calm in all the chaos going around.


With the video, playlist and photo being posted at the same time, the announcement broke twitter. The servers hadn’t been able to cope with the amount of excitement that had happened in such a quick amount of time. This baby had already won over the hearts of the tabloids, other celebrities and the public. You knew that your little girl was going to have the world at her feet. And nothing made you happier.

omg this was so much fun to write! I adapted this request a bit, but hope you like it none the less!

proposing at other people’s weddings is the ugliest ever like.. if someone ever does that at my wedding I’m announcing my pregnancy AND giving birth at theirs im going full beyoncé like ?


I can not believe I’m going to say this, but our very first IUI worked! I went in for my blood test at 7:30am and got my positive results through a phone call at 2:30. She said my HCG level was currently at 797!!

I honestly am in shock. I took a test afterwards and immediately saw a dark positive. Never thought I’d see it but there it was. I just want to thank everyone for the support and hope over this long TTC journey. I can’t believe my turn has come and I really hope everyone who is TTC gets their turn very soon.

I’m going to continue to post here about the pregnancy so if you feel the need to unfollow I COMPLETELY understand. I very well know the emotional toll of TTC. Again thanks so much to everyone!! I’m so excited!!!!

Lords’ reactions to MC’s pregnancy announcement
  • Nobunaga is proud of her, proud of himself, proud of the tiny little foetus they made together, SO PROUD HE CAN’T CONTAIN IT. He gathers the retainers and makes them party until dawn. Katsuie is in tears because he’s so happy (and incredibly drunk). Nobu sneaks out early with her because she needs to rest and he is going to make sure she gets ALL the rest.
  • Mitsuhide is stunned but so excited. His dream of having ten children is finally getting underway! He kisses her tummy and her lips and her forehead and her nose and her cheeks, he can’t stop, he just wants to shower her with love and affection. He’s so thankful that she’s in his life and in love with him and bearing his baby.
  • Yukimura is terrified. Women die in childbirth, what if that happens to her!? He tries to put on a strong face but he is so freaked out. He wants her on bed rest immediately, wants to carry her if she looks even the tiniest bit tired (actually, even if she doesn’t), goes to the medicinal shop in town and asks the herbalist for advice on how to take care of pregnant women. He is going to do his absolute best to make sure that nothing bad happens to her or their baby.
  • Saizo is… conflicted. But he sees how worried she is about how he’s going to react, and he just can’t have that. He puts an arm around her shoulder and kisses her hair and tells her you’re going to have to start making dango in bigger portions because he’s not going to share, not even with his own child.
  • Masamune is happy, but a little apprehensive. His relationship with his family is complicated, to say the least, and he’s a teeny bit worried about whether he can be a good father. Low-key hoping for a girl so that things won’t get worse with Yoshihime and Kojirou. Kisses her cheek and pulls her in close, rests his hand on her stomach, starts daydreaming about their future and tells her about it.
  • Kojuro is very pleased and satisfied. He’s always liked children and he feels like he practically raised Masamune and Shigezane, so he’s 100% ready for his own kids. Things might not always go smoothly, but they’ll be together and they’ll face their troubles together. He is so ready. They cuddle (he’s totally not tearing up at all), he can’t stop stroking her hair and kissing the top of her head. They start making plans for their new nursery.
  • Hideyoshi is ultra hyped! Puts a hand on her cheek and they just smile at each other for a moment before kissing. And then he wants to go and tell everybody the good news. They walk around the castle hand in hand and he’s grinning and everybody’s congratulating them and it’s perfect.
  • Inuchiyo is speechless. Like… really? Are you sure? It takes a couple of moments to sink in, but when it does, the smile on his face is the biggest ever. He grabs her, lifts her, and hugs her really hard before nearly dropping her because DID HE JUST SQUISH THE BUN IN THE OVEN? No, Inuchiyo. No. He wants to go and shout it from the rooftops, he’s so overjoyed that they’re starting this new stage of their lives together.
  • Ieyasu stares at her, eyes wide. Well… I guess even someone like you can catch me by surprise sometimes. She laughs and launches herself at him, he catches her and she wraps her arms around him. He’s a little worried that he won’t know how to be a good father, but he can’t brood about it when she’s smiling at him like that, her face mere inches from his own. He silently vows to give his child a life far better than his.
  • Mitsunari walks out. When she gets to the door and looks up and down the corridor, he’s nowhere to be seen. She fumes and frets and has driven herself into a frenzy when he finally reappears an hour later. These are books about pregnancy, childbirth, and parenting. We are going to read every one of them cover to cover. She grabs the nearest one and throws it at his head.
  • Shingen grins in satisfaction because that’s what he’s been gunning for all along. He pulls her close and kisses her, like hell yeah that’s my woman, always giving me exactly what I need. The Takeda clan celebrates late into the night. Kansuke brews a herbal tonic for her and pointedly says that he hopes she will be a better patient than her husband. Shingen roars with laughter.
  • Kenshin is really excited and immediately starts planning for the baby. The furniture, the clothes, the toys, babies need so many things! And he is going to find the most perfect things. Many, many perfect things. They hug, but before he can suggest they go out shopping, she says that they should tell everyone the good news! Especially Kanetsugu, he’ll be so happy for them!


  • ALL ACCORDING TO KEIKAKU. Nobuyuki smiles.