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Things that would have happened if babygate was real:

1) A Larry denial. None of that ‘People genuinely think we are in a relationship’ plausible deniability statements, no 'bullshit tweets’ - just a flat out statement where Harry and Louis would have said, on television, that they are not in a relationship though they do appreciate the fans’ support of the LGBTQIA community.

2) A real introduction of Briana to the fandom. We would have gotten tons and tons of pap and fans picture of Louis and Briana hanging out together (while they are both sober *cough cough*) as a way to introduce Briana to the fans and create a 'bond’ prior to the pregnancy announcement.

3) No idiotic pregnancy announcement when the mother is supposed to be 10 weeks along. None of that 'a source said’ nonsense: we would have gotten a rep statement IMMEDIATELY followed up by Louis’ comment comment on twitter briefly after the article went online.

4) Louis’ family, bandmates and friends congratulating Louis and Briana as soon as the news is released. Period.

5) Her family being quite. Their social media would gave either been deleted or put on private and would have stayed that way. No switching from private to public whenever it’s most convenient fro them.

6) A proper birth announcement. Update accounts would be the last to know.

7) No pap pictures taken repeatedly day after day featuring a perfectly fit and in shape Briana and an empty baby carrier. In fact, no pap pictures. At all.

But alas, they’ve fucked up and created the most stupid, unbelievable 'pregnancy’ to date. Joke is on them.

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What gets you off about making fun of Briana's family so much.. go get laid

Dude maybe ask them what gets them off on fucking with the fandom. I CAN’T stop acting like they’re innocent and haven’t been playing mindgames with us BEFORE THEY EVEN ANNOUNCED THE PREGNANCY.

When your younger sister is posting her 2nd pregnancy announcements on Instagram and posting pics of her ultra sound and you’re not able to celebrate this moment because instead you’re crying as you get ready for work because you’re not even having a period which means you’re not ovulating which means you’re fucking broken and it just makes you feel so meaningless.

It comes true when you really wish it

This is going to be a series of baby fics [The infinite joy of life]. From Kara announcing the pregnancy through all thrimesters to the baby being born and growing up. It can be read as separate fics, there is going to be some continuity, but it’s not really necessary to read it all to understand it. Or so I think.

If you know me, you know I love babies. I was taking care of my nephew and I went to the US to take care of baby twins who are now my life. Those babies may be a source of my inspiration, of some kind. I’ve been working on this series for a while now and it’s really precious to me, like my own baby. So I write it mostly for myself, if anyone else likes it, then it’s a great bonus!

Expect infinite fluffiness and cuteness.

Fandom: Supercat
Rating: General audience
Summary:  Kara finally has some great news for Cat and Cat has a cute gift for Kara.

AO3 |

„Thank you, doctor!“ Kara closed the office door and took a deep breath. A huge smile spread across her face. She was happy. Probably happier than she has ever been before.

She hurried to her car, fumbling with her keys while she was trying to fetch her phone from her purse. Finally she managed to open the door and got in. She dialled Cat’s number and waited.

“Where have you been? You weren’t answering my calls and Alex said something about a doctor! Kara, is there something going on with you that you didn’t tell me about?” Cat’s fast flow of words made Kara grin.

“Cat. I went to the doctor.”

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The signs finding out they’re/their partner is pregnant


Taurus: cries out of happiness


Cancer: faints

Leo: cannot contain their smile and just hugs their partner and never lets go

Virgo: immediately begins planning the baby’s room and buys a crib and decides on wallpaper and stuff

Libra: devises a really witty pregnancy announcement to tell the world

Scorpio: starts picking out names immediately

Sagittarius: dad jokes. dad jokes forever. starts telling to their s/o (even if they’re not necessarily going to be a father)

Capricorn: what if it comes out a L I Z A R D wouldn’t that be cool??

Aquarius: we need to get a puppy. babies and puppies together would make the CUTEST family photos ever.

Pisces: also faints